Sunday, August 20, 2017

The bottom of the septic tank

Yeah, one side is skinny jeans neo-nazis with a corner on the tiki torch market, and the other are laid off barista commies that worry their dreadlocks might be culturally insensitive and whether there is still space for another tribal tattoo at the small of their back. 

Yeah I don't tell this group of chuckleheads anything.  To tell either side anything is to climb down into the septic tank with them. 

Also. Avoid mobs.  You carry, but you don't wanna hafta

The only reason I generally dislike commies more is that there are still millions of them, while there are only thousands of nazis (the world killed a bunch 75 years ago.)

It all started with them dang Jacobins 250 years ago.  THEMS are the WORST.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Eclipse is a comin'!

I got my welders goggles, I am ready.

I didn't buy them, years ago, for welding.  I got them in case of finding myself in a post apocalyptic wasteland. 


Also, they made great gifts, for $16, for nephews or nieces interested in Steam Punk stuffs.

They are German, so I can't tell what the lenses are rated.  I'm sure I will be ok.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Ok, so I found a lawyer that can get me a Maryland CCW.  A buddy that trains Marylanders in the mandatory CCW course knows someone that will get regular peeps that aren't carrying cash for work, or are threatened on the daily in documented form, the toter's permit.

100% success rate.

Only will cost me $3000.


Maybe hold off for now.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

NPR sez

On the radio yesterday the NPR talking head said the cops in Charlottesville were intimidated and scared to weigh in because a whole bunch of people on both sides looked like dangerous thugs and were open carrying AUTOMATIC weapons. 


This tells us two things.  One, NPR people are morons on this stuff and don't know the difference between a Barrett and a Blunderbus.  And, TWO, gunnies are particular law abiding for some reason.  Down to the core.  Even if there is a shooting by an open carrier at some future rally-riot the fact there none at this one then despite folks wailing away at each other with baseball bats shows an incredible level of restraint baked into people that carry.  That is something.  Amazing.  Considering one side has black masks over the faces.  Masks are a total bad guy thing.  Gets my hackles up.  I avoid those types because I don't want to get on the news my ownself.   

That said, I worry if/when shots are fired at one of these.  That is not gonna help us.  Us normals folks. 

Back to automatic weapons.  What is it, maybe 2 people in a thousand have a brrrrrp gun?  So certainly a machine gun owner or two were present at that scrum.  But if you are that type of person that goes to a rally, and carry, I think you automatically (heh!) leave your machine gun at home.  Why?  YOU COULD LOSE IT!  You know how much them things cost?  Even the the cheap ones.  The cops would have gotten a wild hair and just detained everybody before that thing even kicked off.  Then bye bye expensive noise-fun.  Even if you are released in half an hour with no charges, good luck getting it back, ever.  That's a gun that cost more than cars.  Nice cars.  You don't bring your purty BBQ gun to a crowded political rally either.   You never know what might happen.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Washington Post

Advocates violence against those that, I dunno, aren't just like them?  Oh dear.

Harlem Gunnery

So, while relaxing last week I fell down a hard-boiled detective rabbit hole.  But one a little different.  Unusual for some white-boy find himself engrossed in.

Chester Himes' Harlem Detectives series. 

It's about 2 black detectives in Harlem in the 1950s.  And Himes can write.  It's not just genre fiction, read because it is good for the in group in the same way you eat you broccoli.  It's just good.  You know how I know it is good?  One way:  There are few white characters in the book.  You know how a white writer can have a single black character and it just feels... bad.  Wrong.  The dialect is all wrong.  Like a note off key.  Well, I realized a few books that Himes white characters just flow.  The note is in Harmony. 

But it's not just that example. 

And, I like the time capsule microcosm when I read 60 year old fiction of any sort, and this has it. 

As mentioned, the setting is Harlem.  But nothing in Chester Himes' online biographical sketch indicates he ever lived there.  Born in Missouri, lived in Cleveland, Columbus, and LA...  Later Europe.  I wonder if he made up those details without ever experiencing them.  At least experiencing them there, specifically. 

Anyway, the stories.  The protagonists are Coffin Ed and Gravedigger Jones.  Toughest plain clothesmen in Harlem.  And there is gun content. 

They have duplicate revolvers in their oil shoulder holsters.  Chrome plated long barreled .38s built on a .44 frame.  Custom.  Big and flashy so the crowd can better see them  when they take control of a scenet.  Big also for quick pistol whips.  They are described as purposely left with the one chamber empty so they won't go off during such clubbing work.  Which makes gunnies a little leery in fictional accounts, as that should hardly be necessary with modern revolvers and modern hammer block safeties.  Himes wasn't a policeman (quite the contrary) and certainly not in the weeds about firearm design like people that read this blog might be.  And it's a common enough fictional trope with revolvers. 

But there is one other scene in Cotton Comes to Harlem.  Where he describes a rifle is fine detail with a couple other nitpicks for me to mine for fodder.  (a non gun enthusiast getting the details wrong in a work of fiction?  T-Bolt must SPRING into pedantic action!)  More importantly, I am trying to figure out which model he refers to, after you get beyond the nitpicks.  Here is the passage:

"They had .303 automatic Savage rifles loaded with .190-point brass nosed shells, equipped with telescopic sights."

Now that .190 number is probably referring to a 190 grain projectile.  That's believable for a .30 caliber.  .303 round?  I dunno about that.  .308 maybe.  That would be available in the 50s.  But a semi-auto Savage in any .30 caliber chambering?  That should be easy to pinpoint, right?  I am guessing the gun in his head is prolly a Model 99 lever gun?  Dunno.  And I can't ask him.  He's been dead since the Reagan administration.

In reality I am just mildly bemused by flubs in gun minutiae like this.  If it weren't for the blog I would have already forgotten the gun flub. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oh crap

Now i have to blog something...


Buddy at work has a kid obscessed with Call of Duty, and loves to categorize things to the littlest detail.  He asks his dad lots of questions, and dad is not a gunnie so I field some. 

His favoritest gun is the P90 and he calls it a bullpup.

But wait... hmmm, ya know... I guess that is a bullpup.  Threw me for a loop.  The magazine not being on the bottom, but, heck... the chamber is aft of the trigger.  By that definition, bullpup.

He wanted to know why the US didn't ever mess with them.  I said we did, but gave it up as bad juju.

I need to get him to document all this in an excel spreadsheet and drift over to ammunition next.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Old Timey Songs

I know this next one because it was an oldie when Van Johnson sang it in Battleground. Mark Twain liked it.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


I wish they still did above ground bomb tests.  I'd love to see one.

"But T-Bolt!  Isn't that super dangerous?!"

Nah.  Well, don't stand 100 yards from ground zero.  If you see a guy named Feynman, stand next to him. 

And I didn't say I wanted to see ALL of them.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Running out of blog post ideas

Fine.  I'll say it.  I have never like James Cagney's performances.  In anything.  I thought him overrated as an actor.  There, I said it.

Never big on Spencer Tracy or Laurence Olivier.  Just left me cold.  But Meryl Streep is the worst of all.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Let's say....

Let's say the Maryland gun ban is heard at the Supreme Court (I am not optimistic it will get cert).  And let's say it is overturned root and branch (unlikely).

What gun should I get?

Another M1A or AR15 is kinda boring.  Ho hum.

Now a Calico or Tec-9 or Skorpion is interesting, in that they've been on the ban list for decades!

There is only one problem.  After I bring a Calico or Tec-9 or Skorpion home, I then have a Calico or Tec-9 or Skorpion.

They really aren't all that practical.  After the thumb in the eye to Maryland Democrats it has served its purpose.  Here is the list, tho.

Monday, August 7, 2017

In some other timeline

I was a machinist.  I hope.

Maybe machining and repairing linotype machine parts like my great grandpa.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Rick and Morty

Best show on television right now.  Yes, better than that one, too.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Another kind of Pony

OV-10 Bronco

I always liked this aircraft.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hustle Now

I've talked about the B-58 before.  It figures prominently in the movie Fail Safe, a Dom DeLuise vehicle.  And you might recognize the narrator as a small town Build & Loan manager

Since a kid, I always found the Hustler kinda ugly.  No style.  Personal taste.  Some planes' lines appealed to me, other left me cold.  My dad worked on F-100s.  I didn't like em otherwise.  Most everything in the Navy inventory since WWII except maybe the Corsair I never warmed to.  Not until the F-14.  And even that... 

Now the F-86, that was a handsome looking airframe.

The Mustang and Lightning I like.  Who doesn't?

The only radial I really liked was the FW190.  The Milk Jug was rugged but ugly.  I like that one better now.

The F-4 Phantom grew on my eventually.   The empannage did it.

Few bombers appealed.  Maybe the B1?  The B-36 just for the monstrosity of it.  But this is the B-58

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

That old Navy plane too old for you?

How bout an FJ2 Fury?

Didn't know the navy had a Sabre variant.

My grandparents lived in the shadow of Patuxent Naval Air Test Station, where lots of this was filmed. Their house was 200 yards from a Theodolite Station at Point No Point.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Mach 1 Skyray

ANOTHER F-4? What is that, four different airframes?


I wish the Navy had a model designation system that was a little more sensibe?

You can sorta see a bit of the near future A-6 Intruder in this one, tho that's a totally different manufacturer.

Well, now you know how to take off in a Skyray, and you can go supersonic.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wish it was this cold

How come it took so long to realize the utility of a hip belt on a backpack?

Good extra survival instruction tho, with some interesting equipment.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Navy Instruction

They never showed this to us when I was in the Navy.

Well, or COURSE the Academy pukes needed extra help with stuff like this.

I never beleived the hype about them Annapolis grads being snooty, but then I got to the fleet. Oh my goodness! They really DID act like Lovey or Thurston Howell III.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Reason #298,003

I don't watch The Walking Dead.

Someone is notching dead Zed, I guess, Fred.

For realz, yo?

Get whatever gun you want.  But I'm still judging that choice.  And if you are using a shotgun as your primary zombie defense weapon...

Gonna be outta pocket

Blogging will be light, with stuff that interests me that I will share, like usual.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017



If I bought a new plastic gun I'd have to fight the urge to do stuff to it. Can't I leave something stock for once? Can't it come out of the box good enough? A Glock needs new sights, a S&W needs a new trigger, lots of them can use a new grip texture, etc. Hell, if you gave me a custom $8,000 1911 I'd prolly get new grips...

Can't something be sold that I can leave well enough alone?  Prolly not.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wrenn case

Yeah, this is a kind of a big deal, but it's early to get your hopes up.

It's the "Shall Issue Washington DC" case everyone is talking about that the court ruled the District is in the wrong. 


But there are a few more levels of judges it's gotta fight through before the possible Boss Battle at the Supreme level.

But if it succeeds, well, if DC is Shall Issue, everything will be.

"Nuh uh, T-Bolt, it just gets rid of that one part of the CCW permitting process where you need a good reason to get the permit.  Like a personal threat, or you carry lots of diamond in a briefcase for work"

Duh.  That's what May Issue is.  The authorities decide if you are threatened enough.  They make a subjective decision.  Get rid of that requirement and they Shall Issue a permit if you jump through objective hoops like have a good record, and submit a picture and prints, and get training, and pay a fee, and....

Now there are other shenanigans they could do.  Make the fee $100,000.  Insist on training course that only the District does and then not offer any slots to sign up to take said training.  But because those are more objective they are even harder for the bastard to get away with.

But again we find ourselves in a place where it might be possible for me to carry legally in DC before I can carry legally in Maryland.  Which is weird.

Still a ways off.  Breath not held. 

Short Legs

Folks have been complaining about the short legs of the F/A-18 since I was a boy scout in a troop full of Viet Nam veteran fathers.

Compounded by the fact that the air wing is ALL F-18s now.  Practically.  I disliked Cheney back before it was cool because he doomed the A-12.

The F-35 is not that much better.

It's like we aren't serious anymore.

Monday, July 24, 2017

I can't spare him.

Trump fights. He's like Grant. Grant had a reputation of being a sloppy drunk, a failure in normal life, maybe a bit of a boor. At least Trump is a success in normal life.

#NeverTrump conservatives are like McClellan for President supporters. McClellan was a good general in many ways. Played the politics game. A decent man. Loyal to his country. Not a decent fighter. He can lose with propriety and collegiality and decorum. Good at organizing a huge army, but got spanked by Democrats regularly. Even when you tried to hand him a victory, he'd screw it up. 2012 was the Conservative Antietam. Would have surrendered if he was elected president in 1864.

I don't like Trump, but I can't spare him. He fights. And embarrasses Dems. And they are embarrassed. Same same.

But I have low expectations.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Local News Anchor

And mega-celebrity of the 80s, if you only count the 60 mile radius, Jim Vance, has died.

A fixture of my local programming youth.  But he has ALWAYS been on TV.  For my entire life. 

Here he is entertained by a fashion model who was given poor footwear.

And a younger version from the mid 80s, with a gun control story at 2:50, where we get to buy rifles in another state. Police unions order their members to cancel their NRA memberships. Wow. Time capsule.

So why do YOU care? Jim Vance himself was a gun nut!  Not many people knew that. 

He came into my gun store to pick up two revolvers one time when I was there.  The owner said he was huge into cowboy action stuff, and they were nice single action Ruger types.

"But T-Bolt!  DC banned guns!  Did he use his local fame to be above the law?"

Naw, he prolly lived in a nice house in Potomac Maryland and commuted to the channel 4 studio.  NBC is in the north east west section of the city, near the border.  Just a guess.  But his commute might have been only 5 miles or less.

Oh wait, he lived near me!  Maybe Kensington?  Nice area.  Makes sense why he'd go to that gunstore.

Another guess, he was more of a Fudd tho.  His cowboy guns and bird hunting shotguns were fine but he wanted to release the crime scene photos of Newtown to the public expressly to whip up emotions.  Who needs an AR, anyway?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Separated at Birth

John Hodiak and Martin Landau

Oh, I think I figured out what Trump is doing

Sessions had potential, on paper, to be a good AG.  I don't like him anymore because he is over emphasizing hunting down the reefer smokers and seizing assets of anyone they want to without a conviction.

Trump might not like that either, but he has bigger fish to fry.

Mueller quickly turned into a standard Independent Prosecutor.  He won't stop til he finds something to trump up on Trump, even if it is a mattress tag Trump ripped off back in 1978.  It's the way the job works.  And a colossal waste of resources no matter who the target is. 

And is a thorn in Trump's ass he wants to be rid of.

How?  Sessions can't/won't sh!t-can him.  But a NEW AG would have fewer qualms...   Just gotta clear the decks of Attorney General Chris Christie after Sessions resigns.

Rudy Guiliani?

Anyway, that's the angle I see. 

AND it helps Sessions.  Wouldn't it suck for him if Mueller's fish expedition can't find enough on Trump but finds plenty of stuff on Sessions' perjury?  Mueller gone after Sessions 'resigns' and he is off the hook too. 

I grew up with Stephen King

I read his stuff but it never blew my skirt up.  It always seemed he wrote 3/4 of a book and phoned in and rushed that last 1/4.  He never finished a book.

Knowing what I know now the 75% mark is prolly when he ran out of money for blow, or something.

But his gun movie half intrigues.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Watch Out for Snakes!

The two legged kind.

So I was downtown, DC, near Union Station.  Meeting my mom for German food at Cafe Berlin.  I drove down and parked easily.  Much better than stepping foot in that expensive death trap that the subway has become.

I'm early, as is my wont, so I park myself on a park bench at a nearby... uh... park.

The neighborhood is nicer there than my own.  It's Capitol Hill.  It's been fully gentrified.  It's all white people with strollers, now.  So little reason to be braced for action.  But you never know.

Still, practice being alert.  Code yellow.  Which mother or toddler look like they might push you to orange alert.  Not that I have a gun, because, DC.

Silliness aside, I noticed one thing.  You are scanning one way and a bike will just appear at your blind side.  Not there, BAM, right on top of you.

Bad guys on bikes are less of a problem in the daylight in public.  Not a good method for a mugger.  But a great method for a snatcher.  I don't have anything to snatch, no purse, no smart phone, so if it was a bad guy I am not part of his victim selection process.

The thing I am on guard for is how easy it was for them to get that close that fast.  A new wrinkle to be on guard for.   

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Been dwelling on his work mainly because he has left us to deal with the undead without him.  I have heard many sendups about him on the radio and elsewhere.

You know he is dead because I posted it Sunday and EVERYONE on Facebook did too.

His zombies movie were a new thing.  Not just racist or slave times allegory.  Magical hedge-magic in remote Caribbean islands or the swamps of Louisiana.   Voodoo zombies.  No.

His zombies were your neighbors.  Anyone.  Everyone.

And his stories were about the people dealing with a phenomena massive and out of their control.  Like an earthquake movie is people dealing with shaking and fires and rubble.  Or a shark tornado movie is people trying to be sucked up like Dorothy and then eaten like that little Kitner boy.  Or like the audience trying to deal with an Uwe Boll movie and not lose their sanity.

The people.  Not the bad thing.  (In Romero's case, dead people walking around eating live people is the bad thing.  The natural disaster.)   The story is how the people react to what is outside their control.  Some react well, some make very bad decisions, but it is all entertaining to watch on the screen.     

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tweet Fail

Now folks gave this lady a lot of guff for this tweet:

But I am not so judgy.  April did notice a beach that looked like that with a sky that looked like that and saw soldiers on it and no palm trees and immediately associated it with D-Day which would occur 4 years later and pretty near there, relatively speaking.  This is in her consciousness because she was alive when the History channel was still WWII heavy and because she has seen movies like Saving Private Ryan.

This is not so bad, to retain that information and have it in the forefront of her mind for a throwaway tweet.  You know the school didn't put that information in her head, the state of that these days.  I don't think MY public school said Dunkirk out loud, and if they did it was maybe once, and that was mumbley three years ago.  I don't retain much from my band class back then.  So thank Hollywood for a little something spread about our collective history through cultural history.

And if she read the responses, she knows a little more now, not just on when the Dunkirk evacuation happened but why the racial makeup might not have been so diverse at that time, there, compared to now.  She didn't delete the tweet immediately so either she doesn't care she got it wrong or isn't embarrassed about it.  Whatever.  There is even a chance she leaves the tweet up because of integrity and taking responsibility for her missteps and is unwilling to slink away as a coward.

Well it's possible.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I had a funny feeling about this


Something seemed fishy.  I couldn't quite place it.  My fault though.  My eyes kept skipping over an important detail I will now highlight so I won't forget it.

Mohamed Noor, who joined the department in March 2015, reached over and shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague on the drivers side in a back alley.

I figured one shot and an AD/ND.

Now I know why I had a sense of disquiet.


Tin Anniversary

This blog is 10 years old today.  Tin or Aluminum.  Perfect!  I'll just pick up some foil.

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm not shopping for another gun...

But say a meteor hit my house while I was at work!  Oh noes!  All my pictures!  All my artwork!  All my antiques!  ALL MY GUNS!

After the dust settled and my life was re-established in a non-crater-like area...  Eventually I'd get some replacement firearms.  Including a pistol.

What get?

Well, might as well do it right this time.  The pistol then would be the next pistol I might get in the future now.  Just a plain Jane boring black plastic something.  I lean S&W M&P 9 or that P320.  But it could just as easily be a Glock 17 or 19.  Prolly 19.  And a spare.

Then a simple AR.  And a spare.

Single or double shottie.  And a spare.  Lower priority.

.22s.  But those aren't gun-guns.

Maybe a pocket pistol of some flavor.  And a spare.  That's it.

But I'd be shopping for that pistol, first.  Which is ostensibly what I'd be shopping for NOW..

Now S&W has come out with a new generation.  And the P320 is...  newish?  Well not really.  What I am saying is I can drag my feet a bit and see if some flaw that needs fixing comes to the surface, which happens.  Let that get fixed before getting it myself and having a hassle later.  But really, is that something to worry that much about?

What other tiny prejudices do I have to overcome?

I never like the stock S&W trigger, but really?  If it bothers you that much there are plenty of aftermarket replacements that are very nice.  It doesn't bother Jerry Miculek, why should it bother anyone else?

Sig has disappointed me in the past.  This 320 is different enough you'll get over what that bad Double Action Kellerman taste in your mouth, it left you with.

Oh, just flip a coin.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Well, Darn

George Romero died.

Trigger Discipline

"Sometimes that trigger finger gets away from you."

Tell me about it.

Dunno if I would try this drill with a tuned up 1911.  The gunsmith would wince about the action falling on an empty chamber shaking up the lock work.  A magazine with a round to stip up gentles up this jarring, and there is less wear and tear on that mating surface of the hammer hooks and sear.

But this drill is a reason to get another gun....  Well, any reason is a good reason to get another gun.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


If this doesn't convince you that you need to be getting all your news from Infowars I don't know what can.

Yeah, pretty much

The new army pistol?  Tam's right.  One major brand plastic service pistol is as good as another.  And those are all better than the pistols of yesteryear.  Get a good deal on the one you do choose is all.

If you are good at shooting pistols for realz agin bad guys, well, you can get up to speed pretty fast with any single one of those.  If you aren't any good at shooting pistols you will be about the same with all those and so what?  It's just a pistol.  Where's your rifle, Jarhead?  Did you lose your rifle again? 

At one time, when I was really bad at shooting pistols, I might have had an opinion.  Only because I did shoot one type better than another type.  Now that I am only sorta bad at shooting pistols that advantage between models has disappeared.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Make my nerves stronger...  By lifting bruh.  Get swole.

So, I'd fix my neck issue making my grime 30% of what it once was by doing max weight dead lifts?   I dunno.....  I mean I like the idea of lifting, ok.  I'm never doing cardio because I wasted enough of my life at that.  But I don't know if it'd be safe to lift, bruh.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

That Bullet Train didn't help...


Yes, I, too, am disappointed with the lack of statement from the NRA on the Castile shooting.  Except to hawk a sale.  And it is pretty much too late now.  Timing has passed them by. 

I totally understand not wanting to alienate hard fought-for allies in the law enforcement community.  The only ones there, these days, against us are the police chiefs.  But would it have really alienated them?  They brother officer is off the hook AND off the force.  They protected their own and purged the weak from their ranks.  They could have accepted a word about this issue now. 

The NRA didn't have to say something like "hang the cop up by his thumbs!"  The NRA can say they were disappointed and imply more training is needed to prevent senseless tragedies in the future and that everyone regrets the whole thing, all round.  Something sensible and non committal like that. 

Because the dues paying NRA members are people with CCW permits like Castile had.

What kind of statement will NRA release if an actual totally squeaky clean NRA member gets shot by a nervous cop in a mirror type situation next week?  Nothing?  And if that NRA member is white and they do say something, the racism charges will fly and it will certainly be bad optics at a minimum.  Would the NRA have lost that many members by being somewhat sympathetic to a black dude that was shot for no good reason?  A black dude pretty much an ideal ally of ours?  I dunno.  I don't know how they calculate stuff like this downtown.

And if the NRA is more of a GOP organization now instead of a firearm owner's right organization how does not saying anything help the GOP, too? 

I think Fairfax dropped the ball on this. If Loesch had just waited til the SECOND statement of hers to push the insurance she is a spokesperson for, maybe.  LaPierre would have been better. 

It's not helping me sway black co-workers that were leaning toward supporting 'our' side.

I'm not pissed, I just wish things had turned out different and figure this is a lost opportunity

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Range 11 July

Ok, that was much better.  And I feel better, too.  I'd call it recoil therapy, but it was .22. 

CCI, 50 shots, 2 malfs, failure to eject on the second target in the middle of the string and the last round's case also didn't full eject on the fifty target.

In case you can't read the notes.  Started ok on target one, but flinched on the non-existent 11th round, favoring right on two so noted I needed to I reposition my finger.  Then they were centered and pretty darn good for target four and five.  Always one round out of position.  Can NEVER be perfect, no...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blog Posts

There was a time I would've latched onto every little detail about the Alexandria Congressman shooting thing, to mine it for blog fodder.

Or that guy that gave himself a racing stripe up in Gettysburg.

Or go on and on how Pew claims that 14 million Americans claim to be members of the 5 million strong NRA.  Are the other 9 million friends or foes?  Dunno. 

Or the new M&P mod 2 and how that intrigues me. 

But my posting meandering don't go that direction so much anymore.  Already been down those roads a few time and looking for different paths.  

"Boring, T-Bolt!  Think of new and better fodder!"

I'm trying, I'm trying.

Monday, July 10, 2017

I promised pictures


31 shots of American Eagle 230gr.  Zero malfs of any sort. 

2/5 (but so ugly)

And the bad shots were 'called' in my head.  I didn't have to look for the hole to know they weren't any good.  Might be some so-called flinch creeping in, too.  Recoil anticipation.

I was too distracted about that racking-strength problem to properly concentrate at the task at hand.   But I did like the transition from the first to the second.  Before I fell off the cliff.   It was a better than usual first target then a marked improvement in the second. 

I think I will go a few sessions with the .22.  And dry fire.  Always more dry fire.  To combat that flinch.  

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Crazy, dangerous, Democrats. If you see any of these on the street, go from yellow to orange.

Neck Nerves

Good things about the whole neck nerves thing?

It doesn't hurt.  It doesn't keep me up at night.  I can move it mostly.   I cab tie my shoes, I can flip a light switch, I can type.  Hell, I can even shoot for the most part.  No worse than before.

I feel sorry for the poor sods in worse shape.  Remember, things can always get worse.

That's why the Doctor and I haven't already scheduled more drastic remedies like surgery.

I've known people that were in so much pain they slept on the hard floor and contemplated suicide.  Surgery fixed them right up.  I am no where near that bad off.

So that's the bright side.

The pessimist in me goes, "plenty of time for it to GET that bad..."

Update:  The meds may be working.  For brief periods throughout the day I feel stronger and less numb on that side.  Hope those feeling come more frequently.  

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Whine, whine, whine

And now my tummy hurts.

Art Degree

This is Jennifer Summers

She grew up in Detroit, but by scrimping and scraping she was able to get into and graduate college in the late 70s early 80s. 

She moved to California to find work.  She waited tables briefly until she landed a position at a Beverly Hills art gallery for one of the biggest art dealers in the country.  That job paid well enough for her to get a red Mercedes convertible for herself.  Not bad.

If you major in Art or Art History there are great high paying jobs in Beverly Hills waiting for.  That's the message.  And everyone from 1984 onward wanted to be like Jenny instead of buckling down and getting an Engineering degree.  It's her fault the country is like this.  Everyone thinks if Jenny can do it then they can do it to.  And are heading for a disappointment.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Range 6 July

I don't have a picture of the target. Maybe later. I'm kind of bummed out about it. Not because my shooting was particularly poor, though it was.

 I was a little distracted by a new development.

It's becoming difficult direct the slide. If you insert a magazine and have to pull the slide back then release it that is now.... troublesome.

Have you ever heard an idiot say that his gun is safe to just leave around the house because his five-year-old son doesn't have the strength to rack the slide?   That's stupid.   Of course he has enough strength. If maybe just barely.  He just needs to adjust his technique to do it successfully.

 I never thought I would have to use those techniques. But here we are.

Instead of just gripping the slide and manipulating it, I don't have the grip strength for that.   In the arm strength isn't that good either at that angle. So now I make that motion as best I can while I also use my much stronger left hand to push the frame forward. This double action of both hands Is enough to get the job done, but only just.

 Fretting over this new development didn't help my concentration on accuracy.

I am taking some new medicine to help heal the nerves that are causing this. They haven't had enough time to really get to work but I hope it does work. This is kind of depressing.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Weird holiday week

It messed up my range schedule and I count on that for blog fodder.

N00b at work wanted to know where he could rent guns before buying.  There is a place within a mile of the office! 

But they don't rent to folks unless... you bring your own gun, you are a member already, or you bring a buddy.

Too many people have offed themselves at the range.  There were two instances that I know of.  Not gonna ask the specifics.  That is hard enough on those people. 

But their policies about rentals seems reasonable.  You can't just casually Cobain yourself there.  And I'm all for minimizing that. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mag Size

I don't want to see these mag bans get any more traction.  Right now I can buy a 30 rounder tomorrow in Virginia and Maryland won't say 'boo' about it.  But retroactively making it illegal possess in the state at some point in the future is just what they are ratcheting up to, here, by increments.

Not just ban all made more before a certain date.  Ban ALL.  Much easier for the cops to enforce.  Like they have in DC and Cali.  And is on the want-list for nationally, going beyond the Clinton AWB provisions. 

If the courts slap it down in California, and it stays slapped down as law of the land, I have less to worry about here.  And you have less to worry about nationally. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

That's some bad hat Harry


Go blow something up for George Washington, John Adam, Benji Franklin.  All them guys.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Night of Long... Truth-Fists?

So my Democrat friends are up in arms about the Dana Loesch NRA video.

"She calling gun owners to violence!"

Well, no, that's BS.  She is saying the only response to the ACTUAL violence of Dem Brownshirts is capital T Truth.  She isn't saying to go gunning for bike lock koshers or arsonists or vandals.

"I'm afraid of the extremist NRA!"

Well, stop being violent and stop encouraging others to be violent or stop being silent when your allies go violent or call for violence.  Lie down with fascists, get up with rubber bullet bruises from the constabulary.

Then I reminded them that NRA types aren't the truly strident gun org.  In fact the other organization think the NRA too milquetoast and weak sister.   Worry about them.  But not too much, they are mostly talk, too.  The ones that aren't also have a large 'defense only,' leitmotif for the most part.

"But it's violent rhetoric!"

Dana didn't start violent rhetoric, oh member of the resistance.  The Left have been masters at that and ramped it up so much that a campaign worker for Bernie Sanders and Dick Durbin tried to assassinate enough GOP congresscritters to get Trump impeached two days after this ad came out.  Mote/Beam.

"I'm still scared"

Well maybe you should be.  Tamp it down.  Stop trying to elicit a response because your lady was so awful that even Trump could beat her. I still can't believe how that happened.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

So sad when that happens

Someone put out a silver alert for Bill Kristol.  He got out of the retirement home.

"I remember when all this used to be orange trees."


This is a dollar coin.  It's worth $1.00

This is another dollar coin.  According to Hillary, it's worth $.76

Oh, fer criminy...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

America's Hat!


But it is humid out.  Like soup.  I'm schvitzin like a puddin' at a picnic.

I opened an account at Bank of America when I moved to this neighborhood 18 years ago.  It was a bank.  It was close.  They had lots of ATMs about then.  This was American suburbia back then.

I went back for the first time today with a bucket of change, counting on them to have those coin counting machines free for account holders.  Nope.  And the place has a combination check cashing joint and motor vehicles administration offices vibe, with a hint of third world.  For instance.  There are guards now.  The carpet is gone.  The linoleum is dirty.  The queue is long.  And no coin counting machine.  Drat.

"Why do you have an account at that anti-2A joint, T-Bolt?"

Well, I like to have two accounts.  One a credit union (from my Navy days) and one a commercial bank, this.  That way if one sector has distress I can switch over and have all my paycheck go to the ok institution and it's already ready.  And it's still Bank of America because of inertia.  I pay my manual and variable online bills through them.  Gas bill. Electric.  Ones where it changes month to month I don't want to set to automatic.  What if a water bill is issued for $2788.33?  Obviously a mistake, but I don't want that shooting off without my making it so.  Fixed amount bills go through the credit loan as do big loans.  Life insurance payments, car payments, IRA payments, home mortgage, all go through the credit union.  The amounts don't vary.

It's just how I got it set up.

Now I have to think on maybe setting up something besides the moribund Bank of America. 


EVERYTHING I do is riveting and exciting.

Friday, June 30, 2017

How to improve that trigger score?

Hmmm.  Been thinking on that.  Now that everything is about dialed in except that ONE thing.

I thought about calling Sam.  Then I tried to think what he would tell me before I ask.  

Try that trick with the one-two count.  Trigger pull, then reset and take off slack.  Bang-click.  Lemme try that on Monday.  Maybe I'll shoot more than a coupla dozen.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Range 28 JUN

Was gonna go earlier, but Doctor's appointments for the shoulder thing.  It's gotten weaker.  At least it isn't numb all over, or hurts.  But the grip tester thing they use to measure was in the 90s for the left hand.  Right hand went from 60 units two months ago, to 75 a month ago, back down to 30 last week.  No bueno.  I don't know what the units are, but the weakness isn't muscular, I do know that.  Nerves.  So I need nerve meds, apparently.

Anyway... Shooty.

Used to be... my first magazine, first shot, was always a decent shot, trip after trip.  Second shot not so much but the first was in a 3x5 card  That lucky first shot has gone 'poof,' and disappeared.  Lately I need the first magazine to warm up.

See, that's not good.  Home invaders won't give me warm up shots.

So I calmed down and shot better after the first magazine, which was AWFUL.  After that it fell into an easy and familiar pattern of two types of shots.
  1. 'Make trigger go NOW!'
  2. 'Make trigger go Good
I knew that going in, and my goal is to make all the shot Type 2.  Varied success.  But this is what I am working on on myself.

But I have a new way of measuring.  With 7 round magazines and separate targets I can classify each shot nicely.  For instance, that horrible first magazine was 6/1  Six crappy shots and one decent one.  The others were:  4/3, 3/4, 4/3 and 0/1 (I had one extra round...)

The goal is mostly 0/7, then 0/7s FAST.  But I would settle for 2/5s.

"How do we know the good shots are really Type 2s, T-Bolt?"  You don't!  But I do.  None of the good ones were luck Type 1s.  Called shots.  Both kinds.  You'd think I'd get better faster.

29 rounds of sellier & bellot, no failures. 363 rounds since I rebuilt this Springfield 1911 GI stainless.  No cleanings, no failures.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yes, I Agree

It is different for black men to CCW.  I understand why it is different and why cops act the way they do.  But that doesn't make it right.  And it shouldn't be that way.  If I could wave a magic wand and change it it wouldn't be that way.

I don't have a solution or an idea for a way forward.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I was

I was really hoping Peruta would come up for review.  Now Maryland anti-gunners will dig in their heels.  Dems at the Federal level will feel more emboldened to oppose national reciprocity.  More waiting, for me, and I am less optimistic.


Well, shit.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Gun from the earlier post.

With permission.  He still has the original grips.

Storm the Beaches!

So a buddy finally got to get eyes-on on a war trophy his Grandpa picked up on the beaches of Normandy.

Or so the family lore goes.

This sparked my buddy's interest and he has the internet where his mom did not back when these stories were told.

The family lore doesn't match the details.  As often happens in the big game of oral history.  And that is fine.  I am wondering if my Grear Great Great Grandpa really did go to Moscow and back with Napoleon....

Anyway, buddy's Grandpa didn't land in Normandy in June of 44.  He landed in the Riviera in December of 1944 with the 63rd Infantry.  Saw plenty of action.  Just not on Omaha beach.  Everyone already knew he drove trucks for the Army. He picked up the pistol somewhere from Marseilles to the Danube, looping around Switzerland.

The trophy itself is a double trophy.  It's a French pistol captured and repurposed by the Nazis, first.  It has the German touch marks on a French MAB Model D.

Family Lore states that the pistol is deactivated and does not fire.  My guess is it works just fine, and is hale hardy and sound, based on the pictures I do not yet have permission to post here.

I told my buddy that, hey, that is the same pistol that started WWI, too....  DOUBLE History!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saw some classic cars

Here's a car from the mid 50s with a long wheelbase.

And another master of a car from the early 40s with a 2 speed automatic transmission.

I should took more pictures of some of the grills I saw.  I am not the shutterbug others are.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alan Ladd Movie

This Gun for Hire.

I got it more to see Veronica Lake in something. But Alan Ladd is in it as "Introducing..." at the tail of the credits. He was really the star and I think this was his first lead. He plays a Tough hired to rub out folks. Shoot first type. Lake is a lounge act. They both get caught up in a case of Jap espionage and are after the spy for different reasons.

Alan Ladd's weapons are a pair of Colt Pocket Hammerlesses he keeps in either a leather briefcase or the pockets of his overcoat.

Doesn't he know that is against the law? Even in 1942 San Francisco and LA. So is rubbing out blackmailer and cops that get in your way. Alan Ladd plays a hood, but not the actual heel of the movie. 

This movie is hard on cats.  I don't recommend it for cat lovers.

Friday, June 23, 2017

About Time

Click to embiggenate

So here you see my morning commute route (yellow line).  I take Connecticut Avenue south and get on the inner loop of the DC Beltway.  I cross over bridges, two, circled in red.  The road is asphalt, the bridge concrete.  So repairs of asphalt potholes are simple, but concrete pothole repairs are gawdawful, and half hearted at the two bridges.  Getting ready to pass the Morman Temple.

It got MUCH worse about 8 years ago.  Bad for me in a Durango.  I really felt for all the Beemers and Priusi that live around Kensington/Chevy-Chase.  But hey!  We had Obama and and Governor O'Malley and Senator Ried, and Speaker Pelosi and a shovel ready trillion dollar stimulus.  Infrastucture would get a boost, right?!

Nope.  It stayed bad and unfixed and got worse.  Thanks for nothing.

New governor, new president, and they finally fixed those bridges.  Smooth as silk.  Thanks Larry Hogan and President Trump!

I had low expectations for Trump, but him personally coming out with the night crews and seeing to these issues and getting on the Steam Roller himself at 3 AM really exceeded those expectation.

Romney wouldn't have done that.


And based on the Left's behavior of late in other areas, I will start to actually like Trump.  No, I didn't like him before, I was just glad he won instead of...  and I had low expectations for things he might do to help me out.  Fewer expectations means fewer disappointments.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Range 21 June

This was a good one despite poor results.

First 4 targets.  All the ones outside the paint?  Me going "Make trigger go NOW."  Rushing the shot.  The ones in the paint?  "Make trigger go good."

On the fifth target (bottom right) it was the same except I went, "Hey, T-Bolt, position your finger different and see if you can more center the shots that do go in the paint."  I had tried this before.  Difference this time?  It worked this time.

 It was a good range day because ALL the shots were a known quantity for me.  No guess work on why that one did this right and that one wrong.  And with .45ACP.  The wrongs aren't as bad as they used to be.  The rights are getting better and more frequent.  Still a ways to go.

No if only I can concentrate and do right for all 7 at a time.  7 explosions in your hand can be distracting to the concentration.  And it was often the FIRST shot in the mag that was a bad one and the second good..

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I don't know about that.

I was upset back the day he was shot.  I am the NRA. 

I bet the NRA proper in Fairfax publishes stuff about it even without Reason's prodding.

While Away

The Jury decided the jumpy cop that manslaughtered the CCW permit holder was not guilty of same.

At least the cop got fired.

Dude knew he was nervous in the service, maybe he should have sought different employment, sooner. Before he killed some innocent.

This could happen to any of us.  Yes, us white dudes, too.  Cops can be mean, power hungry, scared, stupid, or all four.   We shouldn't HAVE to, but it may behoove all of us to act in a way, in our interactions with law enforcement, that if you get the mean, power-hungry, scared, stupid cop by luck of the draw, he has no excuse to light you up and then get a job selling insurance after your relatives have their day in court.

If you were in Mr. Castile's place, what would you have done different?  YOU are nervous, too, remember, but you see the cop get agitated.  What now?

I wouldn't try to be extra helpful, myself, anticipating the cop's desires by getting my Driver's License ahead of time.  Wait for the commands and ask him to be clear. And if the cop got shouty?  I'd make like a statue.  A statue where he can see both my hands.


And hey, look, that was a linked article to the Metrocon Fortnightly.  And by former fake Not-Trump presidential candidate David French, too.  RTHT, because it is a good one.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Been out of town

But now I am almost home.  Had to go to Cleveland and see the big Cavaliers victory parade.  I thought it would be crowded, but nobody was there.

Don't bother burglarizing me now.  I am pulling into the driveway. 

Things I learned.  There were plenty of automatic transmission cars back in the day.  Even in the 40s.  If you smoke good sausage be ready for a flavor explosion.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

One more thing.

From this.

I need to fit the dovetail sights, too.   Three things.  Clean up the frame sides, blend the grip safety better, and sights.   It won't win beauty contests, but that's fine. 

A few things.  Tips.  For installing dovetail sights.

Use the correct angle file to match your frame.

Then you have to decide...  Do I take off metal from the frame, or the sight, or both?  The sight is harder metal and rougher on your files.  The frame is softer and more expensive.

As you fit with light taps, when you can get it on 3/4 of the way you may want to drive it the rest of the way.  To ensure the least amount of crying.  3/4 is a rule of thumb.  You need to use judgment here.  Drive file it past that it may be too loose and you need a new sight.   Drive too early and you mung up the sight or frame or both.  Tears fall like rain.

Loctite?  Maybe.  If there is a locking screw?  Yeah on that most definitely.  I like blue loctite.  And if the sight is a tritium I'd definitely use blue and not red.  Red needs heat to remove and torching the tritium is...  not good.   

Sunday, June 18, 2017


It's an emoji.  Sideways face.  X is squinted eyes.  D is an open laughing mouth.  See it?


Of course, when I see it, I think of the offerings from Springfield, first.  Mmph. "Why is this person talking about Croatian pistols?  Ohhhhhhhhhhh..."

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Nothing wrong with this day that Liver Pate spread on Saltine crackers cannot fix.

Friday, June 16, 2017

T-Bolt Health Report

I think I have reached a new normal.

Numbness and dexterity in my fingertips may never return, but at least there is no pain.

I can lift thing higher than my shoulders, but the nerve weakness still makes that one side 75% of what it was this time last year.  The muscles haven't atrophied, but they may as well have.  For instance, it is difficult to get up from the ground if I was sitting or lying there.  And it's not because I am too damn fat.  Though that doesn't help.

Simple nerve pinches in my neck and back from too much wear and tear earlier in life

27 year old T-Bolt, with his ability to crank out 10 pull ups so easily it surprised even him, is not coming back.  In fact, 27 year old T-Bolt may have caused this by over doing it.

I'm not gonna be able to fight off the zombies as easily, in the future.

I was never good in a fist fight, but I am more useless now and I need to be self-aware enough about that.  Try to be more treacherous and wily.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I've asked before

What real 'good' do we get from Diversity?  There are some minor things on the margins.  Without diversity, so to speak, I'd never have tasted Thai food.  Thai food is ok, I guess.  And white people get to claim that they aren't really that racist.  Some political gains for one side or another that often doesn't work out like they'd figure.

But it's as if diversity is the goal.  People want it, get it, and.... then what?

Like in London.  Happy the murder victims covered a rainbow of cultures.  Why is that good?

I've talked about this before.

I'm not AGAINST it.  It's the forcing it.  Ramming it down peoples throats.  And for what good end?

Diversity is bunk.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's not make this about guns

No, let's make this about guns.  Democrats are working themselves up into a frenzy.  Eventually they'll stop going after politicians with security details and start going after people that LOOK like they might be a Republican, or a conservative, or some other kind of Trump supporter.

I don't HAVE a security detail.  When will you let me be able to defend myself, Maryland, DC?  Pennsylvania, now, too.  I'm not asking the state provide me a body guard.  I just want a chance, on my own.

Representative Loudermilk wants conceal carry for all lawmakers in DC.  Hey, Volume-Dairy, how bout conceal carry for us useless peasant peons that elect folks like you, too?  You do serve US. If anything, you congress critter should be volunteering to be MY free bodyguard.

And Democrats?  Stop hurting people.

Whip Shot In Hip

 I wonder if the shooter was a Democrat?


And it's a Bernie bro...

Kathy Jackson

Of Cornered Cat is a well known and popular blogger and firearm instructor.  She solicited who is folks favoritest firearm instructors and because she is well liked she got a huge response.  Impressive response.  I want to preserve some of the names in a simple list in case an opportunity comes up and I wonder if some Joe Schmoe I might heretofore had not heard of is worth my training dollar and time.   "Shooting Instructors that do no suck."

Some on the list are no longer with us.
  • Colonel Jeff Cooper
  • Pat Rogers
  • Jim Cirillo
  • Louis Awerbuck
  • Doug Harvey
  • Todd Louis Green 

Those I know are gone and folks sadly miss them.  Not just because they were nice people, but great instructors.

For all I know some in this following list are no longer with us, but I am still listing them.  Some on the list are repeated more than a few times, a testament to how well regarded they are.

  • Mas Ayoob I already knew was very well regarded
  • Claude Werner
  • Marty Hayes
  • Ben Stoeger
  • Bruce Gray
  • Yong Lee
  • HR Hawkins
  • Todd Jarrett
  • Steve Fisher
  • Dave Spaulding
  • Greg Ellifritz
  • Kathy Jackson
  • Melody Lauer
  • John Benner
  • Tom Givens
  • Randy Cain
  • George Harris
  • Ernest Langdon
  • Charles Bosley
  • Greg Ellifritz
  • Karl Rehn
  • Mike McElmeel
  • Ed Head
  • Christopher Weare
  • Ken Campbell
  • Kasey Keckeisen
  • Calderon Welchlin
  • John Farnam
  • Vicki Farnam
  • Steve Fisher
  • Jedi with Modern Samurai Project
  • Chuck Haggard
  • Bill Blowers
  • Clint Smith
  • Ken Campbell
  • Michael Harries
  • Dennis Tueller
  • Rex Applegate
  • Ed Monk
  • Tom Walls
  • Diane Walls
  • Melissa DeYoung
  • Don McNees Jr.
  • Herb Smith
  • Ben Branam
  • Paul Carlson
  • Tom Givens
  • Lyn Givens
  • Randy Cain
  • Jim Crews
  • Ken Hackathorn
  • Michael Seeklander
  • David Maglio
  • Karl Rehn
  • Travis Tomasie

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So, I made a gun

But I was also training to shoot.

And the only thing I was allowed to shoot was .22.  For like a year.  It even took a while before that was allowed.

It's only recently that I was shooting centerfire.   And I only shot .45 again the past month or so

So, the gun got made, but not shot, because of the training.  It fired a single magazine in testing, but nothing else.  It's still a parts pile as I delayed doing more with it until after a metal finishing class was held to brighten it up some.

The metal finishing class never came around.  So what good is T-Bolt 1, my first and only, so far, built from scratch 1911?

I need to bite the bullet, so to speak, do the best I can on the metal finishing, go ahead and loctite in the grip screw escutcheons.  Put it through it's paces.

Plan... I need to wet sand out some nasty scratches on the slide from the build process.  This gun will never be pretty.  I have a sanding block made out of a hockey puck and inch wide abrasive tape in various grips.

Also, I can relieve some pointy bits on the grip safety where it meets the frame with an abrasive cylinder in the dremel. 

Hop to, T-Bolt!  Then you gotta test the function.  250 rounds without a hiccup.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Recent history

So the writing was on the wall in the 1990s.  Clinton was ushering an irreversible gun control regime.  Because of the magazine size limits. 1911s got a boost in popularity because it was the best of the sub-10 round guns available.  Glock responded with baby Glocks to have something to sell to the lucrative civilian market while they still could.  Colt and HK stressed their links to military and law enforcement customer, alienating regular consumers, but who cares about them, they would be disarmed sooner rather than later and not a factor.  S&W took another path conceding to the Clinton administration alligator.  After seeing what the legal profession did to the tobacco industry, Smith didn't want that to happen to them so made a deal to avoid the liability, also pissing off us regular gun owners. 

That was then.

What a difference 20 years makes.  A dozen Vermont-Carry states.  The cusp of realizing a rights-friendly Supreme Court.  If not for a few billionaires you wouldn't even hear from the gun banners. 

Can you tell I am low on blog fodder ideas to just spit out a history paragraph?  It's still a wonder.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Same Bat Time...

When I was a kid there were two parts of TV.  Regular TV that had stuff like the news and was for my parents, and then there was UHF.  On UHF there was stuff for me.  Regular was NBC, ABC, CBS, UHF was PBS.  And there I saw Sesame Street and Electric Company and Mister Rogers.

My older cousin Jason came to visit.  I was out of the room when he made the change but he fiddled with the more delicate UHF tuner to shift from PBS's channel 26 to WDCA's channel 20.  When I walked into the room this was on the screen, with the theme music going.

And I was hooked. 

What is this wonder, Jason!  This is much better than the Cookie Monster.  

Lots of other stuff on Channel 20, including Captain 20, but Batman was the creme de la creme.  I was ruined forever.  Well, from age 3ish through 12ish? 

Thank you Adam West.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

This is a HORRIBLE news story

"Suspect allegedly shot someone with shotgun shell filled with breakfast cereal."

Big long story omitting crucial info.

What KIND of cereal?  It's the most important detail the reader wants to know.  Captain Crunch would be as deadly a #4 Goose Shot.

Oh wait, read to the end.  It was Rice Krispies.  My bad.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Self Trainings

Yeah, if I am gonna get better on my own, I should prolly go to a range that lets me shoot close AND a range that lets me shoot more than once every 2 seconds.  My local does not.

And a shot timer for more self measurements.

Of course, my current split times might be greater than 2 seconds right now...  So perfectly ok at my current digs,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

War! Huh! What is it good for

Remember how I said the Korean war really only took 6 months.   Well it was 6 months of action then it settled into a stalemate for years.

WWII also only took about 6 months.  Well, for us.  It was a much longer thing from when they got involved before Britain turned the corner.  But for us, we got bombed in December, bombed Tokyo, lost the Philippines,  but then crippled the Japanese Navy by June.   The war was all over but the shouting by then.

Sure it was years of slog, but it was a fait accompli after Midway.  The decision was made and it was only going to go one way six months in for us.   At 10:24 on the 3rd of June 1942 the Japanese were winning the war.  Six minutes later they were on their back foot and losing with 3 carriers burning.

May-ish 1942 the Battle of the Atlantic turned and Stalingrad started happening soon after.  And that was that.  Half a year.  The enemy would never really regain the initiative.

WWI was different.  There was action for a just month, then an absolutely monstrous stalemate for years, but no real decision to be such.  In Korea it felt like the stalemate was the preference, "let's just stand pat and eventually end this damn thing."  In the Great War all sides were for a long time looking for some way to change the momentum and get something dynamic going to end the horror, but no one really knew how.  Attrition strategies are less than ideal even for the winning side.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Mag

My first mag used to be better.  At least my first shot.  This drop off with centerfire ammo is a bad trend. 

I need less warmup to get to my best level.  Now my level is lightly higher but it can take a few extra to get there.

Not what I want

That was at 25 feet, btw, on Monday's post, at that ranger.  It would be embarrassing if at 9.  But that is the only way I'll ever have a chance of doing Dot Torture.

Of course I will have to find a range that will let me do Dot Torture.  My range might trust ME to not shoot the floor or ceiling, but there is no way they can let me have the range to myself and shooting 9 feet away would be an example other would follow if they saw.

ESS is my secondary range, but that's a hike I should gird myself into doing more, I guess.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Look at him!  A brietbart story about guns has a guy pictured doing some shooting.  Pic by Getty

Distressed and under pressure, he is hunched over and all clenched.  Fight against that.  By not fighting against that.  You can grip hard, if that is your thing, without clenching every OTHER muscle in your body.   Like neck and head.  You'll run out of gas in a long string and, worse, you aren't doing your accuracy any favors on the first shot.  Soon his elbows will roll out further and his head will get lower... 

"But T-Bolt, maybe someone is shooting at HIM and that is why he's all clenched up."

Yes yes, I know.  But you got to try.  And practice a better way so when you are under stress and your heart is at 170 bpm and maybe you are hurt even... you have a chance of a good shot.

"But T-Bolt, thousands of people defend themselves with a gun scared out of their wits and all hunched over and adrenalin fueled."

True.  As will I, probably, if faced with a similar situation.   But you still want to try to not be clenched.  And practice for that.  To maximize your chances of a better outcome.

Guy in the picture if he can get sight alignment and a good trigger pull 5 times then duck away he did his job, even if a Dominatrix with wailing away on him from behind with a riding crop.  He'd just have an easier time making all that happen if he was more relaxed.

(We're not even gonna talk about his grip right now.)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Don't Listen, Hillary

THEY can't tell you what to do.

Don't they know who you are?

You paid your dues, and you can stay up there as long as you want.  YOU won the popular vote, the party ain't won doodly!  Heck, they were a drag on you!  Give em another piece of you mind, then drag em out behind the woodshed for a what-fer.

Range, 1 June


What a session.  At least I an laugh at myself instead of being dejected about and full of woe.

Remember my mantra?
  1. Relax
  2. Front sight
  3. Make trigger go good.
Tertiary addition:  Just because you haven't shot .45 much in the past 2 years doesn't mean you should be afraid of it now.

Six magazines fired.  The final 2 were Ciener .22.  You can see the old me in that first one, 'I', flinching to heck and back.  Relax, dummy.  The very first shot was that one over on the right barely touching the target I wasn't even aiming at.

Next target, II, below that was much better.  The V target was decent too, but at that point I am getting tired and impatient.

Oh, I am still logging all this.  Never had a failure with the rebuilt .45, and it's even been a while with the .22.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

So London Folks

Are as disarmed as New York, DC, Chicago and LA.


Last physical therapy I pushed myself a little much.  Now, days later, all the neck muscles are tight as a drum.  I can't even do the regular spine stretches.  Ugh.  This is frustrating.  And painful. 

Sex Robots!

"Not as skeevy as you think!"


All wild mushrooms are edible

Some are only edible once.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Done some of that.  Not the most egregious ones.  I got slightly better.  Didn't need a gun store clerk to do it, either.  Did it ALL to myself.

My Momma is in Town

More later.  In the meantime I am going to go down to Union Station in the District. 

No, I'm not taking Metro.  Ten years ago I wouldn't have hesitated.  Now it is just a pit.

Friday, June 2, 2017

I got too much ammo

No really!  Hear me out.

I know what Kipling says about too many books, ammo, and bottles of wine.  Yes.

When I started this journey 9+ years ago I had a box of .357.  Now I have... more.  Like ammo cans, each with a different caliber.   Some gotten 9+ years ago that I haven't gotten around to rotating through as practice.

I thought I'd shoot a lot more .357 this time 9 years ago.  How am I gonna use up a .50 cal can of Magtech?

I don't get around to shoot rifles much, but I have battle packs of 7.62x51.  

The ammo was accumulated slowly, box at a time.  And now I feel old.  And when I am gone I don't want my relatives to have to deal with all this.

"You aren't old, T-Bolt!"  Well, maybe not so.  But i have no plans for the next 40 years of what DO with all this.

But I have a wary eye on 2025, when Trump leaves office.

Admit it, even if you hate the man, but are also a gunnie, you breathed a little sigh of relief.  With Hillary you try to INCREASE your ammo stocks in case she gets grabby about that.  And you know she'd have a go.  Whatever his flaws, there is a bit more confidence that that we can relax our alertness level on gun control from Orange to Yellow.

Back to Orange in 2025, maybe.  Depending.

Well, I can at least lower the levels of .45.   Maybe where I now have two cans of stored Magtech ammo, one of .45, one mixed .38/.357, I can make that just one can in that space in that closet.  That sort of thing.

Another thing is I am getting picky about my ammo quality.  Want less Blazer more Federal Premium.  So use up the more budget stuff.