Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Step Closer

To me walking into another state's gun store, giving them money, and walking out, right then, with a pistol of my own.

I've never not had the waiting period.

The gummint was denied a stay in the Mance v. Holder case.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Never Seen THAT Before

You don't want to do something to your 1911 at gunsmith class where the instructor that has built hundreds and hundreds of guns from scratch says,  "Well, I've never seen THAT before.  You got a problem..."

Remember when I talked about how Springfield Armory isn't bothering to pin their ejectors to the gun anymore?  They just glue it.  And not with mere Loctite Red.   With something even more serious.  It's a green epoxy type stuff. 

Well, anyway, I have to yanks this bastard off in order to work on my gun.  Later I'll glue another one on.  Not even the smith is willing to make that 1/16th inch hole in my frame.  Which bugs me that I can't do that but, there you go. 

To knock the ejector off, and this will destroy the ejector, you squeeze just the ejector in a vise and pull on the grip while whacking the frame with a plastic faced 5 pound dead blow hammer.  This got the ejector out a few millimeters then the studs broke off in the holes.

Oh dear. 

And that was the new thing.

Now what?

The factory ejector, before I continue, was an obvious MIM part,  I could see the 'casting' lines on it. 

Luckily, the legs were just a bit proud of the frame.  I was able to get a grip on them a vise jaw and spin a bit.   This did the trick.  Crisis averted.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Advanced 1911 Armorer AAR, week 2

Last week we went to town on the frames, with mine getting that space between the groove and the bottom surface to .1130 exactly.  With a file.

This week?  We ruined the frame.  With a hammer.

You vise up the frame in a jig and put a .113 spacer (hence why we filed the frame to .1130, not .1133 or .1131...) in the groove on the side.  Then WAIL AWAY at the top of the frame with a ball peen hammer.

Got that?  Hammering the most expensive part, the ATF part.  To peen over metal.

Not you file to fit, first with caliper measurments then with lamp black.

Except we don't use 'lamp black' any more.  For those non metal workers.... When you want to mate two pieces of metal together you get soot on the touching parts with a candle or lamp and blacken the area.  Then rub metal bits together.  The high spots will have the black rubbed off.  You file the high spots then repeat the process with the soot and the rubbing until the highs 'spots' cover all or at least most of the surface.

But like I said, we don't use a lamp or candle anymore.  What do we use?  This:

Works as well, and you can remove the marks with alcohol when you are done.

So, lots of filing, then fitting, then lapping compound and oil to mate the parts even better, then just oil....  work the slide work the slide...  Check all the axis of movement with the slide in battery position.  The axis of pitch and roll and yaw.   I lucked out and got pretty close kinda early.  There is a little yaw in the font end, but none in the back, and the front can be fixed with barrel fitting.  Next week. 

Like I said before...  I could left the gun with the smith a year ago and gotten it back this month, all souped up.  And paid a lot of money.  Instead, I paid a lot of money and will get knowledge and get the gun to about 80% as good as the smith could've done without me munging it up.  At least 80%.  Definitely a better gun. 

I like this class enough I might go through the whole series again with a different pistol. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Every What?

"Mom's Demand"

I don't like the new names. I have to look at em twice to realize what I am looking at and that they are gun ban astroturf groups. And that's me. I don't know what regular non-gunnie types think. It's so confusing.

Brady and MAIG and VPC weren't much better, but through repetition we trained the public to know what they are.  Gun Banning groups.  I don't wanna have to retrain everyone again.

Why can't they have a name that goes with what they are about? They USED to. Handgun Control, Inc. I know I know, they have to obfuscate what they are about or they'll get even less popular support, but they already get next to none when someone thinks about the issue for more than 5 minutes....

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back to Skool Daze

Wonder what we will do this class weekend? If I had to bet it will be marrying the slide to the frame. We ruined the slide last week, time to ruin our frames.

Though we have to ruin the barrel in there somewhere. Then the sear/trigger/disconnector/grip-safety/leaf spring butchery. So that covers 3 weekends worth of learning.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Now I'm Sad

M855 ban

So, what's to stop President Perry from rescinding the ATF regulation in January 2017?  Anyone?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

U Shaped Pistols

I mean, why not?  The stuff of SciFi, but they are certainly doable.   Go one step further with the Rhino, and Jason Bourne, and the trend is toward optics for your pistol.

Picture something like this, but the bullets come out of the bottom side, and the top side is scope, maybe something ACOG like, with a longer eye relief.  To load, you shove a mag in from the top.  Recoil would be down, so it's steady on a rest and doesn't flip in from of your target when shooting offhand.

Crazy talk, and too weird to take off, but, you never know.  I can't think of any reason why the concept wouldn't work.  Of course that doesn't mean it would work.  It's a limitation here, between the ears, mebbe.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Walking Dead

Haven't watched this show since they pissed me off and drove me away early on, but here is a gun safety tip from the main character:

Oh, ffs.  "Huh, it doesn't look loaded..."

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


So it looks like  S&W and Ruger are gonna stop selling guns in California rather than do the silly microstamp thing there.  Pity it's such a large state.  People on the coast have so far to drive to get to a border state and buy their Smith under the soon to be real (crossed fingers) Mance v Holder purchasing regime.

I wonder if you could get in trouble with California law is you moved there to live NOW with brand new but not microstamped pistols?

In other news, the gunsmith I'm taking that class with is also an FFL, but his business isn't gunsales, per se.  He is not prepared to run an out of state purchase just yet. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Class After Action

"So it was 2 days of learning so you musta covered a lotta stuff, T-Bolt!"

No... we just did the slide rails.  That's a it.  Disassemble, clean, review a few things we already checked and corrected in a previous class, then on to the slide rails.  And nothing but.

(the back end of the slide, pic from here.)

First you make a buncha measurements for reference for the built.  Inner and outer rail width, and most importantly the rail height.  Calipers for the first two and a very expensive micrometer for that last one.  8 measurement up one side, and 8 down the other.  The littlest number was .1131.  The biggest was .1162.  My job was to to take a file and make the slide flat and straight and smooth... and all be .1130.  +/- .0001.  But it's better to just be right on the money.  Yes, just hit 1/10,000th of an inch please.  (Kuhnhausen usually said +/- .0005.  Most people end up doing +/-.0015)

If my lowest number was .1151 then I would have filed down to .1150 all around.  If the lowest number was .1125 in a critical area around lockup then I'd need a new slide because .1120 was too much off.

And since the file has to contact and ride both sides to stay flat and true, and one side might be .1148 and the other .1132, well, you see the English you gotta put into your file strokes.  And it's slow going.  3 or 6 passes of the file, cleaning off the shavings and re-measure.  It took all weekend.  And it was supposed to.

What else?  Knocked the front sight off.  It was pinned in place, and I will get a dovetail cut here during class one of these 8 sessions.  Also, when buying a 1911 used, rack the slide back and look at that little disconnector divot.  If there is a drilled out hole in the middle of it, run away. 

In fact, look there, feel the trigger on a dry fire, look at the ejector end for weird banged up wear, and check the feed ramp and transition to the barrel ramp and know what that gap should be by eye and what a healthy ramp should look like.  That inspection should take all of 6 seconds once you know how and will get you far on the road of the 'is this gun worth maybe plunking down money for?' question.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Class report

Class was good.  Short.  Got out early to get ahead of the weather.

Then it took me 7 hours to get 30 miles home.

Which had a good side.  The snow was all rain when I got home so I could at least shovel the 8 inches of it.

Not to go puke out a diseased lung.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

You'd think

With all this time off recuperating I'd have more blog fodder or weird dreams or something.

Good news:  No fever since Thursday noon, so I can go to my saturday gunsmith class.  I may not be the most energetic but I am assured I won't be contagious.  So, good.  It's a six day class.  Maybe the other weekends I'll be more perky.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Guns Break

Not my Hi-Point!  Maybe that's the codeine talking.  I don't even own a hi-point....

Notice Uncle has alleviated his risk by having a spare and a spare.  One is none, two is one, and three just makes good common sense.

I'll go one step further.  You should be able to detail strip you three guns, jumble it all up in a bin, and reassemble three guns and have them all work GOOD, without a hiccup.  No matter how tight the original tolerances.

Quite a trick if I could pull that off with 1911's...

You know, that might be a good bet with those m&p's.  More proportion of parts requiring less fitting is my guess. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vietnam in HD

Been watching this documentary on on-demand.  Lots of in country footage.  And now that I know more about the history of the M14 I notice them more in the films.  Surprisingly large. Number of them being toted along with M16.  Sometimes they are in parity.

And the ARVN soldiers are still sport various version of the M1 carbine even into the 70's.  I just found these details interesting.

Another item.  On a brown wart navy patrol boat they had a grenade launcher.  It had a big hopper and the operator turned a crank on the side like an Olde Timey movie camera.  With every revolution, bloop, crank, bloop, crank, bloop, another grenade would spit out.  And it was pretty compact looking.  Never seen one before.

(Ed: originally the title read 'Vietnam Nam'.  Gah!  Nam nam?  Idiot.)