Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You aksed, I antswered

What caused them dimples?  Easy.  Manganate Hookworm.  Harmless to humans that genus of hookworm prefers a diet of manganesium, but will settle for trace amounts of it in a diet of mostly iron alloys and tinctures.  Very common problem in the US Midwest and Kamchatka (consult your Risk board.)

It's either that or the gun has been firing percussion caps with di-methyl meatloaf.  They are supposedly non corrosive, but don't you believe it. When oxidized in the presence of aspartame and Red Dye No. 4, it turns into di-methyl death acid.  Bad bad.  That'll cause them dimples easy, according to your Material Safety Data Sheet.  No other explanations possible.

You're welcome.

And yeah, low on fodder...

The world through my eyes

Monday, August 18, 2014


There are two types of conservatives.   One is libertarian leaning and know the police are people, too, that make mistakes and sometimes violate civil liberties and are even actual thugs.  The other type is more patrician and authoritarian and are big on Law and Order, especially order, and to them the police are the protecting thin blue line and get a bunch more benefit of the doubt.

The second kind are often Metrocons.  City conservatives.  Conservatives that call the cops when things go bad but to actually take up arms to defend themselves.  As if they were too civilized to possess a weapon.  They would never stand in front of their store in a riot defending it with their rifle.

Bush Sr. lost some respect from the first kind, the more libertarian conservatives, when he defended the ATF from charges that the ATF was acting like jack booted thugs.  And they WERE acting like jack booted thugs, is the thing.  Bush resigned his NRA life membership over that.

The unpleasantness in Missouri exposes this difference, again.  Leftists are SHOCKED to learn there are conservatives that don't like the militarization of the police.  As if abusive cops only abused Democrats.

And now Bush Jr's speech writer Robert Patterson is calling Rand Paul a traitor for "giving aid and comfort" to the 'enemy' because he criticized the over militarization of the police.

That's the thing though.  You can be all for law and order and still be against cop playing at soldier in numbers larger than 4.  And it seems the more effective calming influence in Ferguson is being accomplished by cops wear blue than by cops wearing camo.  Seems.  It's still in flux and a gawdawful mess down there. And we know even fewer facts at this stage than we did with Le'Affaire Zimmerman.

Bottom line here:  the Metrocons.  They are wrong.  Their desire for security is understandable but also achievable while retaining a bunch more liberty that they currently propose to yield.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crazy Eyes

So a person I knew in High School, I see her posts on Facebook.  None of you reading this know her.  She has a kid.

This kid has the Crazy Eyes.  Like uncanny, frighteningly crazy.  Like, 'gonna be a psycho in a few years after puberty hits and then the world will know about me!' crazy eyes.  The has that vacant look that the Connecticut school shooter had.

But really, what can I do?

What are the chances I am even right?  What do I know?  I'm just a shlub.  I can't give some sort of informed psychological evaluation that will impact the rest of the boy's life because of a 600x900 .jpg file!  Even if I did know what I was talking about.

And what if I did say something and what if I am right?  Do I just use it so in a few years I can go "Tolja so..." when the kid shoots up an Automat?  Most likely, a statement of this sort would be treated as an insult.  And understandably so.  And if my hunch proves true making such a perceived insult will probably result in less chance of any intervention before it is too late.

The kid is cute and adorable, too, so she posts a lot of pictures.  But there is just something off about the eyes.

Most likely it is nothing and the kid will grow up and lead a happy life.  And they live many many states away.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's People

They're breeding us like cattle

Oh My God

But... It's people!  Soylent is made out of people!

How can they even name their quasi bulk-up workout protein powder that?   Maybe it's a joke.

Friday, August 15, 2014

When Will the Cops Arrive

I hope that cops arrive at that Missouri things sometime soon.  Someone needs to spell those soldiers out there.  For posse comitatus reasons at a bare minimum.

There are no cops there.  It's all soldiers.  Have you SEEN them dudes?  That ain't right.  Not cool.

CNN is reporting that the Ferguson PD claims that they didn't have the money to install their dashboard and body cameras.   Stick with iron sights instead of trijicons and they'd have that money... "We bought fifteen unmanned aerial drones, but we had to remove the cameras to fit the guns."

And what, NOW Eric Holder regrets giving them all that stuff?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Happens in a Car Jacking

Well, little good.  Even if you are trained, accustomed to dealing with bad guys, alert enough, and willing to respond, sometimes it doesn't work out at all good for you.

An off duty DC cop was the victim of an attempted carjacking in the wee hours Wednesday.  Three miscreants in a Nissan Altima getaway car.  Shots were exchanged, and it looks like the bad guys got in some licks. 

I hope the cop recovers.

But this could happen to regular CCW types.  And a policeman in civvies is like very close to a regular ol' person, but on the high end of readiness.   Call him an above average conceal carrier.  Not the victim you want to select if you are a bad guy.

No word if the policeman was able to return fire in that article, but the radio report made it sound like shots were 'exchanged'.  So let's go with that assumption.

Ok, what do you and me do in the event this scenario is rolling toward us?  What could we do different, since you and I may well be average or below average CCW types?

I don't know.  We may never get a good AAR on this incident.  Was the cop not alert, walking around in Condition White, not ready for it, and thus not deterring attack?  That'd be a biggee.  It happened at 3AM.  Nothing good happens at that time of night, regardless.

But it seems that no matter how prepared you are, sometimes...  Sometime you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.  Your only consolation might be a few seconds of realizing that at least you fought back before going unconscious.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Now Yer on the Trolley

I love Trolleys.


The sound they made is unique.  You just don't hear that anymore.  

Well, I love the IDEA of the Trolley.

They are wonderful.  They are also gone 50+ years now.  You can't bring that back.  Though man, do the Leftists try. They are just spending money on something that is no longer worth it.  And can't even recapture the magic of a bygone age.  It's gone.  You don't want to spend a hundred million taxpayer dollars on a nationwide telegraph system, too, do ya?  I mean, it would be cool and all, but... why?  It's gone.  And it's ok it's is gone. 

Trolleys are gone.  And when brought back they aren't really not as good as before, they are downright awful now.  Stop the waste.  I understand the impulse.  But... spend your money on city buses. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This sounds like a good idear.

A bill proposed, and none too soon.  The Regulatory Agency De-militarization Act.  Keep the FDA from SWATting folk, shooting their dogs.

I wonder what its chances are.

Well, that website says 3% chances, so... slim.   Been out there a month and a half without me noticing til now, too.

According to the drafter, Utah's Rep Stewart, the proposed  law is to:

  • Repeal the arrest and firearm authority granted to Offices of Inspectors General in the 2002 Homeland Security Act.
  • Prohibits federal agencies, other than those traditionally tasked with enforcing federal law—such as the FBI and U.S. Marshals, from purchasing machine guns, grenades, and other weaponry regulated under the National Firearms Act.
  • Directs the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to write a complete report detailing all federal agencies, including Offices of Inspectors General, with specialized units that receive special tactical or military-style training and that respond to high-risk situations that fall outside the capabilities of regular law enforcement officers.
Good.  More Adam-12, less SWAT.  If you want to discuss 70s TV shows.  Tho SWAT, portrayed on that program, is a bit different from SWAT now.

Monday, August 11, 2014


I've heard good things about Apex Tactical and their trigger kits for the ever popular S&W M&P pistol.

But I have forgotten they have stuff for revolvers too.  Like a spring set for a J-Frame that reduced the trigger pull from 12ish to 9.

Hey, I have a J-Frame.  Maybe I should try that...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Field Stripping

It's always nice to have the internet for tutorials on field stripping 60 year old durable goods.  Either Grandpa's pistol or the 60 year old Maytag in the basement.

So let me get this straight...

While I was away on a RoMERO mission, you people managed to fix it so I can now CCW 6 miles away in Washington DC, but all body armor is now banned because armor is for war and only the Police are at war inside this country...  Is that all I missed

The Solution?

To a new Army sidearm.  Yeah, I think the rattlesnake is probably the way to go.  Bees don't have the knockdown power.  Sorry Tam, you are wrong on this one.