Friday, February 24, 2017

Range, 23 Feb '17

So, not too bad.

I mentioned last time I was missing one little detail.

Corrective lenses.

And I seem to shoot a bit better.  I can actually SEE the target and don't have to wind it back in to know how I did.  Crazy!  Being able to see quarter inch holes, 25 feet away.  One failure to eject on the last round of the magazine, #40.  90 shots total, CCI mini-max.  Sets of 10, top left to bottom right. 

I was getting tired by the end, I guess, based on the drift-off increasing.  I encircled the inital 10 and shot another 10.  Seven of those were inside the initial 10.  So, if I was tired it wasn't hurting the grouping.  One target, #5, I squeezed the support hand a little bit extra, just to see.  Opened up the group.  Another target, #3, I went for a bit faster pace.  Opened up the group. 

I think I am getting a more centered group when I get more finger on the trigger and sorta drag the trigger to the left.  And tighter groups when I don't do that.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

4th Circuit Ruling

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that my state is a-ok under Heller to ban AR-15s and AR mags that hold more than 10 rounds. 

You seen it elsewhere this week.  I am not news to you.

I just wanted to remind you what Maryland's cockamamie law means.  It's silly.  When it gets appealed to SCOTUS people will poke at its silliness.  I want you to know ahead of time.  Because it will be harder for the bad guys to prevail if people are laughing at them constantly.

First, Magazines!  Is it illegal to possess a 11 or more round magazine in this state since 2013?  Does this have any impact on mags you already had and aren't 'grandfathered' in?  Do magazines have to be tracked by the state with a serial number now? 

The answer to all of these is 'no.'  Perfectly legal for you to move to Maryland now with all your 30 round P-Mags, then drive to Virginina, buy more 30 rounders, and take them back to your house in Maryland and put them in the guns that Maryland has no idea you have or when or where you bought them and nothing in law to really compel you to prove you either bought them elsewhere.  Or in Maryland, for that matter.  The magazine ban is a paper tiger

Oh but you did buy a gun illegally in Maryland?  Well if you don't incriminate yourself by continuing to brag about it.  It would be hard for Maryland to prove anything about anything unless you confess or did all your crimes on camera.  Or unless you are already a prohibited person.  All the things you can do illegally and prevent you from buying a gun federally are also illegal in the state.  Illegal to the feds, also illegal to Annapolis.  But that's not the ruling.  The ruling is 10 round magazine and....

Second, Assault Weapons Ban:

"So I can't buy an AR, Tbolt?"

No, you can buy any AR-10.  You might be able to not even wait the full 1 week waiting period for that.

"So, AR-15 lowers are banned then?"

Well, no, you can buy a stripped lower if you want.  .223 are great for varmint hunting and Maryland's Deptartment of Natural Resourse is all for you potting groundhogs 365 days a year.

"Wait, so what is banned?"

Well you can't buy a whole AR-15 that isn't an HBAR.  Heavy Barrel AR.  If you bought the lower, well, you aren't supposed to attach an M4 upper on that.  If you bought the lower in Maryland, the state knows when you did that.  And if they see you bought that serial numbered part after 2013 and there is a non-HBAR upper on that lower, AND you get cross threaded with the po-po by say challenging the state trooper to a fist fight so he finds that weapon in the subsequent search, you may get into some hot water.  But the state never prosecutes the gun crimes as a rule.  They'll nail you for the first fight and either pretend to plea down the gun charge or ignore it completely.  Unless they need to make an example of someone and it is your unlucky day, you are safe-ish.  Don't get into fights with the cops.

"But I bought the lowers in PA when I lived there for 6 months or it's these other lowers I bought in Maryland back in 2010 that I have my M4 upper on.  Why isn't that banned"

It just isn't banned.  Not yet.  They'd have to pass more draconian gun control before that happens.

"But I bought the M4 upper in 2015!"

They don't know that.  Can't prove it.

"What if they pass laws that make all 'Assault Weapons' illegal and include confiscation measures?"

Well, the lowers they know about?   The non Pennsylvania bought Maryland lowers from 2010?   They'll send you a letter reminding you to surrender them.  Tell them you sold them and then sell them.  They want the uppers too, but how will they know about those?  If you surrender anything surrender the lower and nothing else.  You don't want the state cops going to the range and having fun with your AR.  But that's in the future.  Maryland hasn't passed that.  If they lose in SCOTUS because this ban is silly and a rights violation they will have a setback and be further from being able to do that.   With Gorsuch on the court they we have a better than average chance.  If Ginsberg retires and another Gorsuch is confirmed our chances are much much better. 

If we get 2 Gorsuch types in quick succession be sure to spit on the ground whenever you see a #NeverTrumpetStrumpet. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Like this.  But more masculine.   At a hospital.

Did you know, I was an Operator

No foolin'.  Got me at the ripe young age of 19.  Lots of responsibility at that job.  Lives depended on me.  I decided to become an Officer, though, because the pay was better and I wanted a chance to fly.  That didn't work out due to a training mishap.  After that, years of almost drowning myself in beer.

I've turned it around since then. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Don't be Racist

Are you using black silhouette to train?  You are probably racist.

I see.  This target means you hate black people:

I guess using this target makes you a homophobe:

This one means you have a problem with Asians:

I don't know who you hate if you use this one.  Cold people?

And this one might mean you are threatening the president:

Some people have lost their damn minds.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump report, 1 month in...

What?  It didn't have to be totally AWESOME?  Put the Johnson away, there are ladies present.  All the right people have lost their fudge so bad that they may never find it again.  Bill Kristol, man...  Dude.  Someone look in on him before he harms himself.

What else has he done?

Well, it's only been a month.  But of the things he has actually done, there is nothing bad in it from where I sit.  Short circuited some liberal executive orders.  Yeah, that's ok.  Fine by me as a semi-disinterested and entertained outside observer.

"What about all his CRIMES?!"


"What about this horrible things he said?"


"He hasn't repealed Obamacare!"

A month.   Try to relax some.  Or this will be an exhausting 8 years for you.

"It turns out he is better than Ronald Reagan!"

Now the other side.  I'll say it again...  A MONTH.  Fer criminy.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Another liberal enclave, another report of a person with an Assault Rifle.

And she's a school librarian so now there is a call to ban ANY teacher from ever owning a gun.  We shouldn't let em vote, neither!  Or be given a trial by jury!  Why did we let gov't employees have any rights?

Like before, I doubt that this is an assault rifle.  Care to wager, Melkorka Licea and Susan Edelman, Journalists (TM) extraordinaire? 

By the looks of that mag well, looks like pistol caliber carbine, too.  Those things are selling pretty good lately.  Anyway, bet the farm it's not a machine gun.  Leave the poor librarian alone, pants wetters.


Rocket packs.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Hate Clickbait

"Pic of Canadian Mounties 'greeting' refugees goes viral but here's what's NOT mentioned"

"The RCMP later cooked and ate the hapless southern trespassers with fava beans and a nice Chianti."

"Here's a fresh one!"


Imagine, instead of his thinking peaking in the 60s, Cooper was peaking now, 50 years later...

Well he would look like some of the good instructors around these day, moving the ball of knowledge downfield, just like the current really good instructors are moving it standing on the shoulders of giants like Old Cooper.

Cooper, when in his 30s - 70s, would be the first guy to admit a better way might be a better way.  Just because he got crotchety in his dotage doesn't mean he wouldn't have recognized a good thing.

Thought getting him off .45 FMJ and onto 9mm HST would be a heavy lift.

As heavy as the burger's you get at Five Guys, mmmm, that's a tasty burger!  Important part of any nutritious breakfast.  Buy three, today!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Blog Maintenance

One of my loyal reader wrote and suggested I clean up the link list over there ---->

Got the blog list pared, now, today, tackle the vendor/misc list.

Good idea.

Not much else to mind right now.

I was surprise that 27% of police these days have fired their service weapon for realsies, according to Pew.  I was surprised it was that big a number.  Even accounting for dispatching road-injured whitetail.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Holy Crap

I just realized...

Did you know that Donald Trump is president? 

This is kinda weird.

And on the 15th

Look at that!

Decent results after the first target upper left, everything else the same, except for one thing, but drifting right now, a week later.  Just a tich.  And a noticeable slight anticipation of recoil when the hammer falls on an empty chamber...  Dangit. 

I need to test that one thing.  A simple difference, other than time.  I'll tell you what that is then, next week's post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Range Day Feb 8

Strings of 10.  Pretty fast cadence.  Not 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, but more 1and2and3and4.

That first target, upper left... Ugh, that's gonna make for a looooong day.  But wait.  Each subsequent target was much improved.  Like I needed to warm up before not sucking.

And this is at 25 feet instead of 10, like last time, four days ago, on the 4th.

Closeup of the first 10:

And the last 10:

So, mini break-through after settling down.  Good session.  Need to shoot cold a little better, but this improvement target to target I will take as it is solid progress.  Pleased with this day at the range.

One failure, to eject, #26.  50 rounds.  1835 rounds total.  And I'm really impressed by the small number of failures in a conversion kit .22.   They come pretty regular, yes, now that I am tracking, but I expected more frequency.  Of course it isn't a true test, with no cleaning or lubing.