Sunday, December 4, 2016


If The Walking Dead can cause a run on Colt Python revolvers...

Any of you old gunnie remember 1981?  Was there a run a breaktop six shooters because of Indiana Jones?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Die Hard is NOT a Christmas Movie

It's a heist film plus cop buddy picture.   When regular gas cost 6 bits a gallon.

But Dune, on the other hand, THAT is a Christmas movie.

Hear me out.

A 'relative' brings a gift 'box' with a surprise gift inside.

There is a Jolly Fat Man

A religious savior in a desert land

Methodical slaying of hordes of young males, hoping to get that savior caught up in the net

Wise men interested in the well being of that young savior.

Patrick Stewart is in the movie, and he also played Ebeneezer Scrooge.

A spice that smells a bit of cinnamon plays an important role, and you know they put that stuff in lattes and pies... everything.

It all FITS!  Christmas movie!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Y'all need to relax about Trump

What he says?

What 'they' said he said?

Doesn't matter.  Relax about it.  He's been talking full Trump style for a coupla years.   He's not drunk.  He's not a 8th level Dan Troll-grandmaster doing Troll-kata on purpose, either.  I bet it's instinctual, and probably not planned.

But it's just talk.  Or lies about just talk.  And it doesn't matter.

Watch what he does.   Sure the communication is important.  But, it's the pledge and the turn in magic.  The prestige is what truly matters, tho.

Hypothetical.  SCOTUS appointment.  "I'm not beholden to that list of judges I told you about last summer" ~screams!~ "My sister would make a great SCOTUS.  Or maybe Ivanka..." ~SCREAMS!~  "I nominate Ted Cruz."  ~SCRE-wait...~

You should relax.

In this totally realistic Trump scenario in a couple months... He's messed with you and me.  He's messed with the #NeverTrumps a bunch more.   He's REALLY messed with the MSM and Democrats (repeating myself).  He's made an ally and moved an enemy simultaneously.  Cruz is unconventional but would be an ok SCOTUS.  I bet Cruz would enjoy that job a lot.  And a lot more than Senator.  He might even have an easier time in the confirmation because 'Senator.'  Abbot then elevates another to be GOP Senator in Texas.  While everyone chews on the new possibility of a Senator Rick Perry, Trump is moving on to the next thing and the world scrambles to keep up with the fast pace.

The stuff he talked about didn't matter.  What he did... sorta works.  In the above.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Panic at the Kitchen Table

So I was trying to remove a stuck grip screw escutcheon on a 1911.  And I munged up the slot something fierce.  As one does when one pretend to know a little bit about gunsmithing.  I mean gunbutchery.

Oh no!  What do?  Throw the frame away and buy another.

Now hold on!  Maybe there are options.  Don't abandon hope.   You still have a chance this will come out alright with no damage to anything more expensive than a sawbuck. 

With a stuck screw sometimes tightening it a fraction of a turn will break the grip and make it easier to back out.  Or soak it in penetrating oil to loosen the threads.  Or... and be careful with this... blow torch.  Apply heat.  The expansion and contraction breaks the hold and also breaks down any Loctite that might be in there.  I said to be careful not because I am worried you will hurt yourself.  Burned skin heals.  I am more worried about messing with the temper of the metal.  Stainless steel is a bit more forgivable than carbon steel.  Try not to get the metal to turn straw or blue.

But these hints are less helpful when you have borked up the screw slot.

This was my plan.

First I would put the grip screw back in the cleaned hole with red loctite on the threads of it.  Tighten that down tight to get a good bond.  Then I'd back out that screw and hope it takes the escutcheon with it.  Sacrifice both. Plan B was to put a screw in part way from the proper side, and put another screw with a hex hole on the inside of the magwell.  Both screws touching tip to tip.  Then use an Allen wrench from the opposite whole to get the thing out of there.

Plan A worked.  But I wish I had tried B first.  That solution came to me too late, and if it had been attempted and had worked it would feel more elegant, somehow, now.

If it had failed and stripped the threads in the frame, all is still not lost.  You can add metal to the hole with a welder and re-tap the threads.  But that skill is a bit beyond me right now.

So, itemized, the methods for removing a stubborn escutcheon that I thought of, in order to escalation to prevent harm are:
  1. tap it a few times with a non marring item (plastic screwdiver handle)
  2. tighten a bit first before backing off
  3. a little heat with a torch
  4. soak it in penetrating oil for a week with occasional taps
  5. remove all penetrating oil and apply a little MORE heat
  6. two screws tip to tip, then spin clockwise from the 'bottom' end
  7. red loctite on a sacrifical screw seated well inside the escutcheon, back out in 24 hours
  8. spin it with vise grips
  9. drill our the escutcheon with plans to perhaps add metal to the hole with a welder and retapping

I don't like the penetrating oil, normally.  But I am impatient.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sim Training

Is going away.

Hatfields is moving and the new gunsmithing facility won't have room for the simulator.  Which makes me sad.  I was learning lots in there.  Maybe it's time I graduated to bigger things with actual ammo.  That's the bad news.

The good news is he is even closer to the best range in the area, ESS.  Where he already does live fire instruction.

To give a fer instance on what I learn in that sim.  Sam lays down some ninja type stuffs on me at times.  You know lately I have been heeling shot with the .22.  What's up with that?  Well a good shooting instructor that knows his bidness will say "relax, do a good trigger squeeze and FOCUS ON THAT FRONT SIGHT."  I have been drifting off the sight, I realize that in retrospect.  A bad habit.  Well, on one of the plate targets in five seconds Sam comes into the Sim, tell me to aim at the smalled 'plate' on the wall, stage the trigger, then close my eyes.  PING!  Time after time.  Eyes closed.  Ping.  Ping.  Ping.  Ping.  Set up, stage the trigger, close eyes, fining the squeeeeeeeeeeeze... ping.


Hey, my hold and trigger squeeze are pretty good, now.  My biggest problem now may be how I look at things and how I think about things.  As Tam would undoubtedly tell me, I have too many mind.

"Too many mind, Tam?"

"Yes, T-Bolt.  Mind the gun, mind the people watch, mind enemy - too many mind...  No mind."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Been on the road

Over the holidays.  But look out burglars, now, today, isn't the time to sniff around my house.  I'll be home any second. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Gun Banning Gun Violence Research

Down in the past 2 decades.

You know, yer buddies Soros and Bloomberg still have OODLES of money.  And they certainly have an interest in the subject.  Why wait on the feckless gov't for funds for your inherently biased rights denying research and just get the spare change out of their sofas?  They could totally fund it, and probably more generously.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

First, we gotta kill all the gophers

But if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

"I thought he said the election was being rigged!"

"Huh?!  Explain that!"

Well, the election was rigged.  Trump was just able to overcome the margin of electoral and voter fraud by a large enough margin.  I am sure the president elect can feel fine assuming he won the popular vote if you discount how the Dems are better at cheating.

Not that the popular vote matters,  If it was a popular vote contest instead of an electoral college contest everyone would run their show different.  If it was baseball instead of football you'd leave your shoulder pads in the dugout.

But that's no big thing now, the popular vote and rigging.  Water under the bridge.  If they had confirmed in 2013 that Obama really was foreign born no one was actually going to DO any of the very few possible things that even could be done.  No one was gonna put Biden in the big chair, or call up Mittens and tell him "get in the game, kid, and kick a homerun through the uprights"

Going forward, I hope Trump doesn't scroo over the economy or gun rights.  Or get us all killed.  Cautiously optimistic.  Very cautiously.

Trump is AWFUL, I am glad he won.

[More importantly, I am running out of steam on post election political posts.  Good.  There were other posts I composed then deleted.  You don't need those, to see that.  What would that accomplish? Just trying to relax a bit.  Return to normal blogging.  Fewer political post but even LESS election jobbers.  Hope for the best, expect the worst, in the meantime no more personal pity parties, tantrums, riots, gloating, or victory laps.  Just trying to abide.  The Bolt abides.  Let's go bowling.]

Friday, November 25, 2016

Handgun Marksmanship

The Experts Guide to Handgun Marksmanship.

I bought this off the NRA Palladium Press years ago.  It's mostly magazine article reprints.  Mixed reviews.

But I know more now than I did then.

Re-reading now I am catching things that I could not have caught back then.  It makes me think I am on the right track in my self improvement.

Jack O'Connor:  "the first step is to take an easy and relaxed stance," "he should be grasping the handgun lightly but firmly," "the ideal way to learn to shoot a handgun would be to go through a course of dry firing for a few weeks,"  "it is absolutely fatal to let the target distract the shooter's attention from the sight," "keep the sight looking as good as possible and then to keep increasing pressure on the trigger until the gun goes off."

All good stuff.  Stuff I read before.  And understood.  But now, with the passage of time, and some formal instruction, even the simple things are freighted with greater meaning.

This isn't the best book to teach you how to shoot your pistol.  But if you pay attention YOU might be the best 'book' to teach you how to shoot your pistol.  If you keep seeking out from everywhere things and people and teachers and instruction on how to shoot your pistol.

I wish I was a faster learner and more physically coordinated.  This process would go a bit faster.  Or that I had time and resources to work on it more than twice weekly.  Or both. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016


My only requirements for this holiday are:

  • Turkey
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Gravy
  • And I have to SEE, at least, a can shaped gelatinous red cylinder of cranberry sauce.
  • Pumpkin pie for dessert.

I am a simple man, with simple requirements.   

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The bleak Trump years

I am looking forward to the return of this genre of movie being churned out.  Make me reminisce about my childhood.  Future Shock!  Planet of the Apes!  Capricorn One!  And stuff like.

I always loved that.  Made me what I am today when none of things came to pass.  Well, except the fake Mars landings.

Also, I saw a countdown clock so Prog put up for when Trump is no longer president.  It only had the four years worth.  You just jinxed us all to 8, Lefty!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On this day

In 1963.  A commie loser murdered a syphilitic, deviated prevert to keep him from spreading his preversion by conducting a top down national mutiny of preverts.  Also, he wanted to impress Fidel Castro.   After that, the Democrats lost their damn mind and haven't found it since.  Where is my mind?  Where is my mind?  Where is my mind?  Wheeeeeeeeeeere is... there!  Out in the water!  See it swimmin?

Range, November 15

Started strong this time.  Then the high and right heeling crept in over time.  Hard to measure as they were out of my usual targets.  25 feet, 45 rounds of CCI minimax .22 from when it cost $3.80, no ammo or gun failures. 

I did the center ones first.  Meh.

Top left is odd man out.  I wonder why that is?  But you see heeling again in the other 3 corners.  And I admit there was an early shift off the front sight I don't usually do.  But I corrected that when I realized it.  And I lightened up the grip.  So I don't know what I am off on.  More instruction in a couple weeks.  Maybe another practice session the week after Thanksgiving.

I need to change something up.  Maybe the pace of the shooting, between each shot.  Now it is "shoot three deliberately and slowly, pinning back and resetting after each shot."  Maybe two.  Maybe just one shot.  Maybe slower.  I can sometimes fix myself.  Correct a flaw on the go, so to speak.  And not require instruction.  This one is a little more persistent.  

Heeling... I bet it's losing the front sight.  I used to be much better with front sight concentration.  Dunno what happened.

Monday, November 21, 2016

New Gun

Remember how I said I had a hankering for an impractical 9mm a few weeks ago?  I get antsy around elections, anyway.

This hankering came out of nowhere.  I have never ever wanted a 9.  But I am on this "get better at shooty bidness" vision quest where I am taking lots and lots of training.  So I am in a weird place right now.  I am capable of committing any madness, including picking up a lighter-recoil higher-capacity firearm on my self-improvement journey.

So I did.  But not without problems.

See, it's kind of a custom gun...  Well, it actually is.  A custom gun.  It could even double as a race gun.  A double stack 9mm 1911.  Or 2011, whatever.  One of a kind.  21 round magazines. 

It's not perfect feature wise, but so?  It's pretty snazzy.  Saying it's not perfect is like saying Wayne Manor could use just one more powder room.  Maybe.  But, so?

And Sam has other ideas for it, to further customize it.  If I want. Red dot optic, wrapped around from the light rail.  A new barrel, maybe a full five inches.  .38 Super, with a compensator and I am ready for major!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Speed Racer.  Let me learn to go from a crawl to a walk, first.  And for me to iron on the dent in my wallet. 

"Those double stack 1911s can be a true heart breaker T-Bolt.  To start with you will probably have magazine issues right out of the gate."

Maybe with a run of the mill double stack.  But I know a guy.  A guy that knows how to adjust magazines and good many other things for this gun.  Because he made it. 

Ugh.  Getting into Sam's orbit has been wonderful for my shooty improvement so far.  And a huge load on my bank account too.  But so much fun. 


You think a regular 1911 holster that accepts the light rail will work for this?  Or is there something else too fat about a doublestack that will choke in that size holster?  Fack.  I might need a custom.  How many 2011 have that squared off trigger guard.  Dang.

Recommend a light.  Surefire and Streamlight seem to be the top two varieties, but you tell me.


Ooo, that reminds me.  I need to actually sell some guns.  With more than one 'custom' .45 1911, why do I have regular 1911s?  Or Sig 229s?  That will defray the cost of the above gun.

I was just thinking about it...  I now have a number of guns with truly decent triggers.  The above, the two 1911s, a good aftermarket job in my AR, a good Fulton one in my M1A, the 686 was good to start but is now better, the 2 640s are good for DA snubbies.  All the rest are just kinda regular triggers.  Might as well unload those.  Besides, those were bought whole pistols that the state of Maryland knows about.  I am hoping stripped lowers and Caspian frames confuses that bunch.  "Is is a gun or not?  Who know at this point.  Maybe... "