Monday, October 15, 2018


And this applies to more than just shooting or gunsmithing or related ephemera.

This applies to brewing beer, making a chest of drawers, wrangling 1's and 0's for a system administration job, driving a car, flying a plane, writing a book...

Everybody screws up.   Pobody's nerfect.

With some things, you screw up a lot.  Them 1's and 0's are hard to nail down and are unforgiving.  Believe me. 

When you get halfway good at something is when you start noticing and fixing the screwups before someone else notices and tells you to fix your screwups.  You are even better when you are fixing screwups on the fly, as you go.  Even BETTER is when you fix screwups and develop work efficiencies in the process that makes it seem like you went FASTER on a task than if you did it perfect and conventionally.

I've been screwing up at work a bunch, but catching myself and fixing it fast.  To my relief.  My boss has high standards but he also recognizes that people make mistakes.  He's never mad when he comes across someone fixing something, even if they mess it up.

Same with shooting.  One of the satisfactions of training is the training I have gotten to do self-adjustments as I go when I start missing.  Fix myself.  


Do I need to mention that training is a LOT of fun?  I've said that before.  I have been lucky to find a relatively close decent trainer.  But now I am more likely to travel further to get more training.  The only thing bad about training, for some, is you have to put your ego in check.  Same with shooting competitions.  You probably aren't as good as that shooter you think you are in your head.  If you don't get wrapped around the axle on that you can have a lot of fun learning AND getting better.

(Well, I didn't have to put MY ego in check.  I knew I was rubbish going in. )

Try some, training.  It's good.  If it's not good the first time find someone else. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Soup's On

It's fall, and when the air starts turning cold my thoughts turn to soup.

Now when I make soup soup, there are at least 5 portions.  Last year was been and barley.  I still have 2 portions, frozen, from LAST season.  This time, I am thinking split pea.  Which I make with lots of bacon.  For the first pot. 

Other styles I have been known to make:  Senate Bean Soup.  Also with lots of bacon.

Carrots, onions/shallots, and celert seed figures highly in my soup preparations.  Besides the bacon.  Also, some garlic.

For a second pot?  Chicken?  With rice and stars.  And carrots.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


A shotgun to keep bad guys from busting down my front door?  00 buck?  Even a whole handful of bad guys.

Yeah, you can't do much better than that.  And I agree.

But I have a problem.  And this is me.  Not you, necessarily.

Here in the suburbs there is a better chance of finding a place you can shoot a rifle than you can find to shoot a shotgun, sorta.  So I don't even own anything scattery of any halfway decent prowler stopping utility but antique Remingtons.  And none of those are a pump gun.   I can't operate a pump gun. Well, I have barely ever operated a pump gun.  Most of it is easy, yes, but there are little levers and switches and button and such for loading and unloading and locking this or that back...

I'd have to go far afield for familiarization, and further for training.  As my knowledge is woefully inadequate.

Total rounds I've fired in my short shooty lifetime is in the thousands.  But is is like 92% pistols, 7% rifles of all sorts, and 1% shotguns.  A tube of buckshot or a 30 round magazine of 5.56 are both almost certainly a better selection at 3AM for prowlers than a pistol.  Assuming all have a light.  But I should probably go with what I am most familiar with.

Ideally I take it upon myself to get better with a shotgun and get lots of training and practice, but I am getting old and slow. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

I told you Zombies were real

I dislike the Japanese.  First, the KILT MY GRAMPA.

And second they are infested with zombies.

Now  you know why I'll never guy a Toyota.  I don't care if they DO make them in Alabama

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Push out

I was taught a new trick in sim training.

Let's say you are presented with a spree shooter.  And you shoot his pixels and put him down.  Now you want to look behind you, check your six, as you are pretty sure bad guy is down down, but you never know.

You want to look around, but you also want to be able to engage the bad guy if it turns out he has some fight in him.

How do?

One way is to draw the gun back into the Sul position and scan around you.  Here is a cop doing that.

And that's fine.  You can get your gun back up on target pretty quick that way.  It's a good idea if there are still good guys milling about or the bad guy has a sneak partner.

Or... and here is the trick, you can keep holding your pistol on the target strong hand only, bring your support hand into your chest, and look over your shoulder on the support hand side.

Ok, that's not the trick.

When you turn back to look at the target your gun isn't pointing where you were aiming before the head turn.  It will be if you push the gun OUT...  Extend your elbow...  As you look back.  Then when you face forward and bring your hands together on the pistol grip the gun draws back into your regular position, and... shazam!  It's pointing pretty much at the same place.  Same POA

When told, I thought there was NO way that would work.  But it do. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I'm a VZ Grips guy.  I like em.  So is the gunsmith.  He likes em.  Gonna to continue to be a customer in the future. 

But there are other really good grip makers besides VZ I might occasionally turn to or drool over.  One is Altamont.  Only discovered them recently.  They have some handsome grips.  I mean, LOOK at this Olivewood:


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Well crud

I was thinking of opening an account at Fifth Third bank when I retired to Cleveland.  I hope Key Bank doesn't go the same route.  Western Union is sending mixed signals.

Trigger Pull

Trigger pull.  Sometimes when my shooting goes off the rails and I get flinchy I have to trick myself.  Distract myself.  To get a better trigger pull.  This helps.  But I'd rather not need it.

I'd rather regularly shoot well week after week.  But it's a constant struggle to get better.  It's not like tying your shoes well.  So far.  Where once you are good at it you don't have to think about it.

Distraction methods.
  • Make the gun wobble.  Random figure eights all over the place. 
  • Pin the trigger back and catch the reset, either after the gun settles (meh) or during the recoil.  I'd love to one day be able to dispense with this one.
  • Some folks sing a song.  Girl from Ipanema.  In your head or out loud.  
  • My favorite is telling myself "F it!  Just SHOOT it, you been here before."
Is this a cheat, a crutch?  Oh, yes.  What's it doing?  Causing the surprise break.  But it's not ideal.  You have to change methods as you get used to the latest.  I'd rather just have the trigger come naturally.

And it probably won't.  Not ever.  I don't have that talent.   I will pursue it, yes.  I may be able to quickly correct a trigger pull on the fly.  But never will I be perfect.

Monday, October 8, 2018

It all goes to the SAME landfill

If my local trashman ever gives me guff over the recycling ima start dumping everything in the creek.

Just take my garbage. 

MAYBE the aluminum actually gets recycled.  There is money in that.  I've seen you dump the rest of that stuff in the same truck.  To go to the same dump.  All mixed together. 

Bad Dream

In my dream I no longer had the strength to do Left Shoulder, Arms, from Order Arms, to Right Shoulder Arms with a Garand.  Left arm too weak.  Then I tried it with an 03.  No luck there either.

I learned the manual of arms in college.

Which is an odd worry as my right upper body is the side that has had occasional weakness because of neck disks pushing on the spinal cord on that side.

To have a weakened left is fresh news to me, even in dreamland.

The problem was worse in the transition from the left shoulder to the right as you have to pop out the rifle hold the butt in the left hand, with your forearm more or less parallel to the deck.  Bicep and hand work.  And here it just faded to failure.

I hate getting old. But a heckuva thing to come up with in a dream. Rifle drill? At least milsurp rifles are widely available in my dreams.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Rent a Mob

For Kavenaugh, Soros had Rent a Mobs out in full force.  Poor Jeff Flake is a bit jumpy in a good day.

But if Justice Breyer or Ruth Bader Ginsburg choke to death on the walnut stuffing this Thanksgiving... and assuming the president's allies retain control of the Senate...  It will be Rent a Riots.  I'm guessing.

So, I live in Maryland.  So there are lots of restrictions.  But even in the most permissible states there are still no-go areas. Every Post Office, for one.  When the violence breaks out when do you start carrying routinely where you are forbidden to?  Assuming there isn't a controlled entryway.

Well, it depends.  It depends on the Riots.  Me carry in Maryland or you carry in a Post Office?  Yeah, that depends on what kind of nationwide violence we are seeing.

There can be some serious neo-Commie white folks just killing people left and right downtown.  Worst riots since the Civil War when the draft was instate, let's say.  Scary.  It still might be obvious with some rational thought that that riot won't touch me when I grocery shop and commute to and from work.

Where else do I go, these days?  To the gunsmith and to the range?  I won't be trapped out without a carry piece in no-carry MD in those time, as those are sanction 'firearms in the car' time here.

So... at work... 20 mile from home... and widespread violence and I wish I was carrying even if it is super illegal?  That violence better be more widespread than I can conceive.  I just don't travel through areas where that is a likely issue.  Sparse areas.  Non residential areas.  Highways...

And if it does happen and I am caught out on my commute? I have other weapons.  One being the truck.

But that level of violence takes some time to cook up.  I don't know why I'd be away from home the 48 hours before it got to that. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Pistol Sights

Pistol sights.  My preferences have changed and I have progressed and gotten better at shooting.

I am now: Black read sigh with a rounded bottom, and a front sight with a contrasting color or fiber, but now glow in the dark tritium necessary.  10-8 offers this, if you want to see or what I am talking about, but here is a pic from them:

Someone is focusing on the front sight.

My gunsmith convinced me on that.  And I get good results with that.

When I started this blog and shooting I was a 3-dot guy.  Preferably tritium.

But maybe those are too busy and distracting.  If only for a micro second.  They are fine, and I train in the simulator with a variety of sight configuration, I just now prefer the top for my own stuff.  Back in the day I imagined the tritium 3-dot would make night time repel-prowler situations in my dark house batter, but I'd prolly be better served with a flashlight for that.  My thinking has evolved

There was a time when this is the way I rolled:

XS-Sights.  With the BIG honking front sight.  Tam said something like, "you can't hit anything beyond 7 yard with that.  What if your bad guy is shooting at you from 30 yards away?  Yer F-ed!"  I was already F-ed, as I couldn't, then, hit something that far away anyhow.  So we were both right.   But I don't run XS sights now.  

I am not against glow in the dark sights now.  Just not the MONDO huge ones.  The only thing wrong with them is price and they are hard to remove if you used red loctite on them.  The torch work to break the loctite causes your gun to turn into a radioactive Superfund site in some situations.  Anyhoo, I got better.

My H9 came with a pretty big trijicon front sight, so I swapped it.  If I were Hudson I might offer a choice for that. 

Friday, October 5, 2018


I was promised National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act.
I got a bumpstock ban.

Friday Bupkis

It's a new thing.  Not having Friday material.  The post below snuck in while I was editting it unnoticed, yesterday.

Topics I been thinking about:

  • Pistol sights. 
  • Trigger pull.
  • Rent a mob now, rent a riot next time.

CDC data

Crap, this got posted for most of yesterday and it wasn't even finished!  I ruin EVERYTHING.  Fine.

The Center for Disease Control said gun injuries are up 37% 2015 to 2016.

Even honest liberals say this is whore's shit. 

They also handwave and admit their statistical sampling may be flawed.  Since EVERYONE else shows a steady decline.

So they admit that maybe you shouldn't trust their numbers.

Of course the anti-gunners crow about the erroneous highs, anyway, ignoring the caveat.

THIS is why we never trusted the CDC on guns and got laws passed to keep them out of anti-gun advocacy.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Range, 1 Oct

New sights on the Hudson, but I arrived a bit too flinchy.  AGAIN.  Gotta work on that.

Ok, new sights on the H9, gotta test that.  .210 instead of .220.  So I shouldn't shoot low...


Ok, change the point of aim a bit and try again.  In case that was just very old bad habits.

POA circled.  Ok, much better.  That first one wasn't the sight.  It was me. 

Then the rest.

Still some 'dropped' shots.  The last set, the three circled, were all called flinches, and the other are more relaxed and a bit better.  Initial shots were generally nearer the bull and the group creeped toward 6 o'clock. 

It's been a while since I shot a not-revolver.  I bet next time there is less vertical variance. 

115 grain, American Eagle, 60 shots.  280 total for gun, 183 since last malfunction or lube.  No cleaning.  Trying to get 250 in a row, no malf.  If I were gonna carry it, I'd not carry it til then.  Gonna have to mix in some holler points in the break-in test. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Heavy Ads

Been seeing a LOT of adds for Vedder holsters recently.  LOTS. 

Dunno why.

More than usual after I have shopped for holster online and the internet ad disease senses my interest and blitzes me on every platform.  Shot of a shirt on Duluth's Trading Company's website directly and now Facebook AND google and serving up Ballroom Underwear ads. 

But all three of those are biggish companies.

Why is Vedder, a company I had never heard of 3 months ago going for a big ad buy?  Or, not big, but somehow targeting me and a few other very specifically?

They look sorta middling, quality wise.  Based in Florida.  I dunno if I'd get one, but they look to be a bit better than Fobus, Blackhawk!, and Uncle Mike's.  Maybe?  The OWB holster look to be a little lacking.

If a new shooter got one I'd be pleased.  I recommend to all new shooter to order a decent holster in the one-week waiting period.  They haven't convinced me to use their company by name, yet.

You all been seeing these, like, everywhere?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

No Answers?


The screwiest thing about the Vegas Shooting is that we still don't have any answers.

I heard on the news last month that the shooter still only 'reportedly' used bump stocks.  Like we still aren't sure.

Are authorities not sharing info because they HAVE no info to disseminate?  They should say that.  Saying nothing is just kind of odd.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Fitted some more sights

Got my fresh build 1911 kitted up.  Just cosmetic stuff now, mostly with the grip safety.

Swapped out the wrong sized sight on the Hudson too.

To avoid marring the finish on the Hudson I used an aluminium (sic) punch or drift.  You get maybe two uses with it, then the tip is all munged up.  And it leaves aluminum marks on stuff that looks AWFUL, but it doesn't scratch the finish so much.

So I asked a man of experience how to get the ugly silvery marks off my nearly new gun.

"Oil and a Q-Tip"

Hey!  That works.

Now, the aluminum punch.  You CAN refurbish that, easily enough.  A few times.  Use a sander.  Do NOT ever touch aluminum (no sic) to a grinding wheel. The metal will fill the pores of the stone unevenly, taking the wheel out of balance.  The next time someone uses it it will wobble and maybe fracture apart.  Danger danger. 

Disk or belt sander.  Please.