Sunday, December 25, 2011

~* Master List *~

Here is where I will keep the master lists. Please ignore, this is for me and my reference. I'm trying to organize and centralize my thoughts to make them more concrete. Stuff will move around, get added to, and subtracted from, on this list.

PRIMARY means, "I'm gonna git this. Prolly soon." SECONDARY is, "It's of interest, but may be a while, if ever." TERTIARY is, "Would be cool to pick up if the price was right, but probably not."


  1. Nuthin...
  2. ...
  3. More 1911s?  Naw, that would require Maryland bureaucratic hoop jumping now.  I guess if I find one lying on the ground that doesn't belong to anyone. 


  1. ?
  2. Upgrades for the Garand and/or M1A. Maybe I should make a separate Master Accessory List.

    Upgrades for the SIG P229. A .22 conversion kit? Probably not. A .357 SIG barrel, just to see? Also probably not. They are both on the spendy side. A spare Scout Scope in case Leupold or Burris stops making them and mine breaks.

    Also: Mags and ammo and holsters and etc. Like
    self defense ammo geared specifically for snubbies.
    There will be a lot of upgrading before lots of firearm purchases, at this point. But I mustn't go TOO overboard. It's easy to overdo upgrades. My rifle doesn't need an attached Espresso machine.

    There is a whole plethora of tweaks that can be done to what I already have without OVER-tweaking.
  3. Springfield XD-s, the single stack .45.   (prolly belongs on the tertiary)
  4. A SLIM single stack CCW .40? Sorta like the SIG P290. But sorta not. This would have to be invented....  Compromise is the thinner but still double-stacked Springfield XD40.  Springfield XDm .45 single stack.
  5. Remington 870 12 gauge pump, with a peep/ghost sight. Or Mossberg equivalent.  Or that new Kel Tec bullpup shotgun, the KSG.
  6. .45 Carbine, like the Marlin Camp Carbine mod 45, Beretta CX4, KelTec SUB2000 if it comes in .45 someday. Preferrably one that used the 1911 pistol mags; since I have that ammo and those magazines. DeLisle custom repro? That would be my one suppressed item. Maybe a .40 carbine that takes SIG mags. Don't forget other types that shoot other-than-45 pistol type ammo, like the M1 Carbine and the Ruger Mini-14 for nigh on pistol caliber carbine... Maybe I should reconsider and reprioritize that M1, below, higher on the list.

    But I lean toward a no-compromise DeLisle reproduction custom job. First I need to find a lefty donor rifle.


  1. .30 caliber left handed bolt-action (.308!, .30-06?) and 9x scope, or lever action big .30 like the Winchester Mod 88 or a Savage 99? Blaser 93? Remington 700 model 84229 I still like the idea of hunting with the Garand or M1A.  Ruger Scout in lefty?

  2. Double Barrel 12 gauge. An "Over the Door" gun. Cheap. External hammers preferable.
  3. I like the Smith and Wesson R8.  8 rounds of .357, a light rail, tritium sights, moon clips.  Heckuva revolver.
  4. M1 Carbine .30 and this can take the place with the Carbine on the Secondary list, above, too. My Dad shot these in the Air Force. I bet he'd have a lot of fun with it on a Father-Son Range Day.

  5. Plane Jane AR  Daniel Defense has a nice one for $1700.

  6. Springfield M6.

  7. Chiappa Rhino...
  8. A revolver that shoots .45 ACP like the S&W 625, Model 22, or a vintage Colt 1917.
  9. .17 rifle of some kind
  10. Something in .45-70. That sounds fun. Quigley Down Under, mate. Or, if I have an AR, the .458 upper... A Thumper of sorts.
  11. Back-up Garand? At least more replacement parts. Maybe accurize the current Garand and convert back to .30-06. Golly I love my Garand but TWO is a bit much, which is why it's on the tertiary.

  12. Enfield No. 4 Mk 1(ish), .303 or .308 or .30-06
  13. Krag Jorgensen .30-40 Why? To have the issue rifles of the US military. With this, the AR above, and the .45-70 below, I'll have the lineage from 1870 to the present.
  14. Sprinfield 1873 .45-70 Trapdoor
Getting beyond the Secondary tier may take a while. For one, my safe will be full. The Primary is in order of desire, but maybe not order of future acquisition, though I am trying to tweak it so it MIGHT be close to desired order of acquisition. A lot depends on budgeting. A VERY good deal (or free) on any list item cannot be accounted for, timing wise. Ideally, gifts of the cheaper guns would be great, but less doable. The Tertiary are all "Huh, that'd be nice" but I could go my entire life, maybe, not getting any and never having too big a pang of desire.