Wednesday, July 27, 2016


There are lots of verboten items at my work.  Federal contracting company doing computer services of various kinds.  In Maryland. 

So, the usual.  Firearms, explosives, ammunition, tasers.

But also... knives 'including pocket knives'.  NO WEAPONS!  Among other things. 

They even did a sweep in the kitchen areas looking for the knives folks use to cut up office birthday cakes.  A buncha blunt scissor hoplophobic kindergarten teachers, they.

And many folks ignore the rule.  A full size leatherman is useful if you actually have to open up a computer and do, you know, actual work on it.  Because that's your job. 

That's not my job, but there are plenty of things I use at least a blade for.  Cutting plastic, for mostly.  For that I use a mini-Leatherman.  Sub 2 inch blade.  And I don't wave it around in the faces of the busybodies and they don't go out of their way to check to see if I have one.  It's definitely not a weapon.  If I was angry enough that I needed to go all violent and self-defensy, I'd not turn to a tiny penknife blade, as my hands would be a better practical item for that.

I tell this story because I forgot to pocket my mini-Leatherman the other day and didn't realize it until I got to work.  Been a while since I did that.  I felt kinda nekkid without it. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two in one

One of the nice things about my current shooting instructor is he is also my gunsmith.  A gunsmith that if he had his druthers would just do custom 1911s.

"So he is an 1911 true believer?  The one true pistol, designed by John Moses Browning, pbuh?"

Oh sure he really likes 1911s,  But he trains me on Glock SIRTs,  And shoots whatever.  Only recently has he started carrying a 1911 again when out and about, and that is to help advertise his gunsmithing business.

When training, I also get exposed to other gizmos.  Slide cockers, red dots on the frame, red dots on the slide, different iron sights, some tritium some fiber optic...  whatever the latest thing is, he wants to play with.  Then, if it is no good or conveys no advantage, he discards them, and I don't have to pay to find out on my own.

So what does he like and keeps for the advantage?  Well, a few things on race guns that aren't in my wheelhouse at this time.  But a flat trigger and a plain extra wide notch black rear sight, so you have some gap on both side of the front sight in your sight picture.  Those seem to have stuck around.  And I kinda like both.

Never would have guessed that.  I'd have guessed I'd want to stick with 3 dots.  So... yay?

I was sure it would be him

Some of y'all don't even remember he was in this game.  Poor Marty.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Specifically, the famed Jungle Carbine!

The main article to the Lee Enfield said there was more felt recoil in the carbine because the barrel was shorter.  "the .303 round produced excessive recoil due to the shorter barrel."  This made me furrow my brow.

The article specific to the carbine said it was because the rifle was lighter.  THAT made me feel better and nod my head.  Also, the butt pad had less surface area.  Ouchie.

Also, the Brits were on about a .276 caliber service cartridge like I have pondered about alternative caliber selection in the past.  Neato!  I learned something new today.  Reportedly too hot. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Don't wear masks

Bad guys wear masks.  Cops shouldn't.

What good are the masks?  No eye pro or ear pro.  Just ID pro.  Are you ashamed of your job?  You clearly aren't cold.  

You know that eye protection probably masks your identity enough, anyway, regardless, right?  If you are worried about the bad guys recognizing you.


The talk about Iver Johnsons got me thinking about President McKinley.  Then assassins and their firearm manufacturer choices.

Iver Johnson was used to off RFK and President McKinley

Boothe could afford a custom handmade Deringer.  Which was a brand of sorts, too.  Unless it was a Derringer.  The knock off of the original.

JFK got his from a Carcano surplus job.

Garfield got popped with a Webley Bulldog

Reagan caught one from a Rohm .22

Squeaky Fromme tried to shoot Gerry Ford with a Colt .45. 17 days later another 'nice' lady took a shot with some kind of .38 revolver.  Damn hippies.

MLK Jr. was cut down by a Remington.

Fabrique Nationale for Franz Ferdinand

Dunno what was used on Huey Long, the Kingfisher

Medger Evers was shot with a milsurp Enfield 1917

So a plethora of often inexpensive boomsticks used to commit and outrage.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Romney Never Called Me

Not even in October of 2012.

Trump has robo-called me twice already.

Once almost 9PM.  Not cool!

But Mitt couldn't arse himself to do that.  If he had wanted to be president then maybe wouldn't be in what we are in now. 

Another reason I didn't vote for Romney. He never asked me to.


It is nice seeing lefty media type salivating waiting for the fact check of Trumps speech and then being disappointed when they come up empty. Maybe President Lord Business WILL win in Novemember.

Had a Dream

A dream of blog fodder.  Woke up thinking "that'd make a great post!"

It's a truism.

The most dangerous time you will have with your pistol, assuming you aren't a clod, is the going in and out of your holster.

Solution.  Ban holsters!

Ok, that's not right.  This dream post is only half right.  Yes, you are probably most likely to have an unwanted loud event with holster work compared to any other operation, but getting rid of holsters is a non-starter for all the other great thing a holster brings to the safety table.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


A question for people old enough to remember 1968. 

Before the Democrat Convention in Chicago, did you know something bad was coming down the pipe?  Or was it a surprise?  Did you turn on the TV and say "Wow, them cops are really laying into thos long-hairs.  Didn't think this would happen..."

Umbrella KILLS!

Remember my post about how some organization think umbrellas kill 2,000,000 a year?

Even Uncle picked up on that.

That's 740,000 more people dead from umbrellas than are killed by car crashes in a year, in the world.

Talk about a hidden menace!  Why is no one talking about this?!  And HOW are the umbrellas killing folks? 

  • There is the obvious 'wind catches it, it flies through the air and comes down tip first' stabbing you to the ground like a bug in a lepidopterist collection.
  • Kids jumping off roofs with an umbrella as a makeshift parachute.
  • Lightning strikes because it looks like a lightning rod, and you use it during rain storms, duh.
  • Some umbrellas have a ricin spiked tip.  That can't be good for you.
  • The mechanism can fail, collapsing the umbrella around your head, temporarily blinding you, and you step into traffic.  Hit by city bus, but umbrella-caused death.
  • Shoddy materials with lots of heavy metals that then are transferred to your bloodstream, absorbed through the skin in your left hand.
  • You could choke on your umbrella when you try to swallow it. 
  • The toxic fumes if gives off when you walk around with an umbrella on fire.
  • Umbrella gun.
  • You picked up one of Burgess Meredith's umbrella by mistake and misuse the special features.
  • You might commit seppuku using the sword in the handle.  That blade could cause a lot of problems, actually.
  • Carried away in a hurricane or tornado because, dammit, you paid $25 for that umbrella!
  • The umbrella could give you AIDS. 
  • Perturb the wrong umbrella holder and he might shove that bumbershoot up yer... orifice... and open it.  Killing you, thusly.
  • Blood poisoning when you catch the web of one hand on that sharp bit while opening or closing it.  Man, that smarts.   Shoulda used Neosporin.
  • Helicopter blade failure if you  have a deluxe model. 
  • If you open one quickly near someone with a weak heart, you might startle them into a myocardial infarction.
  • Angry grandma mistakes you for a Masher, bashing you in the head and shoulders repeatedly with her parasol.  You die later of concussion related complications. 
Ok, 2,000,000 umbrella deaths makes more sense now.  With that many one of you MUST have seen a deadly umbrella accident.  I've seen lots of car accidents, but no brolly brouhaha's.

Hmmm, I wonder how many of these deaths could also get appended in the accident report with: "alcohol was involved."

Blood Simple

You can tell that this was an early effort for the Coen Brothers. 1984. They are still learning the movie makin biz.  

I like the Coen Brothers, and wanted to see this because I hadn't.

But, there were firearms. Without looking, ima guess there was a pearl handled Iver Johnson breaktop in .38 S&W and a Browning Hi-Power and a flash shot of some S&W modern snubbie. The breaktop was so prominent in the production it deserve an actual credit before the title of the movie. And to be paid scale.

The bad guy used a scoped hunting rifle, but it was dark

Let's go to the big board and see, Johnny!

Darn!   It was a S&W 39, not a Hi-Power.  Ah well.

And they are calling the Iver Johnson a .32.  I'm getting better, but a true gun geek would leave me in the dust. 

The Snubbie was Fitzed up, and may be a continuity error.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



2 million die from umbrella accidents?  Worldwide.

How can that be?

Not that many people are killed with gun "on-purpose's".  Worldwide.  Non war-time situations.

That can't be right.  Not 2 million.  2000 would be a shockingly high number.

Maybe there is something

You know how I said I have no hankering to get another boomstick?

I thought of something.

I kinda wanna make another upper. Make an upper. Do all that 'gunsmith' work. Something with a magnifying optic and an SLR-like forend. Low profile gas block. Longish barrel. Rifle length vis carbine length.

I'm new at this, so my big worry is "Oooh, I should got the gas tube that was half and inch longer" and whatnot. End up having to buy more and more parts. And I'd have to relearn all that info I core dumped ages ago about head space and twist rates. I better take it slow. One part at a time. This may take a while.

But that's the goal.  Do a good job making a rifle from scratch.  Buy nothing superfluous.  NO RETURNED MERCH!

Nation's Gun Show is in town this weekend, but there is too much on my plate. Plus, it's too hot. Maybe in the fall.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016