Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Color Me Intrigued

I am a sucker for small, compact, solutions like this.

It could make me into a reloader, just because it's nifty.  Sorta like I would want to be a watch maker 100 years ago.  Because your whole operation from soup to nuts fits in a roll top desk.  And that sort of tidiness is right in my wheel house.

You know what else?  Rifle cleaning kits that fit in a magazine sized and shaped container.  The West Germans made one and you can get them in surplus stores, and I have one for my M1A.

I need one for my AR.  Like this one.  But more available.  Oh wait, it's on Amazon.  Carry on.

Yeah I am a sucker for stuff like those.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Army's New Pistol

The proposed XM17 has 3 main contenders.

  1. STI Detonics STX
  2. Sig 320
  3. Beretta APX

What?  No Gold Cup Delta Elite?  Woulda really helped out Colt if they had thrown them a bone, and before now.  That was my first thought. 

My second thought is that these guns, while interesting, don't scream time tested familiarity.  The STI intrigues, but heck the Taurus Curve and Remington R51 intrigue me.  Doesn't mean I'd get one for myself.

My third thought is that I doubt DoD will do anything.  Again.

(The gunsmith that I take classes from is not a fan of that Colt, btw.  Weird trigger, Series 80, plus odd extra fiddly bits in the sear?  Ick.)

But this comment about the 1911: "Um, no. Every pistol on this list is more accurate, reliable, has a higher magazine capacity, and better recoil control that the service grade 1911."  I quibble.  I'd say the expense of keeping a 1911 at that level is the real problem.  It can be equal or better than every gun on the list, with those criteria.  It just take labor and money to do that, pricing the model out of the competition in a stroke.

Pinkos Decorated in Pink.

Anonymous friend of T-Bolt forwards this to me:

Commie dollhouses!

Kinda neat!

East Germany.  The Day-Day-Are.  Deutsche Demokratishe Republick.  Or what have you, spelling wise.  Well, I guess even Stasi have little daughters.  And just because you chase after the phantoms or Dialectical Materialism and lay waste to the people and the land with your wrong headed impossible dreams of a utopian eschaton that really leads to fire and slughter and suffering doesn't mean you can't ALSO have style.  Of a sort.

I love the olive wood laminates on the sitting room set.  And that radio in the breakfast nook!

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Pluto Probe Went Into Sage Mode and We Don't Know Why.

Fools!  The answer is obvious.

Do you think that's a Model 29

In the right hand?  I mean is that W's style?  Or is he more of a Model 25 type of guy?  The pistol in the left hand is easy.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Go eat something grilled outside and fire off the anvil.

But BE careful! I have few enough readers as it is.

Friday, July 3, 2015

What caliber for...

N00b Shoulder Holster review

"T-Bolt, how can YOU review a CCW holster? You live in the Gun Crow state of Maryland, and if the local constabulary catches you, they'll lock you up and throw away the key."

How?  About the house, I'm working from home this week.  It's not perfect, but it's sumthin.

I wanted to see how the old style shoulder holster felt for me, doing office type stuff.  Sitting, going to the powder room, making lunch, that sort of thing.

First you do muzzle that off side arm when you draw.  For some reason I thought it would not.  You'd have to contort your "other stronghand" when getting the gun to keep from not pointing the dangerous part at main cables.  I'd rather have a stripe on my ass than a hole in that area.  So, a down side

It's not as easy to draw as hip holster of various flavors.  It's like the holster needs lube.  Or baseball mitt treatment.  Or just lot of holstering-deholstering.   You gotta pull up and out to free it.  When it cooperates it is gentle and easy, but if you rush it, it's gonna jam in there. 

It leans toward the right.  Even with 2 mags to counter balance.  If it was the no mag type of holster? sheesh I'd list to starboard with a 1911.  Some to get used to, or use the tie down on that side

The advantages of this holster:
  • it don't pull pants down
  • convenient spare mag toting
  • easy on and off, if not that stealthy
  • more comfy in a car

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Law Giver Daze

A Man Bowl

More like a HUMAN bowl.  I keep looking all over of the stuff I want to carry with me when I go out.  "My wallet is over here, my keys are where..."  So a centralized location is called for.  Why not make this thing a rough hewn wooden bowl?  The only thing missing in a quick grab situation is a canteen and an energy bar.


Knife.  Because I am not an animal.  I will not gnaw on clamshell packaging with my teeth. 

Fingernail clippers.  Because I haven't figured out that way to trim your nails with a knifeblade. 

Chapstick.  Because I refuse to use my own earwax when my lips are dry.

Fire.  We humans mastered that aeons ago.  I don't even smoke anymore, but making fire is important.

Light.  Sometime a match is not enough to push away the darkness.

Writing tools. Something to write on is easy.  Something to write with less so.

And F*** mosquitoes.

Additionally, more advanced tools are nearby.  For times I am not going to the Post Office or whatever.

Not pictured:  The stuff in my pockets or on my person already.  Wallet, watch, keys, other knife


And this is just walking around stuff.  That's a BUG gun, in a normal world. 

All this stuff makes me think how you can get by on just the stuff in your pockets.  Add a toothbrush, and throw my clothes away every 3 days instead of laundering them and make me a tough gorilla and then I am a Jack Reacher type.  Yeah, like that'll happen.

So why in the bowl?  Well, I don't carry ALL that.  But I switch out gear at times.  Frex:  Smaller knife in the summer or with particular pants or if I am going to an airport or what have you.  The problem was, it was scattered all over.  This is trying to organize it into one place so I don't go "where did I put that tiny flashlight and knife combo..." as I pace through the house.  Wouldn't need a bowl if my drawers didn't collect junk.  I just need a place for this stuff.  Years ago, tired of searching high and low, I made a place for my wallet and keys.  And trained myself to use it.  I want to train myself to put this sort of accoutrement here.  Not change or loos paper clips or business cards.  Objects.  That go in a pocket. 

I'm also thinking that this is where a holstered pistol will go, or nearby here.  Perhaps a hook on the wall where I'd hang tomorrow's pants, with holster already looped to the belt, ready to go.  Save some time in the morning, and quick access in the night, as this whole shebang is placed by my bed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thanks Gov. Hogan

He has repealed Maryland's hated rain tax.  Effective today.

We have a reprieve until 2017 when President O'Malley instates it federally.

Carter 2

I was a kid in Elementary School for the malaisey Carter years.  My teachers, in hindsight, were typical liberals.  My mom liked the man, I bet, but not too much.  She voted for Anderson in 80.  Dad was never a political type.  But I didn't like Jimmy Carter.  I wasn't influenced by anyone.  The biggest influence?  Unchecked inflation and economic doldrums.  A kid like me notices that.  Especially with a can of Coke goes up to 45 cents from 25, a nickel at a time.  It was formative.  Helped make me a Reagan Republican. 

Today's wee bairns?  They are gonna be conservatives too.  As long as the next president doesn't screw up bad and gets the feds out of the way of the economy. Why?  Because of Obama?  Aka:  Carter II?  Yes, but the other Obama.   Michelle.

Like I was nudged by expensive sodas, they will be nudged by her execrable school lunch initiatives.  "Why was the President's wife writing my schools school-lunch menu?  And it was horrible.  Out of Oliver twist.  And that President Perry did a good job, like he did with Texas, right after.  And his wife kept her nose out of my business."

I had no truck with Rosalynn Carter.  But Amy annoyed me, even then.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


See that first 10 seconds of this video?  That guy is making the blank for an M1 receiver.  That big trip hammer is pounding the molten metal into dies to get the right sizing.  The receiver will be machined after this step.

You see how labor intensive that is?  Can you get a robut to hold the pole in the right place?  Maybe.  But it might be cheaper to carve it out of barstock or get the piece to the closer-enough phase with baking MIM powder.

But it won't align the molecules of iron like forging with a big ol drop hammer does.  Maybe you don't need it that strong, to tell the truth.  I sure do like the old ways.  But, man, it's expensive keeping skill labor around.

And look at the window behind some of these workers!  You can open them!  And single pane in Massachusetts.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bren 10

So Larry Vickers reviews the old Bren 10 and give a bit of the inside baseball history of this star crossed pistol.  Which is cool all in itself.

But this is a blog and I need blog fodder.

So watch this video, it's been making the rounds:

I noticed that the spent cases are ejected in a weird, to me, direction.  Over Larry's left shoulder.  The other side of the gun than the port.  It's casting that brass at 7 o'clock.  On both guns.  Ya know, you often like to see the spent brass shooting of in the 1 to 5 o'clock areas.  At 6 o'clock you get it right in the kisser.

Now, looking at this parts diagram, the ejector looks like a complicated part.  The gun is 30 years old and the company dissolved.  It's probably hard to get replacement parts.  So even in Larry is thinking "that ain't right" there isn't much he can do about it.  And the gun is more of a curiosity at this point.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Comics.  Often dirty, and sometimes true.  Frex: