Monday, October 15, 2018


And this applies to more than just shooting or gunsmithing or related ephemera.

This applies to brewing beer, making a chest of drawers, wrangling 1's and 0's for a system administration job, driving a car, flying a plane, writing a book...

Everybody screws up.   Pobody's nerfect.

With some things, you screw up a lot.  Them 1's and 0's are hard to nail down and are unforgiving.  Believe me. 

When you get halfway good at something is when you start noticing and fixing the screwups before someone else notices and tells you to fix your screwups.  You are even better when you are fixing screwups on the fly, as you go.  Even BETTER is when you fix screwups and develop work efficiencies in the process that makes it seem like you went FASTER on a task than if you did it perfect and conventionally.

I've been screwing up at work a bunch, but catching myself and fixing it fast.  To my relief.  My boss has high standards but he also recognizes that people make mistakes.  He's never mad when he comes across someone fixing something, even if they mess it up.

Same with shooting.  One of the satisfactions of training is the training I have gotten to do self-adjustments as I go when I start missing.  Fix myself.  


Do I need to mention that training is a LOT of fun?  I've said that before.  I have been lucky to find a relatively close decent trainer.  But now I am more likely to travel further to get more training.  The only thing bad about training, for some, is you have to put your ego in check.  Same with shooting competitions.  You probably aren't as good as that shooter you think you are in your head.  If you don't get wrapped around the axle on that you can have a lot of fun learning AND getting better.

(Well, I didn't have to put MY ego in check.  I knew I was rubbish going in. )

Try some, training.  It's good.  If it's not good the first time find someone else. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Soup's On

It's fall, and when the air starts turning cold my thoughts turn to soup.

Now when I make soup soup, there are at least 5 portions.  Last year was been and barley.  I still have 2 portions, frozen, from LAST season.  This time, I am thinking split pea.  Which I make with lots of bacon.  For the first pot. 

Other styles I have been known to make:  Senate Bean Soup.  Also with lots of bacon.

Carrots, onions/shallots, and celert seed figures highly in my soup preparations.  Besides the bacon.  Also, some garlic.

For a second pot?  Chicken?  With rice and stars.  And carrots.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


A shotgun to keep bad guys from busting down my front door?  00 buck?  Even a whole handful of bad guys.

Yeah, you can't do much better than that.  And I agree.

But I have a problem.  And this is me.  Not you, necessarily.

Here in the suburbs there is a better chance of finding a place you can shoot a rifle than you can find to shoot a shotgun, sorta.  So I don't even own anything scattery of any halfway decent prowler stopping utility but antique Remingtons.  And none of those are a pump gun.   I can't operate a pump gun. Well, I have barely ever operated a pump gun.  Most of it is easy, yes, but there are little levers and switches and button and such for loading and unloading and locking this or that back...

I'd have to go far afield for familiarization, and further for training.  As my knowledge is woefully inadequate.

Total rounds I've fired in my short shooty lifetime is in the thousands.  But is is like 92% pistols, 7% rifles of all sorts, and 1% shotguns.  A tube of buckshot or a 30 round magazine of 5.56 are both almost certainly a better selection at 3AM for prowlers than a pistol.  Assuming all have a light.  But I should probably go with what I am most familiar with.

Ideally I take it upon myself to get better with a shotgun and get lots of training and practice, but I am getting old and slow. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

I told you Zombies were real

I dislike the Japanese.  First, the KILT MY GRAMPA.

And second they are infested with zombies.

Now  you know why I'll never guy a Toyota.  I don't care if they DO make them in Alabama

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Push out

I was taught a new trick in sim training.

Let's say you are presented with a spree shooter.  And you shoot his pixels and put him down.  Now you want to look behind you, check your six, as you are pretty sure bad guy is down down, but you never know.

You want to look around, but you also want to be able to engage the bad guy if it turns out he has some fight in him.

How do?

One way is to draw the gun back into the Sul position and scan around you.  Here is a cop doing that.

And that's fine.  You can get your gun back up on target pretty quick that way.  It's a good idea if there are still good guys milling about or the bad guy has a sneak partner.

Or... and here is the trick, you can keep holding your pistol on the target strong hand only, bring your support hand into your chest, and look over your shoulder on the support hand side.

Ok, that's not the trick.

When you turn back to look at the target your gun isn't pointing where you were aiming before the head turn.  It will be if you push the gun OUT...  Extend your elbow...  As you look back.  Then when you face forward and bring your hands together on the pistol grip the gun draws back into your regular position, and... shazam!  It's pointing pretty much at the same place.  Same POA

When told, I thought there was NO way that would work.  But it do. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I'm a VZ Grips guy.  I like em.  So is the gunsmith.  He likes em.  Gonna to continue to be a customer in the future. 

But there are other really good grip makers besides VZ I might occasionally turn to or drool over.  One is Altamont.  Only discovered them recently.  They have some handsome grips.  I mean, LOOK at this Olivewood:


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Well crud

I was thinking of opening an account at Fifth Third bank when I retired to Cleveland.  I hope Key Bank doesn't go the same route.  Western Union is sending mixed signals.

Trigger Pull

Trigger pull.  Sometimes when my shooting goes off the rails and I get flinchy I have to trick myself.  Distract myself.  To get a better trigger pull.  This helps.  But I'd rather not need it.

I'd rather regularly shoot well week after week.  But it's a constant struggle to get better.  It's not like tying your shoes well.  So far.  Where once you are good at it you don't have to think about it.

Distraction methods.
  • Make the gun wobble.  Random figure eights all over the place. 
  • Pin the trigger back and catch the reset, either after the gun settles (meh) or during the recoil.  I'd love to one day be able to dispense with this one.
  • Some folks sing a song.  Girl from Ipanema.  In your head or out loud.  
  • My favorite is telling myself "F it!  Just SHOOT it, you been here before."
Is this a cheat, a crutch?  Oh, yes.  What's it doing?  Causing the surprise break.  But it's not ideal.  You have to change methods as you get used to the latest.  I'd rather just have the trigger come naturally.

And it probably won't.  Not ever.  I don't have that talent.   I will pursue it, yes.  I may be able to quickly correct a trigger pull on the fly.  But never will I be perfect.

Monday, October 8, 2018

It all goes to the SAME landfill

If my local trashman ever gives me guff over the recycling ima start dumping everything in the creek.

Just take my garbage. 

MAYBE the aluminum actually gets recycled.  There is money in that.  I've seen you dump the rest of that stuff in the same truck.  To go to the same dump.  All mixed together. 

Bad Dream

In my dream I no longer had the strength to do Left Shoulder, Arms, from Order Arms, to Right Shoulder Arms with a Garand.  Left arm too weak.  Then I tried it with an 03.  No luck there either.

I learned the manual of arms in college.

Which is an odd worry as my right upper body is the side that has had occasional weakness because of neck disks pushing on the spinal cord on that side.

To have a weakened left is fresh news to me, even in dreamland.

The problem was worse in the transition from the left shoulder to the right as you have to pop out the rifle hold the butt in the left hand, with your forearm more or less parallel to the deck.  Bicep and hand work.  And here it just faded to failure.

I hate getting old. But a heckuva thing to come up with in a dream. Rifle drill? At least milsurp rifles are widely available in my dreams.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Rent a Mob

For Kavenaugh, Soros had Rent a Mobs out in full force.  Poor Jeff Flake is a bit jumpy in a good day.

But if Justice Breyer or Ruth Bader Ginsburg choke to death on the walnut stuffing this Thanksgiving... and assuming the president's allies retain control of the Senate...  It will be Rent a Riots.  I'm guessing.

So, I live in Maryland.  So there are lots of restrictions.  But even in the most permissible states there are still no-go areas. Every Post Office, for one.  When the violence breaks out when do you start carrying routinely where you are forbidden to?  Assuming there isn't a controlled entryway.

Well, it depends.  It depends on the Riots.  Me carry in Maryland or you carry in a Post Office?  Yeah, that depends on what kind of nationwide violence we are seeing.

There can be some serious neo-Commie white folks just killing people left and right downtown.  Worst riots since the Civil War when the draft was instate, let's say.  Scary.  It still might be obvious with some rational thought that that riot won't touch me when I grocery shop and commute to and from work.

Where else do I go, these days?  To the gunsmith and to the range?  I won't be trapped out without a carry piece in no-carry MD in those time, as those are sanction 'firearms in the car' time here.

So... at work... 20 mile from home... and widespread violence and I wish I was carrying even if it is super illegal?  That violence better be more widespread than I can conceive.  I just don't travel through areas where that is a likely issue.  Sparse areas.  Non residential areas.  Highways...

And if it does happen and I am caught out on my commute? I have other weapons.  One being the truck.

But that level of violence takes some time to cook up.  I don't know why I'd be away from home the 48 hours before it got to that. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Pistol Sights

Pistol sights.  My preferences have changed and I have progressed and gotten better at shooting.

I am now: Black read sigh with a rounded bottom, and a front sight with a contrasting color or fiber, but now glow in the dark tritium necessary.  10-8 offers this, if you want to see or what I am talking about, but here is a pic from them:

Someone is focusing on the front sight.

My gunsmith convinced me on that.  And I get good results with that.

When I started this blog and shooting I was a 3-dot guy.  Preferably tritium.

But maybe those are too busy and distracting.  If only for a micro second.  They are fine, and I train in the simulator with a variety of sight configuration, I just now prefer the top for my own stuff.  Back in the day I imagined the tritium 3-dot would make night time repel-prowler situations in my dark house batter, but I'd prolly be better served with a flashlight for that.  My thinking has evolved

There was a time when this is the way I rolled:

XS-Sights.  With the BIG honking front sight.  Tam said something like, "you can't hit anything beyond 7 yard with that.  What if your bad guy is shooting at you from 30 yards away?  Yer F-ed!"  I was already F-ed, as I couldn't, then, hit something that far away anyhow.  So we were both right.   But I don't run XS sights now.  

I am not against glow in the dark sights now.  Just not the MONDO huge ones.  The only thing wrong with them is price and they are hard to remove if you used red loctite on them.  The torch work to break the loctite causes your gun to turn into a radioactive Superfund site in some situations.  Anyhoo, I got better.

My H9 came with a pretty big trijicon front sight, so I swapped it.  If I were Hudson I might offer a choice for that. 

Friday, October 5, 2018


I was promised National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act.
I got a bumpstock ban.

Friday Bupkis

It's a new thing.  Not having Friday material.  The post below snuck in while I was editting it unnoticed, yesterday.

Topics I been thinking about:

  • Pistol sights. 
  • Trigger pull.
  • Rent a mob now, rent a riot next time.

CDC data

Crap, this got posted for most of yesterday and it wasn't even finished!  I ruin EVERYTHING.  Fine.

The Center for Disease Control said gun injuries are up 37% 2015 to 2016.

Even honest liberals say this is whore's shit. 

They also handwave and admit their statistical sampling may be flawed.  Since EVERYONE else shows a steady decline.

So they admit that maybe you shouldn't trust their numbers.

Of course the anti-gunners crow about the erroneous highs, anyway, ignoring the caveat.

THIS is why we never trusted the CDC on guns and got laws passed to keep them out of anti-gun advocacy.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Range, 1 Oct

New sights on the Hudson, but I arrived a bit too flinchy.  AGAIN.  Gotta work on that.

Ok, new sights on the H9, gotta test that.  .210 instead of .220.  So I shouldn't shoot low...


Ok, change the point of aim a bit and try again.  In case that was just very old bad habits.

POA circled.  Ok, much better.  That first one wasn't the sight.  It was me. 

Then the rest.

Still some 'dropped' shots.  The last set, the three circled, were all called flinches, and the other are more relaxed and a bit better.  Initial shots were generally nearer the bull and the group creeped toward 6 o'clock. 

It's been a while since I shot a not-revolver.  I bet next time there is less vertical variance. 

115 grain, American Eagle, 60 shots.  280 total for gun, 183 since last malfunction or lube.  No cleaning.  Trying to get 250 in a row, no malf.  If I were gonna carry it, I'd not carry it til then.  Gonna have to mix in some holler points in the break-in test. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Heavy Ads

Been seeing a LOT of adds for Vedder holsters recently.  LOTS. 

Dunno why.

More than usual after I have shopped for holster online and the internet ad disease senses my interest and blitzes me on every platform.  Shot of a shirt on Duluth's Trading Company's website directly and now Facebook AND google and serving up Ballroom Underwear ads. 

But all three of those are biggish companies.

Why is Vedder, a company I had never heard of 3 months ago going for a big ad buy?  Or, not big, but somehow targeting me and a few other very specifically?

They look sorta middling, quality wise.  Based in Florida.  I dunno if I'd get one, but they look to be a bit better than Fobus, Blackhawk!, and Uncle Mike's.  Maybe?  The OWB holster look to be a little lacking.

If a new shooter got one I'd be pleased.  I recommend to all new shooter to order a decent holster in the one-week waiting period.  They haven't convinced me to use their company by name, yet.

You all been seeing these, like, everywhere?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

No Answers?


The screwiest thing about the Vegas Shooting is that we still don't have any answers.

I heard on the news last month that the shooter still only 'reportedly' used bump stocks.  Like we still aren't sure.

Are authorities not sharing info because they HAVE no info to disseminate?  They should say that.  Saying nothing is just kind of odd.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Fitted some more sights

Got my fresh build 1911 kitted up.  Just cosmetic stuff now, mostly with the grip safety.

Swapped out the wrong sized sight on the Hudson too.

To avoid marring the finish on the Hudson I used an aluminium (sic) punch or drift.  You get maybe two uses with it, then the tip is all munged up.  And it leaves aluminum marks on stuff that looks AWFUL, but it doesn't scratch the finish so much.

So I asked a man of experience how to get the ugly silvery marks off my nearly new gun.

"Oil and a Q-Tip"

Hey!  That works.

Now, the aluminum punch.  You CAN refurbish that, easily enough.  A few times.  Use a sander.  Do NOT ever touch aluminum (no sic) to a grinding wheel. The metal will fill the pores of the stone unevenly, taking the wheel out of balance.  The next time someone uses it it will wobble and maybe fracture apart.  Danger danger. 

Disk or belt sander.  Please. 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Speaking of Holmes

This is a still from The Secret Weapon.

Holmes in disguise on the left, a Swiss precision bombsight scientist he is protecting on the right.

But that's not important now.

In the center, background.  A soapstone wood stove, if I am not mistaken, Watson.  Or a facsimile of one on the European backlot set of Universal.  What a great way to heat a house.  Jealous.

Just ATROCIOUS gun handling, Watson:

Friday, September 28, 2018

Hmmm, Rare Friday Bupkis

I just don't have much to say I guess.

Some thoughts that don't rise to a blog post.

Still thinking about revolver trigger pulls. 

Speaking of revolver, been watching old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies.  They resorted quick to gun play in them movies.  Also, both Watson and Inspector Lestrade were absolute dolts.  How Holmes could spend more than a minute with either imbecile is beyond me.  Still, I enjoy the old movies. 

I had a dream I was directing a movie.  Don't remember the details, but it wasn't WWII.  Yet it had a Garand on a beach at the high tide mark. 

I think the Senate should confirm Kavanaugh.  Using Holmseian deductive reasoning I thought this whole thing was a put up job on the 14th, and everything since has reinforced that conclusion.  And I don't even like the guy.  This has been the low water mark of SCOTUS confirmations, and Democrats should be ashamed. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Range 25 September

Let's do the revolver again.

Not perfect, but better.

Here you see 21 DA shots from a 686 6" L-Frame.  Magtexk 158 grain lead round nose. 

I called all the shots in my head except the 'oops' on the last three lower right target.  8 yards.

I KNEW the ones a bit outside the bull area were going to be a bit outside the bull area because I remembered over-thinking those shot.  I thought about the shot rather than shoot the shot.

Yes, I still favor the right half, but not exclusively.

Time to switch guns and see how I do with a J-Frame.

Also on deck, 150 more rounds in the Hudson.

By then maybe some test shots in a 1911.

So a full social calendar.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Theory Vs Practice

So, installing front and rear sights on your Slide...

My gunsmith had a little class.  For two hours he expounded on how to fit sights to dovetails.  All sorts of minutia to consider to keep them straight, not mung up your slide, how neither the dovetails nor the sights are perfect from the factory, how the angles aren't necessarily sharp or the right depth depending on how worn the mill cutter was to start.

Well, I had already worked the rear sight I was fitting for a while.  The metal of the sights is pretty hard, and my file will wear out pretty fast, but how many sights am I gonng fit, lifetime?  I did some prep work on the slide itself, months ago.

The site was about a quarter of the way into the slide.

So, hours of filing, two hours of further instruction and he looks at my work.  "You are doing great!  You can tell by the wear marks that you are filing straight.  Let me see that..."  He takes the sight, touches it to the belt sander, put the slide flat on the table and BAM BAM!... with a rawhide hammer.

"Ok, it's going in fine.  Hit is a coupla few more times til it is straight, centered, and there is the same amount of metal on both sides."

All that.  I was hours in and thought I had hours to go.  And it's done in less than 60 seconds.

And it's good, too.

"Don't get mired in the details."   That's a phrase that applies to nigh every part of gunnie-dom I've been telling myself lately.  Know the details, yes.  But when you do, DO.  Gunsmithing, gear selections, shooting.  Learn, know, do.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Second Amendment

This was the text of a possible amendment, when they were writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights, approved by the Senate.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Here what the House came up with.

A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the People, being the best security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, but no one religiously scrupulous of bearing arms, shall be compelled to render military service in person.

 They settled on the Senate version in conference, obviously, and that is the 2nd Amendment.

But what if they chose the House version?

The wording shows where the Framers' heads were.  The anti-gun types would have to alter their argument saying "it just means the States have a right to have a National Guard."  Because our side would note that People is capitalized now, so less collective.    Yeah, right

But drop the Quaker conscience, religious exemption bit and it's just:

A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the People, being the best security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed
Do a bit more algebra and the difference is:

composed of the body of the People, being the best security of a free State,


being necessary to the security of a free State,

It comes down to economy of words at that point.  Best vis Necessary.  Dropping the 'People' bit as assumed redundant, maybe?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Eliminate Steak Hamburgers and Bacon?

Don't do that. 

Or I start eating Vegans to survive. 

Home Gunsmiffin'

Ok, so I've been using my L Frame 686 revolver some lately, to get my DA revolver skills up a bit.

It's been in the shop a while back.  The timing was off, and I needed an oversized hand.

Anyhoo.  It's getting harder to get the cylinder to release.  I go to the range and can't even open to load the thing.  VERY short range session.  0 rounds fired.

But I know a guy. 

Before that, however, let me take a crack at fixin' it.  Maybe something internal is blocking the cylinder release latch.  I can take the side of and see...  Before that, lemme find that S&W revolver book of mine... where is it...  how bout an internet search?

Well, there's yer trouble right there!  What you bet my ejector rod is backing out a little at a time.  Easy enough to spin it back (anti clockwise to tighten.  you figure that out pretty quick when it doesn't get better).

Wish I had figured that out at the range. 

But, after a good cleaning and degreasing I bet this calls for some blue loctite. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Welcome Wagon

They move folks around the cubicles in my office, so sometimes I get new neighbors.  Recently, this happened.  These three worked for the company for a while but in other buildings.  All three, together.  So I am the old hand in the department showing them where the printer is and the coffee maker, but they all have a history.

There was a revisit of a subject they clearly have gone over before.

It appears one is in the NRA, and the other two joke and call him a member of a terrorist organization, complicit in mass murder. 

I, of course, kept quiet and listened.  I am 'more' NRA than the NRA guy.  I did tell them to get the FBI on the horn and turn in the NRA member if they really thought him a terrorist.  Ha ha.  We joke. 


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Jim Crow

Naw, naw, O'Rourke.  GUN CONTROL is the new Jim Crow.  Welllllll.... it's the old Jim Crow.  It's the Jim Crow that didn't get written out of the law books but was instead doubled down.  Gun Crow.  Democrats have REALLY never wanted black people to have firearms.  Can't have black people defending themselves.  Republicans haven't covered themselves in glory, but at least they are a little wish washy about it.

Well this is nice

I've done a lot of simulator training.  It's relatively easy to program in your own scenarios in some of them.  I've done one where I walk up to a store front that looks like the gun smith shop and, hey, isn't that the owner's wife?  SHE HAS A KNIFE.  Harder to shoot her in the simulator because I know her.

But up in North East Maryland they are trying to come up with Sim programs that train cops to maybe not shoot every dog you see as a matter of routine.  Which is nice.  Poor pups.  Not all of them need shooting, or course, and the police would rather not have to.  Save money in lawsuits that way, too. 


And Harford County got in the news after I composed this post.   Killer, in a gun free zone, killing. 

Friday, September 21, 2018


Maybe this is a better date to remember every year.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


No Shit.

2 Prince George’s Co. officers shot after warrant served at wrong home

The homeowner will not be charged.

      Will NOT....

This gives me a little hope in Liberal Maryland from even MORE Liberal PG County. 

Mega City

"Is Richmond to Boston a Magacity T-Bolt?"

I get asked that all the time.

No really.

People from better parts of the country ask if it is one big urban expanse covering half the eastern seaboard round here.  Like in Judge Dredd.

No.  There is still country between the urban centers.  Well country to ME.  Where a farm when I was a kid a pace with maybe 40 acres of corn?  There used to be cow pastures within a mile of me, wherever I was.  Not since the 80s.  Sure it was only 50 head or so.  I had friends in High School that had farm chores to do. 

There are fewer of them close, but drive 30 minutes and you can see farmland again. 

And it's nothing like you see further afield.  Our combines only do half a dozen rows, at most.  The tractors don't have double wheels.  None of these too close to here.

Maybe on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  The flatter area west of the Appalachians.

And see all the whitetail?  They aren't just living on suburban flower gardens.  Plenty of 3rd growth forest about.  Patches, but there. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gun Lawyer

This lawyer is trying to drum up business, but this page describes the strictest Maryland interpretation of gun transport.

"Can I stop for gas on the way to and from the range if my guns are all in lock boxes and in the trunk, T-Bolt?"

Depends.  Is the prosecutor at your coming gun trial a ball-breaker?  If so, don't stop for gas.  Don't run out of gas either.  Or break down.  Or get in an accident.

"What is a Maryland Designated Collector?"

Well, it's like a C&R, but for the state.  I am one, but I have no idea where that little piece of paper is.  The state police see me on the list though.  Maybe I should get another one.  No fee associated with the letter, so why not?

"Then what is an informal exhibition?"

It's me coming to your house and saying "Hey Fred, isn't this a cool 1911?" then leaving.  Maybe.  Depends on DA Ball-Breaker. The law if foggy on what constitutes an informal exhibition.  Do I need to set up tables and have a beef jerky vendor?  Doesn't say.

The Collector bit also helps you buy more than one gun a month.  Which I have managed without declaring my status, so...  The laws seem to be more of a guideline.  Only deployed against ya when they want to deploy against YOU.

Even in DC, tho, more than 40% of gun cases are just dropped.  You get arrested, arraigned, then home you go.  Minus your defense fees.  And God help you if you failed to appear at one of your court appearance when they were just going to drop the charges.  Fresh warrants. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trigger Go-Fast

So bumpstocks and whatnot are illegal in Maryland.

But the law is written such that ANYTHING that makes you able to pull your firearm's trigger faster is the same thing as a having a bumpstock and now a crime.  Well a crime after October 1st.

Put some molybdenum grease on your sear-hammer engagement in the 1911?  FELONY!

Put some gun oil on the BOLT of Grampa's pre-64 Winchester .30-06?  You can go mariginally faster cycling that bolt.  FELONY!

Like most gun laws in Maryland... heck most laws, of any flavor...  they are poorly written and subject to all kinds of misinterpretation.  Which is why I'd never avoid jury duty for anything.  ~cough-nullification-cough~.

Shhh, don't tell any Maryland DA's my real name.   They will dump me in voir dire.


So, if in Maryland, and someone at the range that looks like he might be a cop asks you if you put any oil on your pistol, tell that guy to go pound sand down a rathole.

It's getting so you can't talk to anyone.  

Monday, September 17, 2018


From an article about a liberal that wants to learn how to hunt. And good for him.

"These are not the best of times to declare one’s pursuit of manly ideals. Masculinity, or at least the toxic manifestations of it, has much to answer for."

Why not?  I don't see a problem with it.  Nor do my work and friends and family.  And plenty of them are liberal.  Maybe you need to stop hanging around folks that think like that, buddy.  There is something wrong with keeping your head in that place.  Some loss of faith in the very civilization from which you spring.  Hell confidence in your very humanity.

Also, he mentions the liberal gun club.  Frustrated lefty gun enthusiasts that don't want to restrict magazines, ban AR's, or be associated in ANY WAY with the NRA.  But the only difference with their postions and the NRA is that they really don't have a problem with a nationwide gun registry.  I guess they haven't come around to grokking "Registration = Confiscation" just yet.  Oh, and they'd NEVER vote for a political conservative, obviously.  So, they'd reject Reagan and Scalia and Thomas and Kavenaugh.  They think the NRA and GOP are the same thing, and the NRA is captured by the Greed Gun Industry.  Naw.  I'm the NRA.  It's not that the NRA is in lock step with the GOP.  It's that the Democrats never put forward a truly progun candidate anymore that reliably votes that way.  If they ever do one the Liberal Gun Club be surprised when the hated NRA supports that Dem.

You know, the LBC even support national CCW reciprocity?  They want a qualifications floor, so a Pennsylvania CCW won't be valid nationwide, but a Utah one might.  Good for them. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Yeah, DC is like that.

Cruz intern charged with possession of unregistered ammunition.

Yup, right next door.  Six miles from where I sit.  What this sounds like is Cruz had words with someone and the cops were called and took notice.  Well, that call is on the log, and they are certainly gonna look for something.  And something they found, so downtown one of the loud arguers goes.  Happens to be a Texas boy, interning for the Senator.

Most people from Texas might find it odd NOT to find ammo in someone's car.  In fact, this boy from the Maryland suburbs has a box of 9mm in the car that's been there a week and a half.  No gun, mind you.  Just the box of American Eagle 115 grain.

And I'd not think twice about venturing over the line into DC.  Because I rarely do things that would involve the police.  But that's not smart.  Someone could rear end my truck and bingo, police response.  An over zealous cop might notice the red box on the blue seat.  Now I am cross threaded with the Metropolitan Police Department.

99 times out of a hundred, don't even worry.  That one time... LOOK OUT.

I bet intern gets a slap on the wrist.  And would if his boss was Cruz or the assistant deputy Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and a holdout from the previous admin.  Or if he had been some suburban Maryland middle aged man.   But they CAN make an example of him.  It's up to DC officials.  

But the laws in DC are onerous and we need to strengthen protectiong with federal reciprocity and boosting FOPA.

"That's not very libertarian federalist of you, T-Bolt."

Yeah?  Well, fire with fire.  There is a long tradition of the Feds intervening when civil rights are being trampled in this country.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

It's a Tradition

Every year.  My town has a Zombie Walk.

I studiously avoid it.

Not because I wouldn't enjoy the spectacle.  I worry I'll have a flashback.

"Wheaton, 2009, when then name on uniform said Suggalewski, but everyone knew me as...  SERGEANT THUNDERBOLT!"

(the 1980s was a different time, with the Greaseman.)

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Hurricane Thing

Just another reason for gummint to boss people around 'for their own good.'  (Whose own good?  The people?  Or the bosses?)

"Do what we say and evacuate or thousand will die!"

Thousands don't die.

"See?  We saved you!  Re-elect me.  What would you do without your betters in local government telling you how to wipe your own butt."

Though I did fill up on Monday and have been topping off gas every evening since then.  "How close are you to the deadly Category 7 hurricane, T-Bolt?"  Maybe 500 miles?

The Kavanaugh thing

You know how I know it's baloney?  It's so obviously baloney.

The Dems used to be much better at this.  They are slipping.

And.  They are gonna lose their minds if RBG falls down the stairs next month.  Have you heard her lately?  "She strong!  Like a super hero!"  No.  She is feeble.  A gust of wind could take her straight to heaven.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

One thing about shooting .38....

....Is I notice I don't have a lotta .38. 

What do I have?

A lotta .357.  A LOT.

Back when I started this blog I had an M1 and a S&W L-Frame, pretty much.  I vastly over estimated how much .357 I'd practice with regularly.  There is a .50 cal ammo box full of Mag Tech .357 I got 10 years ago. 

It is nice seeing the low price tag on the boxes.

What the heck.  Not like it will get moldy or go stale.  I do have a 1894C and most of these are semi-jacketed, so they work good with that carbine.   Eventually it will get used.  Or I'll die in 30 years and someone else will figure out something.

Oh, and now I have some .38 ordered.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Range September 10th

All full size revolver work.  Performance the same as last time.  A miss or two at 25 yards.  A little high and right.  Got live fire training coming up on Saturday, let's see if I can improve something.  If the hurricane don't cancel it.

Three yellow 'misses' were all 25 yard body shots, though you can see I shift a bit right on the 8 yard head shots anyway.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I despair every year on this anniversary.

We didn't get the righteous justice I wanted and felt was the country's due.  We are still in conflict, but not really looking to victory, just looking to end it.  We didn't expand it and grind radical jihadist underfoot in such a manner making their tactic of attacking the non-Muslim world for any reason unthinkable to them for at least a century.

That's the bad.

The good is we have Mattis at DoD, and a president that gives that crusty, yet moral, warhorse his head.  The other good is Iran looks internally shaky again, and that is a terrorist thorn we have suffered too long.  Maybe something will finally come of that, and the mullahs will collapse under their own tyrannical weight. 

I keep saying I'm not gonna blog the anniversary.  Yet here I am.

I wasn't.  Other people are forgetting it.  I might as well, too.   Stop holding the grudge.  But heck, I won't buy a Japanese car, still, because of what they did to my Grandpa.

But this article gives me a little hope.  Not everyone is forgetting.  And perhaps are coming up with a better way to remember.  Not bitter, like me. 

It HAS been 17 years.  I imaging 11/11 was a little different in 1935 than it was in 1919.  I should account for that.  Lotta water under the bridge then, a lot now.  Back then they had tear gassed war veterans for daring to ask for their bennies a few years prior.  A different world in 1935, a different world in 2018.  Maybe I need to adjust.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Oh crap!

It's Sunday night and I got nuttin.

Per usual.


Something I gotta ask the gunsmith.

Do you HAVE to keep a storefront and be a gunsmith?  There's gotta be a way to work on guns and be an FFL (you are intaking firearms, transferring possession to yourself and back again.), yet NOT have to have display tables and a cash register and whatnot.

I guess my gunsmith is in the bidness of MAKING brand new guns, so he has to FFL up in there.  Storefront and public hours and all. 

Which is bad for him, as he is a curmudgeon. 

Hmmm.  You could partner up with a store, and use that guy.  But then you have to deal with another irascible gunnie that owns a store.  Oil and water. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel Shotgun Barrels.

Ever seen them?  They are beautiful.  Certainly to me, and I bet to some of you.

You see em advertised in those reprints of the Montgomery Ward and Sears catalogs from 1906 or so.

And they are for sale at gunshows with other antique items.

The conventional wisdom you hear from gun store clerks around the ol' pot belly stove, jawin', about them old shotties is don't you dare shoot em!  They were made for black powder cardboard cartridges.  If you put something in there with modern smokeless powder you'll just blow up them barrels!

Meh.  Sound like bushwa to me.

If I was a gun manufacture from around 1912 I'd spread that word around too.  "Don't shoot grand daddy's shotgun!  Or even daddy's!  What with the new gunpowder what you need are some of these new fangled all steel barrels that we just happen to sell.  And forget what we said about them damascus barrels back 15 years ago when we sold you that.  That we had ad copy then that we loaded it with a proof round with 5 times the normal measure of powder to test every gun barrel...."

You are more likely to break the old stock that to break that old barrel. 

If I had one, I'd shoot it.  Prolly for clays only though, out of an abundance of caution.  Rock dove.  Pheasant.  I don't think goose hunting is the way to go.  Or deer, in my case.  But #7 birdshot, sure.  Well, if the gun was made by an American or English maker.  Something churned out by the Ottoman's is another matter. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

NPR reports

There is a Frederick Douglass commemorative train ride from Baltimore to New York going on.  I heard about it on National Public Radio today.  The announcer told me it was commemorating his escape to freedom.   And she said it happened over one hundred years ago.

Yes.  That is technically correct.  That moment in history did happen over 100 years ago.  True.  But that is not as helpful as she think in pinpointing the date of his flight.

But the train ride is commemorating his presumed birth year.  Not his flight.  And, no, he wasn't born into slavery a little over 100 years ago.  No, closer to 200.  Since this is a BICENTENNIAL celebration, NPR.

I double this lady telling me this was even alive in 1976 to remember that bicentennial. 

Range, 4 September

First, I warmed up with two 10 round magazines full of Hudson H9.  And I had the flinchies from the start.  Not gonna be my day.  Shoulda packed up and walked around the block.  AE 115 gr.  240 rounds since bought.  123 since last malfunction.

It made a line from the center straight down and then veered right.  The second mag was a bit better, but not much.

Now I was here to do revolver work.  Many reasons. 
  • My revolver shooting has improved as regular pistol work has improved, despite being a totally different pull.  I want to reinforce that
  • I don't practice with a revolver enough.  And since I carry with one a lot, maybe that's not a good idea.
  • I don't thus practice reloading with a speed strip either, and all the reloading was done with one to make it more...  handy?  Usual?  Familiar?  Better.
  • I rarely shoot out at 25 yards with a revolver.  That's a recent thing with a semi-auto for me, and I want to see if I can be as successful with a revolver's double action as I am with a semi trigger.

Not shabby.  Quality dropped off over time (not pictured).  I realized I was shooting with +P ammo.  Which is fine, but since I came there with some flinchies, +P didn't help settle me down.  Now regular .38 out of a 6 inch L-frame?  THAT feels gentle.  Next session will be more J-Frame. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Not so easy-shooting 9mm

I think I am a different shooter than I once was.  Before all the training.  Before I got better at it.

If you put a .45 and a 9mm on a bench and let me try both of the, the 9mm felt easier to shoot.  Gentle.  Almost like a .22 compared to the larger caliber.  Well, maybe not that gentle, but noticeable.

Now?  One of my biggest disappointments about getting a heavier 9mm pistol was that its recoil felt no gentler than a standard 1911.  I was expecting easier recoil control leading to faster accurate shots.  It just feels about the same. Same with other 9mm pistols, not just that first one.

I don't know.  Maybe getting better made the .45 seem gentler because of improved shooting technique and the 9mm is as gentle as it ever was.   

Thursday, September 6, 2018


So which products do we have to avoid?  JUST because of an anti-gun-rights stance, I don't want to get into the weeds and list folks that just hate us for general Social Justice Warfare reasons.

Specifically "they came out against the 2nd Amendment specifically and now I don't wanna give them my money because of that."

So, not Nike, cuz that is just football-cop-flag stuff.  But Levi's, yes.  Yeti coolers.

Bank of America. I know that because I still use them to pay my water and gas and electric bill. 

Not Waffle House.  Anti-carry is bad, yes, but it's not anti-gun, necessarily, outside of Waffle House.

Does Under-Armor count?  They dropped sponsorship for a hunter that went hunting with a spear, and that cause a viral vegan uproar somehow.  I guess not.

Dick's Sporting Goods, most definitely.

Smith and Wesson in the Clinton years when that British corporation owned them, but not now.

Ugh, it's so hard to keep track.  I don't wanna.  Some places list SCORES of stuff to eschew.  Or more.  Can somebody be in charge of this?  Pick the worst 10 companies that are the most virulent anti-2A that sell products and services that would be badly hurt if a portion of 65 million gun owners stopped buying.  Update the list as time goes by and companies go up or down in their level of Constitutional treachery.

Me?  Double ugh.  I dunno if I have the energy.  Plus no one reads this except YOU four folks.  Hi, by the way.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please hit my invisible non-existent tip jar and patronize ALL my advertisers.  ("You wear THAT in public, do ya?")

And it's lame.  Putting too much effort into a hit list.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Why did I get a Hudson?

Ugh, it might have been a mistake for this to be my first 9mm.  Well, second. 

Don't get me wrong.  I really like it.  It looks snazzy, it shoots just fine, and it's fun.  And I don't need to shop for a better trigger for it.  I'm not looking to unload it.

But I have lots of guns and it takes up a spot.  A S&W M&P has a lot more holster offerings and other after market support.  Coulda got 2 for the price of a Hudson.  Now I still need a couple M&Ps and also have a Hudson.  Plus I kinda want to play with an RIA .22 TCM, which is ALSO a 9mm.  And I have the 1911 9mm.

How did I go from zero 9mm to potentially 6? Pump the brakes!

Like I said, the gun safe is a fixed space.  And I sold off all my .40s.  At least I managed to sell off guns.

Sometime I wish the only firearms I owned were three decent .45 1911s, and that's it.

This feeling will pass. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Lefty Bolt Action

When I go into a gun store for the first time I like to see if they have a lefty bolt action on the wall.  Never seen one.

Then I ask them if they will order one for me.  Remember, they don't know me from Adam's off ox. 

The answer is invariably no or some sort of hedge.  "Just what you see up there, pal."

I've never asked a gun store I have established a relationship with.   I bet they'd say yes, now, but I am already a bit salty about the initial turn-down. 

None are will to order Caspian frames for me, either.  Even stores that know me.

But.  I am willing to bet a goodly number would order a Browning BLR for me, if asked, tho.  Especially in a commoner caliber.  ".308, fine. .22 Hornet, get out of my store."

I swear, I have no idea how gun stores would stay in business if it weren't for Gun Banners.  Because of the 1968 Gun Control Act they are sort frozen in amber with how they conduct business with the ATF books and what not, with standard gun store clerk surliness, and general unhelpful behavior...  A lot still refuse to do a transfer with gunbroker.  "Just buy what you see on the wall, buddy, or get out."

Now I know what you are.  "But gun store X isn't like that!  Go to them!"  First of all, they might be 'like that'.  Second of all, NONE should be 'like that'.  In an ideal world.  Third, you know I buy guns on occasion, I have managed to manage my gun purveyors. 

Gun stores close all the time.  Capitalism works like that.  But there seems to be little feedback where the lessons of the closed store are learned by the open or opening store.  Plus the aforementioned panic-buy waves, as regular as the tides, keeps em afloat a bit longer than otherwise. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

A lever gun

Not a tacticool bolt action sniper rifle, in case the tree of Liberty needs watering, or the zombies finally rise, or you get to go to Africa and stalk a Cape Bussaflo?

Yeah, when I started this blog that was a possibility. Fighting with a rifle.  I was younger, I remembered my 30s, and injuries had yet to really catch up to me.  It wasn't doable, in reality, really, but it was feasible.

As for traipsing about Africa in short khaki pants, knees are scratched, and making a ton and a quarter of wild mean cattle angry with me armed with only a .308?  Madness.

Anyway, what was feasible once is much less feasible now.  I don't like lying on the ground because it entails sometime in the relatively near future I will have to get back up again.  If forced to throw a punch my punching arm is as week as an asthmatic 12 year old boy now.  Thanks neuropathy.   And I am way too fat.  I was too fat 10 years ago.  I was too fat training to be a Naval Aviator 25+ years ago.

At my peak of ability I could do 7 pullups.  That was age 27.

AR15s are much more attractive to me now.  They are lighter.  But I am not going on a patrol with one with this body.  Not and be much more than a burden to the people I am with.  I stopped smoking not because I wanted to, but because I was done with it dragging me down and had to.

And thank goodness someone invented the pistol.  I can LOOK as formidable (well almost) as I did when I was 27, but with a pistol I am much more dangerous as I was back then, full of beans and vinegar.

So, in the decision between tactical neato sniper rifle and lever action hunting rifle... I might as well go hunting rifle.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Left handed hunting rifle

They make few bolt action lefty rifles.  And no one like Remington anymore, and because of that new Savages are under pressure...

What about a NEW lever gun?  I took a chance on a used one and got burned.  But Browning has the BLR.  If there is something up with that it's under 'warranty'.

Anyone ever use one?  Thoughts?

Oooo, the takedown version is setup with Scout scopes in mind.

"The barrel on BLR Takedown models is factory drilled and tapped for an optional Browning forward-mounted scout-style scope base to provide a rock-solid optics mounting platform, allowing you to remove the barrel for transportation and storage without losing your scope’s zero."

Saturday, September 1, 2018

No gun thoughts

This week.  To post now.  The only gun thing to occur to me was "Huh, I wonder what the .22 Remington Jet shoots like."

I'll probably never know.

It's the middle one.

Friday, August 31, 2018

I have baby soft hands

Triggers can hurt my trigger finger.  My skin is so delicate.

Ruger revolvers have a sharp aris.  Something about a SIG DAK trigger gets abraded by the tip of it's trigger.

1911s give me no issue.

The bottom of the Hudson's trigger hurts me, mildly.

The striker trigger is different in the H9.  It bugs people that are used to Glock style trigger, but you get used to it fast enough.  The hinge for the trigger safety is at the bottom for the H9.

It's that area that pinches a bit.  Easy fix.  Set my finger a bit higher.  Or just ignore it.  It's not enough to make me flinch about it.  If I were going to a high round count live fire training evolution I'd tape that finger.  Maybe. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Range, 27 Aug

Not too bad.  70 rounds of 115 gr AE, with no malfs.

The body shots are 25 yards, the head work is 8.  The lowest one was a called 'miss' that sorta hit.

Oh, this was with the Hudson.  Looking to get 250 rounds through it with no failures.  It had a few teething issues for the first box or so.  It's been 123 since the last stoppage. 

But, I was expexting 9mm to be... easier?  I've been shooting .45 for so long, and .40 too.  9mm was supposed to be like a vacation.  Not as easy as .22 but easier than this.

Maybe I need to do a side by side comparison. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Which Flaw

"If I am right handed and have a bit of a flinch because a small explosion is going off in my hands when I shoot, where do the shots land, T-Bolt?"

Low and left.

"Where do the shot land if I am slapping the trigger?"

Low and left.

"My shots land low and left, how do I know which it is?"

Well are you screwing up your face and eyes when the shot breaks?  Flinch.  Are you yanking the trigger too hard and making the shot go off NOW?   Slap.  Maybe you are doing both.

"I can't wait til I am like you and no longer have a flinch or slap the trigger and shoot good"

OH, NO!  Who told you I don't do that? ALL the time.  With practice you get used to the explosion and you flinch less but you still flinch.  I still do.  Same with slapping, especially when under stress by trying to go faster.  It's a constant struggle.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Red on Red

Lefty NPR goes against Lefty Everytown.

"Yeah, Everytown is full of shit, saying there is a butt load of school shootings,*"  NPR said, "We went to the places and no one in those school systems know what Everytown is talking about.  It's totally bogus!  I'd trust Trump before I'd trust Everytown."

* I am paraphrasing NPR a little bit.  But you get the gist of it.

Be Careful

Near my house people keep getting hit by cars.

Now that area has lots of foot traffic.  There is a mall and a subway station and lots of apartments.  Demographics are heavily Hispanic immigrants, and they come from a culture that might not be inculcated with pedestrian safety messages since birth.  Plenty of hobos begging for change and the traffic lights.  On my drive in in the morning LOTS of people crossing not at the crosswalk, in the early morning, when it is dark and my window is foggy.  Many are in a hurry to get to a bus stop on the 'other' side of the road.

And that's how you get hit.  Here.

When I was a kid I lived further up county and those areas were plagued by a lack of sidewalks next to roads.  So people got hit going along the road rather than crossing.

So what will this mean going forward?  Probably a push for more speed cameras.  I pass 3 schools on my way to the highway in 4 miles.  That means 3 speed cameras giving you a ticket if you go 40 in a 35.  But most people are over cautious and act like "if I get a ticket going 5 over, maybe they will send me a check if I go 5 under..." so we get an increase in fender benders as people slam on the brakes.

Monday, August 27, 2018

My Supe-Libertarian Friend

Sent me the link about that 'hand on pistol during body cavity search, is it a threat?... article.'

I thought it was pictures.  Or video.  Just reporting.  By the Post.  Now I don't know what to think.  I barely believe 10% of what I read there.  Maybe 20% of stuff pictured.  Maybe.  Maybe it is true.

If true, ffs.


I don't trust the customs and drug cops, I don't trust the reporters, I don't trust the victim.  Or that there is a victim and it isn't figment of a reporter's imagination.  On this or much of anything.  That's the world we live in, and that's where I find my journey has taken me. I don't like it.  I don't like being this cynical and bitter.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Why Judges Matter"

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, they are talking about the judiciary.

Not Taurus shotvolvers.  Because the latter doesn't matter so much. Except maybe for sales totals.



So busy at work this week I forgot to hit the range.  I even had the range bag with me a couple days, but... quitting time came and I just wanted to get home, fry up some chicken, and go to bed.

Saturday, August 25, 2018


In my dream there were waterspouts on the Chesapeake Bay.  Also, I was 4 shopping months til Christmas, I only had one gift and it was a GIJoe for my 47 year old brother, I had no Christmas cards, and the Hallmark store was out of business.

Ugh, I don't need that in my life.


I was a military aircraft nerd by 1980.  I could go on and on about WWII airframes.  But in 1980 modern airframes were just a few.

F-15 and F-14.  Attractive enough.  Even then I was disappointed with the Tomcat's engine performance, but the Eagle look tough and powerful.

F-4.  That the above replace.  Clunky front end on the Phantom, but I love the lines on the empannage.

And the low part of High/Low.  F-16 and F-17, later 18.  The Hornet left me with meh, but the Falcon.

Just gorgeous lines, all round.  Lookatit.

And, of course, all these airframes are still pretty much better than anything else out there.  We could bring back the F-4 with just a little modification.  Modernize the avionics and the engines, and it will work just fine if used to its strengths.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Grocery Stores

They are empty in Hawaii, what with the Typhoon coming.

I don't understand.

I can see wanting to stock up on milk bread and eggs because the snow is coming.  They have a short shelf life.

And I might be low on terlet paper right before a big blizzard, and getting more in a rush right before the storm is a convenience.  But if I miss out I will make do.

And CAN make do.  For a week easily.  And everyone subject to a blizzard that can shut down a region for a week should.  You'd think.

Same for Hawaii.  Everyone know Typhoons are a thing there.  Disruption of a week or more is a thing, too.

Maybe they ARE prepped for a week or more.  They are just making a panic run on the store so they'll have enough for a week or more, PLUS another week, with the panic buy supplies.   Ok, I can see that.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I got next to nuffin

And work has been busy and stressful.

Still, I guess.

Got my buddy the gun enthusiast, retired now, to play Fallout New Vegas.  Mostly to get him familiar with the controls of a video game again in anticipation of Fallout 76 which is gonna be a coop/multi-player type experience.  Sposedly 

I recommended New Vegas because the story is fascinating and the music is top notch.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I love this

Since i have been blogging we went from 4.6 million CCWs to 17,250,000.  From one Constution Carry state to more than a dozen, fudging the permit numbers, but in a good way...

Now vote, in November, like your rights depend on it.   

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Is it a threat?

A libertarian leaning buddy saw someone on some news site getting searched by a cop.  Another cop was close by as backup and this one had his hand on the grip of his holstered pistol the whole time.  Searching a school counselor returning from Jamaica.  Body cavity.

Libertarian thought this hand-on-gun bit was overly provocative, and notes many officers do it as a matter of course.  To him this was tantamount to assault with a deadly weapon by the observer cop, putting aside the violations of the search itself.

I didn't see it that way.   Certainly not to that degree.  I don't like it, but I am not for restricting it.  I am thinking that's a good way to maintain weapon retention in case routine search turns full goat rodeo because reasons. 

He concedes that the uniform is a representative of Society enforcing it's Rule of Law, and the cop is a human as well as a greater symbol...  Just the hand on holstered pistol goes way too far in his eyes.  And explicit threat that should be unacceptable. 

Now if he was holding the pistol barrel against the subject's head while he is being searched, I do think THAT is a bridge too far. 

What say you?

Monday, August 20, 2018

4+ weeks

I was really pleased with this.

Sure, I aimed high to compensate for the sights.  And that high one was a flyer.  But look at the group!  I was happy to do that with .22 a couple years back.

And this after not training, or practicing, for almost a month.

What was the secret?  Relaxing.  I didn't dwell on the shots.  My attitude was "I know what a sight picture is, I know how to make the trigger go good.  Just do that."

Obviously, I am not perfect.  In a string of targets I have a bad habit of moving to the next target before I taking care of the business at hand with the first target.  And in a hurry I still slap the heck out of the trigger.  I need to concentrate on resets, then fast resets, then 'move beyond the reset...' like more advanced shooters do.  But that's a process.  Get the resets first.  Worry about the next step after.

The minutiae I think about now compared to 5 years ago.  And once mastered the minutiae turns into background noise...  This part of the process fascinates me.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

I love the 20s

Well, except the Klan stuff.  That's pretty icky.

My grandparents got married in July of 1930.  My great grandfather promised them a Ford roadster for a wedding present, but was heavily marginned up in the stock market...

More classes coming

Hatfield's has a metal finishing class coming.  And I have a scratched up stainless project that could use some help.


Hey, if you want to learn in class how to install sights on a 1911, and can get to Manassas VA for a few Saturdays, or want to learn metal finishing or how to fit a new 1911 barrel and bushing...  Give him a call, tell him I sent ya.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Double checking the new front sight

Yup.  It's too short.

40 rounds of Lawman 115 gr.  No failures.

The purple scribbles are the point of aim, so confirmed.  Bottom right is 25 yards, the others are 8 yards.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Parkland shooter's mags

So the Parkland shooter used 5-round gimped AR mags to murder 17 of his classmates?  That's a lotta reloads.  Too bad someone wasn't nearby that could punched him in the mouth during one.  Or maybe Barney Fife with his one bullet coulda shown up or sumthin.

You know what this means, right?  Maryland is going to restrict us to 4 rounders.

I'll even have to go to the police station to show I have filled one of the cylinders of my J-frame snubby so it only holds 4.  Good thing I have been practicing with a speed-strip, as working a 4 out of 5 speedloader will be problematic.

Maybe Judge Kavanaugh will tell my state to knock that civil rights violating gun-bans out.  We can only hope. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

So, while I was away

This CBS piece made the rounds.

And I come home and eventually saw it.

I can't tell you how delighted it made me. Not the Cody Wilson bits. He's just another dude that thinks like I do.  He does a decent gun-interview and is able to get his meaning across through the prog-party advocacy press' editing efforts.  Not many on our side can do that. 

Listening to the news readers talk, realizing their underlying assumptions, and displaying their ignorance.  THAT made me grin uncontrollably.

"The NRA isn't backing him, right?"  "No because the NRA can't make money selling guns when everyone's garage is a gun factory" HA!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I have never been accused

...of having small hands.  They aren't big, but they aren't stubby fingered either.

Now, I have been convinced up til now, that, idealy, when gripping a pistol you want to get the bore in line with your wrist bones and elbow.  This makes your major bones line up the gun and absorb the recoil, instead of just the wrist.

This is easy with the 1911.  For me, at least.  But try it with the old school M1917 revolver and shoot double action.  I can get enough finger onto the trigger to draw it back with confidence and alacrity.

The same with most all double stack guns.  Glock 17, darn near any SIG, what have you.  My Hudson goes out of the way to make itself as slim as possible and I still have to crank my hand around to get my fingertip on the trigger without making lots of contact on the grip and frame.

If I don't put enough fingertip pad on the trigger face I push rounds to the side.

So, in the choice between lining up with the elbow, or getting my finger in the right place, I defer to the finger.

Future tests I must try:  With all the swappable back straps going around on new pistol offereings, I think I'd like to experiment with the smaller offerings. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

That last video

Those giant pods on the side of the H-37 Mojave helicopter?  Those were ENGINES.

Radial gasoline engines.  Intriguing, but vulnerable, and bulky compared to the coming turbojets.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018


I love fountain pens. And LAMY pens are an excellent inexpensive offering. The only disadvantages of fountain pens is the ink leaking onto you fingers, running out fast, and not being good with carbon paper when buying a gun and you have to press hart to get through to the 5th copy.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Spirit in the Sky

This song always makes me think of supersonic airline travel.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

There's a job for me

Lots of fresh air.  Exercise.  Phone's not ringing.  Where that match book with the phone number to the place that trains you for this job?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

Dayton Ohio

From 105 years ago, give or take a few months.

That's here, so blocks from the river.

That building is still there. 

Even have the same style street lights.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Pipes are a relatively simple thing to make.  Drill two holes and turn the outside on a lathe.

Except for that whole 90 degree turn. 

I'd seen diagrams in books about how they do that.  But seeing it in action was what finally got the process down in my head. 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Teen Spirit


My ratings of Old Timey authors I've been digging on over the years.  By quality of writing and my enjoyment of same.  Better on top, worst below.

Talbot Mundy (Jim Grim books.  Remarkably well written for a pulpy storyline.  And the dude knew the Near East)
Robert E Howard (Conan.  Purple, but good)
Harcourt Pennyworth Lovecraft (Cthulhu ftagn!  Plodding, but good)
Louis L'Amour (good cowboy action)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock)
Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan, John Carter.  First to start busting out of the old skool)

E. W. Hornung (Wrote Raffles the Cracksman... all these lower on the list high back the 19th Century more than those higher on the list, with a more staid and older story formula, usually clunky romantic bits to appeal to lady-readers of the day, too.  Where they don't do this, I like them better.)
Zane Gray (less good cowboy stuff.  TOO old timey in the style.  More poorly written romantic sub plots you see from the era.  Have you even TALKED to a lady in your life, man?)
Sax Rohmer (Fu Manchu.  Too derivative and old timey.  Dumb Sherlock with a Watson that thinks with his little brain versus Chinaman Moriarty.)
Lester Dent (Doc Savage.  Very 20th Century, but reads like Japanese anime storylines from the 60s.  [Marine Boy!  Speed Racer!]  If I have to trudge through another scent with Monk and Ham bickering...)

Bonus ratings, Hard Boiled

Dashiel Hammett (the king)

Raymond Chandler (slightly better writer than above, but I like Dash's style)
Mickey Spillane (somebody should cosh that guy behind the ear, see how HE likes it)

Old timers I still need to check out.

E. E. Doc Smith
Lord Dunsany
Clark Ashton Smith

Friday, August 3, 2018

Old Industrials

I love these old industrial films, as if anyone that is paying attention has not noticed.  Look at the film  and light quality of this 50s era color?  16mm, ya think?  I can picture this in a classroom on movie day.

National Cash Register company of Dayton Ohio.

Mass produced precision analog computing!

Like the fire control computer for gun laying at sea.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Legit gunsmith

I must remember to get me one of these.

Watch Factory

One of my jobs in an alternate reality is working at a place like this.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Look at this

That is Pierre August Renoir.  The man himself.  He is 78 and near death.  Crippled with arthritis, his assistants have to stick the brushes in his curled, nigh useless, hands  Still, he paints.

Claude Monet, a contemporary Impression was depressed and nearly blind, and loathed his own work, thinking it useless.  He, too, continues to paint.

Then there is this deaf guy:

Where do such men of arts come from?

Lots of posts queued

Will be out of pocket.  No morse code this year.  Some gun content, more quirky stuff.  Snippets.  Until later, loyal readers.  All half dozen of you.

Reliving my youth

Thursday, July 26, 2018

America Obsolete

Japan has overtaken us.

Osaka now has a vending machine that vends shotguns.

Last person to leave, please turn the light off. 

My new boss

He has very high standards.  And doesn't suffer fools.  I have to up my game.

I found out something about him.  He was at the Reagan Speech.

See that glass behind the President?  In case the East Germans took a pot shot.  And the folks in front of him for 100 yards are invitees.  Mostly service folk.  And you have to get there early to get through security so people milled about for 8 hours waiting for the speech.  But this is Germany and you can't have an event without a beer truck...  So... GIs.  8 hours.  Beer.  No wonder they seem happy.  

And he, my boss, was stationed in Berlin.  Was milling around Checkpoint Charlie when the East German threw up their hands and the wall came down.  November of '89.  So that is kinda cool.