Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Only 17

My state, Maryland, and 16 other states want Congress to NOT pass on some gun nut insanity and proceed with a Conceal Carry National Reciprocity. Even soon after a shooting rampage when emotions are high and people are irrationally looking to DO SOMETHING, they can only get 17 states on board.

You know what that means?  Thirty-Three of the States maybe would pass national reciprocity.

I wonder what other special kinds of 'laws' can be passed when 3/4 of the states are on board with it?

So flip only 5 states and hold a Convention.

Not hat you need an Amendment.  You just have to get rid of, or vote down, a fillabuster.  Need 66 Senators for that.  Two times 33 is...


Silly Maryland.  Get out in front of the parade if it is gonna happen no matter what you do.  You are on the wrong side of History.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Blahs

So just gonna riff here.

While my shoulder was at its worst I still did some Simulator training.  Sam has plenty of things to teach, and he can work around some mobility issues.  And home invaders and other assorted bad guys aren't gonna postpone til I feel a bit better before putting extra holes in them.

So, been doing some 'point shooting' style training.  Which he wouldn't do if he hadn't ALREADY done a bajillion sessions on trigger pull and front sight focus.

It's an extra club to add to the bag.

There's also some one handed shooting and weak hand shooting possibilities.  The only drawback for that is the drawbacks for all simulator training.  No noise and recoil management.

When point shooting is going well that is some of the funnest training ever.  Point your 'finger' target gets hit.  Again and again.


Guns that interest me right now.  And by interest I mean 'hey, I could buy that...now...'

A 1911 that shoots this:

(Bonus:  they often have a second barrel and shoot 9mm.  The .22 TCM would be interesting, the 9mm would be useful)

This pistol:

(Probably in 9mm?  This would be useful)

And this rifle.  Well, a new one custom made.  I know a guy.  He might find it fun.  A good gunsmith has a backlog of work you gotta wait for.  But if something is fun it can sometimes jump the queue.  Not that I'm in a hurry.

(Prolly need a donor gun to sacrifice. LEFTY.  This would be interesting.) 

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Ya know... To tell you the truth, I have no idea how I reload.  I may indeed point 'above the berm' at the range when I reload.

I KNOW I point above the berm on lockback to see if there is another round in the chamber.

I have a feeling I do indeed point up when I reload and that will be habit I need to pay attention to and work on changing, for safety's sake.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


A good belt is a very good idea if you carry a holstered pistol.  If you go with leather you probably want a belt with a double thickness.

But double thickness means edge stitching, and if that stitching is proud of the surface of the leather, you get this:

And that happens no matter how tough the stitching.  Maybe I a less abrasive office chair.

It's a good carry belt, from Duluth Trading Company.  Or it is while it's fresh.  Those failures are right at 4 and 7 o'clock, too.

Gonna upgrade from an $50 belt to an $80 belt.  I had a Galco years ago.  I don't remember what made it fail... 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Damn Strippers


A commenter, John, added to my bit about getting the gouges out of my 1911 slide:

"I suggest that if you want a flat surface you put the abrasive paper on something flat, surface plate, a piece of tabletop glass, a piece of marble, anything like that and then work what you are trying to get cleaned up across the abrasive. After that you might want to invest in a buffing wheel and some polishing compounds"

A-ha!  I asked Sam if he had done the surface place route.  He had tried that method at times.  It takes forever and doesn't do as good a job on the rougher grits.

Also.  Not looking to get a mirror finish on this.  The standard 'surface' look on a stainless steel shiny section of your gun, from the factory, is what 400 grit sandpaper looks like if you keep it lubricated while you sand.  I just want the slide to blend in with the other parts of the gun, not stand out like a mirror.

See the yellow circle?  That's what is left of a blemish.  You can see some swirly scratches in that vicinity too from lifting the sandpaper wrong.  But much better than it was.  The yellow arrow pointing at the pot edges is the next area I might look at.  They don't impact function, but... extra ugly.  I don't want a beauty queen, but...  I can help a bit.


If I wanted super polish then you betcha... polishing compound and buffing wheels.

You know where else you use a file for a sanding block to so your work on a gun?  When you are doing the fitment for frame-slide that is titanium. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Not a single firearm discharged in the movie, I am pretty sure.

But there is a LOVELY pile of Dreyses in it.  Police confiscations, or found abandoned in the Rathskeller after a raid.

1931.  Fritz Lang.  German cinema was at a high point in the Weimar era.  Same guy did Metropolis.

They speak of the Depression that was in their past.  Meanwhile, Hoover was still screwing up and FDR was waiting in the wings to come and pretend to do something and REALLY make the Depression 'Great'.  Even hyper inflation Germany was looking at us funny when our economic distress dragged on and on.

It's all in German with sub-titles, tho, be warned.

It's about that lout Peter Lorre.  He kills little girls.  And they dance around what he does to his child victims before killing them.  Kinder Morder!

So bad that the underworld of criminals bands together to try to hunt him down.  Also featured in this movie, a Beggar's Guild.  It hands out assignments to the membership so they don't tread on each other's territory for the day.

Lorre was a bit chubbier here than later in The Maltese Falcon

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Range, 16 October

35 shots, 28 American Eagle, 7 Federal HST.  No failures.   It's been 429 since rebuild, last clean.

Guess which holes were the 'holler points' HST?

The middle, Number 3, keerect.

Careful, #1 looks like it wants to encroach on #3 there.  Why am I so flinching at the beginning of a range session now?  All that .22 I shot, mebbe. 

The flinch started to settle by #3 and I was much happier with 4 and 5, and thankful I didn't introduce some heeling and get higher shots, as I have tended of late.

Light workout.  My arms issues are still there, but getting better, so... good news.  I'm as tired whinging about that as you are hearing about it.  Hope it goes away and stays away.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Two Gun T-Bolt

Now I am not talking about my junk.  Jeez.

I don't this will, or should EVER, pass, but...  hypothetical...

If they passed a law saying you can only have two, AND they somehow convinced you that this was the way to go...  We all agree with it!  In this hypothetical.   Which two guns do you keep?

It would go a ways to destroying the gun culture.   Collectors drive a lot the industry and, more importantly, the interest.  Which is by design.  Kill the culture, a ban later is easier.  And keeping track to be sure of compliance with 'just two' means a database.  Registration.  Which will make confiscation simpler.  When the cops come to some people's houses they will no longer need to bring a tractor trailer.  One man can carry both you two guns out.

"You just have these two, right."

"Yeah.... sure... just them..."

With two guns I don't even have one of each.  One pistol one rifle...  No duck hunting for me!  Full size pistol for CCW, but what about the summer time when I wear shorts and a pocket size BUG is more appropo, maybe?  Big pistol, little pistol... no rifle.  I no likee the limits.  Does .22lr weapons count against the Two-Gun limit?

The whole concept is a Libtard non-starter, unrealistic and unworkable.  So what else is new with those imbeciles...

But if you had to choose.  If you HAD to.  What do you pick?

You two favorites for sentimental value, T-Bolt?  It would suck to turn those in.  Maybe I'd give em out to folks in the family with 0 guns, to keep em IN the family.

Something to go hunting with, T-Bolt?  I'm not that enamored with hunting to need a shottie or scoped rifle.

A battle rifle, T-Bolt?  I'm getting old and creaky to be thinking I could pull off soldiering. 

You carry a J-Frame all the time, now, how bout that?  That's limitting, doncha think?

Naw, I'd prolly go for two identical 1911s.  To last me the rest of my life.  To shoot and carry and enjoy and have in an emergency.  I don't have Montana sized vistas to think about, here in the suburbs.  The 1911 has a good trigger pull if I get old man grip weaknesses...  And I'd have one gun and a spare.

But people aren't going to sit still when the gov't wants to confiscate gun 3+.  That would get noisier than they are ready for, I think.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Big mistake goind down this road...

Democrats Pissed Off the NRA in 1994—And They’re Still Haunted by It

If Ginsberg had let Scalia put the words strict scrutiny in Heller and Hillary said "Gun control is just not going to be a priority for my administration," Hillary would be President right now.

Old man

A little tendonitis in the left elbow, a little bursitis in the right shoulder.  Makes it hard to traing.

But, meh.  It's nothing compared to the worst of the neuropathy I had earlier in the year.  I'd live with this.  It's responsive to doses of Aleve.

You know what will also fatigue it?  Filing before shooting.  You'd be surprised how much a little back and forth with a file can wear you out.

When I made my T-Bolt 1911 two years ago there was talk of a metal finishing class.  Which never did happen, so I have procrastinated since.   My slide was also sorts of scratched up.  I had to use a device to squeeeeeeeeze it together to get a better frame to slide fit that didn't rattle side to side.  This vise fitting, and the rest of build, introduced LOTs of little scratches and some not so little.

So, first some dry filing.  Then with sandpaper use the file as a sanding block and work through the grits.  Keep it straight and lubricated on the finer grits to avoid scratch ramps.  Don't contaminate with coarser grits.  Don't let the side you just finishe get scratched doing the other side.  All thing I learned.  But the slide is much much better looking now.

Now, sights and a little shaping on the dish top of the beaver tail and done. 

Update:  Pics would have been used for the Before, but I was too ashamed of the gouges then.  The After pics are much better, but still utilitarian and not something I am proud of, just good enough.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Neither I, nor any of the guns I own, shot anyone is Vegas, either.


"I can't believe these Hollywood actresses were such hypocrites!  Bagging on Trump for what he talked about when Harvey Weinstein was actually DOING that stuff.  To them!"

Yeah.  I don't care about Trump.  I don't much like the guy.  He's exceeding my expectations a hair, but those were low to start with.  And he's not Hillary.  Doing great at that second part.

No, I don't care about Trump.

I don't care them Hollywood ladies bagged on him.

They bagged on every man politically right of Chuck Schumer.  They bagged on me.  And I never made them watch me shower.  I never groped them.  I never raped them.  They took it out on me, and folks like me, not on lefties like Harvey.  Not on Harvey.  I guess they just assumed if guys on the left are that bad then I gotta be much much worse, or something?  Just assumed, no evidence or experience.

It's awful what happened to them, but because of how they treated ME because of what happened to them, it is hard to gin up too much sympathy for them ladies. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bipartisan Tyranny

I was of the opinion that gun rights should be supported by both parties.  It is a bipartisan issue.  It profits not the Democrats at the ballot box, being for gun confiscation schemes.  In fast it arguably almost always hurts them.

So in some misty future the Dems decide to stop supporting gun control and the NRA can go back to being bigger on the shooting sports instead of the lobby sports...

Well, if the issue becomes that uncontroversial then wouldn't 'common sense gun safety' items might pass much easier?  "No one likes bump stocks, left or right, pro or anti-gun.  Statistically speaking.  Might as well ban them... We're all pro gun but heck!"

That snowball could roll and roll down the mountain.  And there would be nothing to stop it, having shut down the gun advocacy organs long before it got to rolling. 

My passimism might not come to pass.  I may be willing to risk it just to see a world where it's not a political football to move around.

More metaphors!

Maybe later.


Friday, October 13, 2017

NPR gets it, finally

So I am listening to NPR and get a shock.  There is a program on Here and Now where 90% of the bit is devoted to the fact that ALL gun control, from the founding of the republic, was put up there to keep guns out of the hands of black people.

That all gun control is racist.

Hence gun controllers, if you follow their reasoning, are racists.


Never thought it would go over so easy and be admitted so readily on a public broadcasting.  They condemn themselves.

Oh, it's not overt, but they can't close their eyes to it anymore.  It's a long hard look in that mirror of theirs.

You are correct.  Democrats have been awful to the civil rights of black people since the civil war and to their slaves before that. 

What's the other 10%?  Well, Brian Balogh, appears to have left the safety of his thriving metropolis of Charlottesville Virginia (that notorious den of Kluxers and the home for a Rape Factory) and travelled out to the hinterland a couple years back to see what a gun show is like.  He was scared.  He sauntered up to the guy that had historical looking guns and said "is it always like this?" and the guy responded that the evil looking black rifles started ramping up in volume a decade before.  Brian also notice the countryside was filled with people not just with military style guns, but military style vehicles like trucks and such and wore military style camo clothing.... and this is all probably because we've been at war around the world for 20 years, and his tone said, "this is ominous for us erudite intellectual betters on the coast..."

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Why do they make double cut file?  They make them for people THAT DON'T GIVE A CRAP HOW AWFUL THE FINISH ON THEIR GUN PARTS LOOK.

Other that that, I have no strong feelings.

Single cut on top, double cut on bottom.

The single cut gives a smoother finish, and the double is a bit more aggressive removing material.  But I'm not in a hurry.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rush Follows My Lead

"From this day forward, somebody propose it, liberals should not be allowed to buy guns. It's just that simple. Liberals should have their speech controlled and not be allowed to buy guns" - R. Limbaugh

Maybe being a Democrat should make you a prohibited person on a NICS check.   What's the old chestnut?  Democrats buy guns to shoot other Democrats and occasionally Republicans.  Republicans buy guns to protect themselves from Democrats.


Now that Harvey Weinstein is in the soup for indelicate behaviors...

How soon before Louis CK goes down the pipe for similar?

I guess Harvey (and Joss, and Louis, and &c.) are so against guns because they are afraid the pretty young actresses might defend themselves from him.

Olde Timey

Does Vincent's 1911 look funny to you?

It looks small.  But all old movie 1911s look small to me.

The forward dust cover area of the slide looks to be...  different.

Same with the rear area where the grip safety is.  Look where it meets the web of his hand.

Oh, and no front sight.

So, either a gun model I am unfamiliar with of or... a prop gun?

Let's check the database!

Drat.  The former.  It's just a 1903 Colt Pocket Hammer.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

You Can't Repeal the Second Amendment

There will be 14 states that are Constitution Carry alone.  You'd need to get all the other states and two of those to pass an amendment repealing #2.  Tall order.

But so?

You can get all 50 states to vote to pass a repeal, so what?  Can you even vote to give up unalienable rights?  The thing about rights is you can't relinquish them, everyone has them, and they put no obligation on others to do anything besides respect them.  But you always have them. 

Life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness.

Self defense, preserving my life, liberty, and property. 

People in Australia and Britain have Second Amendment rights.  It's just that their gov't violates, instead of safeguards, those rights.  Wrongly.  Broadly.  Without proper justification. 

There are certain individual times in specific cases where the gov't comes down on you and violates your rights under societies sanction.  You might violate someone's rights by robbing them of their property and then find yourself losing your liberty for a time in prison, put there by the gov't, for example.  But even such a rights violator has rights.  Due process, for one.

It's one thing to repeal an Amendment.  It's quite another thing entirely to try to repeal a Right. 

Monday, October 9, 2017


Like I said before.

He's [the lead investigator] seen the stuff, knows a lot more and is going "WTF?!  This is so damn weird.  What COULD we tell folks, really?  This is too strange.  It's gonna take a while to make sense of this guy."

Weird stuff went down in Vegas and they just don't even know where to go with it


ICE Qual

New to me term.

ICE Qualification.   A course of fire done in what is essentially a square range.  Very little footwork.

Never hear of it before this weekend.  Draw and fire test give to LEO and security types.

It came up because we did some point shooting training in the simulator.  Years of focusing on the front sight, maybe now is the time to learn a bit more about shooting without using the front sight.  At least for targets that are very close.

One of my first trainers when it came to drawing and firing already showed me the 'draw, then with your elbow at the resulting 90 degrees and your wrist straight, pin said elbow to your ribs at your gig line.'

I've been dry fire drawing to that postion for a decade, and apparently I was doing it right by not angling the arm across the body.

When doing holster work with ICE quals or any other holster work remember to reholster at your leisure.  I wonder if there is a study about circumstances where a body unintentially shoot theirself, what the cirsumstance of that happenstance is?  I bet number one answer on the board is 'gun fired while reholstering...'  Number two?  I dunno...  passing your support hand in front of the muzzle?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Food from the Fallout

So the game Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, 200+ years after WWIII which happened in 2077 in this alternative universe.

This applies to all the Fallout games, but lets concentrate on the latest one, in Boston.

Also in this alternate universe, the integrated circuit was never really invented.  People still use vacuum tubed in 2077.  What DID advance was all the Atoms-for-Peace stuff of the Ike years.   Fusion power is a thing.  Atomic cars no longer work, but old fusion electricity generators sure did.

When you wander around the half ruined city, devastated by a near miss to the south you scavenge buildings for food.  There is Yum Yum Devilled Eggs, Salisbury Steak, cans of Pork and Beans, even chewing gum, still around.  Plenty of it.  And you can eat it.  After 200 years.


I mean this guy tries a 50 year old C Ration and finds it dangerously inedible.

Well, it wasn't eaten 200 year ago, maybe, because lots of people died.  And, like I said, Atom for Peace.  It's a parallel universe where they might not have had qualms about gamma radiating every food item produced, thus extending the shelf life.  Plus the bombs fell, so extra radiation applied.  And parallel universe, maybe they had a better seal on their packaging so it didn't deteriorate.  Their rusty food cans weren't as bad as... our... rusty... food cans...

Oh, beer!  There is lots of beer bottle around.  I don't like 6 month old stale beer, imagine 200 years.  Yick.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Holy Crap

It's Greg Brady and JJ 'Kid Dyn-O-Mite'.

One was the older brother I never had.  The other was the older bruthah I never had.

David Brooks

Metrocon.  Hopeless metrocon.  If he is even a con anymore.

With ZERO self-awareness.

All the dang conspiracy theories


I don't frequent those sights but they seep up everywhere even if you try to avoid them.

I don't think the Vegas shooter was directed by the Illuminati.  That's stupid.

I don't think this was a false flag and no one got killed, that this was all staged by Halliburton or whatever.  That's stupid.  Er.  Stupider.

What makes all these crazy theories worse is the lack of info from the dude that had little online foot print.  If he had a facebook account that talks about the beta waves emanating from the plumbing fixtures or how socialism is grand and vote Bern, or something about an Aloha Snackbar, people would put the shooter into a convenient little cubby hole.

But if he is any of those thing we don't know.

Somewhere there is a law enforcement type that does know.  Or knows a whole lot more.  Details.  Normally, this dude through his department releases info to the public in some form through Public Relations or what have you.  That isn't happening.  Why?  I can think of reasons.  Reasons that aren't all Illuminati.

  1. He's seen the stuff, knows a lot more and is going "WTF?!  This is so damn weird.  What COULD we tell folks, really?  This is too strange.  It's gonna take a while to make sense of this guy."
  2. Oh crap.  He is Muslim.  We better not release that info for a while to avoid another backlash against the community like last time (I know, I know, what last time?..)  Or something to that effect.
  3. There is information about co-conspirators that need to be tracked down and followed up on to avoid queering that person's prosecution.
  4. Another similar but unnamed innocuous reason.

Still.  I think withholding details at this point is being counter productive, but I'm not Mr. Detective person in charge of this whole shebang.  It don't matter what I think.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Baby Boomers

"is there a trend toward 60+ would-be mass murderers? Two is not enough for a trend, but it may be something to keep an eye on."

And a light bulb went off.  If it is a trend...

When these shooters, Paddock and Hodgkinson were 20 something, the murder rate was peaking.  Their co-generation were the young men committing crimes at a record rate.  Then that generation aged and slowed down and mellowed and the next generation didn't take up the violent-crime slack.  Crime rates fell

That age group and crime.  Connected.  Now some hangers on from back then are making one last splash

Was it all the lead in the paint and gasoline making them superviolent?  That stuff is persistent. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

This is a big deal

DC won’t take concealed carry fight to Supreme Court

Fortified his Support

Of the Second Amendment.

Of course it did.  Rep. Scalise understands it.  Despite being shot, he understands what the 2nd Amendment means.

You know, you can get your buddy Paul Ryan to bring up the Reciprocity Bill, for a vote, Mr. Majority Whip.  If that law had been in effect before your shooting, staffers that live in Maryland or DC and work in DC and go to Baseball practices...  More people may have been legally armed, apart from the security detail, when a crazed Democrat showed up to murder folks.  More people shooting back at the bad guy might have meant fewer innocents injured.   You might have avoided all your painful tribulations entirely in that case.

Talk to Paul Ryan, Steve Scalise.  Tell him what's what.  Give us people you represent, who don't have security details, a fair chance against Evil like that Bernie-bro fellow.

"But all the CCW in the world wouldn't have stopped the Vegas shooter, he was too far away."

No he wasn't.  Not from guys like Chris Bethel. Him or someone like him might have intervened before the cops got there, if armed.  If the hotel wasn't a gun free zone, that is. We don't know.  But it's not outside the realm of possibility.

added:  (Huh.  The mere arrival of the maybe-armed maybe-not security guard may have ended the killing.  That's good.  Good job, House Dick. Warning:  graphic picture at bottom of this informational link.)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Shot Show is held in Vegas

Think they will cancel the next one?

One bright side...

With bump fire stocks in the news making a semi-auto act like a full auto machine gun?

People and the press that were conflating semi-auto with auto for decades are finally forced to learn the difference.

Don't give away the store

Republicans!  Don't give away the store without getting something in return!

Don't give away the store without getting something in return.

To compromise does NOT mean to show your belly and do whatever the Democrat party wants.  You always do that.

Don't give something to the bad guys, like a bump-stock ban, without getting a significant claw back of our inherent civil right to self defense under the protection of the Second Amendment in trade.  Like both suppressors AND reciprocity.


Don't give away the store without getting something in return!
I hear you thinking Paul Ryan.  I can hear the gears turning in your head.  You are thinking of just putting up a simple ban.  DON'T DO THAT There is talk that that is what folks want to do.  Resist it.

All the talk

About gun control from the usual subjects.   I'm not too worried.  There is nothing on my must-have list.  No panic buys needed.

Oh crap!  Ammo! 

Placed order.  Just in case.  I have plenty of everything but 9mm.  My newest acquisition.  I settled on 124 grain for that.  Neither the gun now I can tell the difference between that and 115 and 147.

I had topped off on .22 Min-Max whatevers already.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Misleading Post Headline

Attack may be first mass shooting using an automatic weapon!

Says the WashPost.

So, is EVERY reporter working there under age 30 and think history started in 2008?  NO other mass-shooting/murders with automatic weapons?  Can't think of nuthin? 


By 7:30 yesterday morning the person that will never be president tweeted:

Imagine the deaths if the shooter had an A-10 Warthog, Gam-Gam!  (speaking of warthogs...)

What nonsense. You aren't helping.

Do you know what a machine guns sound like when it has a 'silencer' on it?   It sounds like a machine gun.

Keep it classy, you shrivelled old harpy.  I really dislike that tweety orange a-hole, but he is orders of magnitude better than you.

You are just awful.  Your whole family is.  And all your little friends, too.  

Imagine if the shooter had an LA class nuclear attack submarine with tube launched Tomahawk cruise missiles!

Monday, October 2, 2017


They let OJ Simpson out onto the streets of Vegas during the day Sunday, and Sunday night...

Ok, that's in bad taste, admittedly.




Wrenn case, at DC Circuit

This could be good news for Shall Issue.

Or it could be bad news.

It all depends how justice Kennedy feels that day.  Or Justice Roberts.

With Gorsuch it will probably get cert.  But who knows, later.  Got five?  I know you got four but this is important.

Or the reciprocity law might render it nigh moot.

I know which side is right and should win, but that doesn't mean I am that confident.  A loss sets us back 25 years.  May Issue becomes settled law if they rule wrong.  That threatens some of you in Shall Issue state.  Look to Virginia to switch.  Or Pennsylvania.  Then what?  Both states are slowly getting political dominated by liberal suburbs and near-urbs, and from Soros/Bloomberg donations.  It's nothing to make Maryland more oppressive, but they want to get gun friendly states to switch.  Get their momentum back, finally.

Yeah, that's a half empty glass alright.

But if they get stopped, here, at Wrenn... That will be the end of the beginning in this long struggle.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gen X

Did you know that there's a whole generation of people who were born between 1965 and 1980?

Ha!  My generation.

Now there is no official start and end date for generations.  It's pretty arbitrary and imprecise.  But those dates are pretty close to 'mine.'  I call mine "between the shots" just because it is easy to remember.  Shots at Presidents.  To be GenX you have to be born after November 22nd, 1963, but before March 30th, 1981.

Boomers were between Trinity and Dallas.

Millennials between Hinckley's gesture to Jodie Foster and the Towers coming down.

Give or take. 

Generation X.  Forced to listen to the Babys Boomers' childish blatherings and also forced to listen to the Millennials' childish blatherings.  Get offa my lawn.

The text of the law

So I posted a link to this from the Congress website:

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017

This bill amends the federal criminal code to allow a qualified individual to carry a concealed handgun into or possess a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.
A qualified individual must: (1) be eligible to possess, transport, or receive a firearm under federal law; (2) carry a valid photo identification document; and (3) carry a valid concealed carry permit issued by, or be eligible to carry a concealed firearm in, his or her state of residence.
Additionally, the bill specifies that a qualified individual who lawfully carries or possesses a concealed handgun in another state: (1) is not subject to the federal prohibition on possessing a firearm in a school zone, and (2) may carry or possess the concealed handgun in federally owned lands that are open to the public. 

And I commented how the highlighted part screws us Marylanders, with out-of-state CCW cards, over.
And commenters piped in, "Nuh-uh, T-Bolt!  That's not what it says!"

And I'm thinking, "What are you chowderheads thinking?  I lifted RIGHT from Congress.  How can you get any more official than that."

Well, RIGHT NEXT to the tab for the stuff I was reading and cribbing from is a tab that says text.  The tab I was reading on says summary.   And the summary doesn't do a very precise job summarizing the actual text of the law..

I shoulda known the actual law would look a lot more complicated than the above.

The part I like in the actual text best is:

"and who is carrying a valid license or permit which is issued pursuant to the law of a State and which permits the person to carry a concealed firearm"

I highlighted my favorite bit.  My bad on the original flub.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Registration leads to confiscation

Or worse.

Been taking a break

From the range and this weekend from simulator training.

Both arms are wore out. 

The right because that nerve stuff I whined about earlier in the year is acting up a little.  The left has some tennis elbow going on that I worry will impact the trigger finger if it gets worse.  Got that hammering in 18 inch tent stakes.

Neither of them are that bad.  But a rest won't hurt em.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Saw This

And thought, "Huh.  How soon before a blogger smarter than me fisks it to hell and back?"

Scientific American has been reliably lefty on plenty of junk of late, so I was not surprised.

Just a quick skim at work and a citation with the familiar name Kellerman jumped out at me and I closed the webpage after copying the URL.  Didn't skim for a second cite.  I'll wait for someone else to pick it apart and enjoy their efforts.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gun Slump

Maybe, maybe not.  It's nothing but contradictions, lately.  This anonymous source says there is too much inventory, this other says sales are booming because prices are slashing, supposedly a bunch of empty tables at the Fun Show and it is easier to walk around.   Stock prices at Ruger and S&W on Wall Street are down.

However.  It does appear August of this year was a record August, according to the FBI.  It's not normally a gangbuster month.

But looking at previous years, month to month, sure NICS checks are down a little in 2017, but it's only slightly off the peak.  It's not cratering of sales.  It's not that big a slump.  Sure 2017 only beats 2016 in August and May so far, but 2016  was an absolute boom.  2017 beats 2015 EVERY month.  2015 was the previous record year!

"It's just Dems and Antifa buying guns for the Revolution, T-Bolt!"

Well at least they are pro 2A now, and maybe it will be a bipartisan issue again.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Saysuncle is replacing Junior with a robut.   This is how the Robut Uprising starts.

Soon, the Robuts will control everything and take YOUR job, too.

What caliber for Robut Rampage?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NFL protests

I get it.  What are you protesting, all youse?  A song?  Naw.  Cops?  Naw, it's gone beyond that.  People like me, ordinary patriotic Americans and customers?  Yup.  You hate me.  Fine. I hate you back.  And I sorta started that in the 90s, so, we good I guess.  Since I started it. 

But this was still interesting, saw it on Insta.  (the good insta)

All the arrests of NFL players this millennium.

How hum, no gun?  Right you are.  But here is the players busted on gun charges broken out.

The dark purple.

The worst teams are

Tampa Bay
The New York Jets
And the Carolina Panthers

Only the Jets is in a CCW-unfriendly jurisdiction.  That's just laziness, not getting your ducks in a row so you can carry while pro-balling, fellas.  And the Jets folks coulda, too, by paying off the right folks.  Rich people are allowed gun rights in New York, after all. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

On Writing.

Thing I learned this weekend

I need to universally put a little more finger on the trigger.  No matter the platform.  Revolver, 1911, Glock, it doesn't matter.

Almost to the crease.  Not the tip, (heh) not the center of the pad, the crease.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Choo Choos

I am kinda sad I was born so late and missed the railroads.  If not the peak of passenger lines, at least to see the tail end.  And a few more steam locomotive.

In the 80s I saw a steal train pass here.

It was the last steam locomotive I would ever see person, unless I seek one out.  It was also one of the first I ever saw.  Funny how that works.

I would have liked to have seen the B&O and C&O in in better times.  And when there was more cabooses about.  Another thing that disappeared before I could say goodbye.   Saw more of them than steam locomotives, sure.


Do yourself a favor and don't follow the Beaver River from Youngstown to the Ohio River and then up the Ohio to Pittsburgh.  The train tracks follow the River and it is dead steel plant after dead steel plant.  Or the sites of plants.  Most of the building have been scrubbed away.

What could have magically happened in the 70s to keep those plants in place?  We still make steel in this country.  LOTS of it.  A little over half the volume we made 50 years ago, admittedly, but that's still LOTS of steel.  China is ten times bigger than us.  But before China, back then, it was other foreign sources.

Well even with gov't protections, production would not have lasted.  Even with huge union concession, the mills still couldn't have stayed open.  The plants needed to be magically modernized.  And that costs.  And with modernizations comes efficiencies, so you get the massive personnel layoffs regardless.  You end up only firing 95,000 in the Beaver/Ohio River valleys instead of 100,000.  The towns would still have hollowed out.

Follow the train and the river from Youngstown to Pittburg.

Gun content:  Steel is in guns, and bad guys robbed trains with guns, and Pinkertons were armed with lever action rifles when they broke up labor strikes.  

Friday, September 22, 2017

Seen on Ace

Coincidentally, I've been reading a lotta Mike Hammer, lately.  The first six novels.

"I killed more people tonight than I have fingers on my hand. I shot them in cold blood and enjoyed every minute of it. I pumped slugs in the nastiest bunch of bastards you ever saw and here I am calmer than I've ever been, and happy too. They were Communists, Lee. They were red sons of bitches who should have died long ago."
-Mike Hammer

I haven't gotten to that part, in the books I've put away to date.  I'll tell you when I do.  I dunno what I think of Detective Hammer so far.  He's a tough guy that knows how to use his fist.  But he named his 1911.  "Betsy".  Even though he lost it and had to replace Betsy in the second book.  It's a gun, not a girl. 

Mr.  Hammer feels fine because:

In 1967, Polish mercenary Rafal Ganowicz was asked what it felt like to take human life, “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever killed communists.” 


Thursday, September 21, 2017


That time again


When I first saw this, it was just stills, as I was at work and not looking at the video.  But here is the video if you are one of the 4 people that haven't seen the S&W .500 blow up yet.

From the stills, my guess was a timing issue, but he shot it single action.  Less chance for a misalign there.  After seeing the video... Maybe a squib? 

Then I watch it a few more time.  Looks like some of the top strap banananas on the far side maybe?  Now my guess is over charged reload.  Shoulda prolly been my first guess.  If anyone sees the 'why' later, I'd appreciate a point out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Good News and Bad News

Ok the NRA is trying to do their job and get stuff voted on in Congress.

Good News:  CCW Reciprocity may actually get a vote in the House and will probably pass

Bad News:  It doesn't apply to us folks in May Issue states.  Despite having CCW permits from two other states I will not be able to carry in any additional locales.

A qualified individual must: (1) be eligible to possess, transport, or receive a firearm under federal law; (2) carry a valid photo identification document; and (3) carry a valid concealed carry permit issued by, or be eligible to carry a concealed firearm in, his or her state of residence.

So, thanks for nuthin, NRA.

Hey, get them to pass "You Virginia non resident CCW permit means you can not carry in Maryland, T-Bolt, no matter what your home state thinks" and then get the Senate to pass it, and then get Trump to sign it, and you get a GREAT big donation from me the next day.  When you offer to send me a leather jacket for becoming a Patron or Benefactor member, I'll tell you to keep it.  Put that jacket money to better use elsewhere than just handing me swag.  I got swag.  A valid in Maryland toter's permit.  If you come through. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sim Training

Got to do some holster training.  First time.

All this time training and we finally get to holsters and draw training.

The manual of arms is pretty much exactly the same as when I did it for my CCW training 10 year ago.  I've practiced that, but with someone watching, now I know where I've been reinforcing bad habits.

People set the draw to numbers.  Just like military drill. Add two more if you have a cover garment.  Add two more on top of that if you have two cover garments like a button down shirt AND an unbuttoned jacket.

Things I learned:

When you go back to the draw from the 'hands up, surrender' position, tickle the kitty.  I'd never done that before.  What is that, for those like me that had a quizzical look on their face?  When your hand goes to get your gun, brush your finger tips on it as you sweep past.  Now you know where it all IS.  You feel the back strap, the grip.... for the next step is to get that grip, firm and right the first time, no shifty-shifty.  'Tickling the kitty' makes the problem of getting the right grip much simpler.  It sounds stupid, but it works. So...

Other thing I learned...  I am relatively disciplined with my support hand, but not enough, and less so with a little stress added on.  I am getting it on the grip too early, too, when the pistol is still too close in to my body.  I need to meet it when pushing out?  Still got to drill this better.  This is the third most common time you will shoot your self.  One and two are when you are drawing and reholstering, or vice versa.  Three is muzzling your own damn hand trying to support hand into place on grip and fumble-bumming.  (Ok, I am guessing at the ranking, but smart money says I am right.)

Monday, September 18, 2017



[OOPS!  I mean Harry Dean Stanton.  I had John Carradine, aka The Velvet Fog, on the brain.  Mea Cuppa.] 

[Actually I was just checking to see if you were awake...]

As many of you know, John Carradine died, aged 91.

The only man that could make Patrick Swayze AND Charlie Sheen cry.

Well, I saw this picture of him and Kurt Russell from Escape From New York.

That sub gun impressed me back then.  Less so now.  Attaching the scope TO the supressor of a Mac-10?  How is that working out for you?

On of the nice things about the Mac-10 was you could attach a suppressor with some insulation so your support hand could grab it and steady it as you hip fire it.  I don't think even without the rifle scope, which doesn't look long eye-relief, you could grap that one, but I could be wrong.

Sorry bout that

I feel like my blog posts are less inspired recently.  Last week or two.  Sorry about that.  I guess that can happen, and it can come in waves.  I will endeavor to shake off the funk and be more interesting, seeking new angles to look at gun issues and share, like I do, and learn stuff and try to pass that on as well. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yes you will

"We won't be intimidated or defeated."

Well, yeah, you kind of are.  So are we.

I don't like that.

And I especially don't like the people in positions of responsibility accept that so readily.  Rolling over.

Stop acting like this is noting.  Stop placidly walking up the gangplank into the proverbial cattle cars. Stop pretending you can just absorb this and drive on.  Start acting like your way of life is under siege, because it is.  And under siege by an inferior force.  Stopping it is easy, all it take is will.  But lacking that the inferior force that is patient and persistent prevails.

If you don't want to fight back... well.... it was a good civilization while it lasted.  And I got no kids, so, if you don't care what happens to your kids I don't either.  

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Jay Nordlinger is old school, like Bill Kristol or George Will or David Brooks before they went around the bend.  Very urban-centric and whatnot.  Almost a perfect example of a metrocon.

So it is nice to see him with a positive take on firearms in his Impromptu column.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Saw a Bogart movie

In a Lonely Place 


Bogie plays Dixon Steele.  With a name like that, I figured there HAD to be gun play.  Not.  He's just a violent domestic abuser from back in the day when you can certainly punch a fella, and often get away with punching a dame.  No guns tho.  There is a murder, but that was by strangulation.

Not even the cops have guns.

Well, dang.

Acceptable levels of public interpersonal violence have changed in 65 years.  At least in Hollywood, but I think in society as a whole as well.  Sock someone now and you much more likely to be tattled on if you don't make yourself scarce.  Provided no one knows who you are.

Bogart is a relatively famous screen writer in this movie, but it's be a while since his last hit picture.  So he's wrestling with that, looking for love instead of mere lust (which he seems accustomed to satisfying at will) and you get a lot of stress on a volcanic character.  Stress leads to outbursts.  But apart from the outburst Bogie plays what could have been a awful person as a very sympathetic protagonist.  They guy had acting chops, fo' sho. 

Oh, and Violet, the harlot from It's a Wonderful Life, is his love interest in this movie.  


I can't wait until the GOP is in the majority and can pass some of their agenda items and help the country.

What good are you peeps? 

Thursday, September 14, 2017


That's a lotta households with guns, 120,000,000 adults with a gun in the house out of 250,000,000 total adults.  And done by the WSJ/NBC.  Not exactly a super left or super right effort there.  

I wonder if people tell the pollster that they have a gun when they don't?  Cuz if my work or my doctor or some pollster on the phone asks me I lie and say no.  If they do follow up like "I thought you talked about shooting at the range that one time."  I lie some more about a borrowed gun from a buddy or "Oh I got rid of that a few years back."

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Agree

The standards should be the same.  Voting or Gun Purchasing!  John Lott is onto something.  They are both sacred rights, and with some qualifications.

Now I'd prefer the easier way.  You show up at the polls with a photo ID that says you you are a voter, and poof, you are in.  Don't run NICS checks on voting the day of the election. 

Same with guns.  Flash you "I passed a NICS check" card in the past year and walk out with your new gun. 

Prolly should do a test case in one state first to test.  And make the card and check free to avoid the poll tax issues, like Lott mentions.  Easy Peasy. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dead Eye

With all this gun skool training?  I'm getting good.  Really good.

How good.


Ok maybe not that.

"You know how belt systems work with martial arts stuff?  You are doing great.  You are like a really advanced white belt right now."


Monday, September 11, 2017


We shoulda declared war.  On actual countries.  I don't much care which ones.  But then we could have warred with them, gotten their unconditional surrenders, and be friends with them long ago, at this point.  Instead of still playing at scare quite "war."  Not an ideal scenario but better than the one we followed.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Gun Ownership Map

How is gun ownership in Maryland 20% while in DC, where gun ownership was unheard of 10 short years ago, 25%

This seems fishy.

Even counting security types in the District.  That often live OUTSIDE the city. 

Delaware just a bit over 5% while a whole quarter of District of Columbia? 

Now they are counting is weird, counting gun incidences and...  you know they are pulling this out of their butt, and the article mentions pretty much the same thing too.  Screwy.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

They're Veterans Too

Who Pooped?

Hey what kind of scat is this?

It's less than 24 hours old, but it did get rained on over night.

The thing is, there same sort of scat was there in the exact spot a week or so ago.  Serial driveway pooper!

I'm thinking... Possum?  Doesn't look like the raccoon poop I've had to deal with.  It did have an aroma...  And it was done at night. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Range 7 Sept.

Took the 9mm.

Upper left, four shots.  Walked it in to the center.  Had to leave it with just the 4.   Shifted to upper right for the rest of that mag.

Then... the rest.  Results mixed.  Some shots the trigger just felt... right.  Those are the ones in the center.  The ones that are just ok are a bit high, but at least they are relatively centered.  I like how my flaw has shifted.

Lessee... up at 12 is 'breaking wrist up'.  I guess anticipatory flinch.  I'm sure.  Better there than low left, but I think I can beat this.

Lots of lock backs in the middle of the magazine, but that was expected with these springs.  A little more set should help, I am told.  Magazine #2 was the best, only locking back on the last one.  Magazine #2 has always been my favorite.  #2 was the lower left target.  No distraction from having to slide release there.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

We Settled This

"The debate over this is whether this clause was intended for only the militia or regular citizens as well."

Look, Tasnim Baqir, we had this debate.  Your collective rights side kept pushing it from the 1960s or so?  Like it was some new discovered angle.  It was goofy then and it is goofy now.  But none of that matters.  This debate was settled in 2007 in the Heller ruling.  Even the liberal side, on and off the Supreme Court, conceded it was an Individual Right. 

But by all means, keep attempting to re-hash a case that is already settled law.  It makes you look incompetent and wastes your time.  And since you are trying to violate people's rights the more you spin your wheels in this mud pit the better, as far as I am concerned. 

You say "Until the 1980s, there was no such thing as the 'individual rights' theory of the Second Amendment."  That is not true.  An individual right was the historical understanding of the Amendment through most of our history and was only muddled by gun controllers relatively recently.  And obviously is still trying to be muddled, as this editorial attests.  I'd cite facts, but based on how divorced from fact your editorial is, it would just bound off of you, and doing so has been done ad infinitum.  Once again, settled by Heller.  If you and the forces of evil somehow manage to overturn that ruling that still won't make the 2nd a collective right.  Rights exist outside of your wishes.

"I do believe that American citizens should have the right to carry arms. The way the conditions are these days, citizens should have the ability to protect themselves,"  Well, THANK you...  You should have said this first and had a much shorter editorial. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Speaking of reliability

I have new spring in my magazines.  And the 9mm back.  And they found the two extra magazines, 3 and 4, so I have them to test. 

#3 mag I am looking at funny.  The feed lips are spread.  I bet it isn't long for this world.  We shall see.

The burr on the slide is corrected.  It was caused by....  bad magazines, specifically the springs.  If there is something wrong with a semi-auto, and you aren't sure why, the smart money bets the root of it is the magazines. I have spare spring on order.

The gunsmith sorta hates working on this gun because he has to test fire it later.  And he is so happy with his trigger job that he is wont to give it back.  It is a nice trigger.  Your trigger job is very nice when it makes the gunsmith that made it extra happy, I figure.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


How many photographers am I allowed to shoot with impunity?  Or people with a cell phone in their hand?  Because some people are allowed a few of those human desk-pops, apparently.


So, I got my 9mm back.  New mag springs to break in, fun to be had, let's see if I can replicate my .22 success with a centerfire pistol.

I am new the 9mm.  With .45 it's just, really, one size of projectile, 230 grain.  Sure there are 185s out there, but that is few and far between.  With 9mm there is 115 grain, 124 grain, 147 grain...

Like I said, I am new to 9mm.  Is there any noticeable difference in recoil and pistol control?  I am figuring I will get adequate penetration from a faster 115 as well as a heavier 147, but...  my initial impression is I can't tell the difference, on my end.

I remember shooting a 185 grain semi-wadcutter .45 and I could DEFINITELY notice it was easier to manage.  If you put one of those in a magazine of 230 grains cartridges I could tell you which one was 185.

I haven't attempted that with the 9mm, putting a 115 in a mag of 147.  Like I said, I don't think I should bother.

I also haven't noticed shot groups shifting anywhere dependent on projectile weight, but, with my groups who would notice...

Am I missing something here or need to do more testing?  What say you? Is your experience different? 

Instinct says to split the difference, get noting but 124 grain, 1000 FMJs, and a buncha Federal HST to test and load as defense rounds and make it the house gun when the reliability is hammered down. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Run, Marty, Run

The country needs someone JUST.  LIKE. YOU.

Martin O'Malley for Democrat Governor of the United States

You know who played him in The Wire?  The philandering Mayor of Baltimore soon to be Governor in that show?  Little Finger.

"Oh, T-Bolt!  Don't confuse the character with the actor."

Well, part of the person always bleeds into the performance, and this guy Gillen always plays a gaping arse...  Ima bet he is a gaper in real life until he does a bunch of sympathetic roles. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

You can meet Hillary

For a few thousand bucks.

Just a few?  If she ups it to 10k and pays in cash, I'll agree to 10 minutes.  No less, no more.  I could use the money, and I know she has it.

Because I may forget myself...

Friday, September 1, 2017

You are too rough on cops T-Bolt!

Yeah, ok.

What is WRONG with you

Frosh, long time gun banner and current Maryland AG has been a reliable leftist for some time.  But he's tripped into non-sensical.  Lost his damn mind, cuz of Trump.

Gov. Hogan, paraphrase"Hey if we catch a felon with a firearm we ought to maybe give him real jail time because releasing them immediately is just adding to the violence."

AG Frosh, paraphrase:  "Trump's fault!"


“We have a problem in our country, led by the White House, of disrespect for the judiciary and disrespect for the rule of law. I think that’s the last thing we want to do in the state of Maryland,” Frosh said.
So I guess Frosh doesn't want to put convicted criminals in jail.

Of course Frosh doesn't want to get violent gang member off the streets of Baltimore.  If anything he'd put more of them there to get more gun violence to give him more justification of more gun control in Maryland. 

Here's a thought.  Indianapolis has less gun violence than Baltimore.  It's even slightly bigger than Baltimore.  In a good year Baltimore is twice as deadly, per capita, and lately three times as deadly.  Let's adopt Indiana's crime and gun regulation regime here for a little while.  See if that moves the needle.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

More Rangey Timey

On 25 August.

I may be onto something here.  Like I took things to the next level. Something has definitely improved, but I never noticed the heavens opening up, or heard any fanfare.  But I'll take it.

40 rounds.  No malfs.  Forearms a bit tired because of Saturday's trigger time so I eased with only 4 sets this time out.  And all four were good.  As you can see below.

Groups are tighter and more centered.  Let's keep this up, shall we?  I felt a little impatient on number three so I tried to settle down and relax again and it came back in number four.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Do you have an inventory of all your firearms? 

Is it a hard copy?

Where do you keep it?

If you house is burgled and they get your guns did they also get that inventory list? 

What if your house burns down?

I've been thinking on ways to improve my inventory list and need ideas.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thumb Placement

Thumb placement for my other-strong-hand.

I had a low placement touching the trigger guard for years and years.  I settled there because I was touching the little 'button' of the slide stop on the right side of any 1911 and occasionally pushing the slide stop out of position while shooting.  One of the hazards of being left handed.  I figured one good advantage of shifting it down there was there was no chance that thumb would brush the frame and cause a malfunction that way.

But my thumb down low was doing something during the trigger pull, Sam noticed.

We changed it up to the traditional thumbs forward spot and got better shooting results immediately. 

I put my thumb here:

I am gonna shift to this spot:

(Interesting Springfield, btw.)

Also, I will probably relieve that button a little bit.  I won't relieve the hole it rides in like you see on some custom guns.  I want as much meat of metal around it.  Also, a little notch/groove where the detent from the plunger tube helps keep the slide stop in place.  Suspenders AND a belt. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Naked City, The

I had caught bits and pieces of this movie over the years, but now I have finally watched it end to end, soup to nuts.

It stars Barry Fitzgerald of The Quiet Man patty-fingers fame.

The Naked City.

His young partner is a young Don Taylor, and the character is capable if inexperienced at detective work.  Also a veteran of the war, two years past.  He carries his revolver in a WWII style shoulder rig, and it's a handsome set up.


I thought it was a S&W M1917, mainly because I seem to have a problem seeing the proper scale of a gun in a movie.  A 1917 would make some sense for a recent veteran.  But it's a Colt.  Police Positive Special.  More sense.

But...  Is that trigger guard uncovered?!

Another thing.  Inexperienced detective guy here goes after the bad guy without backup and gets that pistol taken away from him.  When he comes to, woozy from a blow to the head, he meets up with his older partner and is IMMEDIATELY given a replacement from the glove compartment.  Then points the muzzle at everyone's crotch.

No, "you lost your gun?  that's a whole lot of problem and you will probably be suspended, go back to the precinct house." No, "go to the hospital and get that head wound looked at." It's rub some dirt on it and get back in the game, matter of Hollywood routine. 

Well, Hollywood filmed on location in the city. 

Hey don't shoot a co-worker in the junk, Joe Concussion!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mountain House Reduc

Anyone ever buy the big #10 cans of Mountain House freeze dried food?

How do they work?  Is it just "Take a dry measure of a cup and a half and put it a pan that already has X ounces of hot water and cover, let sit for 10 minutes." Or are there individual baggies of food in the can or what?


Nevermind, there is an instructional video.  I did this blog post for nothing.

Gonna have to assume I can figure out partial batches.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Has SAF turned on us?!!!!!!!

Well, no.  No it hasn't.  That's hyperbole.

In my life, I am not trying to pick a fight.  That's not why I carry.  When you carry AT someone in a controversial setting it feels to me like you are trying to provoke folks.  Pick a fight.  Dare someone to start something so you can end it. 

I support the Second Amendment Foundation, obviously, and have met and chatted with Alan Gottlieb.  I do think he is a bit squishy but I am not ready to use that against him.  The positives way outweigh the negatives. 

If me avoiding political rallies and especially avoiding open carrying at said political rally makes me a sheep, well, I don't think that's what sheep are. 

And I never want to put myself in a place that makes the pro-right movement look bad for some chuckleheaded mistake or move I made that then gets publicized.