Saturday, October 1, 2016

Forty Five, Bye bye

Whelp. That's the end then. Not even the Marines are interested in using .45 anymore.

I figure in less than 2 years you won't be able to buy a box of Winchester White Box .45 ACP at any Walmart.  Then in less than 10 online perveyors will stop offering it.  In 25 years even the esoteric catalog houses won't carry it.  People will look at you funny like you are trying to get .22 Jet or 6mm Lee Navy

First Jeff Cooper dies, then SaysUncle buys a 9mm M&P, and now this.  .45ACP is now an orphan round.  I think the Marines were the last large institution to still issued .45.  Lots of those cops shops from the 90s that went Kimber have mostly switched back to 9mm.  And with nobody using .45, Joe Schmoes like me have no reason to ape the usage.

All those 1911 classes for nothing!   Maybe I can re-barrel them to shoot .22 TCM.  Something that will be around a bit longer.

Levels of Inebriation

It's a progression for me.

  1. tipsy
  2. half in the bag
  3. in my cups
  4. three sheets to the wind
  5. faced
There are other levels beyond that, but I can never remember those.  But they must be a sight.  It's when you find a five dollar bill pinned to my clothes.  Been a while since that has happened.

It's all related to SCIENCE! of course.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Why you need a gun


That first ammo run

A few years back.

I bought it for a sawbuck.  The gunstore owner looks like he got it at K-Mart for $6.97.  K-Mart still sold ammo and used price-guns.


Forgot to do a post today.  I think I am getting a migraine.  Maybe something later.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Garand Gunsmithing

I mentioned I restored my Navy Garand to the condition it was in when I bought it.

It had been a while previous to that since I had touched that rifle.  In the meantime I have taken too many gunsmith classes and things I leaned there are now things I look for on all firearms, not just 1911s.

No there is no commonality between the pistol and the rifle.  But there both have parts that rub together, no?  And both have a certain way they function and there are things you know you should see and not see.  I am now more sensitive to that, for better or for worse.

Like... binding during the cycle of operation.  That can't be good.   The Garand binds a little as the bolt and op rod travel to the rear, about halfway through, said operation.

Op rods are famous for being an issue on the Garand, so, there are things to do to test it.  Like the 60 degree test.  Take the operating rod spring out and re-assemble.  If you hold the rifle up 60 degrees gravity should work the action and the bolt should slide to it's rear position of its own accord.  Then tilt it 60 degrees forward and the bolt should fall into battery.

The rifle passes this test, but there is still binding.  Binding that ISN'T present if the trigger group isn't in place and hold the lock to the stock under tension.   It's not much binding of I'd have noticed it before.  And it might not even be the operating rod being bent that is causing the trouble.  I can't quite locate the trouble area.

Also, the front handguard wiggles and rattle a bit.  That might be in spec, but I can't imagine it helps accuracy.

Also, the operating rod will sometime jump out of the track in the receiver it rides in, opposite the charging handle.  Great.

Also, the muzzle has a visible ding in the crown.  I've seen dings before and been told that while a dings crown can be very bad, some dings are an issue and others are not.  Either way, someone more experienced than me would have to make that call.

Maybe I should take it to Fulton.  It's practically a neighbor.  Great.  More money.  But I do like the guns I have to be in good working order.  Or check with Hatfield.  I know both, but have more contact with Hatfield.  Garands are cool, but not his specialty.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Training Tam

Tam is a gunnie-world treasure, and you all know I hold her in high regard.  A true highlight of the gun blogging world.

And she holds that high ground even though 'blogs are dead' and she has downshifted a bit from her blog to put her writing chops to use on higher paying gigs.  But Tam phoning it in is better than me on my best day.

Tam has also been to lots of training courses for shooting.  Especially recently.  You can tell she finds that experience the bees knees.  In a way, she is living the dream.  And her target posts from range sessions shows that all that training is rubbing off on her.  Dang!  I wish I shot half as well.  Half as good?  Half as well?  What's the grammar for that.

Anyway, the only thing she doesn't share is what she learned.  "Learned lots of stuff and now I am much better at shooting after just that one weekend.  That trainer has it wired down."

What stuff?  Share!  I wish she'd share more.  But that's on my selfishness, not on her.

Ah, she might not, I imagine, because she isn't a trainer.  So anything she divulges might not come over as well as someone that trains others for a living and also know what they are about.  And if she was a trainer she'd want to see you in person.  So as to see if she is leading you down the wrong path, if some training tip might make you worse instead of better.  You want training?  Find a trainer?  Maybe go to that trainer she just talked about, and liked.  She, personally, isn't responsible to make you a better shooter.  That's on you.

Or me.

But things leak through.  Tips.

Grip harder.  Harder still.  That is one that has come down from her.  Her and lots of folks.  One contrary to my current training regime.  Which grips lighter.  But that lighter grip is to fix me.  Make me a better shot before making me a better shooter.  My training promises to tighten up that grip, but only after me, personally, have mastered a trigger pull.  One without flinching or heeling or jerking or pushing or thumbing.

I caught another one she shared.  And it applies to ME, and what I am doing now.  Pinning the trigger to the rear, before reset.  More importantly, avoid: shoot, pin, reacquire target in sights, reset, prep, shoot.  It's shoot, pin, reset, prep, reacquiring, shoot.  Or just slap that trigger.  Looking for a reset is a fine motor skill and it might actually slow you down.

Fortunately for me, I don't do this bad habit,  That I know of.     But what I am sure of and what Hatfield sees when I shoot are often two different things... I do have some live fire training with him this weekend...

Well, I HAVE been clicking for pin and reset, but that's in tuning up my accuracy, where I am purposely going slow.   In timed evolutions I am lucky to press decent and all else goes out the window. The goal there is to always press decent.

Anyway, find this guy and maybe take a course with him, too:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Range Trip

Yeah.  In a rut.  Another contributor is I am burning through some cheapy Remington bulk pack .22.

I have enough bulk .22lr.  This was an open container.  The other will stay sealed, and I will shoot CCI mini-max.  I like that better.

But let's not rely on the crutch of bad ammo and say this is on me.  Live fire training on Saturday, maybe I will tune it up.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Airbag Might not Deploy

In your Dodge.  


I wear the seatbelt.

Better than the Japanese types that does deploy and sprays you with deadly shrapnel.

I didn't want them things in my car anyway.  If anything the Feds should pay ME for all the airbags I was forced to buy because they forces the auto companies to include them.  Hate them.

A Hi-Point, again?


Protester Arrested At Panther’s Game In Charlotte With Loaded, Concealed Gun

Use some of that Soros money to get a better piece/

Unless you WANTED to be caught with and arrested with a gun... Then I guess a throw away pistol is prolly best.  Why lose your good gatt.

I did not know that

I knew that deer population took a huge hit, but I didn't know the estimate was down to half a million animals.

I also didn't know it was all the way up past 30 million now.  And this AFTER the invention and production of a bajillion cars.

That's mind boggling.

Why?  Well, yes, the excise tax on guns and ammo and the efforts of outdoorsmen to pay for, preserve, and manage large areas for deer.  The retirement of sub-nominal farmland far enough from urban areas to not be suburbified.  Plus restrictions on market hunting.  You want to make a species extinct?  Give a population a disease they have no immunity to and make the animals not belong to anyone but still have a monetary value when harvested.  Around Maryland we did what we could to kill off many species of waterfowl, for example.  Out west, buffalo.  Pennsylvania and upstate New York did its part for whitetail.  And you know about the horn poachers of Africa, today.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

This looks made up

A CCW hero shoots a rampage shooter with her "Kimber Ultra Raptor" in Bradford's in Virginia.

Lisa Harris, hero
Matthew Collingsworth, Chief of Police
Randall Pierce, bad guy

The store is 'threatening legal action' against Ms. Harris, because they have no guns sign on their stores.  (Virginia is one of those states that says you are trespassing if carrying and they don't want you to.  I imagine she is no longer on the premises.)

Seems so... made up.   Common names. The Boston Tribune?  Never heard of it.  The ads are all clickbait and pretty pervy.  Reporters don't put down the weapon model like an advertisement for Kimber either.  No town is mentioned.  And is there still a Bradford's?  A legal complaint that will never hold water.  All too good to be true.

If only I had some powerful research tool to verify the veracity.  Wait!  I DO!  To the Internetz!

Yup.  Sketchy fake news.  To start, try searching for the Boston Tribune.

Amish Books

On Kindle.

Let that sink in.


Saturday, September 24, 2016


You shoulda had your self-defense firearm before the riots.