Friday, December 4, 2020

9mm vs. .45

You know, I've heard this discussion over and over.  I've been at this gun stuff on the internet long enough to, for certain.  Every jot and tittle, ad infinitum.  So when it comes up I usually just skip right past.  

No need to waste my time going over the same tired ground.  Whipping the same zombie horse. 

But how will I ever know, now, if something fresh, new, and novel enters the argumentative fray?  I'll miss out!

For instance, I am sure this is well presented, but I didn't watch any of it:

Can someone tell me if there is something new to add to this whole thing?  

Thursday, December 3, 2020


 That's a lotta guns.  For just one country.  

And Instapundit it right.  If they could keep the inventory up in the gun stores over the last decades panic-buys that number would be half a billion.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Well, Crap

 Now I posted a second one yesterday instead of today.  And I am still wanting for content.

Uhhh, a buddy has a MAB Model D, which is similar to the FN 1910.  It fired one and now don't fire no more.  Broken spring?  Reassembled wrong?  Who knows!

Do I know an active competent gunsmith with his own bidness and business insurance?  No I do not.  Am I wary of doing gunsmithing FOR him?  Yes I am.  If the gun blows up in his hand after I touched it, then, well, I am in the stew.  

Solution?  Risk Covid, and have him do all the wrench turning while I observe.  A broken spring is obvious and replaceable.  A flaw in the field stripping technique could also be caught just watching.  Plus, I know my limitations.  "Yeah, that's next level stuff.  Let's look harder for a gunsmith.  Not like anyone specializes in these.  I don't have to take you to a top end 1911 custom builder for this, but, it's beyond us at this point."

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Cool.  The Army has been improving the suppressors for a their M240 7.62x51mm machine gun.  It's doesn't make it quiet, obviously, just less annoyingly loud.  A suppressor on that machinegun has to stand up to a LOT of stress.  I wonder what wonder-improvements they included

Have your ever fired a rifle with a suppressor?  With glass on it?  Indoors.  I know a lot of you haven't had the privelege.  Suppressors are fun, but not plentiful.  Heck I have to use someone elses. I don't own one yet.  

It kinda sucks.  Well, after the first one or two shots.  The suppressor gets HOT and puts out a lotta heat waves, obscuring your target.  If you want to shoot a few mags, stick to iron sights or your red dot.  Even then you will notice the heat mirage on non-breezy ranges.  

Just something to think about.  

(And I am still thinking on the DeLisle reproduction.)  

Gun, Golden

 I had never seen The Man with the Golden Gun other than in bits and pieces over my life.  Never sat down to watch it beginning to end.  I had seen the opening, the funny spinny car jump in an AMC, but not the whole kit and kaboodle.

I noticed right off, this viewing, the belly dancer dressing room scene (Pinewood Studios?) where the dressing table mirror got bumped.  And I could see the film crew.  So that was kinda fun.

I was very jealous of the Portuguese in Macao and his gunsmith workshop.  Very nicely set up.  You gotta watch the whole scene to drink it all in.  This sample is inadequate.

On the whole, production values felt kinda low.  The 50 years since this movie...  A person with an iPhone can shoot a better one, it seems, the tech has improved that much.  HiDef from a film from this era feels like bad videotaped news productions.    

Monday, November 30, 2020

Neck Surgery

 Got it scheduled.  24 December.  ACDF.  Fix my neck.  

I have to isolate 7 days before hand (Covid precaution), and then home for 2 weeks after.  

Found out a guy at work had the exact same thing done.  He said he woke with a catheter and a collar and yet felt GREAT.  Said it was the best moment of his life.

"You have a wife you've been married to for 25 years and 3 kids, man"

"I said it was the best moment of my life!"

That's encouraging.

With the Leaves Off

 I notoced this in front of the house Archie lived in.  Yikes.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Awful Range Results

 Now I want to go back.  Try again.  At least get my trigger pull more polished up.  

Only one or two time I liked my trigger pull.  Disappoint.  But there is a cure for that.  Take 4 full mags and go next week.  It'll come back, and it's a shame I let it go this far downhill.

14 rounds of American Eagle, no malfs, 1259 total through the gun since built.  

Friday, November 27, 2020

Not cool, Larry

 "There is no constitutional right to walk around without a mask." -- Gov. Larry Hogan.  Maryland.

Whoa, there, cowboy.  Let's break this down.

"There is no constituional right to walk around wearing a red shirt"

"There is no constituional right to walk around."

Naw.  There sure is a right to do that.  Mask mandates, if they actually work, might be for folks' own good, but they are also a rights violation.  Your statement is illuminating on what you are like, deep down.  Your default reflex is dark and wrong.  

Larry is ok.  For Maryland.  I am glad for a GOP governor to tamp down the awful Dem impulses a different governorn would bring.  That doesn't mean he doesn't show his ass and disqualify himself for higher office.

I guess he'd be good in the Senate.  Better than what we have.  A tyrant like Larry is better than the worse tyrants we already have.

Like Susan Collins.  Horrible GOP Senator.  But a choice of Collins or Elizabeth Warren?  Collins every time.

Forget the WH, Larry.  The country can do, and needs do, much better.     

You don't want him.  Don't vote for him.  Marco Rubio would be better, and he is...  not good.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2020, man

 Keeps getting worser and worser.


What if, I could invent a bullet, and it'd be the same size as the 7.62x51 we use now, but instead of effective range of 800 yards, it would have an effective range of two miles, for the average skilled user?

That would be a game changer as soon as we were able to see that far.  

But that's the game changer of the Minie Ball, which came out just before the Civil War.  An order of magnitude better than the standard spherical ball.    

I first learned about these in Civil War History, in college, of course, and it's stayed with me ever since.  Able to be loosely packed in a rifled barrel, the looseness defeated fouling from residue.  But it could still be muzzle loaded as quickly as a non-rifled musket patch/ball.  The cupped base made the round expand on firing pressures, to engage the lands and grooves and thus spin from the rifling.  Hence the performance jump for standard issue small arm.  Not small, Minie is a French guy's name.  The French were great military technologists with poor timing.  They never seemed to get their advances in and deployed late enough to be of use to only them, and not improved upon by the Germans.  Not after 1815.

Hillary Clinton is still not President

And JFK is still dead.  57y +2d.

Of course his party is closer to Lee Harvey than to him, now.  

But at least the clan is losing its luster.  The name doesn't guarantee a win in Boston anymore.  That Howdy Doordy is the son of Joe Kennedy II.  He is not the one that paralyzed the late Pam Kelley.  2 did that.

Hard to follow them without a program.   Lessee.  The Original Joe Kennedy, bootlegger, child lobotomist, and Nazi pal, had a son, Joe Jr.  Junior blowed up in a flying bomb in WWII.  

Joe Senior had another son named Bobby, who had a son he named Joe 2.  No direct relation to Joe Jr.  Not a father-son thing, I mean.  His grandad was Joe Sr.  He dead.  Joe 2.  And, well, so are all the other people mentioned so far.

Joe 'Doody' 3 is HIS kid.   Number 2 named his boy Joe 3. Joe 3 is not going to be Senator this cycle.  And is unemployed here in a month or two.

Oddly #3 has a son named Jim.  Maybe that is why he lost to Ed Markey.  Broke the chain of Joe's.  That's bad juju.  JoeJoe.  Or in your case, bad JoeJoeJoe.

Monday, November 23, 2020

This is upsetting

 Went to the range.  Didn't stay long.  My neck issues make my hold extra weak and the nerves tingly.  I don't like this one bit.

Also, only had 14 rounds with.  Forgot to reload mags, so...

Fixing this issue cannot come soon enough.  

Sunday, November 22, 2020


 Because of the back pain I’ve been sleeping poorly, but it’s much better since Wednesday.  Still, I’ve gotten 10+ hours Friday and Saturday night but have been dead on my feet anyway all weekend.  I hope this isn’t a trend.

I doubt it’s mono.  I don’t KISS anyone.


This is what I want done to me.

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion  (gross surgery stuff. don't click if that squicks you out.)

Fuse some neck vertebra and stop disks from pressing against my spinal cord above and below C6.

The neurosurgeon has shown me with simple strength tests, "Hey that left tricep and right bicep aren't getting full enervated.  You probably can't do a pushup anymore."

Boy howdy.

The muscle is brawny enough, but the nerve signal to it is inadequate.  

You've heard me whinge about not having the stamina to do a class with a 500 round count?  50 is more my speed?  It's because of this.

10 years ago I tried to get up into my attic.  Stand on the top of the ladder and hop up into the hatch while doing a tricep dip.  Whoa!  Lucky to stick the landing and not kick the ladder out from beneath me.  I remember Dad, in similar shape, having no issue with such shenanigans at this age.  Now I know.  It's because of this.

Steroid have done wonders for my lumbar area, but the imagery there is normalish.  The neck is awful.

"Who is gonna wipe your butt, T-Bolt, while convalescing?  Better hurry up and get married."

Actually, the procedure is less than 2 hours, out patient, and I can do everything on my own immediately.  Including watch movies and surf the web.  And wipe.

"That's all you do at work, so you will just go to work T-Bolt?"

Naw.  You have to commute to the office.  That's the issue.  Neck movements driving, or, heaven forbid, in an accident.  Two weeks off.

But I should be much better after.  

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Nation's Fun Show

No big gun show today in Chantilly Virginia.  The leftist AG got it throttled down to 250 attendees, effectively choking it to death.  

Excuse: Covid.  

You don't need guns right now, sez he.  

If the Covid vaccine comes out next week and works great, I wonder what excuse he will try to use next time becuase you don't need guns right now?

My state and county are much more liberal than Virginia was or is, and we used to have a decent gun show at the fair grounds here.  But guns are icky so they got that cancelled 30 years ago.  Just not welcome anymore by the powers that be, so... their will prevailed.  

How long before we have to go to West Virginia to attend a decent gun show?  

Friday, November 20, 2020

Spain and Pine

 Spine and Pain.

Got shots in my lower back.  Steroid.  Seems to help quite a bit.  I walk like a normal man my age, and not an 85 year old.  We'll see how this progresses.  A bit less neuropathy would be welcomed.

Scheduling nexk surgery.  Trying to get in before the Covid hammer falls.  It's outpatient, so that helps.  Screwing plates to my neck, with 12 screws and scraping about...  And I walk out 2 hours later.  Impressive.  

It's been a long time, so I better hit the range.  Might be a long time again, after.