Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Hunkered down.  No stores.  The only people I see are the folks at work.  Still lots of meeting but they are 100% video style, even when the other person is 2 cubes away.  Busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

Still plenty of provisions.  Still surrounded by existential dread, and low on blog fodder.

The masks I ordered should arrive in June.  Late June.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

You dang gun nuts

"You are like that show Tiger King."

Lady, I have guns to PROTECT myself from the kinds of people you see on Tiger King.

Of course not.

"Stand-your-ground laws aren't racist"

Of course they aren't.  Pro gun laws that apply to everyone are really bad if your intent is to racially discriminate.  Now, gun CONTROL laws, those are racist.  Almost universally.  Ask anyone.  Well, not race mongers.  They were disappointed.

"When the Commission undertook this project, the plan was for the Commission to conduct empirical research on “Stand Your Ground” laws and to produce a report containing both that research and a discussion of “Stand Your Ground” laws based in part on the testimony produced at the briefing but also on the Commission staff’s independent research. Alas, when the empirical research did not support the preconceived view of the Commission’s majority that “Stand Your Ground” laws harm African Americans, the project was shelved."

Monday, April 6, 2020

From where I sit

The problem isn't the guns that are in the Amerian people's hands.

It's how do we get a few hundred million guns into the Chinese people's hands?

Regular, ordinary, Chinese people.

Shoot, this article is from New Years.  When Hong Kong's struggle to resist Winnie's tyranny was still top of the news.  Different Chinese propaganda flavor then compared to what we get fed now.  But at least they know it is propaganda then:

"The Communist Party of China-sponsored tabloid painted the U.S. as a lawless society with no answers for citizens seeking redress from a gun violence epidemic."

What about Chinese citizens like Uighurs and the people of Hong Kong seeking redress from your Government Violence epidemic?  Or the world seeking redress from your epidemic epidemic?

Sunday, April 5, 2020

This data model

That I mentioned before seems to going further and further from on-the-ground numbers.

It's not jibing with New York, for example.

And that's a good thing, as that model is more pessimistic. 

It means Maryland, which now has two dozen deaths, might not get to the projected 1,766 in August, too.  Let's hope. 

Maryland is Weird

Sure it has bad control, but also lots of gun control laws that are feckless and poorly written. When there is a push, they enact bad laws, but the rest of the time it is mostly just benign neglect that the pols don't pay too much attention to.

Everytown musta got to their Democrat cat's paws and whinged.

"Republican Governor Hogan!  Close the gun stores!"

Yeah, I bet he don't.   Not if he has designs on the big chair in 2024.

Plus it is too late for the most part.  The gun stores have had plenty of time to sell sell sell.  Even in Maryland.   Barn doors closing weeks after the horses have left.  So this is all on orders from the Dem's higher ups, doing their bidding, to bring the issue to the people's attention, I guess.  Totally symbolism, no substance. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Lays of Ancient Wheaton

Then out spake brave Horatius, 
The Captain of the Gate: 
"To every man upon this earth 
Death cometh soon or late. 
And how can man die better 
Than facing fearful odds, 
For the ashes of his fathers, 
And the temples of his Gods." 

Haul down the bridge, Sir Consul, 
With all the speed ye may; 
I, with two more to help me, 
Will hold the foe in play. 
In yon strait path a thousand 
May well be stopped by three. 
Now who will stand on either hand, 
And keep the bridge with me?

Friday, April 3, 2020

So, how YOU doin?

How's house arrest treating you?  You still alright?  I hope if you get it, it's the mild version.

I kinda wish I'd get exposed to a known carrier, but not get it.  Just be forced to stay home for 14 days.  Being essential has nice parts (I get paid) and bad parts (I DON'T WANNA GIT SICK AND DIE!)  At this point I need a rest.

I am reading this book right now.  The Good Shepherd.  C. S. Forester.  Re-reading it, actually.  Tom Hanks is in the movie of it coming out soon.  I may have mentioned it.  This is my third time, at least, reading this book over the past 30 years.  I am 10 years older than the protagonist and was an naval officer but it is only now that I have the life experience to properly follow it, I think.  To keep the ship's movements to mind while also evaluating leadership and ability of the people around me as we complete complicated tasks, some vitally important.

"Are you like him, T-Bolt, with your essential job, battling a dreaded foe.  Facing fearful odds?"

Nooooooooo, not exactly.  He in command.

"Oh so you are more like the Gunnery officer, spitting hot death at the enemy, the tip of the spear."


"You help the guy spit hot death?"

More like I help one of the guys in the engine room keep things running down there.  The 'fun' stuff is all topside.  So to speak.  Like the guy that keeps the plumbing working at the Pentagon?  Try to run a war when that building has to all use portapotties.  CAN'T BE DONE!  Important work.  Not sexy.


Have you noticed that Blooger took away our spellcheck?  How does THAT save them money?

Anyway, time to make the donuts.

Thursday, April 2, 2020


Yeah, I'd be more comforted with all the Wuhan Coronavirus graphs and charts if the numbers at least somewhat gibed with each other.  But they don't.  That's the thing with statistics and computer modelling.  Is it garbage in, garbage out?  Who knows!

I disagree

"First time gun buyers should not be allowed to buy."

I think that during an emergency the first time buyers should be forced to buy TWO guns.  Punishment for waiting too long.  Like a stupid tax.  Kinda like price gouging, raising the cost of entry, but not permanent, because they can sell the spare gun after everything is over.  And the flush of post panic guns coming back to the market will much more quickly bring the prices down to pre panic levels or lower.

In fact if a state of the federal gumminst declares a national emergency the background check system should be suspended for affected locales.  Cut through some of the dang regulations.

"But then felons could buy guns, T-bolt, whenever a hurricane came along!"

That'd be illegal, fair reader.  Felons are not allowed to buy guns.  But you know what... an ex-con has a right to defend himself, too, ya know.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Now the word here, and other places, is masks are good.  We should have masked up in the beginning. 

The reason 'they' told us not to mask up so that there would be masks available for emergency workers.  (Fair enough.  I begrudge that less, now.) 

But there were no masks to buy even back in January.  I imagine word got out in China and the ordinary people bought em up.  Even with a CHICOM information crackdown, folks hear.  But that's just my guess.

I have 2 dozen masks.  I am saving them for if I get sick, or exposed.  I'll wear it going to the doc or the store or whatever.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Oh nice

Maryland runs out of hospital beds on April 21st, and we disease peak May 1st.  But it's a gentle curve.  No f-ed like New York's. 

PA, VA, and WV do much better.  Neighboring states.

I have friends and relatives in Indian, Ohio, and Florida, and their states do pretty good too.  Cali as well.

So, don't come to Maryland for sanctuary.  We don't got it. 

Hoarding Strategies

Ok, one day, soon, this panic will end.  Now you have to prep for the next one.

Toilet paper was the item in short supply, this time.  When the next panic comes...  Will people make a run on toilet paper?  Because now it is in folks' head that that is a think you do.  Like with a blizzard.

Or will more of us in the general population have a stash to weather a future trouble because of this one?  TP doesn't have to be the go to next time.   We saw that in gun buying and ammo panics.  Depending on the threat from Obama.  Green tip 5.56?  GONE.  No wait, it's back.  .22lr that one awful 11 months.  Nothing.  Nigh everything ammo that other time and got me thinking about buying WWII surplus .45 with corrosive primers.

But I, personally, with have an extra 2 dozen rolls of Quilted Northern in a cool dry place, yessir.  

Monday, March 30, 2020

Can you imagine

If she had won and been president right now. 

I didn't so much vote for Trump as I vote against this harpy, and I think people of the same bent ended up putting him over, and, boy was that a serendipitous result.

You know who they'd be blaming right now for the pandemic is Hillary had won?  George W. Bush.

Such an awful person, and has been in China's pocket since the 90s.


So they passed a $2 Trillion Stimulus Package.  We heard a lot about all the pork it was larded with.

  • NPR
  • Kennedy Center
  • Museum and Library Union
  • Windmill

and so on.

I was wondering, how come all the pork goes to Democrat constituencies and never GOP leaning ones?  I mean, fair is fair.  $25 million for the Kennedy Center, why not a couple mill to the Second Amendment Foundation?  NASCAR race track spectator parking lot improvements.  History departments that teach history instead of SJW type Hyphen-Studies.  Throw money at Prager U.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Ammo Panics

Tam talks about Ammo Panics. 

As an aside she mentioned she worked a counter on New Years Eve, 1999, right before Y2K, and that was a wild time, she relates.  I wish I had been involved in the gun scene to see it.

You know...  That might have been the precursor to my first gun purchase.  Even back then I had my head screwed on at least a little tighter than some.  I didn't wait til the last moment to get a pistol.  I got it in the Spring or early Summer.  A .357,  my 686.  And maybe 2 boxes of ammo.  I was SET.  First real gun.  Oh, I had a Springfield .03, but the head space was suspect.  All I know was it was made after they sussed out the heat treatment issues with the receivers.

I felt a panic coming for November 2008, if McCain didn't win.  Bought my M1A you see at the top of this blog in the Summer of 08.  I'm not allowed to buy one of those now.  But I beat the panic then, got a decent price.  Bought a case of battle packs to go with it, soon after, too. 

Subsequent panics I've been lucky.  Only inconvenienced.  I had something, I just wanted more.  I wasn't going to run out.

The only time I was stampeded was the gun control push in 2013.  Was a little too anxious and online auctions are not what you want to be into then.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Cartography Dream

I dreamt the states of Oklahoma and Nebraska combines to become one big state.  I was confused in my dream because even there I, in dreamland without reliable maps, I was 99.9% sure the two states didn't share an inch of border.

They don't.

Anyway, they renamed the state, and, I swear I am not making this up, the new name was going to be Oklahomaha.

Well, I guess I did sort of make that up, it was in a dream.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Grocery Store Report

Yesterday afternoon.  The Trader Joe next to my beer place is still closed.  Suspect Wuflu case with an employee, corporate shut the store down.  But my beer was back in stock a few door down and I got into a Traders maybe once a decade.

Beautiful blue sky.  Parking lot a LOT less crowded than last week at the Harris Tweeter.  My regular grocer.

Canned goods have made a partial comeback.  Still no Underwood devilled ham.

All of the following was at half levels, where there was none last week:

  • Lunchmeat
  • Eggs
  • Chicken and beef
  • Marinera

Still no joy:

  • Santizer
  • Lavatory Tissue
  • Flour or yeast

I figure we are getting back to normal when I can buy a 12 pack of Angel Soft.

My work is still report as if normal.  Everyone in the building is essential.  One guy stayed home last week because his daughter arrive d from staying at Mom's with a fever and a sore throat, but he is back.  It was just strep.  YES!  Virtual high five from a fathom away.

Yes, we celebrated the fact it was only a dangerous bacterial infection.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


You know, for decades I used Irish Spring bar soap for my personal washing.

Then I became wealthy and started using soap TWICE as expensive (don't hate.)

Mostly Pine Tar now.  The ingredient list is different than what I imagine pine tar soap was made from 100 years ago:

  • Palm and coconut oil derivatives, mostly
  • Glycerin, and water.
  • Then pine tar
  • Salt
  • Sodium gluconate

So, oils, very little soda.  I guess that cleans as long as it rinses away.

Things in Irish Spring not in Grandpa's?

Hydrogenated Tallow Acid, Coconut Acid, Fragrance, Pentasodium Pentetate, Pentaerythrityl Tetra‑Di‑T‑Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Titanium Dioxide, dyes

Anyway, I told you that to note this....  My skin on my flanks and legs doesn't dry out like it used to in the winter time.  I haven't used lotion in ages, and I think it is congruent to the soap switch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Upside to the Panic

The gun buying panic that is.

LOTS of more first time gun buyers.  And not an insignificant number of anti-gun folks thinking they need a gun and seeing what it really takes to get one, especially in restrictive states.  Maryland, Virginia, New York, California...

Come November, the big gun control push at the polls is blunted just that much more.  Because of education and reality.

Also, people noticed Bloomberg was a gaping ass.  For other reason.  Maybe that will blunt his gin confiscation efforts