Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Your's Truly

Been listening to Your's Truly, Johnny Dollar.

The last one, he was working for Dick Porter on the Shepherd Matter.  Doctor Shepherd was buying up life insurance, suspiciously.   And was worried about a threat on his life.  When he first met Johnny he had a .32 Automatic on him.  Dollar recognized it immediately.  Later, he IDs it further.  Colt.

Could it be?  Yours and mines favorite pre-1960 detective drama pocket pistol?  The Pocket Hammerless?  Ha!  Love that model.

Johnny could ALSO see at a glance that the safety was off.  Sharp eyes, that. Maybe too sharp...  And when he enjoined the good doctor to re-engage the safety, it made an aubible click.  Well, you gotta show something on the radio, so to speak. It helps keep the listeners engaged and paying off that expense report.

Monday, July 15, 2019

As the French say...

Le Monday, Bupkis, tout suite, si vous plait

Sorry, got very little...  Hmmm....

Ok, Trump is shaping the battlespace.  He just made the Democrat party and Democrat president candidate rally around the 'squad' they had been internecine fighting against.  The squad that is wildly unpopular to a supermajority of American voters.  And you know, I don't think the president planned it that way, though he may have.  This seems like his standard knee jerk reaction that comes from a natural internal instinct.  But if he can keep the Democrats painted into an unpopular corner, alternatively defending unpopular young Turks and battling for the soul of the party with same...  it'll make it easier to beat them in many contests.  Plus these young Turks have been accusing EVERYONE of racism.  Trump, of course.  But also Pelosi is racist and maybe even the Congressional Black Caucus is racist.  And if all those people are racist together, then, no one is.

And this didn't happen in a vacuum.  The day before peeps ran up a Mexican flag in place of the American one at an ICE facility.  I figure that was what got angry Trump to react the impolitic way he did.  I know that got me angry.

Ugh, Trump. Not very gunnie related.  And I always feel a little bit sticky after talking about him.  I still can't believe he is president, but yet I cannot look away.  He is... horri-wonderful?

Speaking of presidential politics, I predict Biden fades and Harris gets the nom.  If not Harris, Warren.  And I got a bet with work buddies on that.  The Biden fade part, at least.  Gunnie related: candidate Kamala Harris thinks too many black men have guns and intends to do something about that.

Seems kinda... racist.  But see the first point, by the election no one will be racist.

Hey, that turned into a decent sized post.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


This belt sander is ADORABLE and gives me a case of the Wants.

Another ad, that went unblocked.

Looks like they get belts from powerer jobs like these

That table is adjustable.  I'm thinking it would be a great little sander for a mini-lathe, sharpening the HSS bits or drill bits.  Other duties. 

And, being a gunnie, I think of how quickly that thing could ruin gun parts.  Prolly faster than a Dremel even.

Seriously, in some gunsmith applications it would be great. Don't go nuts with precision stuff, no.  And I am having a hard time thinking of an application this belt sander would do that a regular belt sander could not.  If your shop has no room for something bigger, this might be a way to go.   

Saturday, July 13, 2019


This guy looks like JayGNeal Stephenson.

I saw that former blogger not too long ago.  He and his family are doing well.  You can still catch him on the SQRLRPT

People recommend I check out Neal's Diamond Age?  Any good?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Range 8 July

Hmph.  Heeling.  With a few spots of doing it right.  Despite the poor performance I felt I knew what I was doing wrong and could fix it, but maybe not that day.  Stopped after 29 shots of AE 230 gr to keep from reinforcing failure.

No malfs.

  1. Crap, 3 big heels
  2. A spark of semi confidence
  3. Wheels getting loose
  4. And there they go.  Pack it in.

Good trigger pull is the key.  Why are some sessions just flinchier than others?  Hmmm.  The range was a bit more crowded than usual.  That can't help.

2019 has been a bad year for me

I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, finally.

First, a car made this Century.  It's got a black box and everything.

I got an EZPass.  More tracking my movements.

The electric company upgraded my meter from analog to digital despite my opting out of that.

My land line was upgraded to fiber.  This means when the power goes out, so does that phone.

And I just got my first cell phone.  Might as well, they got me every other which way.

I just want to go back to 1966 levels, but with desktop computers and the internet we have now.  THAT'S IT.  That would suit me fine.

Wait, did they still make a Powerwagon in 1966?  Well, sorta.  No matter, I'll just have to suffer with a Bonneville.  Maybe a Marathon for commuting.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Things that are fake

Everyone lies to you. Everything is fake. And this is only this week. It's getting to the point where you have to assume most everything is projection or the opposite. If your mom says she loves you, don't take it at face value, check it out, thoroughly.

Oh nice

If Governor I-was-only-a Klansman-at-Med-School can do some political grandstanding calling for a special session, the legislature can grandstand right back and adjourn that special session til November.  Good work.

No was talking about the only policy that might actually cut down on the damage if some copies the Virginia Beach shooter.  ALLOW folks to CCW inside municipal buildings.  The gun free zone prevented at least one known defensive weapon from being on the scene before the murderer began his spree.  

Instead, crazily, the Gun Grabbing Democrats wanted to make MORE victim disarmament zones.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Oh no!

James Lilek's dad died.  His dad was 94 and the death was unexpected.  Yes, unexpected.  Lileks invented web pages you didn't mind reading.  His dad was in the oil bidness.

The NRA is messed up

But whatcha bet when it comes time to vote next year there will the standard few to bupkis info available about who on the slate of candidates is for reform or agin it or in the pocket of so and so...

I don't know those people, mostly.  I need someone I know and trust that DOES know those people to go on record make some endorsements or talk extensively about that they are like. 

"Joe Schmoe is Wayne LaPierre's best friend, and is loyal to a fault."

"Sandy Smoo has always hated Wayne LaPierre and has been angling to dump him since 2003"

"Freddy Finley is kinda neutral.  He kinda like Wayne, but thinks Wayne, sometimes through no fault of his own, has become radioactive and should step down for the good of the org.  The purpose of which, according to Freddy, is to promote duck hunting"

"Franny Frinkle is true neutral.  Her biggest pet project is expanding CCW rights and carrying, and her work on the board is single minded in this pursuit.  Keep Wayne or dump Wayne, either way you gotta convice Franny which way leads to more CCW"

I like Franny.  Heck all those fictional board members are ok if they work for the good of the NRA's greater membership. 


I'm still wishing for a source of information I don't know how to secure myself and don't expect will be forthcoming no matter how much I beg those in the know

Monday, July 8, 2019


Oversimplified is a good youtube channel.

Sometimes, when I watch, I go, 'Hey, that is way oversimplified!' and I know I have a decent background on that historical subject.  But if I watch a video and don't say that, the entire video, that means I need to brush up the China's Three Kingdoms if I want to be well versed in it.  I missed something. The details of an oversimplified part. ANd if it is interesting I want to know more.

Well, that was oversimplified...

Sunday, July 7, 2019


This year I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

I was living a 20th Century life until this year.

It only took 19 years.

My car is modern.  I communicates with the mothership without my input and has a black box.  I got an EZPass, too.

My two strand landline is not fiber, with a funny box in the basement.  It won't work in a blackout.

And I just got a smart phone for the first time.  Lemme tell you, it is easier and faster to buy a car than to buy a phone.  Still haven't figured out how that all works.  Like, I dunno how they are gonna bill me.  But I tell you one thing.  I am paying the first bill with a check.

But it's been a banner year.  The Eye of Sauron is upon me.  Oh it was on me before.  It just had to use unusual means to watch.  Preverts.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Really expensive CCW friendly khakis.

Well, they aren't utilikilt expensive.  Have you seen those? $200 buck for that?!  A simple manskirt costs more than fancy denim pants I could wear to a Texas wedding?  Phew.  I'm not usually afraid of paying for quaility, but this kilt thing...  (also, RIP American Woolrich)

Anyway, the internet thinks I need to see lots of ads for them Stryker britches with a nice pocket designed for better pocket carry.

I do like the retention features.  You could take a tumble down a hillside into a creek and get up and keep running and your j-frame would still be where you left it.  And on the thigh, there is easier access when sitting in your vehicle.  These features make it a bit slower, but life is tradeoffs.

I have carried in the 'grenade pocket' of the military style BDU pants.  I don't like that position.  I'd have to get used to weight over there.  My sciatica is also RIGHT there, so that's also annoying.  I imagine this Stryker thing would feel similar.

Most of my long pant have deep enough pockets that pocket carry in a regular pants pocket works fine.

But that short pants version has a bit more appeal.

So this advertisement isn't totally effective.  It didn't make me slap the plastic down and order it to be shipped to me.  It got me to look at it.  There is a long lead time to get one shipped.  If I really liked it, I'd get more and there are volume discounts to get your short pants price down from MSRP of $90.  By the time I got the shorts delivered it would be fall. Almost winter.  The long delay probably means they order an Asian factory to make a run, and I have less and less lucky with consistent sizing from Asian mills.  (I assume Asia, too, because if they were made in America they'd crow about it.)  So, not quite there.  But it got me to talk about here.  The pants do look well though out.

I wouldn't use it for anything but a pocket carry sized gun, personally.  I want service size pistols in a holster on a belt.  But a decent holster costs as much as this pant.  And a belt to hang it on costs as much as this pant.  So why am I complaining about pant prices?

Friday, July 5, 2019



The United Arab Emirates?  More Patriotic and American-loving than many Democrats?  Maybe.

Ya know...

Just because crazy people tell you the Betsy Ross flag is used by some KKK-Nazi types doesn't mean they do.  They trollin you.

And in the end, that is like 30 dudes, tops, so if they did use that flag you can sort of drown out their symbolism with your own.


Also, I don't like being lectured do about how horrible slavery in North America was 150+ years ago (and it was), and how people suffered so (and they did), by a guy that is currently and unironically a Marxist and a Socialist.  That's like Charles Manson lecturing a shoplifter for violating the morays mores of society.  (Yes, shoplifting is bad.  Never shoplift.  That is someone else's property.  Also don't murder 94 millions)


Also, you work for Nike and you are going to lecture other people about slavery?


I like the old 18th Century American flag.  It reminds me of the great experiment that this country is, and how much good we've done for the world just by existing.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Go forwards from there.

All are created equal. They are endowed with inalienable rights. Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.  Governments protect these three things.

Never go backwards from there. 

16 Year Olds

What did the British think?

"The Militia Laws should be repealed and none suffered to be re-enacted, the Arms of all the People should be taken away, & every piece of Ordnance removed into the King’s Stores, nor should any Foundry or manufactory of Arms, Gunpowder, or Warlike Stores, be ever suffered in America, nor should any Gunpowder, Lead, Arms or Ordnance be imported into it without License: they will have but little need of such things for the future, as the King's Troops, Ships & Forts will be sufficient to protect them from any danger."

Well, screw that noise.

Up the Rebels

Down the British 

Still got nuffin, have some Canadian fireworks

Since we are gonna be keeping the neighbors to the north awake tonite anyway...

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Now I Got Nuffin

Was a pretty good run before this fuel tank of blogaroo juice ran down to E.


I got a phone.  A flip phone wasn't doing it.  I wanted to be able to breakdown in the middle of nowhere and not have to rely on others for help.  Like the last two time.  For that I need a web search for tow trucks and an uber to get home from the repair shop that guy would drop me at.  Maybe contact my former gunsmith who only communicate with the world through phone texting my IPad isn't allowed to do somehow.  And other minor incidental.

It was easier buying a car that it was buying a phone. Booo.


FINALLY, fake Glowball Warmening has a positive impact on the world. It hurts the Grass Hockey.

Never been a fan of soccer, even when I played it. Or band, after that. If I could do life over again there would another sport besides soccer, less years in high school foreign languages, and no band.

Ban soccer for the environment!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


This stuff is like pornography for Old Tool guys like myself.  No one tell RobertaX.

50 bucks for a handsaw in the middle of the Depression.

Why yes.  That's a professional tool.  Workmen would buy one to work 10 hour days.  It has to be good.  Tapered in two directions.  Comfortable handle.  It'd be like a carpenter today spending $900 on a DeWalt or Skilsaw.

But I am deep diving into 1920s era machine tools mayself...  Getting my micrometer on

Monday, July 1, 2019

Helmet For My Pillow

One thing I like about living in the future....  You can be reading about an account of Marines landing on Guadalcanal's Red Beach on your Kindle, wonder where that is, and on the same device, different app, look up the battle maps and modern day pictures.  Amazing.  In the 80s I'd have had to get up, go downstairs, open up a World Book, letter G, and read the account in the encyclopedia, which was never enough detail.   (and I had been composing this post for a while, and Tam comes out and notices similar stuff about reading these days, right in the middle of my train of thought.  Middle, well, actually, her insight beat me by SIX YEARS.)

Leckie is famous because he was in The Pacific.  And he wrote this.  Helmet for a Pillow.  He was a writer before the war, so he ain't shabby at stringing words together.

The narrative is all about him and the 3 or 4 enlisted Marines near him at the time.  Leadership is mostly absent or hapless.  And the Marines are hapless at soldiering at the beginning.  Not like the Marines of today.  Whom I'd think would have a lot more training before landing on an enemy beach.

But Leckie left stuff out though.  The narrative goes from swilling beer and walking around at Camp LeJuene, to the landing.  And I know there was at least one practice landing in New Zealand before that.  But a book can only be so long.  Obiously, he trained.  He lands on Guadalcanal and knows most everything about operating a heavy machine gun and does so.  Training is implied. 

It's one man's personal account.  He's not gonna speak to big concepts and capital T truth much beyond that, but there is plenty to mine in another man's experience.  He's also froofing it up a bit, making is a war story, not a documentary.  As most war account do.  And like I said, he does it pretty well. 

A big reason I am reading if for later chapters about Peleliu.  Though he isn't going to pick out my grandfather for me.

He does sorta pick out his Regimental Commander.  Well likes, but the Skipper's nickname is Colonel Five by Five.   Because he is that tall and that wide.  Colonel James W. Webb?  Can't find a picture of him... Wait. Clifton Cates?  Marine division/battalion/regiment nomenclature always gets me.  Leckie was 2/1, as the convention goes.  H company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

It was a vivid dream

And YOU were there.

A whole slew of my friends and family and favored co-workers and gunnies and what not were all sitting down to a great big long banquet table for a meal.  It had a white table cloth.  It was outdoors, and the weather was gorgeous, and it was in Northern Italy.

Lots of you brought children or nieces and nephews.  One of the younger ones didn't know what the Violent Femmes were.  So I started singing American Music.  And the rest of you joined in on the chorus.  Very well done, people, good job.  A great moment.

Better than the dream the night before when Blackjack bombers were flying over my house on a starry night, maneuvering violently, heading south.

Nightmarish, But was better than the night before.  When my old crotchety neighbor Archie was still alive, but mentally gone, and standing in his front yard, the most familiar place in the world, but recognizing nothing, and screaming, SCREAMING in terror.  That was a nightmare.

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Recorded as it happened. It's difficult to watch.

Where do we find such men? This makes me feel very old and feeble.

Friday, June 28, 2019

"Man, lots of gunnies hate the NRA"

"But I'll never get like that.  No way.  They aren't perfect but they do great things and help hold the line.  There is nothing they can do that'll make me pull back my enthusiasm..."

Well apparently there is.

Man, NRA, you are gonna have to WIN my love back now, big time before I'll even consider supporting you again.  Do something for me and mine before yourselves.  Thanks for getting a whole buncha states CCW but that was about done 10 years ago.  I'd be impressed if you got the rest.

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Mayor DeBlasio quotes Che Guevera.

During Pride Month?  Pretty bold...

Ok, improvement, Range 25 June

Trigger control

There is "Make Trigger Go Good" which has a surprise break at the end.  Option A.   :-)

And there is "MakeTriggerGoNOW!" which has a flinch at the end.  Option B.  :-(

Now when you are shooting well and doing Option A you naturally want to do Option A but a tiny bit faster.  Then you get Option B as you drive faster than your headlights.  Out of practice I usually am Option B after the first shot and get to Option A then speed up if I have time and get back to Option B.  If I am disciplined I calm back down and end up at Option A again.

I think that is where I am goofing.  I know how to do Option A.  I forget and have to relearn Option A, even with frequent practice.  When I have Option A tuned in I immediately try to speed up Option A, because that would be a good thing.  And quickly get to Option B.  Too fast, no surprise, flinch creeps in.

35 more American Eagle .45 AC with no malfunctions.  Fewer, "Oh, Dammit!" shots.   1038 shot through gun.

Now, the real trick.  Speeding up Option A and keeping it Option A.

The worst shot on target #5 was the first of the magazine and they walked in closer after that.  Kinda enjoyed that. 

So, slightly better.  I listened to myself for once.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Say I DO buy a commodity plastic 9mm...

With my luck and if I get a M&P, then Smith will have financial problems again and not get any Police Department contracts.  Or if I get a M17, the War Department will change their mind and cancel procurement and go somewhere else the model will be nigh stillborn.

Glock is my third choice, but I am snakebit.  Something bad can happen to Glock and even the mighty Austrians can get eclipsed.

Now none of this bothers me none after the sale.  I have a Hudson, fully aware it could end up like it did.  I was just thinking aftermarket support.

Then again, there are enough Glocks out there after market support will last for decades if they magically never sold another new gun starting tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mandatory Gun Ownership

I'm on record as being for this.

Every non-prohibited household must own a defensive firearm.  It should be a nationwide law.  And Obamacare shows us the way.  If you are so philosophically opposed to firearms you just pay a yearly fee to be exempted. 

I'm also on record as being willing to compromise on this.  Push for mandatory firearm ownership, but reluctantly accept nationwide shall-issue and expunge every gun registration database.  We can also be merciful during the sentencing phases after the trials of the people that pushed for gun bans.  We aren't inflexible tyrannical monsters, after all. 

Monday, June 24, 2019


Does this mean Google is gonna quash my blooger posts if it looks like it will halp Trump?

Good thing Trump isn't so good for the Second Amendment.  Let's say he has a mixed record so far.  Some pretty good things, some pretty bad things.  So maybe they'll leave this part of the product suite.  Much to the happiness of my 4 readers that depend on me every day.

The election AFTER that will be bad.  Then they will purge the neutral ones, too, methinks

Fixing my heeling

Well, lots of things can go to it.  Fix my heeling flaw. 

A good trigger pull does it.  The bullseyes I shoot are all good surprise breaks.  Natch.

Distracting me from the heeling potential I can concentrate on pinning and reset, but there are diminishing returns with distractions.  They only work for a little while.  And then the shooting reset becomes a habit I may not want to cement in place.

More dry fire before range trip, sho'.

Rent a gun.  Trick myself with variety.

But I am at a loss otherwise, after all that.  "Be good at the trigger pull." Yeah, I KNOW that...  And, hell, that struggle is probably lifetime's effort for everybody.  Even the best shooters wouldn't mind improving that.

I don't think there is any trick that fixes it forever, for all time.  I should know that by now.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Sharpening knives

It intimidates people.

It intimidated me, at first.

The trick is, like a good trigger pull, holding the blade at a consistent angle.  Locking your wrists and holding the blade consistently is the key.  Lock your arms to you side.  Back and forth, without lifting the blade, on a relatively flat stone.  Flip the blade and do the other side the same way.

"T-bolt, stones are expensive!  And hard to keep up!"

Yes.  Buy ceramic stone.  Medium, Fine, Extra Fine.  As big as you can get.  Use a touch of 3-in-1 oil for lubricant.  That's still $200.

Gluing  600 grit, 1000 grit, and 3000 grit sandpaper to a granite tile is about as good, and much cheaper.

If you blade is really bad you might start with 240 grit.  If you get REALLY skilled at sharpening, something in the 6000 grit range might be for you, but that's not what this post is about.  If you are that good you can teach me tips.

Be careful of dubbing.  Where you round over the edge because of flexible backing or bad stopping or non consistent hold.  Everyone dubs some, doing it freehand.  When you get consistent it lessens and you get satisfied with your edge and it is sharp.

Back and forth, back and forth.  Don't lift the blade.  That's where you get wonky angle changes.  Stay on the abrasive for more control.  Use oil (or water if you have waterstones).  It keeps the stone or paper from clogging or glazing and it also pushes away the swarth.  Swarth is particles of knife steel and bits of abrasive.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Levels of Drunkeness

No, not this.

If I have 3 beers on a Thursday, I can still drive, and have no problem getting up for work on Friday.

This is for me!  All this.  YOUR mileage may vary.

That then means I can drink 8 beers on Friday. Wake up Saturday with no ill effects.  As long as there is no alarm clock.  Just wake up in my own time.  The three practice beers Thursday made eacy 8 A-OK.

But 8 beers means my judgement is clouded.  And I might say "What the heck?" and have a ninth.  Bad call.  I will now be hungover Saturday morning.  Pain behind my right eye all day.  It's awful.

But if I had 8 on Friday, 9 on Saturday is just fine.  I will be OK Sunday morning.  This is all assuming no other alcohol consumption during the rest of the week,  Just weekend binges, with, perhaps, Thursday pregame.

I've had this drinking wisdom for decades.  But that 'cloudy judgement' thing is a persistent spoiler.  Next life, I hope I am a teetotaler. Not the annoying kind, tho.  Maybe have a hop allergy. 

Friday, June 21, 2019


Range 19 June

It was awful and pretty good at the same time.

Pretty good in that when I was 'on' the groups were pretty tight in the 2 o'clock spot on the target, all touching.

Awful because of some HORRID fliers from flinching.

No malfunctions, and back to shooting the 1911.  Topped a grand, and put on three spots of oil in the usual spots.  36 rounds, 1003 total through the gun.  Not one malf in a 1000.

  Hey, notice all the fliers are up and away except that first one on target number one?  That is my old flaw.  Not I got that new flaw.   And just with 1911s.  The Hudson goes elsewhere.  Another reason I am considering a black plastic commodity pistol. 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Struck Down with a Heavenly Bolt

So, Hillary goes to a sacred 9/11 commemoration, and her health fails and she collapses and has to be tossed in a van like a sack of potatoes.

Now Merkel meets with the Ukrainian president and goes into conniptions.

In 9/11 it was the free world against the rising forces of terrist evil.
With the Berlin thing, Merkel is facing a Ukrainian who is opposing the rising forces of Russian evil.

And both timse these people, Hillary and Angela, flag and falter in the disinfecting light of symbolic Liberty.

It's like the Duck of Death's speech of what happens when you some English person meets royalty.

Or how some people worry lightning will strike them if they enter a church, with the sinful life they've lead up to that point.

Don't shoot either lady. Neither are worth it. And neither are presidents or queens.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

That's what caused your massacre

Prohibiting firearms in Virginia Beach gov't offices is what CAUSED your massacre.  We know for a fact at least one other person would have been armed and able to face the murderer on equal footing if the rules have been different.  Your proposal to make it MORE prohibited is bizarre and immoral.

"But you Gun Fanatics don't consider if you can already carry a mass murdered would already have his gun at work and be able to slaughter the place that much sooner!"

First of all, that already happened.

Second of all, you are worried that a CCW person, some of the most law abiding people on the planet.  More so than cops, as a class of people, might snap, and go on a spree?

"Yeah!  Like that!  Who's the stop that guy if he get's mad at work one day?"

Who watches the watchmen? 


The second CCW person in that office.  Heck there might be a half dozen people there that don't even know any of the others are strapped.  Happens all the time.  Like the last time you were at the grocery store.  They aren't all going to snap at once.  Sort of a balance, huh?  Might keep the massacre numbers down, too.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

When you practice

When you practice and try to go to the range nigh weekly...  It's amazing how fast you burn through your ammo. 

And I purposely don't shoot a lot each time.  Doesn't cost me extra each time I go, I don't have to put 100 down range to feel like I got my lane rental money's worth. 

So, shooting 42ish rounds per... It still seemed like I ordered a thousand rounds to be delivered only a month or two ago. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

That sounds familiar

"If you have to buy just one knife, make it a chef's knife.  It's the most versatile."


Like gunnie and survival talk, right there.  If you have to buy one gun, make it a .22/shotty/CCW/AR/etc.

But, not one with a kitchen making food is ever forced to just have one knife.  There is always more. 

Same with gunnies and survivalist.

"Beware of a man with only one gun.  He's probably very good with it."  Well, maybe.  But who has only one gun?  Poor people that use that one gun to put meat in the pot.  A subset of Americans that shrinks all the time.  And a person that bought a gun as an afterthought.  And maybe used it one.  This second type of person isn't very good with that gun.

But when was the last time you met a survivalist that has been doing this a while and had only one gun?  A lot of survivalist, if they sold 90% of their massive gun collection, could afford to buy that rural homestead property, finally.  And still be well armed when they get there.


Ah, but there is a time when you can find having to choose only one.  Kitchen Knife or Gun. When you have to pare down fast and space and weight limitations restrict you to only one tool.  Like the volcano blew and it had volcano EMP and now you gotta walk to your prepper cabin 100 or other shelter miles away in a week.  Which gun do you grab?

Or, you are a chef given the chance of a lifetime to conduct a seminar in Belize and have to fly our with one piece of checked luggage in 3 hours, so only so much kitchen equipment is coming. 

And you chef's knife is what you are most familiar with, maybe.  And most skilled with.  And how likely you are to find a replacement for a very personal customized item when you get there.

Same with the gun.  If I have to flee the Baltimore EMP Volcano Eruption with Sharknados thrown in....  That choice might be the lighter CCW pistol over a rifle, despite whatever 'conventional wisdom' you are thinking up right now.  I have to walk around here, and civilization may be about to collapse, (hence the risk to take a gun around here) but it hasn't collapsed yet, and I need no extra attention drawn to me.  I am more practiced with the pistol, too.  It's lighter.  It might be my chef's knife.   

Sunday, June 16, 2019


Oh my!

Have you noticed that lost of places end with the letter A?  Watching to globe spin on the British Empire in the beginning of that video I went:

  • Burma
  • India
  • Arabia
  • Africa
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Bermuda
  • Cuba
  • America
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Venezueal
  • Alaska
  • Australia
  • China
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.  On and on.

Just struck me, sudden like.  Weird how the brain works.

Not in the Old World Western Civilization areas, tho.  

  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Rome
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Luxemborg
  • Germany
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Someone more eloquent than me

Discusses Depression Lust on the left that I also noticed 10 years ago.  NPR was BEGGING for bread lines.  "Next Christmas, the most appreciated gift will be food," because people won't be able to afford it.

It's not that a big economic downturn can't happen.  It surely can.  But geez, don't wish it into existence.

Old Tony

Friday, June 14, 2019

Feeling Poorly

Maybe more later.  Going to doctor.  Sure it is nothing.

Hey, it's only halfway-ish though June and I already got 24 posts.  Readership is down 66% from this time last year, unless I get a link from somebody.  

So why keep the blog up?  Habit.  Testing my self-discipline.  I still like it.  It keeps me focused on the issue when by now I'd be a 2 range days a year sorta person.  So that's nice.  I guess.  I'll quit when I wanna, and I don't wanna.  

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fake News

Yeah, this can't be true.  Going full Bond Villain to execute a prisoner in North Korea with piranhas?  I'm calling BS.

Is this footage from it?

Lil Kim would never rip off Trey and Matt.

So Bernie...

Is gonna give me a lotta stuff.  He says.  Economic Bill O' Rights.

No word on what he is gonna take from me. 

I bet if I asked he'd say he'd take nothing from me.  Oooo, noice!

But he would be lying.

Then there is this gun content about it.

You know, his party and him messed up healthcare in the first place. I mean it wasn't perfect before. We had great healthcare with a semi-lousy way to pay for it. But now it is much worse. These peeps, Bernie included, got some gall asking us to trust them to fix something they are responsible for breaking.

Gotta bet with a work buddy. I bet him Biden would NOT be the nominee. I thought he'd burn out and fade away. Go Jeb. I think it will be Harris, but my second guess is Fauxcahontas. I win the $20 if Biden goes away, tho, it doesn't matter who steps up to fill the spot.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The $400 myth

Americans May Be Strapped, But the Go-To Statistic Is False

So people aren't really as poor as all that.  It's media people that stopped paying attention in math class at age 13 not understanding statistics, and me not doing due diligence keeping tabs on them Journo majors when I know I should.

I even lamented about this exaggeration in a previous post.   I'm still doing fine, but I have less to worry about with my fellow countrymen.

Man, the media LOVES to bask in squalor.  They were SO excited when the downturn happened in 2008.  Especially NPR.  Like they looked forward to seeing breadlines and Hoovervilles.  It would help them cement their preferred leftist economic policy, they thought.  They needed another Great Depression.  Call it the Great Recession this time.  And Obama was a good choice if you wanted to extend bad economic times, it proved.

But you gotta be careful.  What if the next guy is smarter than your guy and appears to turn on a powerful economic engine like he was flipping a switch?  Affording him to even use the economy as a weapon to try to improve our outlook further.  Man, I hope that works out.  Keep the economy humming and throw us a few 2A wins, Orange Man, and I'll be pleased as punch.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This is why

This is why you don't want 'universal' background checks

Because where it is enacted eventually gets to this.  A frail old man rightfully defends himself in his home and now he is going to go to prison because he had his grandad's pistol in his bedside drawer. 

You know who else had that.  My crotchety old neighbor Archie.   Fortunately, Maryland is about 50 years behind New York.  We have so-called 'universal' background checks and subsequent registration, but the state hasn't thrown any grandpas in jail for it yet.  They are working up the courage and impunity for that.   But for now the only way the weaker registration law can really hang you up with the state if is your incriminate yourself to the police.  "Oh that gun, I got that in 2012."  Don't say that.  Let them figure out when you got it, and prove that, and if that breaks state law and how badly it does, and what lengths they want to drag it with an uncooperative defendant.   Shhh.  Don't be the grandad in the orange jump suit by talking your own way in there.       

I hate it when you get over enthusiastic DA trampling on regular folks and abusing gov't power. 

Oh, an in New York, you might want to take Biden's advice and use a shotty. 

Another case where a strong SCOTUS ruling against registration would be welcome, so abuses as this don't happen.  Or a SCOTUS ruling that this sort of thing only rises to misdemeanor.  I'm not holding my breath.  Even with a another Trump appointee on the bench in the place of RBG

Monday, June 10, 2019


Gun Seller That Bet Big on Hillary Clinton Getting Elected Goes Bankrupt

I mean, that's not good, a gunnie going bankrupt after taking a big risk, but, hey, at least President Hillary didn't appoint 3 SCOTUS judges by now.

Range 4 June


To eject.

First round of the second magazine, #11, the rim escaped the extractor, and it was left in the chamber, only a quarter withdrawn.  Round twelve then got hung up trying to enter where eleven was obstructing.  Correction necessitate stripping the mag out, letting #12 fall free, and cycling the slide.  This was difficult until the slide was locked back.  The gun was hung up for 20 seconds, maybe?

Saved #11 spend case and a control case to inspect.

Possible caused.  Extractor issue.  Round 12 got loose and wedged under 11 early, holding 11 in place even if the extractor is ideal in function.  Extractor type is S&W external style and has given me a problem in the past.

Anyway, back to the rest of the session.

Ok, I am noticing a pattern.  Go to the range every week and the accuracy levels off at 'pretty good'.  Skip a couple week and it is still good, for some reason, the next time back.  But the accuracy falls off dramatically in subsequent sessions until it slowly build to the 'pretty good' plateau level.

Also, the front sight is too high.  I'd rather have hold under than hold over.  Nothe the yellow circles.

50 rounds of American Eagle, 492 since I got the gun.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Hey! The ONE thing I was good at in the Navy.

I was the only Navy guy, and officer, in my dunker runs.  The rest was enlisted Marine aircrew.  In one of the dunks you wear goggles that are blacked out to simulate darkness, but it's all in a well lit (indoor, for me) pool with safety divers, as you see.

There is a trick to staying oriented, and I am comfortable and calm in the water.  Even blind and upside down, with my sinuses and ears full of water.  (It's top heavy, the UH-46 is, so it flips) The Marines?  Some of them, not so much.  If I didn't want to get a panicky kick in the face leaving I had to wait them out.  So I was fine.

You wear, well we wore, flight gear, boots, helmet, gloves. Not bike helmets or what have you. Well, these aren't really aircrew types, I don't think. It is disorienting.

Their fake helicopter has much bigger hatches than mine did.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

I had to have shared this before...

Trigger Happy Harry

Just oodles of cringworthy safety gaffes from a time when even SAFE folks were a lot more tolerant of stuff you'd clinch up over today.

21 minutes of this? Yikes. Dang NRA.

4:00. Why did that simpleton choose an Auto-5 shotgun? Dunnine Kreuger, I guess. He doesn't know how dumb he is. Break action for him is wiser. At least people can see at a glance he isn't an immediate hazard.

5:00. Lady shooters. Doing coed outreach even back 75 years ago. I love the look of that gun range, too.

I love the wallpaper(8:35) and paneling (6:15). And that wool hunting coat! (11:45)

Here is the hapless protagonist about to do some home gunsmithing on his revolver. Unwise, in his case, surely, but what's this?

Does Harry have a grenade in his workshop?

Friday, June 7, 2019

Wear Orange

"Against Gun Violence!"

Well, which violence?

Because some violence is bad bad.

And some violence is very very good. 

I figure Everytown is against both until they get their way.  After that it doesn't matter and SHUT UP PEASANT!  Don't make me sick our goon squad on you!


Gun Rights and Pro Lifers.

We have a symbiotic realtionship while both issues are hashed out in the courts.

Pro choice gunnies would call it parasitic.  So would gun banning pro lifers.

We are symbiotic in that judges that rule according to rights of man tend to, right now, lean both to protecting human life by protecting self-defense rights and the right to live for at least some fetal stage level.   Its just how it has worked out.  It's hard to find a liberal-liberty activist judge all for abortion and all for armed self defense.  More likely to find a anti abortion judge that also doesn't like guns, but those are rare too because of ways American judicial philosophy has evolved.

So when one single-issue faction gets a judge on the court, the other side is generally happy.  Both sides win.

If abortion shifts to legislatures then that relationship is broken.  If SCOTUS sends the abortion debate back to the lawmakers then abortion activists on both sides will concentrate on swaying Congress critters and Assembly whoseywhatsits. 

Gunnies will no longer have allies fighting for judges.  Our enemies the gun banners will no longer have pro-lifers as allies.  But the net loss of enthusiasm getting 'right thinking' judges is more detrimental to the Conservative Constitutional side of the spectrum than it is to the Leftist Activist side, if Roe is set aside.  Methinks.  The other side, minus abortion types, still has much deeper pockets. 

I hope Gun Rights and Pro Lifers, if they get issue-settling rulings, both get those ruling at about the same time.  Or both recognize you can't let up the judicial pressure as the other side will come back if you let off any.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Knew this guy

Had to.  Forced to memorize all the names on the Cenotaph under pain of extra PT.  All the names.  But this name is important today.

Jimmie Monteith.

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty on 6 June 1944, while serving with 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, in action near Colleville-sur-Mer, France. First Lieutenant Monteith landed with the initial assault waves on the coast of France under heavy enemy fire. Without regard to his own personal safety he continually moved up and down the beach reorganizing men for further assault. He then led the assault over a narrow protective ledge and across the flat, exposed terrain to the comparative safety of a cliff. Retracing his steps across the field to the beach, he moved over to where two tanks were buttoned up and blind under violent enemy artillery and machinegun fire. Completely exposed to the intense fire, First Lieutenant Monteith led the tanks on foot through a minefield and into firing positions. Under his direction several enemy positions were destroyed. He then rejoined his company and under his leadership his men captured an advantageous position on the hill. Supervising the defense of his newly won position against repeated vicious counterattacks, he continued to ignore his own personal safety, repeatedly crossing the 200 or 300 yards of open terrain under heavy fire to strengthen links in his defensive chain. When the enemy succeeded in completely surrounding First Lieutenant Monteith and his unit and while leading the fight out of the situation, First Lieutenant Monteith was killed by enemy fire. The courage, gallantry, and intrepid leadership displayed by First Lieutenant Monteith is worthy of emulation.

They also named a dormitory after.  All girls, I believe, when I was going there.  He never lived there, naturally.

This is where he died

 This is where he lives, now.

2 million?

If Trump keeps talking banning suppressors, ESPECIALLY without getting anything in return, he'll lost, what?  maybe 2 million gunnies?  I'd say more, but plenty of gun folks aren't single issue voters and are pleased with other performances.

I mean, if he banned cans, but made it legal to open carry AR15s through the line at the post office on the way down to DC to walk around armed inside Smithsonian museums, some gunning might forgive his betrayal.

Or maybe on this we are taking him literally instead of seriously, what his foes do all the time?

Can he afford to possibly lose 2,000,000 votes because shennanigans?

75 years ago

Diamond anniversary.

Won't be many around at the next round number anniversary.  80.  The soldiers, sailors, and airmen that were there.  The absolute youngest will be pushing 100 by then.

WWII was always a big portion of my life.  And now it will fade away.  And I wasn't even around til 25 years after it was wall over.

Yesterday they upgrades my phone.  Plain Old Telephone Service is no more.  If the power goes out the phone will no longer work.  Just like your smartphones.  In an emergency no way to summon an ambulance to help someone or tell relatives that despite the emergency, I am fine.  That's fine, I guess.  I'm just feeling a little old.

Lots of folks at Normandy never got that chance, 75 years ago, to feel old.  So I got that going for me.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Huh, NYC

I would not have thought all crime was down that much in NYC based on news reports of deterioration of quality of public life.  I mean I can see murder rates continue to creep down, but I'd have guess nuisance crimes are up.  And hate crimes in the city are spotlit recently.

There is also a possibility that the data collection has been tampered with, and purposely under reported for political reasons.  Or if not data tampering, purposeful enforcement slow downs.

Or I could have been hoodwinked by inflated reports of rapid decay in the media.

Eric and Junior

I wish they'd have a chat with their pop about guns

Oh wow, man

Stumbled across an image I hadn't thought of in a long time.

1970s era flower decals.  Like you might see on Laugh-In.  Painted on Goldie Hawn.

True story.  She is from this era and my parents lived in the same apartment as her sister, so they saw her a bit.  Both before and after she bacame famous.

Anyway, went down an image search rabbit hole.

Ugh.  There were on everything.  The non skid in our bathtub, the glass on the sliding glass door so you wouldn't walk right into it.  Parts of the 70s were really dumb.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Governor of Virginians

Ralphie 'Coonman' Gosnell Northam, Democrat, and Governor of Virginia needs to not let any crisis go to waste.  Mainly to distract from his position on infanticide, bedsheets, and shoe polish.  So he is flagging the gun ban stuff in Virginia.  He wants the 'common' sense measures of:

  1.  Universal background checks 
  2. Child access prevention 
  3. One gun a month limits 
  4. Banning assault weapons, including bump stocks 
  5. Requirement to report lost or stolen guns 
  6. Allowing localities to ban guns from municipal buildings 
  7. Red flag laws
NONE of which would have slowed down the killings in Virginia Beach.  They'd only make Virginia more like Maryland.  It wouldn't stop the next tragedy either.  The killer's kids didn't get into his guns, he got them legally, he only had two and has had them for months, no gun was stolen, I bet they were plain Jane common as dirty Glock 21s, and he doesn't seem to be on any psychiatrist's radar.

Wait there is ONE measure that might have made a difference here.  It might have made a 12 count victim list only two or three.  Not ideal, but ask the family of victim number four or nine how they feel about.  And that important measure is Item #6 on this list.

Well, the exact opposite of item #6.
  • Encourage localities to permit guns in municipal buildings, and other locales. 
If one of his victims was carrying he might have been able to shoot back.  Guns were already forbidden in that gov't building by local policy and not state law.  There really was nothing preventing someone one scene being able to fight back effectively.

Like Tam says:  "Anybody who mandates you be disarmed in a country full of guns does not have your best interests at heart."

This Day 30 Years Ago

Remember Tiananmen Square.

Why?  Because people want you to forget it.  People in THIS country are censoring references to it. 

More VB News, for here

So the dude was 40.  First Generation X shooter in a while.  Not many GenX in history.  Mass shooters are more a Boomer/Millennial thing.  Maybe Luby's diner and McDonalds massacre shooed off GenX potential shooters.

Shooter reported to have anger issue.  And 9 kids.

Good at math.  Had to be to get past engineering calculus.

And F-ing Trump through gunnies under the bus, again, disparaging cans, out loud.   He better nominate REALLY good judges.  He's a metrocon, otherwise, when it comes to guns.  I wish his son would help straighten him out.

This day, 45 years ago

I wish I could have witnessed this.

I like Cleveland almost as much as I am comforted by my hometown.  Why?  It's neat!  It's got that great river valley through it, it's a food town, I love metal industry, it has a water horizon. It was in Christmas Story.

There is a city I dream about.  A recurring dream. It doesn't match DC or Cleveland, it is more of a combination of both.  Maybe with a touch of New York thrown in, thanks to Sesame Street.  And it comes accidentally.  I have dreamed of this city long before I ever visited Cleveland.  But it matches more than most real towns, this fake town in my head.  That is stuck in 1955, with cars from 1970.

Which is why witnessing the 10 Cent Beer Night Baseball Riot would have been a hoot.  Hey, I like Stroh's...

Cleveland is a small big city. You can get around it. Not like LA or Texas big towns. Chicago. And you can move while in it. Not like New York or DC or Philly with their traffic headaches.

"You like it because of a riot? You know the river burned there, T-Bolt?"

Yes, I know. I like the town, warts and all. Sometimes BECAUSE of the warts.

Monday, June 3, 2019

His Own Film Genre

Monday Bupkis, part 94

Yeah, yeah, you are used to this by now.  And my usual Monday post ends up being me doing stream of consciousness.

Ummm.  Lots of folks have been telling me, in the news, that they don't want to take my guns.  And like all of you that makes me want to go buy more guns.

But not enough 'want' to get the juices flowing.  So that means... what?  Bog standard black plastic commodity 9mm pistols.  A pair.  Because I am like that. 

Huh.  I still have no hunting rifle and no bog standard 9.  Why I gotta be so contrary?

That's pretty much the only impulse purchase for me, of anything I want.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

More Not Much

An actual fair article in WTOP about the use of a suppressed .45 in Virginia Beach.  It's not stupid and tries to give the slant from both side of the political spectrum, favoring neither.

Which is a damn sight better than the word vomit from the lesser news organization across town.  The Washington Post.

Gun violence in America is unique not simply because of our culture but also because we have lawful weaponry that can kill many people very quickly. In terms of death-to-time ratio, single-shot weapons are preferable to multi-round handguns and handguns are preferable to the semiautomatic, and the favorite of mass shooters, the AR-15. It’s a simple calculation of time.

The actual hell does any of that mean, person that uses words for a living?  If you paid for any of your education you need a refund.  The piece is behind a paywall.  Thank God.  Not paying to see more of that nonsense.

People like her think she should write gun control laws and regulations, too.  The unmitigated gall of her presumption.  Like the thoughts of a child.  You got enough room in the toes, there?  Now hush.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Not much news

Out of Virginia Beach.  At least not by reading stuff online.  Tam seems exasperated watching the newsreaders on TV.  But that's her hobby.  Back when blogs were a thing there'd be a lot more people combing for details.  Sure, it got echo chambery, and you quickly learned not to trust as gospel just about everything you heard in the first 48 hours.  But that's as true with PJ wearing bloggers as it is with Network anchors.

I'm sure much more information will be forthcoming over time.

Rumors and unconfirmed details I have heard.  It was a .45.  It had a 'silencer.'  People heard gunshots.  Disgruntled employee.  Gov't municipal building.  Cop armor kept one cop from being seriously injured.  11, 12, or 13 dead, half that injured.  Probably 12, plus gunman.  The gunman is a registered Democrat.  His name may be DeWayne Craddock.

Dunno if you can carry in that kind of state government building in Virginia.  So, don't know if the vicitims were disarmed.  If it was prohibited it would be posted.

Seemed to have been some police presence on site or nearby.  Sailor Curt might know better.  It's his neck of the woods.

Got nuffin

More later?

Hey, how bout that Obama guy lying about how folks in America get guns?  Idjit.

He should wear a disguise and try to buy a gun.  Hell DON'T wear a disguise and do it and insist it is by the book.  Record yourself, buddy.

Friday, May 31, 2019

The John Moses Browning

Of aviation.

Kelly Johnson.

Kelly Johnson was as big an influence on aviation as Browning was on firearms.  Johnson designed or was instrumental in the development of a plethora of various models, including:

The P-38 Lightning

The Constellation

The F-104 Starfighter



C-130 Hercules


And a plethora of others.  As instrumental to aviation as anyone.  And look at them all.  They are beuatiful.


Hunger makes the bast sauce.

But if you are out of hunger, there are other sauces you can improvise.

In college it was pepper and ketchup.

The liquid cheez dispenser at 7-11 offers a plethora of ideas.

Plenty of folks brew their own cocktail sauce.  It's just horseradish and ketchup.

Ketchup and mayo for Thousand Island style.  Mayo and French dressing for McDonalds special sauce.

A pinch of pepper flakes zips up most things.  Or a dash of hot sauce to your cheez whiz, I know plenty that do that.

Saw this Old Style sauce, linked by Lileks.com.  Intrigued.

  • 1/2 cup good quality mayonnaise 
  •  2 tablespoons horseradish sauce 
  •  2 teaspoons good quality ketchup 
  •  1/4 teaspoon paprika 
  •  1/4 teaspoon salt 
  •  1/8 teaspoon dried oregano 
  •  Dash black pepper 
  •  Dash cayenne pepper
What fancy mad scientist kitchen sauce recipes do you swear by?  I need more soss variety.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Nukem says:

Keep em?  Can you pass some kind of law or statute or whatever that says we can bear em, too?  That'd be great.

In Maryland

If you get denied a CCW, you can appeal.  Doesn't matter much, but it can happen.  So, a single digit percentage of a single digit percentage.

This was TOO much for the Maryland legislator.  And they passed a law to dissolve this review board.  Making future appeals much more onerous.

Governor Hogan vetoed it.  And he isn't pro gun.  By any stretch.

And THAT doesn't matter either because the laws were passed with veto proof majorities.

The Supreme Court is the citizens of this state's only hope.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Target holes

See that?

There are 9 holes.

There were 15 rounds in the magazine, and not flew off this paper you see here.

So 6 are not accounted for.

Hole #3 and #6 are more than one bullet, of course.

But how many in each.

At least, 3, total in 3 and 6.  Still missing 2 bullets.  3, 3.1, 3.2.  6, 6.1, 6.2... 13 total.  Out of 15.

I have no idea.  The other two could be in either.  Shoulda paid more attention.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Old NFO brings up a point about my shooting.

"Are you regripping after every shot?"


You know... I used to.  Especially with double stacks.  Fire... re-adjust grip after recoil because the fun shifted... fire.

Or when my hands were sweaty.

But I don't do that anymore.

I don't know when I stopped.

Am I doing it plenty and just re-adjusting so causally and easily that I don't notice?

If anything, my grip is consciously looser.  If not actually looser.  Maybe I think I am gripping more relaxed, but am in reality gripping more surely.  Or, my more relaxed grip is riding the recoil better.  But at this stage if I gripped tighter, I already have the 'ride' skill down so my next iteration up the long shooting prowess ladder will my a tighter grip I don't have to rejigger between shots.

I don't know.

But now I want to know.

I need to borrow a Glock 21.  In .45 and 10mm, just to see.  And go to a hot summer range.

Shooting Goals:

My trigger pull is deent, make it better by an order of magnitude.
My grip is decent, make it better by an order of magnitude.

I am ecstatic at the level I have gotten to with my shooting, but I can see a new horizon I now want to get to.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Google Doodle

The Google Doodle gets criticized from the right because of the selection of who to Doodle.

Like why do a google doodle of Lysenko on a 29 SEP, but ignore a 25 MAR Norman Borlaug?  Just seems odd.

But today they at least recognized Memorial Day.

I don't know what is up with the gray typeset, but I'm gonna let that slide and figure it's me, not them, and there is a perfectly appropriate and somber reason I just don't grok att.

Or maybe Google is now smart enough to tailor their doodle offerings.  "Hey, this dude has a gun blog.  Give him the Browning doodle, not the Senator Feinstein doodle" or whatever. 

400 bucks

This is humbling.

And you get these stories every few years.  About the deplorable state of folks' savings.  How plenty of people live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes not even that well.

And I think 'how can this be?'  I have plenty of money.  Enough to buy a new roof and a furnace and then some and not thing twice about it and not need to finance it.  Why can't other people be like me?

And I remember.  Not everyone is as fortunate as me.  With a decent paying stable job.   A job I have been plugging at for decades now.  And without kids of my own to spend on to get then into school or get them diapers or whatnot.

I remember I used to be like that.  Nearly maxed credit cards I couldn't afford to be riding.  A deadend job with no prospect of much more pay.  Hell, unemployment paid better than that.

And I was a lucky one in other ways.  I had contacts and relatives I could ask for money, but rarely did.  The biggest ask was for a loan from my father that I could use to get a divorce and out of my old house and into a new.

I must remember.  Remember what it was like to worry about small routine bills and be unbearably stressed about bigger bills.

I have been blessed, and not everyone has been as blessed as me.

I'm not rich-rich.  But I am furnace-rich.  And furnace-rich is something.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

2%, Huh?

WHO KNEW? 2% of American Counties Account for 51% of Murders Nationwide BUT 54% Had No Murders at All

Two percent of counties?  I wonder if counties come under the sway of a single political party system, squelching opposition.  Perhaps I should read further...

But before I do, a counter example comes to mind.  New York City, and its counties were famous for high crime.  But they elected a Republican mayor after a long patch of Dems.  Crime went down under his policies.  After Guiliani, a 'Republican' mayor that was really a Dem, but a pragmatic Dem.  Crime stayed low as he stayed the course.  Then a full blown socialist style mug of an ideological Democrat.  And crime rates are going up again...

On to the article...  Lemme get my reading glasses... 

And the article doesn't go too much into political parties. Just notes we have a very low murder rate for our size if you discount gang and drug-crime caused murders.  Implying guns in the hands of everyone else are not the problem, certainly. 

I imagine murders in other countries... Argentina, France, Bangladesh, Algeria, and so on... would also be much much lower if drug and gang crime were tamped down, too. 

Resources spent on gun control would be better used on a gang abatement and de-escalation, is my guess.  It's hard to do, and the chance of success is low, but it's better than wasting money violating the rights of uninvolved parties.