Friday, August 1, 2014

It's important

To keep some variety in your survial larder.  You need novelty in your diet.  Nothing but peanut butter, Dinty Moore beef stew, and Minute Rice?  Add this:

Mmmm, mackerel pudding.  That and some Spaghetti-O's.


Tamarind paste and canned butter.


Red Faygo.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The End Again.

So, really.  How does Germany lose the war?  WWI turns into trench warfare that is horrible and terrible and any offensive always just appears to be a waste and a slaughter.  So how does Germany lose. 

The problem with a war of attrition is it is hard to gauge which side is winning.  With battles you can see ground lost and gained, casualties taken and meted out.  With attrition it is harder to know.  Are my demoralized soldiers and homefront more demoralized than the enemies?  Are my people hungrier because of the U-Boat blockade or are their hungrier because of our traditional blockade?  Is our side more encouraged because of the fresh blood from the American's entering the fray or is their side boosted by the reinforcements coming from the now defunct Eastern Front?

Another thing...  Turning turtle and going on pure defense in the trenches might be the best strategy to conserve resources might be the best strategy in hindsight.  But it overlooks the fact that that cedes the initiative to the enemy.   Just because the lines are static now doesn't mean one side or the other might not prevail in a penetration and open up the whole front.  Plus, if you cede the initiative and their side IS winning on the attrition ledger you are making a mistake, and might as well surrender sooner than later. 

But this is what happened to Germany.  They lost of the war of attrition.  A desperate last offensive in the Spring of '18 with new infantry tactics (shock troops) before the Americans were built up and able to contribute failed.  Good intel on the Entente side was able to blunt a very capable push by the Germans.  And then the initiative turned and the Germans never got it back after there was a counter offensive.

German soldiers started to figure out they were losing the war of attrition significantly in later battles due to their offensives.  They'd take some territory and notice the Tommy's and Frog's and Amis' trenches were well supplied compared to their own meager rations.  This information would filter back to the homefront which had experienced a "turnip winter."  None of this depravation helped their morale.  Seeing more and more Americans coming in as reinforcements would also be despairing coming after the failure of their own reinforcement to turn the tide.  By Autumn, Germany realized their position was untenable.  Giving up and suing for peace is better than seeing the enemy parade march through Berlin after a complete surrender.

If there HAD been a complete surrender, maybe the Germans wouldn't have had a notion they had not lost the War and WWII might have been less necessary to press that fact home and spared the world that.  I've always been a fan of U S Grant's unconditional surrender policy for other reasons, but it was called for here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The End

The anniversary of the beginning of the Great War was yesterday.  It's a war few really understand.

For instance, how did it end?  I remember being dissatisfied with the explanation in the short unit on it in High School History.  And figured I 'd learn the answer in University courses.  Not so much, really.

Let's explain.  This is what people learn in High School and what they retain if they are interested and maybe do some outside reading:

Archduke Franz Ferdinand get's shot, the way starts because of secret treaties and alliance obligations.

The Germans do the Schlieffen plan's big right hook through the Low Countries and almost get the whole darn thing starting in August of 1914.  The Miracle on the Marne and Paris cabs turn them back because Moltke pulled unit from the plan to shore up Alsace Lorraine a bit and also to meet the Russians back East.

Stalemate.  Trench warfare is a terrible horror.  Machine guns and artillery are great against men in the open but can't prevail against dugouts.  The German Verdun Campaign is a terrible horror.  The British Somme Campaign is a terrible horror.  The French are bled so white they almost collapse from the terrible horror.  French elan.  British Pals Brigades. 

Dirigibles and canvas planes and primitive tanks are interesting but no biggee really.  Cavalry doesn't do well against machine guns.  Gas warfare is tried and it's a terrible horror.  Jutland is an expensive stalemate.  U-boats.  Gallipoli is a sideshow that goes poorly for the allies but makes New Zealand and Australia into nations somehow.

The Russians sorta collapse and revolutionize and sue for peace with Germany to just end the damn thing, freeing up German troops to go to the Western Front and this is almost decisive for Germany

The Americans and Woodrow Wilson get sick of all the German depredations and come in on ally side 'just in time.'  Black Jack Pershing.

Then some things happen...  and the war ends.  Versailles Treaty.  League of Nations.  Wilson has a stroke.  The maps is divvied up arbitrarily. 

But, that ellipses:  "Then some things happen...  and the war ends."  No one marched into Berlin.  Or crossed the Rhine.  What really happens at the dot-dot-dot?   Belleau Wood is in there. 

Well, it's not just now where people are confused.  It's always been kinda muddled.  It's much simpler to get your head around WWII than this earlier war.  So I got this book to sorta shed some light on the subject.

No one talks about this last part.  Heavy fighting after the last German offensive earlier in the year. The Armies have honed their skill on both sides and are very good at their jobs.  German blitz tactics and small unit maneuver warfare get's it's start in the last year of the war.  The first inkling on how to start opening up a static defensive war of attrition...  But, more on that tomorrow.    

Monday, July 28, 2014

100 Years Ago Today

World War I started by those prefidous Bosche.

It would have been my 23 wedding anniversary, today, too.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Random Fog Blodder

So what am I doing?

Looking for another pair of ears.  To add to the necklace.

That's not Scope mouthwash in my desk drawer at work.  It's a Scope bottle, yes, but it's full of Creme de Menthe.  Yes, I have a problem.

Anyone know where I could find and purchase a bag of lime for cash, no questions asked?  Actually, I am asking for a friend.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Do you recognize these two spooning corporate mascots?  No fair guessing if you have lived in Maryland or Pennsylvania.

There is a third local institution in this picture.  Bengies.   I saw Hancock there.


I need to find the place that sells this for my survival larder, too.  Prolly imported.

Mmmm, that's good sustenance...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cracked Article

About what NOT to do in the event of a Level IV Zed outbreak.

Mostly review for my readers.

Sum up:
  1. Raiding the gun store
  2. Get out of town
  3. Fortify your base
  4. Use melee weapons to save ammo
  5. Always aim for the head

And WHY don't do those 5 things

  1. that's what EVERYONE will be doing and you'll fight zed and each other
  2. traffic jams
  3. you are fixed in place with a patien foe and limited resources
  4. if you can strike at Zed, Zed can strike at you
  5. Sometime a knee shot is fine, if you are heading out of the area anyway.  A shattered pelvis is hard to recover from with full mobility when you were alive, shoot him there.  Headshots are HARD.  Even with lots of rangetime.

Place Holder Post

Hey!  I need a vacation....

Gonna be outta pocket for a little bit.  Please accept the following mess of blog posts I made up a coupla months back.  There are very few morse code posts.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Probably Not Helping

At Dealy Plaza. Grassy Knolling it.

Look, buddy, the trick is to make the gun banners look like the crazed lunatics.  That's how we move that ball down the field.  We want to look reasonable.  Make the bad guys seem unreasonable.  Stop helping.   Plus Birther stuff... bleh...


Is shaving cream a racket?

If it is, I've gone whole hog the other way, into hipster British shave preparations and fine badger fur shave brushes.  Ima Geo F Trumper Limes man.  More expensive than Colgate foam, but it smells so GOOD.  Sixteen bob a jar.

But I've always been a wet shave man.  Never was happy with an electric razor.  Military school frowned on them anyway.  You couldn't get a close enough shave.  I remember when Dad switched to a Trac II cartridge, so that's where I went.  When Dad did go to 2 blades instead of the safety razor he had a lot fewer little bits of bloody Kleenex dabs on his face. 

But nowadays, the quality of the blades doesn't seem as good, and they only come with that slime strip that I loathe.

So, what to do, if I couldn't find the cartridges I wanted?  Switch to those 6 bladed jobbers that cost $12 a week?  No, I stepped back.  To the safety razor!  And good blades that are yet very cheap.  This is 2 years worth of blades.  One fifth the cost.

The trick to fewer cuts is to get a decent blade holder that works for you.  I bet that was Dad's issue.  A crappy holder.

But I was always intrigued with stories of my blind grandfather, shaving in his personal darkness with a straight razor in front of a mirror he couldn't even see.  So, for one year, every Saturday or Sunday...  I finally worked up the nerve to use one of these.

Surprisingly, my trepidation was unfounded.  I only shave with the grain, and don't have the skill to get as close a shave as with a safety razor, but it feels good.  And I like mastering a new skill.

And yes it is pretentious and hipster.  Not stopping me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beretta Super Rifle

Is this a troll or something?  Is some gunnie pretending to be anti gun and also writes Yahoo copy writing this story about the ARX100?  Which is apparently extra powerful and a bargain at $1950, but that doesn't include bullets.  Tell me that article is made up to be funny. 

"Gun company Beretta is tone deaf when it comes to calls for restrictions on powerful guns sold in the United States. It must be the chance to make money."

"Regardless of its origins, the gun is unusually powerful."

"In common usage, 'tactical shooter' is one of the descriptions of video game features."

Super rifle?  It doesn't look like a Garand...

Beretta Move

Others mention the move of the Beretta factory from Maryland to a friendlier state... Tennessee.  Good on Beretta and Tennessee.

Others also noticed that the southern region of this country lost the first civil war because they were against freedom and all the good manufacturing was in the north.  Thus losing on moral and material grounds before the first angry word.