Friday, May 29, 2015

They aren't stupid

They are evil.

They know what they are doing.  They are just lying to us.  To the public.  They think other people are stupid and will swallow their lies.

Who?  Mom's Demand types.  "The thing in Waco happened because of the recently passed Open Carry law in Texas!  We TOLD you!"

We point and laugh because OC, while passed, isn't in effect yet.   Ha ha!  They are SO dumb.

They aren't dumb.  They are counting on this message getting to low information voters that don't know either way and assume it is true.  And it reinforces their allies that already want to ban guns with another talking point and will use the lie over and over again as a buttress to their argument.  And this little blog point out their perfidy is just a push broom trying to keep back the tide. But sweep away, I do.

I am gonna stop pretending the other side is simply dumb and just recognize them as evil, more, tho.

(They are the 3 Ds.  Dumb Dishonest or Delusional.  Or a combination.)

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Is Texas gonna pass Open Carry or aren't they?

Embarrassing if they don't.  And it looked like they were gonna purposely screw it up and not expect repercussions.

From Alan:

"How is it that a bill that is overwhelmingly passed in the house and the senate still manages to not go to the governor?" Political shenanigans, that's how. The fix was in from the start. A classic political move that allowed some politicians to get a yes vote recorded while knowing all along the bill would never see the governor's desk.

Murder Capital!

So you are 45% more likely to be murdered in Manhattan now with the Socialist running the show?  Sure sure. 

People keep talking like the city is going back to 1975 levels.  Stuff that inspired Warriors, Death Wish, and Escape From New York.  Naw.  It took decades of mismanagement to get to that low level.  DeBlasio will be long gone by then.  He, at worst, will get it to 1985 levels.  Not so bad, huh?

There are a lot of folks that plunked down a million on their condo that don't want to see 1975 again.  It was easier to flee when you only rented.  When you own, not so much.

And besides, in a few years NYC will be a Shall Issue district.

We Lost

Hang it up everyone, we've lost the argument.

The experts say we are wrong.  Well a majority of experts.  A majority of experts found by this one reporter at a fringe west coast publication.  Guest writer, not staff.

How can you counter such a strong position?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NEVER read the comments

"im happy that vitname won u stupid yank u think u win evrything but u didint win any world wars u were late and the russian won the war"

"Churchill was Druid and a Freemason. Fraternities that are both the sworn enemy of Christianity. "

"Unlike Hitler, Churchill [nor Roosevelt or Stalin] never even served a day in combat. Jews brainwashed you to adore Churchill and despise Hitler, because Churchill was born, bred, raised and mentored to secure the Jewish agenda for the 20th century, and Hitler came closest to spoiling it all."

Gunsmith School Calendar

New course calendar is up.

I was expecting this class in happy anticipation:

CUSTOM 1911 FULL BUILD COURSE - OCTOBER 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 & NOV 1

But it wouldn't hurt to take the AR course.


I've tinkered successfully with an AR, but it's a mere weekend of time and I bet I still learn something. 

But this class is new:


Huh.  That could be cool.  Expand my abilities beyond mere spring replacement therapies.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gold Dot

Yes, but WHY Gold Dot?  Gold Dot for everything or just the .38? 

Hydro Shocks!

I used to be that guy.  Tam talks about it.

I'd STILL be that guy if it weren't for blogs and folks like Tam and me keeping my ears and mind open.

You know there are better options out there, T-Bolt?

Oh?  Go on.

I'd love a link to a no-BS piece on the various manufacturers and styles of self-defense ammo by someone more knowledgeable on it than me that isn't trying to sell me something.

Well, T-Bolt, you could always google 'what is the best self defense round' and get a good answer, right?

Do that.  I dare you.  I double dare you.

And what of the lowly .38+P?  Federal HST doesn't come in that flavor.  Been loading Buffalo Bore 158gr SWCHPs in the cylinder with Hydra Shok rin the speed strip because they are copper clad and don't get mussed in the pocket like lead.  But I am not married that that harebrained scheme.

Are you sure it isn't 'hair brained' T-Bolt?

Yeah, pretty sure.

And what the heck is the difference in the Federal HST boxes.  One comes in 20 round packs that are clear plastic and fancy like they were selling you an engagement ring almost.  And you can get a 50 round box sometimes that says HST and costs a lot less per round...  What gives?

Monday, May 25, 2015


The latest regime in Pennsylvania no longer accepts CCW non-resident permits.  In other words, if you live in Maryland, you can only carry in PA if you have a Maryland CCW.  I have a Virginia non-resident permit.  So, no conceal carry for me north of the border anymore.

The word is, PA officials think folks are getting rejected from getting a Penn. permit and are getting a Florida or Utah one instead.  As if it is easier to get those permits than it is to get a Pennsylvania permit.  It isn't.  If you can't get a Penn permit as a Penn resident good luck getting a permit anywhere else. 

Anyhoo, MBtGE has a Virgina resident permit.   And there is no restriction on him carrying TWO pistols in Pennsylvania.  And if I am going a trip with him to PA and one of his extra pistols finds his way into my separate hotel room while we try to sleep in a sketchy Super 8 motel on the crystal meth and hooker side of town... that's ok.  As long as I don't carry it outside of the room. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Movie Fad Purchase

When a cowboy movie was a big hit, there were runs on Colt SAA guns.  When Dirty Harry came out, everyone had to have a .44 Magnum.  Lethal Weapon in the 80s, Berettas became popular.

Fad Guns.

What movie, since the 80s, has inspired a run on the gun stores for a specific model?

Nothing from the Matrix.

Nothing from the Expendables.

Maybe a mare's leg because Firefly.  But not THAT big a run on them.  It wasn't a blockbuster show but a fan segment show.  Not enough audience to make a run on the gunstores like a ban proposal from the president could do.  Eastwood emptied out the stores of .44 magnums.

What comes close today?

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Quality is suffering around here.  My already loose attention to detail is getting looser.  Not spending as much time per post.  Maybe it's just a phase.  Maybe it's a brain tumor.

It's notta tumah, T-Bolt!

Ok, ok.

Saw an interesting .38.  It was an old blue S&W model 10 turn in from some police agency.  The gunsmith cut it down and put a ball detent, in frame to lock the yoke in, above that serial number.  So a snubbie is made but with a full length ejector rod.  Which is nice.  One of the flaws of the snubbie.  A 2 inch barrel means less shell ejection capability.  Addressed with this scheme.  A dovetail was cut for the sight, too, and, of course, a trigger tune up.  It was nice.  The custom work made it a bit expensive for the average snubbie buyer, yet...

Friday, May 22, 2015


Yes, this

I've noticed this.  Non sequitir out of nowhere, people that aren't gunnies professing to speak for gunnies, know their mind, and say Whites don't think Blacks have 2nd Amendment rights?


Where is THAT coming from?  It's not in my experience.  Even the few racists I've run into don't profess the Amendments are a whites-only proposition.  It's not like they'd hide that idea either, if they are willing to be openly racist what would stop them from voicing this detail? 

Personally, I don't think black people should have a gun.  I think they should have three. A rifle a shotgun and a pistol.  Yer typical 3 gun system.  Well, 6.  A 3 gun system and a spare backup.  Not counting .22s.  Which should be as common as pepper shakers.  Ok, 4.  A 2 gun system and a spare, handgun and something long.   Wait.   Not everyone has been as fortunate as me with work.  2.  A gun and a spare.  Not necessarily a duplicate either.  Plus maybe a .22.  If you can afford 1, you are pretty close to affording a spare.  So my final answer is 2.  Applies to all people, too.

I don't think white criminals should have guns any more than I think black criminals should have guns, true.  White thug crank dealers with felony records in the exurbs are prohibitted people.  Just like urban African American street retailers of unofficial pharmaceuticals with felony records are prohibitted people.   (After full adjudication of course.)

[ Fix the criminal justice system maybe.  Make people that are now prohibited NOT be prohibited if they served their time, paid their debt and aren't what they once were, but that's a whole 'nother conversation. ]

An opportunity was wasted by the so called black community.  They had the chance to ally with a big faction of the Right over police doctrine/dogma reform.  Gun owning conservative libertarians aren't happy with high handed police tactics and the proliferation of dynamic warrant service either.  No one wants to eliminate for truly dangerous perpetrators and hostage situation, but c'mon...  dial it back from 11 to less than 1.  And post detention physical abuse of detainees makes us uncomfortable, too.   The two disparate groups could have come together and maybe got something done on this.  It would have been good for both sides.  They chose a more familiar groove.  So be it.  Maybe next time.


Wait.   Maybe there ARE white people that think the Amendments don't apply to black folks.  For real.  Now that I think about it.  And those white people are Democrats in Gun Crow states.  That makes more sense.   And the assumption is if the white Democrats think the 2nd isn't for black people, then all white people think that.   It's the wrong assumption with large swaths on the right side of the political aisle, I can assure you.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ima Lefty, but

Yer standard "I vote Democrat but I have a gun of my own" article.  You get these now and again.  I guess 'blue' readers find it edgy.  Better than coming out as a Petting Zoo Flasher. 

It's nice to see the 'but' in the other chair, sometimes.  As in, Ima Obama voter, but... I have a gun.  It's usually I'm a gun owner, but...

Why is she a liberal AND a gun owner?  She doesn't live in the best part of Dallas, her place has been burglarized multiple times.

With one thing that confused me in the article:

Here’s the truth about guns that no one, on either side of the debate, wants to tell you: shooting them is fun. I’m a bleeding-hearted, left-leaning liberal and I get a cheap, easy thrill out of shooting my little .38 caliber pistol.

What are you talking about?  NO ONE on our side, the right side, of the debate talks about enjoying shooting?  Heck I like to shoot and I end up spending a lot of time telling other shooters, ''enough already!  I get it!  Shooting is hella fun!  I understood your enthusiasm 3 hours ago, affirmed my enjoyment and agree.  You won the case Perry Mason, let the jury go to lunch!  Change the subject, Reverend, the rest of the congregation came here to sing hymms and hear you talk about the the Lord, not your tack driver.''  Try getting em to shut up, Lefty.

Our side of the debate watches OTHER people shoot on television, like it was golf or fishing shows.

She doesn't quite grok the whole defend yourself thing, fully, though, does she.  I'm not saying it is wrong for her to have a gun.  No.  That's her bidness.  But reading her confession here makes me want to offer advice, if asked, that she think through the problem a little bit more.  I know where her head is at, my head was sorta there at one time, maybe ponder through a few more steps about mindset and whatnot.


You can't tell ME what to do, T-Bolt!

Alright, alright.  Do as you will.

Now for more unsolicitted advice and criticism and observation.  

  • She has the "give the little lady a .38 snub revolver" and set her loose scenario. Meh, it's a gunstore trope and there are lots of minuses associated with it, but there are some pluses too.  It's butt simple to run. 
  • Now the most valuable thing she leaves in the house is the pistol.  
  • The burglars know where that hiding place is, too.
  • Probably not a good idea to get a gun because of fear or anger.  Well that can be a start but like i mentioned keep thinking the problem through.
  • Unloaded gun not much use.  Especially since it sounds like you live alone with no rugrats about.
  • You and me both need to train and practice more, Lady.
  • Don't shoot the drunken roommate coming home at 2AM in your new place.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


DC is 'Shall Issue' CCW.  Again.

You don't need a reason to carry a gun.  You just need to not be a dirtbag in the eyes of the law and fill out the forms and submit the fee.

I still never thought DC would be Shall Issue while Maryland next door was still May Issue.  Crazy world.  Soon.  Soon Maryland will get yoked kicking and screaming into dumping their old anti-civil-rights regime.  I am confident. 

Hopefully we'll get it before you people elect O'Malley president, now that Hillary is imploding.  O'Malley HAS to be preznit, he has the best abs of the group. 


And:  Thank you Alan Gura.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Snub Guts

One thing I noticed when I was in the guts of the 2 snubbies of mine.  One had more of a MIM hint to it.

What do you mean, MIM hint?  T-Bolt?

Well, as you know Metal Injection Molding is cheaper way to go about making gun parts.  More expensive ways are forging then machining, or cutting the part from bar stock...

This is not a dig on MIM stuff.  MIM is perfectly fine for whole bunches of parts and still make a great gun.  And can be used with more and other gun parts to still make a decent gun.  Metallurgists can tell you the nitty gritty.

If they are the same, T-Bolt, then why bring it up?  

Well... it's not the same.  A forged frame has had its molecules messed with.  Aligned.  By the smashing while near molten.  It's a stronger part.  Hands down.  But do you need, say, an adamantium fountain pen when a Bic will do?  Or even a golf pencil?  And do you want to PAY for the adamantium pen?  S&W revolvers are expensive enough without doubling the price insisting on 1930s build methods.

So, how could you tell you had MIM parts, T-Bolt? 

The hammer and the rebound slide had hollows in them.  And mold lines in non critical areas that don't contact other parts.  With hollow there is less machining to do (unless you HAVE to cut the hollows in with the mill or trip hammer, of course, then it's a lot more work).  And you save a trivial amount of metal.  And lighten the parts a bit, but not much.  If you machine off less metal, you heat the part less with the tooling, and you get less warpage, too, when it cools off.  It's kinda a cool way to make stuff out of metal.  When it's done right.  And from what my little mind can tell, they did it right.
The trigger looks the same with both.  And looks case hardened.  Case hardening makes a finish that is attractive to some folks' sensibilities and does some things good for the part, but that's another kettle of fish... 

So, despite being made slightly different, is there really any true difference between your two identical models from slightly different generations, T-Bolt?

Naw.  None that I can tell.  And none that matters, really.

So what was the point in sharing this then, huh?

I just found it fascinating!