Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tam Talks Triggers

And trigger epiphanies.

I maintain there is more than one.  Epiphany.  For instance, I had one and markedly improved my accuracy.  But my accuracy is nowhere near good enough.  Then I'll need an epiphany to raise my speed.

Tam is easily three steps ahead of me.  More, probably.  And she knows 2015 Tam is way ahead of 2008 Tam.

The trick is to keep reaching for the next epiphany.  Never stop trying t get better.  Why?  Well faster and more accurate can be useful.  It's also fun.

Monday, October 12, 2015

knew it

Some of my friends on FB are 'Progressives'

(I like to keep an eye on them)

And one particular dim bulb had the lack of reflection and self awareness to post this:

Followed by this:

And I didn't even bother to point out the contradiction.  "Are you anti-gun or pro-gun, man?  Are you racists or anti-racist?  Make up your mind."

Separately, there is wrong enough with both.  I love the straw man in the first image.  But to post both of them in series, unironically?  Classic.  Some of the most highly educated stupid people I know are like this guy.   Advanced degrees, tunnel vision, lack of sense.

Oh and this particular one?  An immigrant.  British.

Why are they still talking about ballistic fingerprints?

Maryland dropped this in 2013...  I thought.  From March of THIS year, that article.

For those of you unaware.  New York and Maryland had a system where every pistol sold, new, you had to send a spent case from that pistol to the State Police, where they would be able to use the ballistic markings the gun leaves on the brass to help them solve crimes.  The word on the street was they only 'solved' 2 crimes.  And those were slam dunk investigations where they dipped into the ballistic database to prove a point.  But apparently the latest info is that 26 cases were done, in part, using this system.  Averaging 2 a year.

It hasn't been funded, really, since the post Sandy Hook legislation came down the pipe.

Bureaucratic inertia keeps it alive.  Let it die.  It's a boondoggle.  A waste of police resources.

Something occurs.  I modified my 1911 a LOT doing the custom rebuild.   Firing pin, extractor... Even parts of the chamber geometry is differnt.  No way the spent case that came from this gun when new is the same as a spent case today.  Heh.  Good thing for the police I don't engage in street level pharmacological retail competition dissuasion and whatnot. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bogged Down

Everywhere I turn lately I find people using the term 'bog standard'

It's like 'plate of shrimp' for 2015.

Gun Free Zone

I learn something new every day.

The Gun Free School Zone act was from 1990.  Not from the Clinton era Brady Bill.  Huh.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shootin Skool II

"Relax.  Less grip.  Elbows down.  Flash sight picture instead of the really precise sight picture you got now.  Let the force flow through you, young padwan.  Lazy.   Lazy lazy lazy.  Relaxxxxxxx."

Still applies.  Heck, just point the dang thing.  Concentrating too hard on sight picture.  The perfect is the enemy of the good.  Point it like a flashlight and just do the trigger right.  Don't tense up part way through

He says I am doing better.  And there were occasional glimmers of things I like.  Sub 10 second plate shooting (20 plates). 

Tam channels here inner Holly

"Why are Sleestaks scary?" she asks.

Sure they are ugly, but they weapons are lame and they are slow.

Well, they are scary the same way zombies are scary.  Slow pursuit that is relentless has a terror all it's own.  Sleestaks got that going for them.

Plus... Ugly!  They give you the creeps. 

As a kid in the 70s. I wanted to be Will. 

According the State Police Website

I am now approved to buy a pistol again.  The ID will come in the mail here someday soon.  Maybe...  Nope not yet.

It expired on October 4th 2025, so that is more time than I originally though.  I started applying on the 16th of September.  So let's say I get the handy dandy HQL card on Friday and rush right out.  Still need at least a week.  7 day waiting period.  So exactly 1 month from "I need a gun because my ex husband is gonna kill me but luckily I have a DD214" to actually having the gun.  Pistol at least.  Better get a Joe Biden special, ma'am.


Update, came in the afternoon mail.

Here is an interesting detail.  You need this Handgun Qualification License to buy a regulated firearm, yes.  You also need it to rent a gun.  There's a wrinkle I didn't know.  Another way to discourage anyone from the gun culture in this state.  We are as bad as Massachusetts.  Now I have to buy a BUNCH more pistols!  So I can train n00bs, where before I just sent them to the rental counter, now I'll just bring a dozen different models. 

Friday, October 9, 2015


Panic Buying Fatigue

So, the preznit calls for a lotsa lotsa gun bannage, again.  YAWN...

So, for the gun store near you... are you seeing runs on the inventory, or has Chicken Little cried 'wolf' too many times?  Anecdotally, here, in Indy, and Misfit's place, the answers seems to be 'no panic'

I've got guns bought already.  But I will have to do a transfer once Maryland gives me permission to do what I already was doing for years again.  So a sales boom will be a PITA.  I just need to resolves this by Christmas for gun skool. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I am no longer welcome

I was born a Methodist  (Grandparents were...  Dad was a while but had drifted away quite a bit before my birth, but really, that is 'by birth' right?)  Now I am no longer welcome in any Methodist church, anywhere.

"The United Methodist Church that has been one of safety and sanctuary, every United Methodist Church is officially declared a weapon-free zone."

I am the weapon.  My knife, my pistol, my shoe, the candlestick I grab, a hymnal... there are just tool to make it easier on myself.

I am the weapon and now I am not allowed in the church.

Not very Christian of them, is it? 

You know what this is, right?

It's the Feds trying to get a facial recognition database of all Americans that know how to shoot.  If they can't easily get a gun registration list, they will get a shooter list, all via social media.

That's how they get ya!

And all it costs them to get you and your friends in their clutches is some ammo.  THAT's why all those gummint agencies have been buying up ammo in the past 7 years. 

I'm not falling for it, Barack!

Ammo-Ambassadors.  Even the name of the company has a quasi government title.  Ambassador.   I wonder if pixelate the new shooter you take to the range will help?  Everything but the smile, of course. 

It's like that Fast & Furious scheme, but this one will WORK!

"Has the cheese fallen off your cracker, T-Bolt?"

How DARE you.  Wait... cheese.... Mmmmmm, cheese.  Now I'm hungry.  What were we talking about?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Gun Banners keep saying that, and yet

Combat Vets Destroy the NRA’s Heroic Gunslinger Fantasy; The last thing a chaotic crime scene needs is more untrained civilians carrying guns.

There are precious few examples where gun fights erupt between a bad guy and a good guy more casualties than would have happened without a good guy result.  I can't think of one.  Also see all the Dodge City predictions when a state goes Shall Issue that never happens.

There is evidence the other way, tho...  Also tons examples of folks with zero training effectively defending themselves with a gun from a bad guy.  Even the Bradys admit to over 100,000 a year. 

I look forward to someone correcting me with additional facts.  But The Nation may be full of hooey.  Whole lotta strawmen in there, as well

I can't get enough of these

But not just for guns.  Guns add an extra interest, of course, but all those industrial process shows fascinate.  I can watch the episode of How It's Made about jet ski fabrication and be content.  Industrial processes of yesteryear even more so, like, say, a 1940s ditty about making mechanical cash registers in Dayton.  This video hits the trifecta.  Guns, Industry, History.

First time I've heard Garand's voice. Whoa nelly, what accent is that? The name might be French, but that doesn't sound French to me. (I know he is a Canadian import...)

Speaking of that, the Garand movies really helped me out, but I have never watched this for my M1A stuff.