Thursday, October 23, 2014


Kevin Vickers.

What gun is that in the Canadian Sergeant at Arms hand?



Had a dream we were all in a survival situation.  I was to sleep on a schoolbus stripped of seats and with homemade canvas cots so close together that I didn't see how anyone could get up to pee in the dark.

Then we were buzzed by a Russian Bomber.  It was like a Soviet copy of the B52 but bigger, with more engines, if you can believe that.  Like they took a Badge, a Bear, and a B52 and combined the 3 into one airplane.  Huge.  With nuclear scramjets for propulsion.

So at least I knew why we were huddling in a bus for shelter.  Prolly no place else.

All I was armed with was a .45.  That was it in the bus. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Almost feel sorry for them

So, an out of touch Leftist director is gonna use his hit movie making talents to make parody videos to shame Congress critters into supporting gun control.

Yeah, they've been trying that for years now and it always boomerangs back in their faces.  So, go ahead, I guess.  Beclown yourself and keep the issue in the forefront.  It'll be funny twice.  The first, when we watch it, the second when it backfires. 

The made up complaint is that the 'gun lobby' has politicians in their pocket.  Sure our side has some money, but is that our primary motivator?  Is that how we get politicians to toe the line?  I'd think it was our numbers and motivation at the polls that really catches a politician's attention.  I bet hollywood lobbiest have a LOT more money to throw around.  And a lot fewer votes at the polls.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What next?

Gunsmith wise, after I have this ejector thing behind me?  Well, for this gun, the trigger has some creep to it.  Like to get that addressed.  And a sight swap out will probably call for dovetail cuts in the slide that is beyond my abilities ATT. 

That will make this $700 gun very expensive.  What with the part, alone.  Slide stop, mainspring housing, premium ambi-safety, new sights, cuts to the slide...  I'm not counting the tuition for multiple classes as that is mods to my brain more than mods to the gun.

Oh and find out and correct why Springfield bent the fingers of the leaf spring like that instead of fitting the gun right.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mudville 2

So, Springfield won't fix my gun right, what do I do now?

Well, there are options... As commenters have noted

Pay the gunsmith, locally.  Good time to get other things done, like a dovetail cut for the front sight.

Or, I can do it myself.  I have a very nice drill press.  I can order parts from brownells.  I can figure out the drill bit size to use.

Or, coincidentally, the ejector could 'come free' at a range trip tomorrow.  And I can call Springfield again and say, hey, the ejector just fell out somehow, and is this a defect you will FIX RIGHT FOR ME?!

Do they not pin the ejector on their Performance Center Guns?  Oh, they DO?  Like it was the right way to do it?  Oh my!  I bet they rifle the barrels of their Performance Center Guns.  Imagine if Springfield stopped rifling the barrels of Range Officer 1911s...  They could save a lot of money in production and really up the profits.

I dunno if I'd trust em, NOW to fix the ejector, though.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Dang whitey and his incessant rioting


So this is a brilliant side effect of a do gooder liberal thing. 

Cornell had too many deer on campus.  Instead of eating them they spent a lot of crybaby bambi-mom money to give the does tubal ligation surgery.  But.  The deer population didn't go down.  Sure, those deer had no fawns, but the law of unintended consequences means they ended up with a lot more bucks, proportionately. 

What was happening was the does would go into heat, but not get pregnant.  So they'd go into heat again, several times a year instead of that once.  This attracted a lot more bucks. 

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

If I got stupid-money in some kind of lottery windfall and could afford 300 acres in West Virginia, then I could certain afford $1200 per a few does on my land to get em fixed up.  Then my private reserve has much more opportunity for shooting something with antlers with all the bucks they attract. 

I would feel kinda stupid eating venison from a doe I spent $1200 on and shot by mistake, tho.  Expensive chili...

Probably an easier cheaper way to do this, too.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wish it would stop raining

We need a drought here in Maryland.  Rain makes my tax bill go up, since the Governor signed into law the rain tax.  Looks like the sky water is letting up for a little while.  Need a dry Autumn.

Vote O'Malley for President 2016

Friday, October 17, 2014

No Joy in Mudville

Well, I called Springfield.  I wanted to see about them correcting the pistol that left their factory with an ejector held on by just a little bit of glue.  Which isn't proper, considering the abuse that part takes.

"Hey, you forgot to stake down the ejector."

"Go away, son, you bother me..."


"I said hit the bricks kid.  Most people don't shoot more than 500 rounds through their 1911 and will never notice it.  Sure a few people that CCW the model regularly will have a problem and a gun that will lock up tight in the middle of a magazine, but what are the chances that'll come back to us if that magazine is the one that he wants to defend his life with.  Besides, what are YOU gonna do?  Blog about it?!  HAHAHAHA!!!  Blogging is dead!  No one reads blogs!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Then I could swear I heard them lighting a cigar with a $100 bill.  The one of a few I gave them when I bought the gun.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Canned Goods


Been looking for meat pie fillings.  Been using corned beef hash and chicken stew up til now.  But Now there is this:


Speaking of me getting tired of movie remakes.  It's certainly not a new phenomena.

Last of the Comanches and the well in Sahara.  The first is a run of the mill western, the second is  Humphrey Bogart movie  WWII north Africa movie.  In both they come to a well that is nearly dry, and one of the party goes down and finds a small drip.  Slowly he accumulates water and send it up in a bucket on a rope.  The scene is clearly lifted one from the other, ten years apart.

The plaster coated diamond encrusted cross from a new word catholic cathedral is found after a treasure hunt in TV's Cheyenne and the film Maru Maru with Errol Flynn.  A little Hispanic boys insists it belongs back at the church and gets his way.  The TV episode was Devil's Canyon and came out in 1957, the movie in 1952.

Watchmen and Mad Max with the hacksaw scene.  And in Saw, I guess.  A peril is presented to some poor sod.  The fire is coming, the poison is spreading.  You are chained by the ankle to something heavy.  No time to hacksaw through the metal.  Your only hope is to hacksaw off your foot.  I first saw it in Mad Max, then in Watchmen, then in Saw, but I am sure Mad Max got it from somewhere else.  The scene from the movie to the comic book is only 7 years apart.  25 years from the Max movie to Saw.

All of these are almost assuredly 'borrowed' from pulp fiction stories from the 1930s.  There is nothing new under the sun.

I guess we should be thankful that anything very original is written at all. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


They just don't make all weather radials like they used to.

Monopoly of Violence

Only the gummint should have a monopoly on violence.

But wait.  I am the gummint.  Government of the people, by the people, for the people and all that.  If I wasn't the gov't then why did they ask me to serve in that function by registering for selective service only mumble-mumble years ago?  Or call on my to serve on a jury?  Or asking me to vote?

Seems like I retain part of that monopoly.

And yes yes.  It's the monopoly on the initiation of force.  Every living thing in the world has the right to defend themselves, of course.  It's just in some countries where the people are part of the system, instead of just subjected to it. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ammo Prices

50 years ago.

Check out page 53.  The Ad in Guns Magazine that says "PREPAID AMMUNITION"

4 cents a round for .45 and 5 cents a round for non corrosive .30-06.  75 cents for an M1 Carbine magazine.

Phew.  Even WITH inflation in the intervening years... 

Of course if you are gonna use a time machine to go back to 1964, might as well get your hands on 1964 silver coinage, and rinse repeat that process til you have real money.

How do you do that?  No one is gonna make change for your $20 bill with a 2008 date on it.  Yeah.  Bring back old pennies from 1963?