Sunday, June 24, 2018

Another thing I have been on about

Why do we need more people.  Let's hold pat at 300,000,000 people.  Shoot 100,000,000 is a lot, but I'm not one to go around euthanizing 66% of the place.

A moratorium on immigration!  Just for a few decades.  We did it before, 100 years ago. 

Let's assimilate what we got.  Then, in 50 years, remember all this that we have now when future Senator Ted Kennedy tries to open the floodgates again in 2065.

In the 70s, in this county, everyone spoke English for the most part.  So HUGE English as a Second Language courses didn't burden the resources of area schools.  Think about how quality of education would increase here in 20 years when those ESOL funds could go to something else.  And non English speakers wouldn't have to catch up with other students.

"But, but, but, we are a nation of immigrants, T-Bolt!"  Yes, and we still will be.

"But, the Statue of Liberty!" Yes, the statue isn't law of foundation document of the country, and it will still be there in 50 years.

"But Social Security!"  You want to import low wage workers to shore up social security taxes?  So, slave wages paid to cheap labor with no other options AND you want to take from their future?  Let's find another way to fix Social Security.  One way is tight labor markets...

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I rarely get offered free swag

And it has been a long while since I had a nibble.

I don't get the clicks so no one wastes their time trying to get me to help them promote their product.  Free gun related thing to product test and review.  

Not like the big fancy famous bloggers.

The times I did get interest I'd send the shipping info and never hear back.

So, this makes me a little sad.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, ya know?

But wait.  I haven't checked my email in a while.  Let's look in the inbox...



I was checking your website and I must say I’m impressed, good job.

I work in a company that makes custom holsters and I’m writing to you because I’d like to send you a leather holster for your gun for free. I’d like to know your opinion about it and if you like the holster of course you can make a review.

Please send me the following info and your holster will be on the way:

    Firearm (caliber + capacity)

    Right hand / Left hand

    Name + Address (please no PO Box)

    Phone (for delivery)

And that’s it.

Either way, keep up the good work.

Best regards,  Luke.

I'm in the big time now!

Note, he wants my phone number.  'For delivery'.  So he can stalk and harass me like he did Tam?


Friday, June 22, 2018

For years I've been harping on this

I'm telling you, in our lifetimes, not only is pedophilia going to be acceptable, YOU are going to be a bigot for not endorsing it full throatedly.  Not selling some pervert a kiddie-diddler cake from your bakery will get you in legal hot water.

For the record, I'm agin it. 


Barack's Triumph

Could President Obama's biggest positive contribution to our Republic be that he defeated John McCain?

As bad as Obama's administration was, at least it wasn't a McCain debacle?  Barry saved us all?

Conversation, Overheard

At a Maryland gun store.

"So when you get guns with magazine bigger than 10, what do you do to gimp them to make them legal to transfer in this state."

"Easy.  We take a wooden dowel and hot glue inside the baseplate.  The dowel restricts just like shot guns that hold 5 and be restricted to 3 with a pencil in the tube."

I see.


Well that sounds permanent and irreversible

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Unworkable Idiocy, in policy form

Another idiot gun control law designed to make it harder to be involved with firearms in any way in California.

Start regulating gun parts.

Obviously an attack on the gun culture to make it easier later to muster the support to ban guns because fewer people will thusly be around to defend firearm keeping and bearing.

How does this even work?

I guess like Magazine bans work now.  MidwayUSA won't ship me an 11 round magazine to my house in Maryland because the state says so and MidwayUSA doesn't want to get cross threaded with Maryland.  And I understand that position, and all other vendors.

I guess they won't be sending Timney Triggers to Sacramento or La Jolla is this new law passes over there.

And it's less simple to go to Nevada or Arizona to get a new 1911 sear than it is for me to head off to Pennsylvania or Virginia.

But the banners are playing the long game.  They hope to get to PA and VA, too.  Some day.

We gotta defeat these monsters.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Got nuffin

I need to hit the range.  Should schedule that for later today.  I feel kinda relaxed.

Also got a hankering to buy a gun.  It's been a while.  Let's see what's doable on the get-list:
  1. Custom single stack Commander length 9mm 1911. 
  2. DeLisle style new made bolt action rifle, left handed. .45
  3. S&W M&P
  4. .22TCM/9mm single stack Armscor 1911
  5. CMP vintage Colt 1911. 
  6. Hudson H9
Well the first two have a long long lead time.  And a CMP vintage gun...  Not feeling it right now.   Same with the Armscor .22TCM.

That leaves an M&P or H9.  I'll see where my mood lies when I get to the gon sto.  H9s should be gettable in Maryland by now.

It's been so long!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

'The NRA is why I lost'

Yes, I told you that, here, Hillary, way back in November of '16.  It's still there on the sidebar:

If Ginsberg had let Scalia put the words "strict scrutiny" in Heller and Hillary said "Gun control is just not going to be a priority for my administration," Hillary would have been elected President. 

When are you gonna start listening to me?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Gut shot

This is the first target I type I ever shot at.

But many are in the same style.  We are trained by targets and whatnot to aim for center mass.  And good enough for what it is.  Hit a bad guy there, that's much better than missing him.

But this is the hit zone.

I figure Patton won't mind.  He was all blood and guts, enthusiastic about martial training, and he has been dead 75 years and he is a manequin here.

Now, you've ruined his day, but is that the best shot placement to end the fight, a hit to the liver like that?

Guess where I hit in the simulator with video of people moving, under stress, trying to get a shot off before the baddie in the video turns that pump shotgun toward ME after offing his hostages?  Yup, the belly.  Automatically.  Because I have been trained with those paper targets.

Ok, the first shot hits the video person in the belly, then the person drops so my next shot misses, over, and the next shot hits the pelvic girdle of the video person on the ground.

Though sometimes the first shot of mine hits the hand or wrist the weapon is held in.  You fixate on the weapon and that is where the first shot goes.  Also sub-optimal.  Or super optimal if you are really lucky, but I don't want to count on luck.

Ideally, and what I am working on, is to try to retrain myself to hit a little higher, up nearer the ribbons on the General.  And do that instinctively instead of belly holes.  To shift where I assume the bullseye is, mentally.  To get that marginally better stopping-shot up in the center of the chest area instead of the center of gravity.

"But a baddie can take one in the pump and still fight back, T-Bolt."

True.  But he is less likely to want or be able to continue a fight with a shot there.

"What about body armor?"

The sim throws in that, too.  Three good shots with no result and I pretty automatically switch to the face right now.   If I could always hit a target in the eye, quick and on the move and accurate, we wouldn't be discussing this now, tho, would we?   

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How's THAT

For your latent International Commie Conspiracy sapping our precious bodily fluids?

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Someone recommended this movie to me.  I don't remember who.

But I am unimpressed.

It stars Batman and Magua.  Oh and the lady from that Jack Reacher movie.  There is some emoting.  But it is mostly just death.  Death, from stem to stern.  Little to redeem it, for all that suffering.   

Some modern sensibilities are injected into it, but it's not THAT high handed, at least.   Doesn't take much of that to really take you out of a movie.  Frex:  That Winston Churchill movie last year, "How do we shoe horn a black person into this movie?  I know, have Winnie stumble onto the Tube and one of the more diverse passengers can quote Macaulay!"

But lots of single action revolvers work, plus a few lever action rifle bits.   So, gun content.  It's set in 1892, but the tech is no further than 1872.  But does it have to be, considering?

I'm glad I didn't spend money on it, but don't regret the lost time. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Speaking of intimidating

You know what used to intimidate me?  Detail stripping a 1911. 

Oh I was confident I could get it mostly back together.  Except for the correct way to get the sear and disconnector installed.

You hold the disconnector on the right.

See that paddle on the left?  It looks like a pyramid pointing up from this angle.  Hold the bulbous tip (heh) with the pyramid up.

Sear on the left.
At this angle it looks like a teacup.  That little scoop is holding all our tea. 

So, teacup, pyramid up, then saddle up.  Put that sear on the disconnector, so the holes match. 

Now shove that bulbous tip (heh, again) into the disconnector hold in the frame and wiggle the pin and disconnector and sear until they all come together.  

With pin in place be sure the legs of the sear on on top of the paddle of the disconnector.  I also jam my right pinky in the magwell from the top of the frame because it can just tough these two tiny parts and help steady and manipulate them for putting the pin in.

Images harvested from my two goto gunsmith supply houses.  MidwayUSA and Brownells.  They pay me nothing, but I pay them lots.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Brownells is back

I might want to feature them more.

I remember being absolutely intimidated by the upper on an AR.  Must be some fancy precise fitment to get the barrel off.  Then I saw it done in front of me and... That's it?

That's so easy!

It's just a matter of seeing it once.

"Yeah, I did all that T-Bolt, changing our a 24 inch heavy barrel for something a bit shorter and now my gun won't cycle!  Not so easy."

You know, I haven't a lot of experience building lots of ARs, but I seem to remember there being a relation between barrel length and hence buffer tube length, buffer spring strength, and that little hole in the gasblock/barrel.  I'd do a lotta googling to find that out if I were in your shoes.

Oh, some solutions...  Save 'enlarging the hole' for last if something else is available first.  And those pigtail gas tubes that try to give you a longer tube for a short length...  the gunsmith reports less luck with those.  Springs an buffer tubes first.  Oh, and be sure the hole isn't blocked by a misaligned tube.  Super important.

Just stuff to think about. If I was a subject matter expert I'd tell you what fer. But I am not, and can tell you just some places to look. Maybe get you started.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I've maintained

I've maintained that I don't really understand that loudmouth from Queens.  How did he get there?  How has he not imploded?  What the heck are these positive developments? 

But now that I've seen clips from this documentary I am beginning to understand more.



When I qvetch, things happen.  I brought Bloke on the Range back by posting about him, now Brownells.

I promise to only use my powers for good. 

Lessee.  Ima qvetch about repealing the 17th and having inviolate nationwide Vermont Carry next.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Florida Gummint Failure

Oh noes!  They didn't do NICS checks on FLA CCW for a year

Manuel Manny Mitch Miguel still notes that without this plenty of CCW got rejected.  And it's a smaller subset than ALL the year's worth of applicants.  Just 365, total, of a quarter million plus applications, had an issue.

He also notes that NICS isn't the only background check when getting a CCW.  Also, there are other opportunities to get a NICS check at other times.  Like when you buy the pistol.

Whatcha bet they re-ran all the NICS checks that one fired clerk failed to do before the Tampa Bay Times even went to press with that story?  There is a high liklihood.  AND, the failed check would mean their permit was pulled.  (Wel, 74 of the 365 were cleared and okayed, so the number of pulled permits is 291)

So let's not panic just yet.  Not pretend the worrying number is a quarter million. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Speaking of Brownells

YouTube banned them.

The last time I qvetched about a YuoTube ban it was Bloke on the Range, and he was restored right after.  Let's see if that magic works again.

Brownells' channel had the most decent a responsible gunsmith videos out there.  One of the least offensive gun vids extant.  If THEY are unacceptible to Google, than everything is.  Zero tolerance for the culture of millions of law abiding Americans.  Could/would Google do this to the LGBT community?  Yes, if they wanted.  But they wanted to come after us. 

And Google know who all of you are. 


And an hour after I composed and scheduled this post, a full 18 hours before it went up, Tam tweeted this:

I need to get out of the current-events commentary blog game.  Too slow.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I still can't beleive

Donald Trump is president.  And she isn't.

1911 Failure

So what caused this failure?

Goodness know, I am guessing.  I'd have better luck guessing if I had the actual gun in my hands.

One guess is that the bushing was tight and spring the barrel, causing stress to the slide that way, and it just gave way.   It seems to be breaking from the muzzle back, so that is why I think this.

But if there is one thing I have learned with 1911 gunsmithing, the problem is the opposite of what you are looking at.  Like:  "The round is stuck on the feedramp.  Must be the feed ramp."  Naw.  That's prolly the extractor, at 180 degrees of what you are looking at.

So if it ISN'T the bushing, then it is maybe something with barrel lockup.  The barrel didn't fit well, maybe, and peened the softer upper lugs and that caused problems leading to the slide splitting?  I like the bushing fault more.