Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Range work 3


Look at #4.  Then it struck me...   I remembered Sam has noticed I wasn't using enough finger on the trigger.  My left index finger was just on the tip of it.  Aha!  Glad I remembered that.  And #5 is better.

Started strong with #1!



DAMMIT.  I needed to lube my pistol.  Did so at the range.  When I have oil in my hand my brain was thinking 'gunsmith' and I caught myself muzzling my own fingers.  GAH.  I need to do some serious attitude adjustment on this.  I have lost a step on safety training.

The range was crowded, which is good.  I wanted to do a session with more loud booms and flying brass all about.

My results were ok, but middling.  My head wasn't quite in it.  Right out of the gate on #1 was kinda nice.  That was a high point. 

#1 is strong again.  Getting tired by #6.  I'll get better at fatigue, but I am not there testing fatigue.  #4 isn't shabby at all.  Had a flyer on #3 I can't account for, tho.  I want 60 shot and they all look like #1 and #4.

25 feet, .22lr, Ciener conversion, in case you forgot.  CCI standard ammo.  I get a failure to extract once every other magazine.  I load to 10.

One more procedural detail.  I have 3 magazine.  So, sometimes, it's shoot all three and reload.  Sometimes it is shoot once, bring it back to look at it, put it back out, reload a magazine, and fire another string at the next target in line.  It varies.  But I am trying to take my time.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Maryland Gun Laws

Maryland new restrictive gun laws went into effect in late 2014.

2015, the first full year after they were in place, Baltimore had the highest increase in homicides in the nation.

127 extra killings since the gun restrictions.  In one year.  In one smallish city.

I'm not saying correlation implies causation, but CORRELATION IMPLIES CAUSATION!

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Saw reference to this via other bloggers.

Look at the majestic cleft on that chin!

And they are using the card system with the dispatchers we see in Adam 12.  That was LA, this is Pasadena.  I am pretty sure LA lead the way on that system.  I wonder how far is spread.

And check out the teeth on that long-hair skateboarding mope. 

Oh, don't get too much of your training from 40 year old film strips.

Good job keeping your finger off the trigger in the 1970s, tho.

80% Lower Safety Tip

If you decide to make an 80% lower into a gun, then later decide the gun needs gunsmithing work, well...

It's gonna be hard convincing a gunsmith to work on it.

You see, no serial number. 

I've seen these lowers get kicked out of more than one gunstore that did smithing, with my very own eyes.


FANCY!  I like.  Look how precise and well built that jig is.  (A jig for hogging out the waste in a 80% AR lower and make it a bit more than 80%.)

Having trouble justifying it for myself.  I'd never make enough 80% lowers into guns to make the jig really cost effective.  I know no one I could sell it to, used, when I was done, either.  Hmmm.

But spending too much money on gunsmithy things is not something I've been hesitant about before.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Feeling prickly

About pushing government today, aren't I?

You aren't the boss of me

Local officials are getting pushy about smoke detectors lately.  One or two gentle reminders?  No problem.  But it's constant.  Now I am jaded. 

Oh, it's the LAW now?  Gotta change out the detector every ten years and put in a fresh battery every week?  YOU can't tell me what to do.  I through my smoke detector in the trash.  All it was good for was telling me I was making breakfast.  No, I don't care about any of the children in this house.  They can look out for their ownselves.

Your overbearing PSA campaign had the opposite effect of what you intended Montgomery county.  Since you started taxing plastic bags I've been dumping all mine in the creek, too. 

Roll Dirty?

Rolling Dirty?

In Maryland?

Jeez, I dunno if that is a good idea.

And even if I half considered taking that sort of risky action, how would I tell all you readers about it?

I do CCW where ever I legally can.  Unless I am wearing a Speedo swimsuit.  Mmmmm, nearly nekkid.

And I go to the range a lot these days.

But if you roll dirty, you gotta be chill.  Roll cool, man.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Do any of you hear any grumblings by gun owners for any specific new restrictions, though?

90%.  Hmph.  90% of the people on the liberal's FB friends list doesn't support more restrictions

MOAR Restrictions

So, I hear from Democrats, Gun-Banners, Liberals, and the Media (ahem) that even a HUGE majority of gun owners favor more restrictions on guns.  They often cite a 90% number.

Then they change the subject.

I know a lotta gun owners.  I don't know any that favor restrictions.  So., extraordinary claims should elicit extraordinary supporting evidence, no?  WHAT restrictions are we for that will make Diane Feinstein so happy if the NRA would just let pass?  Crickets.  Usually.  Makes you think they are lying, no?

But listening to NPR and it sounded like they actually were exploring what type of new restrictions us gun owners might be cool with.  The reporter checked with 7 different gun stores before she found one that would talk to her.  That gun store owner was in favor of a restriction.  Ban on private sales.  Make it so folks have to go through an FFL.

Hmmm, even the NPR reporter noted that was a little self-serving.

Another firearm enthusiast and shooting competitor and instructor noted his state had relaxed gun crimes down to mere misdemeanors.  He was fine with making stuff like that a felony because he knew he was never going to commit crimes with his guns.  Lock up violators and throw away the key.  What point is there to not enforcing or weakly enforcing laws against firearm crimes?

Another thing?  Folks seem to be for things like being sure if a person is adjudicated mentally defective someplace that someone should actually tell the background check people that instead of hiding it under a bushel.

I don't think they extra gun 'restrictions' gunnies support is what the gun banners are trying to imply they support.  So, no, NPR's Aarti Shahani, it ain't the kind of pro reform you and your allies really want, now, is it?  But please, talk to the NRA.  Compromise.  That means YOU offer up something.  For once.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Looks like the Colombian government have signed a binding ceasefire with FARC after 50 some years.  Good for them.  Good all around. 

I guess the Rebels got tired of fighting all them Predators...

Latest Round's Sausage

Plenty of folks reported on the failure of recent gun control legislation.  Yay.  Good.  Most of the prize showcases up for bid on the Gun-Bans Is Right were various flavors of gutting due process.  So an attack on the 5th Amendment, that Liberals normally really like, and not the 2nd.  Which is a change of pace for Bloomberg's flying monkeys.

We won?  No.  Not really.  We could only lose.  We didn't lose.

My question is, what did they offer our side?  You want us to yield on due process, that is a big leap.  You gotta pay a big price in return.  How come non of the gun control folks thought it necessary to throw a compromise in there to get this bill over the finish line. 

Like I said, it's have to be something big.  Vermont style conceal handgun carry nationwide?  My preference is to KEEP all the due process AND have Vermont carry, but I am talking politics here. 

Oh, right.  Election year.  These bills were never supposed to be about compromise.  They were about electioneering.  It didn't matter if they won or lost.  They had to draw lines, not rules.

But if you were making sausage, and you were a politician, and not someone that likes the Constitution or are a firearm enthusiast like us... Say you were John Cornyn or McCain; Tim Manchin or Kelly Ayotte.  What do you haggle over when Diane Feinstein calls for a big bite of the apple?  She gets a big bite of Apple A, but in return she gives up:  WHAT?  To ge the NRA off of folks backs they are gonna need to get something for us in return.  Again she is always asking for a LOT.  She has to reciprocate with something BIG. 

Or we can just watch the spectacle on the House floor as there is a sit-in protesting against civil rights led by a guy that 50 years did sit-ins protesting for civil rights.  Gross.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

After a Ban

Nothing is accomplished.

In Australia, since enacting a gun ban that is impossible to do in the USA:

No change is homicides, increases in assaults and sex assaults.

So what did disarming regular folks gain the regular folks?  What did it gain for the Aussie gov't?  What did it gain the criminals class of Australia?  I guess criminals and government officials have to worry less about getting shot by regular folks they have ticked off...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Police Doctrine

Wasn't one of the lessons learned from Columbine is you get a few officers and go in to an active shooter situation?

Well, they did do that in Orlando.  But then they pulled back out.  Because of bombs or hostages or summat?

Didn't they have bombs and hostages in Columbine, too?

Does the doctrine NOW have to be "you get a few officers and go in to an active shooter situation, and you PERSIST."

It's a hard thing, I know.  And easy for me to say, a week later and in the safety of a chair behind a keyboard, and I mean no rancor to the Orlando PD, honestly.  I don't know if I'd have the huevos to do so, if I were a cop.

Monday, June 20, 2016

It Trump == Hitler

People are gonna think it might be ok to murder him or people that support him.  And by 'people' I mean easily malleable Democrat youts. Jacobins. Wait, LABOUR?