Thursday, October 19, 2017


Not a single firearm discharged in the movie, I am pretty sure.

But there is a LOVELY pile of Dreyses in it.  Police confiscations, or found abandoned in the Rathskeller after a raid.

1931.  Fritz Lang.  German cinema was at a high point in the Weimar era.  Same guy did Metropolis.

They speak of the Depression that was in their past.  Meanwhile, Hoover was still screwing up and FDR was waiting in the wings to come and pretend to do something and REALLY make the Depression 'Great'.  Even hyper inflation Germany was looking at us funny when our economic distress dragged on and on.

It's all in German with sub-titles, tho, be warned.

It's about that lout Peter Lorre.  He kills little girls.  And they dance around what he does to his child victims before killing them.  Kinder Morder!

So bad that the underworld of criminals bands together to try to hunt him down.  Also featured in this movie, a Beggar's Guild.  It hands out assignments to the membership so they don't tread on each other's territory for the day.

Lorre was a bit chubbier here than later in The Maltese Falcon

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Range, 16 October

35 shots, 28 American Eagle, 7 Federal HST.  No failures.   It's been 429 since rebuild, last clean.

Guess which holes were the 'holler points' HST?

The middle, Number 3, keerect.

Careful, #1 looks like it wants to encroach on #3 there.  Why am I so flinching at the beginning of a range session now?  All that .22 I shot, mebbe. 

The flinch started to settle by #3 and I was much happier with 4 and 5, and thankful I didn't introduce some heeling and get higher shots, as I have tended of late.

Light workout.  My arms issues are still there, but getting better, so... good news.  I'm as tired whinging about that as you are hearing about it.  Hope it goes away and stays away.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Two Gun T-Bolt

Now I am not talking about my junk.  Jeez.

I don't this will, or should EVER, pass, but...  hypothetical...

If they passed a law saying you can only have two, AND they somehow convinced you that this was the way to go...  We all agree with it!  In this hypothetical.   Which two guns do you keep?

It would go a ways to destroying the gun culture.   Collectors drive a lot the industry and, more importantly, the interest.  Which is by design.  Kill the culture, a ban later is easier.  And keeping track to be sure of compliance with 'just two' means a database.  Registration.  Which will make confiscation simpler.  When the cops come to some people's houses they will no longer need to bring a tractor trailer.  One man can carry both you two guns out.

"You just have these two, right."

"Yeah.... sure... just them..."

With two guns I don't even have one of each.  One pistol one rifle...  No duck hunting for me!  Full size pistol for CCW, but what about the summer time when I wear shorts and a pocket size BUG is more appropo, maybe?  Big pistol, little pistol... no rifle.  I no likee the limits.  Does .22lr weapons count against the Two-Gun limit?

The whole concept is a Libtard non-starter, unrealistic and unworkable.  So what else is new with those imbeciles...

But if you had to choose.  If you HAD to.  What do you pick?

You two favorites for sentimental value, T-Bolt?  It would suck to turn those in.  Maybe I'd give em out to folks in the family with 0 guns, to keep em IN the family.

Something to go hunting with, T-Bolt?  I'm not that enamored with hunting to need a shottie or scoped rifle.

A battle rifle, T-Bolt?  I'm getting old and creaky to be thinking I could pull off soldiering. 

You carry a J-Frame all the time, now, how bout that?  That's limitting, doncha think?

Naw, I'd prolly go for two identical 1911s.  To last me the rest of my life.  To shoot and carry and enjoy and have in an emergency.  I don't have Montana sized vistas to think about, here in the suburbs.  The 1911 has a good trigger pull if I get old man grip weaknesses...  And I'd have one gun and a spare.

But people aren't going to sit still when the gov't wants to confiscate gun 3+.  That would get noisier than they are ready for, I think.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Big mistake goind down this road...

Democrats Pissed Off the NRA in 1994—And They’re Still Haunted by It

If Ginsberg had let Scalia put the words strict scrutiny in Heller and Hillary said "Gun control is just not going to be a priority for my administration," Hillary would be President right now.

Old man

A little tendonitis in the left elbow, a little bursitis in the right shoulder.  Makes it hard to traing.

But, meh.  It's nothing compared to the worst of the neuropathy I had earlier in the year.  I'd live with this.  It's responsive to doses of Aleve.

You know what will also fatigue it?  Filing before shooting.  You'd be surprised how much a little back and forth with a file can wear you out.

When I made my T-Bolt 1911 two years ago there was talk of a metal finishing class.  Which never did happen, so I have procrastinated since.   My slide was also sorts of scratched up.  I had to use a device to squeeeeeeeeze it together to get a better frame to slide fit that didn't rattle side to side.  This vise fitting, and the rest of build, introduced LOTs of little scratches and some not so little.

So, first some dry filing.  Then with sandpaper use the file as a sanding block and work through the grits.  Keep it straight and lubricated on the finer grits to avoid scratch ramps.  Don't contaminate with coarser grits.  Don't let the side you just finishe get scratched doing the other side.  All thing I learned.  But the slide is much much better looking now.

Now, sights and a little shaping on the dish top of the beaver tail and done. 

Update:  Pics would have been used for the Before, but I was too ashamed of the gouges then.  The After pics are much better, but still utilitarian and not something I am proud of, just good enough.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Neither I, nor any of the guns I own, shot anyone is Vegas, either.


"I can't believe these Hollywood actresses were such hypocrites!  Bagging on Trump for what he talked about when Harvey Weinstein was actually DOING that stuff.  To them!"

Yeah.  I don't care about Trump.  I don't much like the guy.  He's exceeding my expectations a hair, but those were low to start with.  And he's not Hillary.  Doing great at that second part.

No, I don't care about Trump.

I don't care them Hollywood ladies bagged on him.

They bagged on every man politically right of Chuck Schumer.  They bagged on me.  And I never made them watch me shower.  I never groped them.  I never raped them.  They took it out on me, and folks like me, not on lefties like Harvey.  Not on Harvey.  I guess they just assumed if guys on the left are that bad then I gotta be much much worse, or something?  Just assumed, no evidence or experience.

It's awful what happened to them, but because of how they treated ME because of what happened to them, it is hard to gin up too much sympathy for them ladies. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bipartisan Tyranny

I was of the opinion that gun rights should be supported by both parties.  It is a bipartisan issue.  It profits not the Democrats at the ballot box, being for gun confiscation schemes.  In fast it arguably almost always hurts them.

So in some misty future the Dems decide to stop supporting gun control and the NRA can go back to being bigger on the shooting sports instead of the lobby sports...

Well, if the issue becomes that uncontroversial then wouldn't 'common sense gun safety' items might pass much easier?  "No one likes bump stocks, left or right, pro or anti-gun.  Statistically speaking.  Might as well ban them... We're all pro gun but heck!"

That snowball could roll and roll down the mountain.  And there would be nothing to stop it, having shut down the gun advocacy organs long before it got to rolling. 

My passimism might not come to pass.  I may be willing to risk it just to see a world where it's not a political football to move around.

More metaphors!

Maybe later.


Friday, October 13, 2017

NPR gets it, finally

So I am listening to NPR and get a shock.  There is a program on Here and Now where 90% of the bit is devoted to the fact that ALL gun control, from the founding of the republic, was put up there to keep guns out of the hands of black people.

That all gun control is racist.

Hence gun controllers, if you follow their reasoning, are racists.


Never thought it would go over so easy and be admitted so readily on a public broadcasting.  They condemn themselves.

Oh, it's not overt, but they can't close their eyes to it anymore.  It's a long hard look in that mirror of theirs.

You are correct.  Democrats have been awful to the civil rights of black people since the civil war and to their slaves before that. 

What's the other 10%?  Well, Brian Balogh, appears to have left the safety of his thriving metropolis of Charlottesville Virginia (that notorious den of Kluxers and the home for a Rape Factory) and travelled out to the hinterland a couple years back to see what a gun show is like.  He was scared.  He sauntered up to the guy that had historical looking guns and said "is it always like this?" and the guy responded that the evil looking black rifles started ramping up in volume a decade before.  Brian also notice the countryside was filled with people not just with military style guns, but military style vehicles like trucks and such and wore military style camo clothing.... and this is all probably because we've been at war around the world for 20 years, and his tone said, "this is ominous for us erudite intellectual betters on the coast..."

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Why do they make double cut file?  They make them for people THAT DON'T GIVE A CRAP HOW AWFUL THE FINISH ON THEIR GUN PARTS LOOK.

Other that that, I have no strong feelings.

Single cut on top, double cut on bottom.

The single cut gives a smoother finish, and the double is a bit more aggressive removing material.  But I'm not in a hurry.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rush Follows My Lead

"From this day forward, somebody propose it, liberals should not be allowed to buy guns. It's just that simple. Liberals should have their speech controlled and not be allowed to buy guns" - R. Limbaugh

Maybe being a Democrat should make you a prohibited person on a NICS check.   What's the old chestnut?  Democrats buy guns to shoot other Democrats and occasionally Republicans.  Republicans buy guns to protect themselves from Democrats.


Now that Harvey Weinstein is in the soup for indelicate behaviors...

How soon before Louis CK goes down the pipe for similar?

I guess Harvey (and Joss, and Louis, and &c.) are so against guns because they are afraid the pretty young actresses might defend themselves from him.

Olde Timey

Does Vincent's 1911 look funny to you?

It looks small.  But all old movie 1911s look small to me.

The forward dust cover area of the slide looks to be...  different.

Same with the rear area where the grip safety is.  Look where it meets the web of his hand.

Oh, and no front sight.

So, either a gun model I am unfamiliar with of or... a prop gun?

Let's check the database!

Drat.  The former.  It's just a 1903 Colt Pocket Hammer.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

You Can't Repeal the Second Amendment

There will be 14 states that are Constitution Carry alone.  You'd need to get all the other states and two of those to pass an amendment repealing #2.  Tall order.

But so?

You can get all 50 states to vote to pass a repeal, so what?  Can you even vote to give up unalienable rights?  The thing about rights is you can't relinquish them, everyone has them, and they put no obligation on others to do anything besides respect them.  But you always have them. 

Life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness.

Self defense, preserving my life, liberty, and property. 

People in Australia and Britain have Second Amendment rights.  It's just that their gov't violates, instead of safeguards, those rights.  Wrongly.  Broadly.  Without proper justification. 

There are certain individual times in specific cases where the gov't comes down on you and violates your rights under societies sanction.  You might violate someone's rights by robbing them of their property and then find yourself losing your liberty for a time in prison, put there by the gov't, for example.  But even such a rights violator has rights.  Due process, for one.

It's one thing to repeal an Amendment.  It's quite another thing entirely to try to repeal a Right. 

Monday, October 9, 2017


Like I said before.

He's [the lead investigator] seen the stuff, knows a lot more and is going "WTF?!  This is so damn weird.  What COULD we tell folks, really?  This is too strange.  It's gonna take a while to make sense of this guy."

Weird stuff went down in Vegas and they just don't even know where to go with it