Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hey, Tbolt!

"Why do you keep showing these industrial films we saw back when there was a substitute teacher?"

I can't help it, I genuinely love watching these.  I know few others do.  I'll pump the brakes a bit.  Besides, I am AFK, and these are all on auto-pilot, member?  I set these up months ago, in the beginning of a disease pandemic.  For all I know I am dead right now. 

And you.  YOU had an unkind word about it.  I was just trying keep content up.  As I type this Kim Jong Un is sposedly dead.  And months later, NOW, I am dead too.  I bet you feel like a heel.

Or, I am fine.  Probably a better chance of that, actually, than lying on a slab.  I hope there is meat and toilet paper back in the stores.  This is like time travel.  Wait!  Tell me a winning May lottery ticket so I can take it back to April.  If it hits I will buy you a Browning Automatic Rifle.  Or, sell you one for $1 to keep all this on the up and up.  No, TWO!  Two rifles, not two dollars.


At one time I know that the symbol for copper was the same as the alchemical symbol for woman or Venus, but I had forgotten until I saw this video

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

I'm no explosive expert, but...

I've seen a few explosions in person, not on TV.

"That sounded like fireworks, T-Bolt.  Maybe it was a fireworks factory!"

Maybe.  It sounded like fireworks to me, too.  But I don't know.  Remember what I said before?  I am no explosives expert.

"There was a mushroom cloud!  That means it was a nuke!"

I am no explosives expert, BUT...  nah.

"This has to be one of the biggest non nuke man made explosions, ever, though!"

Again, nah.  When the Yamato blew, that was pretty big.  Texas City was pretty big, too.  Not to mention Halifax 30 years before that.  The unique thing about Beirut is all the cellphone footage.

"You know too much.  I thought you weren't an explosives expert, huh?"


Our friend, Zinc

Monday, August 3, 2020

Sunday, August 2, 2020




We See Silver Alerts all the Time

Round here.

Like this one.

Now, is this really someone with dementia driving off God knows where?  Or did he just need some 'me' time?  They are so frequent I suspect at least some of the later. But yes, find the confused old man if he has gotten confused and is wandering off to the office he went to in the 1980s to start up work. Please. I just hope they aren't abusing the system, is all, for unrelated situations..

Posing in front a cruiser means this individual is 'known to the police' though.

"At approximately 11:00 p.m. last night, a neighbor of Mr. Oliver called police reporting that Mr. Oliver had knocked on his/her door stating that he was lost. Mr. Oliver left the area in his vehicle prior to police arrival." Oh, dear.  More real, this.

Our good friend STEEL

Everyone has a tobacco product in their face at the steel mill.