Monday, February 19, 2018

Mental Health

When Newtown happened my State representatives were all about gun control.  They actually responded back then, when written to.  Or someone in their office.  They don't respond anymore.  I guess I am filed away by the "this guy is a crank" filter.  Though I didn't present as a crank.

In my correspondence then I suggest concentrating on mental health would be more effective than yet more firearms restrictions on people that don't commit the atrocities.  I noted it's a harder problem to solve, but that's why they are elected to be leaders on.

My entreaties then fell on deaf ears.

I am glad we are hear noises about mental health issues from other quarters today.  I know they didn't get the idea from me.  The president doesn't take my counsel, and I am not the originator of the "hey, let's focus more on the mentally troubled" idea.  It still is a good thing.

But not just making folks pariahs and prohibited person because of mental health reasons.  FIXING trouble people so the mass murder option gets left off the "Thing to do today" list.  This latter is really the only effective way forward.  Mental health carrot, not mental health stick.  (Well, maybe the stick for some crazies.  I only half joke when I note there'd be lots less mayhem if Democrats were prohibited persons.)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I hate it when Assange is right about something

Would Democrats like to make identifying as a Democrat a class of prohibited person?

Let's put that another way

"Are we a nation that loves its gun more more than its kids?"

Well future president Martin O'Malley, you could rephrase that as, "Are we a nation that values freedom as much as our very lives?"

And the answer to that is, 'Yes.'

I've been thinking

Aren't plastic bags organic?  Compostable too, with a big enough time window.

Saturday, February 17, 2018




Who used to have school shootings, and now doesn't anymore?

What did they do to make that happen?

I've gotten this compromise before

Rob Allen said everyone should have 1 AR, another Marine commenter on his post said 3. Compromise what the Marines tell you, and you get 2.


I am a little bit jealous of this Japanese craftsman's life.

But there are so many Japanese craftsmen to be jealous of. I am on a bit of a horology kick right now, anyway. Check this guy out, too.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Range day

50 feet.  56 rounds of AE 230gr .45.

I had homework from the last training day.

"Slow work with the .45, with a distant large target I can't see the holes from.  Just work on the feel, not note the performance until done.  The feel part will work on the flinch.  Plus added bonus, less chance of prairie doggin' between rounds."

That's why the black target:

On the first target, not shown, I was still flinchy.  Low and right.  First two mags.  Then settled for two mags, then I wanted to use fresh paper and got the above.

I called that flier.  Couldn't see it, but knew when it happened.

The others were just good trigger work and relaxed.  Concentrate on making the trigger go good while looking at that front sight and... lots of good surprises.

Here is something new I did.  You know how you have front sight wobble?  It's gonna move some.  Bulls eye shooters have a saying "embrace the wobble".  Let it happen.  Well, I noticed the wobble was almost ideal.  Just hovering randomly over the yellow dot.  So I wondered what would happen if I tride to MAKE it wobble?  In a tight little 4 inch circle on the target.  The better shots are from my last two magazine when I was doing this trick on myself.

I don't think the wobble helps, but I think trying to make it wobble makes my mind forget about messing up the trigger pull and it gets better.

Homework accomplished, though.  Got my mojo back a bit.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Give him a chance

So  High School Football coach used his body as a shield to protect his student and died.

Even before the blood congealed, Progs were blaming You and Me for the deaths of all those kids and that we must 'DO SOMETHING'.

Shepherd Smith and Senator Nelson thought confiscating guns of all the people on the Secret Terror Watchlist would be the berries.  As if the shooter was on the Watchlist or something.  So, they want to do nothing effective.

How about this for doing something:  Give future football coaches something to go against a rabid monster that is a bit more substantial than their sternum?  Pass reciprocity, let CCW people carry on campus, stop pretending schools can be made safe by wishing it, stop rendering future victims harmless.

That would curb the killings.  Not making up a new class of prohibited persons the killers aren't. 

Nuthin in my head

Do I want to blog about Ruth Bader Ginsburg wanting to see an Equal Rights Amendment again?  Just retire already, you old bat.  Tell me, where is it ensconced in the Constitution giving males a leg up on females? 

Do I want to talk about QC issues in the firearm industry?  Tam has that covered pretty good.  I love that bit about the Walmart effect.  I don't like shopping in that store, myself.  Even the 'good' ones.  We have some pretty grody Walmarts near me.  One good thing I can say about Walmart?   They are reliable. 

How bout 13 bucks per round sales to the Army?  All because cheap lead and steel with a copper jacket doesn't do the trick anymore.

15 cents a round 9mm?

Stupid dry spell.  I need to hit the range.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day


The Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast thing is going around elsewhere.  It's the current Gloce vs. 1911 argument. 

You got the Mark Wahlberg Sniper Navy SEAL Mall-Cop wannabe saying that.  Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast. 

And you got the Ritalin Addled Twitchy Race Gun Gamers saying:  NO!  FAST IS FAST!  GAKGAKGAKGAKGAKGAK!!!!

And plenty of folks much less annoying with honest differences of opinion on how to shoot better coming down on either side of that divide. 

What am I?  I'm a n00b.  It says NEW Jovian Thunderbolt up there.  I don't shoot terrists with a sniper rifle or participate in umpteen bajillion IDPA competitions.  I just shoot a bit, at the range and in the simulator and have my gunsmith training me, and measuring my speed and accuracy.  I'm a bit of a slowhead, but I have learned stuff.  

But my personal experience...   Is sorta different.  I'd says I am modified first group.  Just "Smooth is Fast."  Forget that Slow part. 

If I have a string of shot and try to go FAST I also tend to tense up, and that makes my form jerky and accuracy falls off, and I try to go EVER FASTER to make up for my misses so I miss more and.... 

When I am relaxed and have a SMOOTH string my accuracy goes up.  And.  Even though it felt slower than the fast run, my time is invaribly better.  It feels like voodoo magic.  I swear. 

Now I am not purposely trying to go SLOW.  I am trying to go SMOOTH.  And the result, after much practice, is FAST.  Your mileage may vary, but it is what works for me right now.  I am always open to improvements.  But a smooth run with no misses feels slower, but isn't, than a fast run with no misses for me at this point of Shooty Vision Quest.

Ever watched someone that was really good at something do that thing?  They often look relaxed.  Like what they do is easy.  Not tensed up.  It's smooth and competent.   You can always bear down and go faster and flail about.  It will at least feel faster when you are doing it.  Might not be faster.  Proof is in the timer.

(I didn't want to blog this because I didn't want to get all contentious and junk.  Just describe something topical and how it works for me.  I am running on E on blog fodder, too, and this was just hanging there.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Maryland passed a huge crack down in gun control in 2013. Murders ramped up. Record year in Baltimore, 2017.

Had a Live Fire Training Day

But it wasn't my day.  Not on centerfire.  Super flinchy.  The anticipation was just too much.

So, I did the drills on rim fire.  5 yards.  3 rounds in two second with the target appearing and disappearing.  Sort of a modified part of the ICE shooting quals people like to use a lot these days.

Sorta surprised I had no fliers, so that is good.  The first 6 rounds may have been at 3 yards, then moved out because that was easy.

I want to know more about recoil control, especially with the relaxed technique that has been working well for me.  Get me to Miculek levels!  Well, how bout a deci-miculek?  Maybe 2 deci-miculeks if I am really fast.

Got homework.  Slow work with the .45, with a distant large target I can't see the holes from.  Just work on the feel, not note the performance until done.  The feel part will work on the flinch.  Plus added bonus, less chance of prairie doggin' between rounds.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Miffed Monday

Not much but bupkis, here.

Happy Birthday, Abe.  209 years young.  Gun content: well there was that derri...  nevermind.

"Why is my eye irritated?  Am I getting pink eye?  Will I wake up tomorrow with crust?"  No, but I woke the next day and found an eyelash DEEP up in one corner.   Ahhhh, relief.  That explains it.

Had a drought around here.  Needed about 4 inches of rain to catch up to normal levels.  Sure enough, this weekend seems to have solved that.  Don't listen to the Post.  They lie.  That was also 4 days ago, and the Post knew a big storm was a'comin', so they had to get up the "we're gonna dry up and die story" before the relief hit.  I see you, 'Democracy Dies in Dankness.'

Lie?  They'd quibble with that label.  They deceptively stress a certain narrative.  

My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast is so flush with cash he retired early last week.  So jealous. Why is he flush with cash?  Easy.  He only buys budget firearms.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Look to the Legislature

"Not the courts!  If you wanna change gun laws to be more favorable to gun rights!" sez Instapundit Glenn.

Easy for YOU to say, Mr. Tennessee.  (see yesterday's post for what I have to work with)

That is little help for Californians, New Jersites and Marylandiacs.  Like me.

Unless McConnell pushes through CCW reciprocity over a Dem filabuster, ain't nothing good coming my way from that branch of gummint.

But precious little has gone my way since McDonald in 2010 on the judicial side.  To remedy that I'd need Sotomayor to challenge Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Thunderdome this Spring.  And for Justice Breyer to challenge the winner of that match up.   That would move things along in the favor of expanded civil rights.    

A little help, here, from you more-freedom states will always be appreciated for us here in enemy territory.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Well this is new

I don't think this was on the docket originally.

Some state delegates want to enact a change that "A person may not manufacture, sell, offer for sale, purchase, receive, or transfer OR POSSESS a detachable magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition for a firearm."

Emphasis in the original, and that part is the change/addition from current law.

I am livid.

The way it is now, I can buy a hundred-round magazine in Virginia and have and shoot it at the range all day in Maryland.  The change mean, no bueno.  Just HAVING a $10 PMAG in this state, not being an Only One, means 3 years in prison or a $5000 fine or both.


Hell no.

How many thousands of Marylanders would unwittingly become a felon overnight if this passes?

I'd have to move.

This from a guy that is mostly interested in his 7 round 1911s.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Not even Democrats know

Even House Dems Wonder: What was the point of the Pelosi filibuster?

C'mon, you can't be that dumb.

She thinks it helps her lots of ways.  She miscalculates on a bunch of them.

But a BIG thing is shows is that she is not old, senile, and incapable.  That lady is pushing 80 and wants to be Speaker again in November.  She doesn't want to be pushed aside as past her prime and this proves to up and coming Dems that she is still the fresh young face of the Democrat party.

She succeeded at demonstrating her stamina better than she succeeded at anything else.  This is the Silverback Bull Gorilla putting on an dominance display.  Sorry Steny Hoyer.

But I bet a dollar that is no Blue Wave sweeps the gavel to her 80 year old harpy claws she will not run again in 2020.


[Gun Content.  I named my 1894C Gummint Cheez because I used the $700 tax rebate check her and W sent me to buy it, and I knew it would annoy her.  It's the only firearm I nicknamed.  Normally, nicknames are silly to me, but in this case...]

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Well, good luck with that.  With your record.

I don't own a Hi-Power

But the announcement from Browning that they no longer produce the pistols kinda-- depresses me. 


One day Colt will close it's doors, too.  Forever.  Another sad day that may be sooner than you think. 

When Winchester gave up New Haven Connecticut...

Given my druthers I'd freeze civilization in amber and just relive 1920-1990 over and over again.


Well, maybe not that bad. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Range targets

Got the four 4 FTFs I mentioned before, 64 rounds total, 14 of em AE, the 50 were them funny ones, SWC.  Jan 24th

Meh.  Some flinchies in there.  Too many.  There are two types of flinchies for me.  1)  "That was a flinch." and 2) "DAMMIT!"  The fuscia arrow points toward my Dammit.

So, because flinchies...

And this one has 50 rounds of CCI MM.  The GOOD targets are at 25 feet.  The ones with more spread to the group I sent the target out to 75 feet.  Haven't done that in a while and am pleased they are that good.

They aren't good, per se.  They are good-for-me.  And perfectly serviceable.  Man the circle of the target looks teeny compared the front sight way down there.  Jan 30th

But a good session.  I wanted to do some .22 work to rethink my flinch.   And was VERY relaxed this time.  Nice.  Just what I wanted.  Quickly back in the groove.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Super Vell Ammo

No one will kvetch when I talk about it, I am not Tam.   Tam mentions an outdated ammo and 80 year old men come out of the woodwork to comment on it.  But her bit on Super Vel recently had the serendipity in also being in Guns Magazine 50 years before...  So Guns releases a PDF of the issue from exactly 50 years before the current discussion.  You get your Guns issue in the mail the day after Christmas, 1968 and the new hot ness Super Vel on page 16 will get discussed again IN THE FUTURE!  Future!  Future! 

Also in the magazine, they are talking about forgotten jungle fighting lessons that had been learned 25 years prior.  Not knowing Tet was right around the corner.

25!  Like it was a long time ago!  And now Jungle War 2, Electric Boogaloo is 50 years in the rearview, Boo.  Phew.

Monday, February 5, 2018

If this doesn't make you LOL

You have a heart of stone. h/t

Biggest Hand Cannon

I was almost certain that both Clint Eastwood AND Charles Bronson, used a .44 AutoMag in a movie in the 80s.  Nope.  Just Dirty Harry.  Paul Kearsey used a Wildey.  I should have remembered that.

Was thinking on the Auto Mag because of a post by Zombie Island.

Both gun were argued to be the most powerful production handgun in the world, at that time.  Which is true, I guess.  Just like it was pretty much true for the Model 29 S&W .44 before them.  And after them X-Frame Smiths would bump the notch up a little higher with their .50.  Sorta.

As kids we sure TALKED about the Automag a lot... Like we knew it to be the bees knees.  The living end.  If I may be allowed to use that slang vernacular from the early 1980s.  Aces!  I didn't know, then, why everyone didn't want one.  Of course as a young head full of pap, I barely considered recoil control, and didn't think at all about size and weight, or mechanical reliability, or cost.  And I was also ignorant of the business practices.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

And Speaking of Gun Bans

Here is a hunter in Australia.  He's got a pig problem the size of Texas. 

So that is where the left handed bolt action rifles when.  Must be because of the Coriolis effect.


You'd think Prager would be more about the metro, but perhaps not.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Maryland legislative session

Gun Control coming up in our Statehouse.  Started Fed 1st, actually

It's a mixed bag.  The big thing the news blurbs is a bump stock ban because they only have 15 seconds of radio to talk about it.

That and a "allow guns in schools and churches for special Only Ones"

What we support or don't moves the needle very little.  Most all these will die in committee, good or bad.  What will see a floor vote?   Maybe the bump stock one.

Nothing about CCW in there, so nothing to get excited about in the 'good' column.  Well, except this part.

My College Years

Friday, February 2, 2018

Gun Controllers in Maryland

Members of the Gun Trace Task Force stole more than $300,000, at least 3 kilos of coccain, 43 pounds of marijuana, 800 grams of heroine, and hundreds of thousands of dollars work of watches from suspected drug dealers and others.  This according to the officers plea agreements.

They also bilked the city out of gobs of overtime they never worked.  Which is the worse offense, I bet.  

Drug dealers were given immunity to testify against the officers.

If they ban bump stocks in Maryland, and come to my house to confiscate mine because they suspect I may have one, (please...) it will be members of the Gun Trace Task Force ringing my doorbell.

They will be disappointed at the absolute DEARTH of cocaine in my house.  If they want nose-beers, they will have to bring their own.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


People don't really care about guns and shooting, Shannon.  Not like you.  Not that unhealthy way you do.

Heck I go shooting every week.

People care about murder and assaults and much less about the means.

They don't get stuck on 'gun violence' or even violence.  They concern themselves with crime.

When I compare predatory versus protective violence, the point is not really the violence.  It's the predator.  And what is to be done with that predator.

And that is a big difference between our peoples.

Can your side even see this, Shannon?