Thursday, October 22, 2020

Got a referral

 I got a referral to a nuerosurgeon.  For my neck, not my back.  The MRI says my back is fine.  Hurts more than that tho...

I don't know how I feel about this.  I want relief, yes, but surgeons do surgery.  I have trepidations about that part.

And someone will have to explain to me how herniated disks in my neck can cause backpain in my lumbar area, sciatic issues, and neuropathy in my lower legs and feet.   

Anyway.  First appointment a week from today.  


Heard at work: “When is the next Pennsylvania gun show?  I need to pick up some more AR magazines and ammo.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2020



Regarding that house, below:

"He sold the house he had bought in 1975 for top dollar to — get this — the vice-chairman of MBNA, who gave Biden $1.2 million for it. MBNA has showed its gratitude to Biden’s support in a number of ways: by giving over $200,000 to his various campaigns, by hiring Hunter Biden, by flying Biden and his wife to a retreat in Maine, etc. Mother Jones dubbed Biden 'the senator from MBNA.'"

Kinda Diggin' Joe's House

 If I woke up with Biden money, that is the sort of place I'd get.  I mean, I could afford MUCH bigger, it IS a lotta money we are talking about, but this house is closer to right size.  I could have one garage bay for my lawn tractor and snowblower, another for the restored 66 Bonneville, and put the truck and daily driver in the others.  I'd stay humble.  I wouldn't turn into some kind of Franz Ferdinand.

Ooo! I'd have 2 phone booths! One outside by the garages with a 1980s style phone, and a wooden one indoors with a rotary payphone, circa 1959.

Speaking of Franz Ferdinand, he was my age when he died back in '14. I hope I don't catch whatever it was that killed him.

"Fake news, T-Bolt.  Snopes told me Biden doesn't live there."

Yeah?  Snopes told you the house was a rundown near-wreck in the mid 70s.  Biden bought if for $185k (900k in today's money) way back then, and that ain't cheap.  Fixed it up and sold it in the mid 90s for $1.2m (almost 2 mil in today's money).

You know what is a good way to launder graft money?  Have a lotta building contractors fixing up your place.  I've yet to meet a building contractor that didn't mind a little cash in an envelope mixed in with the payments.  Biden gets to live in a really nice place, and realizes a profit at the end.  And the IRS doesn't ask embarrassing question about extra money in his bank deposits from all the kickbacks.  I wonder if there is a class Freshmen Congress critters take to learn how to do all this? 

His old house is the least of his worries now that there is oodles of direct evidence he is a HUGE crook.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I look forward to this every year

 Tam does too, I am certain.

It’s cold enough outside that it is time to dig out the winter socks.  

As a kid I hated wool anything, including socks.  I don't know if I got less sensitive or if woolens got less itchy somehow since the 80s... I mean I have some fancy pricy pairs, but I also have and enjoy the cheap tube wool socks.  None bother me now.

If someone told me then that one of my luxuries at 50 was gonna be wool clothing I’d have called them crazy.

Monday, October 19, 2020


Still no word

 No word about my MRI results.  Maybe by this afternoon.  I just want to sleep.  Taking so many NSAIDs.

Thinking back, this has been a long time lead up.  Just look at the parts of me whinging about not having stamina at the range, and how a 500 round count wouldn't benefit me after I hit a big wall around round 200. That was noticeable at least 3 years ago.

My back hurt every now and then for 5 years.  But whose doesn't?  

Numb spot on my foot?  Now feet?  2 years maybe?  

10 years ago I went ahead and popped for a lawn mowing service because doing it myself was a pain in the back.

All hints of what was to come.

In my 20s I didn't set out to abuse my back, but I didn't avoid a lot of labor that surely played a tune on it.  I can't go back in time and tell younger to go easier on it.  I'd probably be fatter now, and that would also make things worse 


Saw on some internet source about how to up my egg cooking game.  Now that I crack on a flat surface more of my yolks are intact.  If you pour a couple tablespoons of water on the edge of fried eggs and cover the pan, the water gets under the eggs, lifting them, making them easy to remove.  Also the steam both keeps the temp down so the edges don't burn, and it hardens up the tops of the eggs with the lid holding in the hot gas.  Simple trick, but I wish I knew it 20 years ago.

Also, when making scrambled eggs, a tablespoon of mayo and cream, whisked up before the eggs come in the bowl, makes for more fluffiness.  I season with homemade shallot salt and tellicherry peppercorns.  I like this, when I am not in a an omelette mood.

I haven't been shy with butter cooking eggs either.

"Got any more eggvice, T-Bolt."

I find if you boil the water first, THEN add the eggs to the water, gently (I use a gravy ladle to get them in the hot water without cracking from a drop) then the eggs' shells tend to be easier to peel.  When making devilled eggs my critical ingredients are celery seed and real bacon bits.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

MD WuFlu

 Lessee, checking our Department of Health, Maryland, as of Wednesday, we had 3,868 deaths due to Rona, and 132,343 confirmed cases. 

Out of curiosity.

3,868 / 132,343 = 0.02922.  Or 2.92%.  

3% is dire.  But remember, people have gotten Covid and not been tested/confirmed.  According by the WHO, a LOT of that happened.  By 20 times.  

Now...  Do you trust dire predictions from the WHO, or rosy scenarios from the WHO?  Or the CDC?  Or the CHICOMs.  Or Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump?  Yeah, I thought so.

Saturday, October 17, 2020



If you gotta be banging 3 chicks at the same time, keep up on them testosterone pills.  You are 47.  It was hard enough for me in my early 30s.  I was pretty tired at 47.  I could keep up with one, max, at 47.

'Lectric Cars

 When people brag on electric cars they often go for the performance boasts.  Because it is an electric motor they get tremendous potential when accelerating from a full stop.

"It'll go 0-60 in 1.4 seconds" or summat.  Well, maybe not that good, but numbers more impressive than typical gas powered cars.

I just wish drivers of electric cars would get this memo and navigate about town with a little more alacrity.  Just because you bought a car similar to your grandma's retirement home golf cart doesn't mean you have to drive like your grandma used to before you took the keys to her Buick LeSabre away.  Use that pedal on the right.  

Friday, October 16, 2020

Founders, and AR's

 Yes they did David Harsanyi, formerly of the Federalist.

You know, National Review doesn't have the cache it used to.  But I am sure the Federalist will take you back if/when the publication fails. 

Obviously, I prefer the Federalist these days.  NR needs a come-to-Jesus moment, to correct their trajectory.  But so does Paul Ryan's Fox News.

Anyway, the article.  It's the same hash we've seen many times before.  Ho hum.  Hell, I bet I've written similar.  And I've read the same thing with different words many times.  And heard JayG rant about ti many times.  "Just because the founders never saw an AR doesn't mean the 2nd doesn't cover ARs.  It does.  Just like the 1st covers radio signals and internet HTML."  And besides, Heller settled this.  Individual right, yes.  Yes, modern implements.  Go somewhere else to push against the not-absolute-right envelope.  

Hmmm, what right IS absolute?  Or the closest to absolute.  A man on death row is about to lose his right to life, but instead of a last meal he could pen a letter to the editor of his local paper.  He can't incriminate himself for other crimes even if they can do no worse to him at this point. Copping to a car theft while being strapped to the Chair is fine, but you can't coerce him to.  He can still call for his lawyer.  He has no gun rights whatsoever, though.   

Thursday, October 15, 2020

I need what JFK had

 He took some medicine for his back pain.  

I'll take up his regime, and just avoid convertibles and Dallas.

  1. antispasmodics for my bowels
  2. paregoric, 
  3. lamodal transatine
  4. muscle relaxants
  5. Phenobarbital
  6. Librium
  7. Meprobomate
  8. Codeine
  9. Demerol
  10. Methadone
  11. oral and injected cortisone
  12. Testosterone... for the ladies...
  13. Nembutal for sleep. 
  14. And injected sometimes six times a day, six places on the back with Novocain or Procaine just to enable me to face the day.
Spitting image of me.  We could be twins.  He had more social graces and connections, but I am better in the sack.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Man who filed at Kyle Rittenhouse charged

 I didn't even know they had someone in custody, much less conceded someone other than Kyle pulled a trigger that night.

Well, they're not really common sense gun rights restrictions

From your lips to God's ear, Dick, that Barrett brings some rationality to the system

I mean I could write some gun control.  It wouldn't be "Shall not be infringed" like it should be, but it would be a great evolutionary leap in that direction.  As the enemy likes to point out "Heller said the right isn't absolute!"  Well it is a lot closer to that than the current nonsensical 'common sense' gun right violating regulatory regime allows.


First, ditch are state laws with Federal preemption and the Supremacy Clause.  We are talking about a right under the 2nd and 14th Amendments.  And the 4th.  States can't say this race or that one can't vote in state elections, can they?  Or this religion or caste can be banned from public spaces or schools, can they?

Second, keep the NICS checks to keep the screaming from the ninnies to a minimum.  Weed out felons that way.  But NICS only goes to the shooter, not the shooting iron.  No serial number involved.  If you buy a gun on the 13th of November, that NICS number should be good until the 13th of December.  SO buy 6 or seven more if you want on Pearl Harbor Day.  Just cite your NICS number and dates, the FFL confirms that is valid and Robert is your Mother's brother.  Enjoy your 3rd Glock 18.  Buy one in Maryland, another in Virginia and a third in Texas.  NICS is national, after all.  

Third, gut most of the GCA and NFA.  If a policeman can carry a firearm in the line of duty, a regular citizen certainly can.  So the NFA become mostly moot.  I don't think the cops should have mines or frag grenades, so... keep the NFA for that?  What, the cops don't want me to have flash bangs?  Fine, then they can't either.  

Fourth. CCW permitting. If you insist on one, it has to have a long period before it expires, be very cheap, very quick, and very easy to acquire.  You know what?  Vermont carry, nationwide.  If Vermont can do it, the rest of us can.  

It's a right, dammit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Yeah... A DeLisle repro...

 I may get one even if it IS right handed.  Price bedamned. From Valkyrie or whatever.

The only thing.  It'd feel like blasphemy to put a red dot on one so close to the original.

I know, I know I've been talking this game since 2007.  I need to just poop or get off the jug.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Indeed. Fascinating.


MRI today

 Wish me luck.  I hope they use plenty of lube on all the probes and such and are gentle with them.  Find out what is wrong with my back, see what happens next

I guess this will also find all the bullets and shrapnel in me.  I'm like Andy Jackson, I rattle like a bag of marbles.

I'm the NRA


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Ok... Ok...

 We aren't out of the woods yet.

But... this Covid stuff isn't the Spanish Flu.  2.2 million aren't gonna be dead my New Years.  Like they promised 10 months ago.  The original guesstimate of 3.4% mortality ain't really happening.  It's less than that.  Not good, peeps still die from it, bit it is more like 0.14%.  It KILLS folks, no shit.  But not like how we originally acted it did.

Does this mean we can say President Trump saved 2 million Americans from certain death?  Yes, we can, if we use Democrat math.  Bastards.

That doesn't mean this disease wasn't fucking scary back then in April.  Christ.  Don't forget that!  We may have suspected the better case scenario, but there was no way to know that.  And folks were scared and snappy then.  Don't hold their fear against them.  

3.4% death rate...  Armageddon.

2% really bad flu season, the likes of which you have probably never seen.

1% mildish flu season. Normal.

Amazing what that tenths place means.

Is this Disease really 1.4?  Worldwide?  Be a while before we know for sure, what with places exaggerating numbers and others downplaying.  

Wait, I got those numbers wrong.

There were 3.4% predictions.  I never believed those.  I could go along with 2.2 million in the USA, total, way back in the beginning.  The equivalent of 1918.  We didn't get that.

But .20% is a really bad flu.  .10% is milder flu mortality.  The WHO says we are close to .14%, now. It's hundreths place.  That counts.

Not that I trust the World Health Organization.  Too much influenced by our adversary, too many about faces.  Much like the CDC.

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Chris Christie

 If that fat ass with asthma and other co-morbidities can waltz through Covid... I have less to worry about.

Grocery Report

 I haven't done one in a while.

It is hard to find baloney at my store that isn't the less deirable thick cut version.  No regular slice, no beef only, no thin.  

Paper good have taken a dive again.  The shelves peaked in inventory and have now noticeable dropped in qauntity and variety.  

Still low on disinfectant items in the cleaning aisle except for bottle and bottles of off brand bleach.  

Soda pop is actually a notch down.  Barely noticeable, but there, drop in variety available.   Odd

I mean, nothing like the peak of the Plague Pandemic, but a dip.

The butcher aisle is fine.  Which is superb.  

Friday, October 9, 2020

A bit distracted

 But hey, I got that MRI referral to arrange for now.  

Hard to blog.  Distracted by the burning, charlie horse, sensation in my legs.  Distracting.  I wish I could get a nights sleep.  So tired.  Hooray, whinging.  That always draws in the readers.  


Buddy told me a story of woe with his FN pistol he got a year ago.  Stove pipes a lot.  When I hear about that malfunction my first thought goes to extract tension or some other extractor issue.  I mean, it could be a lotta things, but that is the first, sorta-most-common, thing I check.

I know how to adjust the tension on a 1911.  I don't even know how to disassemble the newer types extractor hooks on more modern designs.  How to adjust that once disassembled?  Cut a bit of the spring off?  A loop or two?  I'd have to do more research on that.  A burr on the hook is another thing to look for.  On new guns especially.  When you are told to shoot a gun a lot to work it into reliability, and it does get more reliable, I kinda think this might be one of the things that is happening.  You are wearing off the burrs on the machined bits. Something a good manufacturer should have already done. But even good makers might miss a spot.     


Hooray!  Got an imaging appt Monday.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

The General

 I've read a lot of C. S. Forester, but The General escaped my notice, somehow.

It's about a Brit Cavalry Major that was a war here as a sub-altern in the Boer war and got promoted to head a battalian on the eve of venturing across the channel in August 1914.  

From there his beloved horses are of no use and his cavalry ends up manning a line like infantry at Ypres.  His CO gets KIA and he end up leading the whole brigade.  From the, a Division as Major General to fight at Loos, and his stead performance there nets him Lieutenant Generalship and the commander of a Corps at the Somme.  Then on to the German counteroffensive in 1918...

He is valued by his superiors because he is steady, stubborn, and devoted to duty. 

But he is has no imagination.  He is like the Ox. Invaluable to the farm, but not the necessary to be sure the whole farm succeed  The abbotoir of attrition just grinds on.

Written on the eve or WWII, parts of it reads like it was published ten years later in 1946.  Very prescient of what NOT to do in a coming conflict.  Tanks and manuever warfare desirable and can lead to success?  Really?!  Stubborn adherence to older doctrine can sometimes be conuterproductive?  You don't say, wot?!!



Wednesday, October 7, 2020


 "If your data was stolen in the OPM hack you can use that as a 'good and substantial reason' to get a MD CCW."

"I head dudes with a security clearance can put that on the form and they pretty much automatically give you the MD CCW."

Yeah?  I know people with security clearances and people that got their data hacked.  They haven't gotten it.  Can you get one of your friends to show you their MD CCW card to confirm?  

A Maryland permit like that is like hunting for snipe.  I do, personally, know a person that is a TRAINER for the MD CCW permit process.  All the people he trained were the "Business owners with lots of cash" types.  No hack victims or spies or what have you.  And their preferred holseter was a ratty paper bag.  When they CCW they carry their gun in their hand and both hidden inside a paper bag.  Money bag in the other hand.  North Baltimore guys aren't fooling around  

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Maybe this will get the board to ditch him

 NRA's Wayne in tax trouble.

Hope he leaves with a quickness.  We need to shape up the org, and can't with his corrupt ass in there.

Maybe that's why he is holding on so tight.  If he loses his grip, his grift become evident and down the terlet he goes. 


 One thing about having a mask mandate for the Rona?

My office if freezing, most days, summer and winter.  Oh sure, they can have not dialed in the thermostat and I could have shotgunned a quart of hot coffee and need the desk fan, but most times?  I'm cold.  Long sleeves year round.  I wear a knit hat in the winter somedays, at my desk.

But a cloth mask on my face keeps my cheeks toasty.  Even when I am sitting in my cube and not required to wear it I often do.  Funny, huh?

Monday, October 5, 2020

Yeah yeah

Sure sure.  Millennials are shit.  But they did fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.  All the people that joined up after the Towers went down were Millennials.  So that part of them is ok.

I'll never forgive them for this silly Skinny-Jeans stuff, but GenX did do that pants hanging down below our cheeks stuff and brought back bell bottoms but MOAR in the form of JNCOs.

And GenX whined about Boomers retaining their high paying job instead of stepping aside for us, but we just found a way to take their money in the form of the dotcom.  I don't know why Boomers weren't able to figure out javascript as easily.  Intertia I guess.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Corridor Crew

Taciticool Reloads.  Hyper realistic magazine changes by the good guys.  And I think one has Mat Best tagging abong






You know Mat Best from his 2016 documentary.

Saturday, October 3, 2020


 Are there White Supremacist out there?  Sure.  Is obsessing over them 24/7 and trying to hang them on Trump like an albatros justified?  Not even a little bit.

Worrying about Those kind of hate groups, in general is like the press worrying about a cut on their finger.  Sure, it's sore and bleeding a little bit.  But they are ignoring the fact someone has chopped off their left (and Marxist) foot and it is bleeding profusely.  The urgency to address the finger is misplaced.  That cut is the least of their current worries

But you can't say Trump lit up the night sky over Dem cities when your collectivist buddies have the molotovs.

White Supremacists are pretty much a non-player.  The only power they have is the attention 'Journalists' give them by talking about them all the time.  Because the only way they can be connected with the GOP and Trump is by self same muckrakers insisting they are connected.  Constantly accusing them of such racial bigotry is just calumny.  And over time is becoming ineffective, exposing only themselves for their base slander.  

Friday, October 2, 2020

Rifle Hangers

 Saw this on ENDORed Neck Rifle Hangers

Heh.  That's pretty good.  Simple and elegant solution for what to do with your ready ARs.  You know, that ones you might need right away.  The half dozen others stay in the gun safe.  But I do have that shoebox full of lowers NOT in the safe.  Hmph.  I need a new safe.  My closets are better served for clothes.  Not a passle of rifles and boxes of lowers. 

That's still a neat hanger that I may need.      


I never talked about the gunsmith's safe.  But he is no longer a gunsmith, so no worries about revealing anything to possible thieves.  It was just a cage.  Looks like an Army Armorers cage.  With a good solid lock.  But only that.  It was certainly pickable.  And there was hunderds of guns and boxes of dissassembled guns, and half built guns and still broken guns.  Stealing for easy resale?  Kinda iffy.  But the cage wasn't the only security consideration, naturally.  Extensive cameras and alarms and such, some connected to the power and data lines, some not and still phoning home.  Layers of security!  Like winter clothing.  Layers.  

He did all that not just for his ownself.  The ATF had minimum standards and suggestions for FFLs, sure.  Behoovable info.  

Dreams of being a gunsmith, if I was crazy enough and talented enough to try I might hunt around for an old bank.  Lots of them have still working walk-in vaults, so that is fun.  Stout exterior doors.  And an appropriate amount of internal space for the shop and counter.  A lotta light comes in from window in older banks.  Gunsmith in style and comfort.  

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Maryland Magazine Laws

In Maryland it is illegal to transfer a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds.  

But not illegal for me, the gun owner, to possess or use a gun with a larger magazine.  

Workarounds are plentiful.  Buy magazines in Pennsylvania, take them home, being common.

Guns come with magazines.  So what do the gunstores do?  Only get guns with 10-rounders?  

Well, they can take off the bottom plate and put a dowel in there.  

And now I heard another idea.  Gun stores sell you and AR, and with it comes a magazine body or two, a couple followers, two floor plates, and some big springs.  Take it home, go into lego mode, and, Robert is your mother's brother.   

This state.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

THIS, I like

 When a gun control group realizes their gun control message is no longer persuasive in shaping policy they have to pivot to other issues to get possible allies in power to reject possible enemies.

"Amy Barrett is pro Second Amendment so shouldn't be on SCOTUS"

Naw, that doesn't work.  Everyone is buying a gun for protection right now.  I GOT IT!

"Amy Barrett wants to take away your health coverage!"

That'll scare the rubes.  ANd if that doesn't work, we'll make up something about her wanting to take their Social Security away.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Crap... Nuffin

 I am sleep deprived.  The back is uncomfortable enough that I fidget during the day and lie awake at night unable to fall asleep.  Aleve does nothing now.  

I have interviewed others that have had the fusion surgery.  I really don't think I am a candidate for that yet.  They have similar symptom as me but add on HORRIBLE looking back x-rays that even laymen go "well, that ain't right."  Also they get a pain twinge that feels like they are getting stabbed with a sharpened red hot knitting needle.  Pain so bad they almost vomit.  They sleep on the floor and contemplate suicide.  I don't have that.  


Which may well mean no surgery to fix it.  I have heard two types of stories.  "Surgery took forever to recovers from, but it is loads better now" and "Surgery made it much much worse."  Yuck

But... I am distracted from blogging.  If I wasn't hoarding ammo, the PT is twice a week right now, taking up range slots in my schedule.  And the ache takes the fun out of all this.  Here.  Blogging about gun stuff.  Doing gunstuff.  Yada yada.



I keep thinking of finding a gunsmith that will make me a modern day DeLisle rifle.  Modern action, bolt, lefty, with an big integrated suppressor, and a 1911 mag well.  I'd throw G's at that, if I was confident it'd be reliable.  And it's a rifle I could take to the range.  Pistol caliber and all.    

Monday, September 28, 2020

My own personal bibliography

If anyone ever got a list of tiles of everything in my Kindle I'd be Cancel Cultured.  RACISS!


Is it full of racist tracts?  Mein Kampf?  The Turner Diaries?  Everything Woodrow Wilson ever wrote?  LBJ's biography?

NO!  Nothing like that.  Jeez.  But it does have a lot of public domain stuff.  Older stuff.  Writers of a different era.  Different sensibilities.  H. L. Mencken.  H. P. Lovecraft. Sax Rohmer.  H. Rider Haggard stories.  Joseph Conrad.  Earl Derr Biggers books. Robert E. Howard.  People can't read those and be adult about it anymore.  Everything has to be analyzed with a modern day lens and expurgated.  It has to go through the PC meat grinder and ground into powder, sifted for every molecule of offense, and then accusations made. (I date myself again.  The kids today say 'SJW,' not 'PC'.  Oh my back.  I don't even have the energy to warn you off my lawn, at this point.)  

If I were ever to write a work of fiction I'd probably adopt that now archaic style.  Even though it isn't how I think today.  But I'd use it just to bring that tone back to experience again and bedamn the over-sensitive mentally aberrant squawkers. Bedlamites that need to be locked in the Booby Hatch.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Cthulhu is real

 What caliber for Eldritch Horror?

Oh, this is all we need.  I thought it was a mistake letting other primates share the planet, but that will seem small potatoes compared to hyper intelligent and angry cephalopods.  Undoubtedly from out of space.  

Get them Delta Green guys on the horn.  This is way outside my jurisdiction.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Zombies aren't real

 Oh yeah?  Might as well say the Japanese aren't real.  Or the Canadians.   But we had plans to fight the Japanese or the Canadians.

I don't know what the color should be for Zed, but... Gray?  No that was for the Caribbean or Central America.

Anyway.  We have a daggum plan to fight the Shamblor menace.  

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Well, yeah.

 If you shoot yourself in the upper thigh it will be, of course "just missed hitting the femoral artery."

The whole thigh is the femoral artery's neighborhood.  Like if a meteorite the size of a Buick hits my house?  Yeah, I'm dead.  I'm the femoral artery.  If it hits the neighbors house or a few houses down on my street?  Almost as significant an event in my life.  My afternoon nap is definitely impacted. The rest of my life will be "yer one of them guys the that Buick-ite just missed hitting!"


Also, and many better people than me have already told you this...  Stop touching your CCW gun.  Especially in public.  Leave it in the holster.  It ain't for show and tell.  Especially on line at the market.

Do that, and sure, appendix carry is your preference.  You are safe as houses until you get all in a sharing mood.  Like that guy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Whitey is inciting violence

 The past week I've hear a talking point that the "right-wing is the one inciting violence at otherwise peaceful protests".  You know, like at Minneapolis and Kenosha.

Here is the latest, but it's not the only.  

I can't find via google the other ones I have seen, including people being mocked for it on Twitter.  So it must not be getting any traction.

I am highly dubious that anyone right of center is sparking arson, vandalism, robbery, assault, and murder. From the Left.  

And what does that say about the Left that they are so easily manipulated by small numbers of shadowy forces.  Force able to cause them to drop their peaceful principles and hurt and destroy folks.  If these proto-Marxists so easily lose their self-control unwillingly perhaps they should refrain from going outside.  They know they lack self-discipline and are a potential physical threat to themselves or others.  The moral thing for Democrats to do is seek help before they hurt someone else. 

Indian War History

This one is too small.  But wait... is it a series?  Could be seven 130 page books.  Naw... seems too shirt-rendy in the description.

This one is too big

Maybe this one, but I will miss t.he brutal conflicts pre-revolution.  I like The West, but earlier frontier work is also important

Well, THIS sounds exciting:  Blood on the Ohio: Frontier Tales of Terror

One by American Heritage.

Oh, my aching

I’ve learned a new term.  "Listhesis".  And retrolisthesis.  It’s prolly the cause of my neuropathy in my feet and legs.  

It means, in layman’s terms, 'jacked up spine'.   

It might be better than my other worry.  The diabeetus. It’s not that.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is it makes it hard to sleep at night, with all the discomfort.  And that makes my guy interest and blog post slide down the quality ladder.  Sorry.  And I know folks that had or have it much worse than me.  Like sleep on the hard floor and contemplate suicide because of back pain.  I don’t have that.

Future plans include a month of therapy then an MRI.  We'll see, after that.  For the MRI ima try to get them to do head to hip.  Not just the lumbar.  I think the cervical and thoracic areas have their own story to tell..

So I am cautiously optimistic about it.  I know it’s name, I  am working to correct.  Perhaps some relief is coming 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 This makes me want to jump through all the NFA hoops and get a M2 Greasegun.

The incomparable Jerry Miculek:

Did you see that little hang-up at the end after two magazines?  Starting to jam at that early?  Now that is what makes me NOT want to jump through all the hoops and get a Greasegun...

Jerry IS faster with a revolver.  I wonder...  If he raced it if he could fire 18 revolver rounds before that machinegun did 30?  Heck he might be able to reload four times and beat it to 30 with a revolver.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Do you remember?


Indian Factor

 Saw this book by Bill O'Reilly.  Killing Crazy Horse.  

Yes, that O'Reilly.  That talking head television personality.  So I squint a little.

I don't like to consume my pop-History from a TV star, but, the subject matter...

I am a little lacking in depth of knowledge of the Indian wars.  And this book seems to cover a huge part of it.  1811 through the opening of the 20th C.  I'd like to brush up.  Can anyone recommend another book that covers that whole era or more (not just post Civil War farther west stuff). And I am looking History, not "whoa the noble savage and despicable pale faces" treatise pretending to be history.  You all know me.  You know what I want.  

Heck, you might tell me that O'Reilly did a truly phenomenal job and historians should praise his work here.  That's fine, too.  Butt up against my prejudices.  

Sunday, September 20, 2020


 "Why do you fatigue so easily T-Bolt.  You usually only run through a box of 50 on the range, and have whinged like a toddler about high round count classes."

I'm glad you asked that.  I'm old.  In my 50s.  I am in desk-bound office shape and too damn fat.  Plus the aches and pains from a youthful life doing things that were more strenuous than high round count pistol classes.

My off hand is impacted by cervical neuropathy (I didn't even know I HAD a cervix...).  A couple month of physical therapy a couple years ago did the trick.  I can take my hat off with that hand again.  I still do the stretches.  It's not 100 percent, and tires easily.  I tired easily BEFORE all this. 

And I have a new term this week.  Retrolisthesis.  The discs are ok, but that one vertebra, L3 where it meets L4, just sternward a bit.  Probably into the spinal cord, causing my sciatica for the past 10 years and, more recently, numbness in my feet.  That scared my a bit, the numbness.  Coulda been Multiple Schlerosis, or, more likely, the Diabeetus.  Not quite there yet.  Need a few more donuts for that.  Already in PT for the back issues.  There is an MRI in my near future.

Man, growing old sucks.  I heard it was bad, but didn't expect it to be like this.

But that's why I fatigue easily.  All those.  It's a negative impact on my quality of life.  

Brain's ok, tho.  No Biden-brain for me yet.  I have come to the conclusion I should have been this wise and smart at 15 that I am at 50.  Everything would have been much better.

If I was... I still wouldn't have known what I wanted to be when I grew up...

Saturday, September 19, 2020

You have to

Sorry.  But. You have to replace RBG(rip) immediately.  Before the election.  We, the whole damn country, does not have the luxury to put it off to February or even December.

  1. First, it's 2020.  Black Swan year.
  2. The Dems are already saying not to concede.
  3. The process will be long and drawn out due to dubious vote by mail and ballot harvesting schemes coming down the pike already, possible extending things into December is this were a normal season.
  4. The Dems are already saying they will contest no matter what and are prepping an army of lawyers.  This is known.
  5. We already know from 2000 that at least part of all that will make its way to SCOTUS
  6. Do you really want Scotus to tie 4-4?  Reminder:  2020
The only way this whole shebang does NOT end is SUPER-chaos (rather than just the regular chaos we have now) is if Trump wins a clear landslide on November 3rd.  Like upper 50s of popular vote, and Reagan-Mondale electoral, so that there aren't enough outstanding mail-in ballots extant to change anything.

Ugh.  THIS year.

These were my first thoughts after the shock wore off from hearing the news/

And Ammo

 Commenter 'Tim' mentioned that you should bring lots of ammo to the training class.

Well of course.  If they say the class runs through 500 rounds, total, in the 4 days it goes on, I'd have at least 600 rounds with me.  And probably a dozen magazine pre-loaded that I wouldn't count toward my personal total.

Though I question the value of high round count training classes.  Personally.  I just don't have the stamina for all that.  I think once fatigued out, unless you are training specifically for fatigue and how it affects your shooting, you aren't getting the learning bang for the buck.  And you might be reinforcing bad habits.

But a class that mentions a high round count does mean something positive.  Sounds like more time at the range and less time in the classroom.  Which is a good selling point for lots of shooting courses.  Unless you are learning first aid, or various law work wrt firearms and self-defense.


I see myself showing up with a pair of duplicate 1911s and the instructor going "uh oh, another of these guys.  what a pain." But I'd also have my shooting log and my gunsmith toting bag with spare springs and parts.  Then my only problem keeping up with the Glock guys will be the mag sizes.  I am confident that my 1911s work well enough I wouldn't be 'that guy' with them.  A Glock would break first. 


The tip of my extractor broke off?  I can fix that.  The replacement will have adequate tension set, but not be rock solid fit to the firing pin stop.  I've hear of the slide stop breaking.  Can replace that.  It too will be looser, but functioning.  

But it's a class, no time for testing.  That's why:  twin gun.  

You can replace a lot of broken pins and springs without too much worry or need for live fire tests.  

Friday, September 18, 2020

10 Things To Bring to Handgun Training Class

Ooo, I saw 10 things and didn't click over just yet.  I wanted to see how many I could guess.

Lessee.  A good attitude and a willingness to learn.

A spare gun.  Breakages happen and like to happen during gun class.

Lots of mags, preloaded, and a mag loader so make reloading those mags as easy as possible.  Ammo for same, of course.

A hat.  To protect from the sun and shade your eyes.  

A good appropriate holster and a GOOD belt.

Drinking water.

That's six.  Lessee how I did...

The article had more clothing recommendations.  Like footwear.  Expanded on the belt.  And ear and eye pro and a range bag.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Toy Guns

 With all the remote Zoom school learning going on, teachers are seeing Toys in kids' rooms.  Some of those are toy guns.  Then the teacher snitches that kid out to the cops, the cops bang on the door and scare the family, and the kids gets suspended.

This is evil.  For shame. 

They are toys. 

My parents were anti-gun-ish.  But not like other relatives that wouldn't let their kids play with even a stick that they pretended was a gun.  My parents knew a toy gun was harmless.  And my teachers back then knew that too. 

A toy gun is not a threat to shoot up the school.  Hell, a REAL gun isn't either in 99.999% of the cases.  For the sake of all that is holy won't someone please act like an adult in these sorts of situations?

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

New Blogger Format

Ok, see the post below?  It was done in the New Blogger UI.  This is old style.

As you can see the line spacing and what not is different.

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Anyone know where the setting is in the New UI so I can set it the same as old? 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Looking at the crappy video

 Where the bad guy tried to assassinate those two cops sitting in their cruiser...

The perp plants his feet, brings the pistol up to his sight line, and doesn't hunch his sight line down to the pistol, and uses a two handed grip.  Decent form.  

The adrenaline is still coursing through him, and you can tell with the furtive fleeing.  He get's headshots, but it seems his accuracy sucked (thank goodness) and his victims survived.  Why did his accuracy not tell worse?  Guessing.  Adranaline, again, rushing himself, very little lifetime target practice.  But you don't get the stance and grip right by not working on it.  Evidence here is he worked on that.  Hollywood didn't train him.  Someone may of told him, "Naw, do it like this," and he may well have drilled it a time or two. 

The gun community has little respect for the gun handling abilities of gang banger types, but you underestimate these bad buys at your peril.  It wouldn't have taken much range practice to make this particular perp much more deadly, is what I am thinking.

A total bodger can shoot you dead, too, with only a touch of luck.  

Monday, September 14, 2020

Time Travel

I didn't get into guns and trying to improve my shooting until I started this blog in 2007.  Before that I was just like regular folk, like the ones going to the gunstore these days.

I had A gun. A pistol.  A revolver.  And a box of ammo.  And I know what my progression was these days.  Garand, M1A, AR.  Revolver.  1911.  Flirting with black plastic 9mm

But...  what if I was 20 years older and started doing this in 1987?

This presumes I was a Naval Officer in 1971, though, like I was in 1991.  And the war, then, would have loomed large.

I wouldn't have had the internet.  Just gun magazines and Soldier of Fortune.  I was wary of Glock in 2007, I'd certainly be as wary in 1987.  But would I have caught the interest in the 1911 that the internet gave me?  I'd have qualified on a 1911 in the Navy in 71 just as I did in 91.  But I was still revolver preferred after qualification.  So, like now, a 686 would be a likely first gun.  Or a 19.

Or would the 4506 have caught my eye in 87?  I bet they would.  Or like it.

Or one of the 9mm variants of smith

I bet I'd have got a mini-14, though.  If not repeating the M1A experience I already did here in the future.

If I had been smart I'd have gotten in a touch earlier and beaten the Hughes Amendment and gotten a Smith Enterprise selectfire M1A, for all the good it'd do me.  But I am not smart.  Or a sub gun that wasn't MP5 or Uzi (I remember me in the 80s and I do not know why I disliked both, but I did.  I wonder if I could get one of these in the early 80s....)

So... like me now. 

Do I even KNOW 20 years older me?  Without the internet to spark my interest would I have come to similar conclusions as I learned things? 

UGH!  I might have gotten a Beretta 92!  North Hollywood shootout and Miami Dade shootout wouldn't have happened or been internalized yet by 87.  Goetz and McDonald's shooting would have.  Luby's would ave spurred me to investigate CCW, but that would be later.

Who am I kidding?  I've gotten a pump shotgun I barely knew how to use, a Model 19 revolver and maybe a snubby.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

This is Jim Rockford...

 Not very gun friendly, but...  It's Rockford.

I take that back

 Now if this Democrat was in an ad on Youtube asking for my money, that'd be totally different.

Yeah, more of this.


Got nuffin.

Getting lots of ads on Youtube from Dems fundraising to stop the OrangeManBad.  They can't be targeted.  I mean, my video watching history isn't Alex Jones  or Glenn Beck, but there are a few gun vids in the history.  One or two Paul Watsons.  A few more Bearings.  Not a huge amount of conservative views but enough to make an ad algorithm eliminate me for likely donation ad success for Dem beggars.  The Dems must be paying for a WIDE broadcast coverage.  It's their money, I guess, waste it how you like on Youtube. 

I am unlikely to donate to pols I like.  Much less like to donate to Democrats busy hurting people, and upending businesses, and, oh yeah, highly desirous of disarming me in the face of that madness at the first chance they get.  Commie simps, useful idiots, on the CHICOM payroll, or just full on Brown Shirts doing their modern day Kristallnacht.  The only thing that recommends them is their incompetence.  They aren't as good at the violence as their predecessors were 90 years ago.  So there is that.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

World's Collide

When my firearm interests coincide with my watching-machinist interests.

Here is Stefan Gotteswinter, German machinist extraordinaire, working a mini 1911 magazine spring.

"T-Bolt, why do you only watch machinist youtube videos instead of, you know, learning machining?"

Are you crazy?  I have enough scary expensive hobbies.  Watching the videos, I get my fix, and I can handle it.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Yeah, I'm forgetting

It's starting to, it seem so long ago, now. I never got any feeling of settling the issue or any righteous vengeance.  Let's remember that for next time.  If you do something make it quick and devastating and make em howl for mercy then get out.

The aftermath should have definitely been dealt with by 2006.  Instead of doubling down on already insufficient measures and then making the whole damn thing interminable.  Perma-awful.  For a response to awful.

Thursday, September 10, 2020


I didn't know they were channel 9 back in the day, before I was born. (That's DC's CBS affiliate)

Mmm, 1968.  As bad a year as 2020, that. What with the police shootings and Hong Kong Flu and riots and crime and whatnot.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

It's now going to be heroic

To film a good movie, rather than a checkbox movie.

The quality cinema that doesn't bother with the hoops won't be successful, won't be recognized, might even be suppressed, but could just acquire cult status, readily.  I hope. 

The quashing of truth and beauty, for venal regressive politics.  Propaganda.  Just awful.

Ya know...

I'd have probably donated money to the NRA to help them in their time of need, fending off lawsuits in New York and Washington, but because of LaPierre's shenanigans I am not comfortable funding the grift he's created over there.

When Ollie North is the clean one in your org, and then you force him out because he asked too many audit style questions...  Well that says a lot about your con.

I have no problem with paying LaPierre a lotta money.  Just not all the money.  He needs to stay clean and fight the fight and not just try to fill his and his cronies' pockets.

Well, his replacement needs to do that.  I've lost trust.  Then the NRA needs to win a battle.  THEN I will send money again.  Fools.

Can you imagine how many new NRA members there would have been this year if there had been less stench of corruption about the joint?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Actually On Topic

We (the Occident) got good with boomsticks because of geography. And a lack of light cavalry nomads.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Ever think....

Ever wonder how long the quarantine would have been if the internet hadn't been invented yet?  If this were 1994, say, with online stuff in its infancy?

Sunday, September 6, 2020

I got a mantis in my pantis

No, no, the dry firing app.

So we all are worried about burning through our range ammo. I know I am. Who know when Federal FMJ 230 gr will be back and less that $2 a round?  So I splurged and got the X10 Mantis.   I mentioned before I was interested.

Clever little bugger.  It detects all your flinches.  You don't have to aim at the phone.  Aim and the action figure of R. Lee Ermey on your shelf and keep the phone in your shirt pocket if you want.  It knows you are heeling the shot or gripping harder before the break.

I have just broke the surface of what this little hummer can do.  Still exploring.  Gotta get a daily dry fire habit up and running.  Come home, shoot two dozen shots?  That'd be fine.  I'll talk more about it later, I am sure.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

A full stop is a period

Yeah, sposebly, the youngins are intimidated when you end a sentence with a period.

Young people are intimidated by full stops because they seem like a sign of anger in social media messages, linguistics experts have claimed.

(A 'full stop' is British for that dot at the end of a sentence.  Sorta like when they say 'half-litre' they really mean a 16 ounce pint with a little room for the head.) 

I'm gonna throw a flag on the play.  This article doesn't really mean what it appears to mean.  That folks should be sensitive of Gen Z and stop using periods. 

No, this article was written by a gramma nazi, appalled at the awful grammar in social media.  They are hoping folks will get defensive and contrary and insist on always using a period.  It could backfire on them... And folks will start over-using the simplest punktuation mark...  And. that. would. be. awful..........

Friday, September 4, 2020

A Bit Nutty

A Squirrel said "Good luck finding ammo for all those new guns."

'Tectonic shift': Gun sales up by almost 72%; first-time buyers lead the way

At least a lot of the gunstores around here still have some ammo.  In reserve.  Not much.  And when they get guns in for sale they will often sell a box to the gun purchaser.

But what are you gonna do with a box of 50?  Well, fill up your magazines and only clear out the grease in the barrel if there is a home invasion.  Not much range fun.  Maybe later.

"You think they'll be interested in electing someone who promises to take them away?"

The pessimists all agree that, yes, they have not learned any lessons, and will indeed vote for folks that will confiscate their shiny new purchase. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Catching the Red Dot

I was thinking on Tam's post.

Reflex sights on pistols.

I have tried them, but I have night zero practice and/or training with them.  But I look silly when I play with one at the proverbial counter at the gun store.

Tam is probably onto what I am doing.  Worrying about the front sight.  I am hunting for that dot and not finding it.  If you are watching me I am making little circles with the muzzle looking for it, then going "this is BS!"

Because I don't know what I am doing.

Sound like I be bringing the red dot up to my sight line while looking at the target and might be pleasantly surprised, hey, there's a dot.

For future exploration. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

You guys remember?

My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast  The guy that got me into all this?

He keeps writing books.  I was shocked when I read the first one, because it was actually good.  And so are the others.  Good old fashioned sci-fi fun.  Check em out.

A little less than a year before...

He fell. Never saw his daughter older than 2 days.  Never saw his grandkids.



Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Liberal at Work

REFLEXIVELY anti gun.  Calls guns instruments of murder.  Would be very supportive of a door to door confiscation and ban, with no grandfathering.

He thinks, was told, that Aaron Danielson used pepper spray on someone and that is why he deservedly was shot by prohibited person Michael Reinoehl, an admitted Marxist charged with felonies at a minimum.

I will remember this the next time Knee-Jerk goes on a general anti-gun rant and claims gun use by regular people is never justified.  "Except when I get pepper sprayed, right, KJ?  If you spray something that is an irritant and will have zero effect on me in a day, I am allowed to double tap you.  YOUR rules."

Of course, I will not then double tap him.  His rules are jacked, not mine,

Monday, August 31, 2020


Don't hang out in the riot zones after dark.

First rule of gunfights.

If you do find yourself in the riot zone after sundown, don't get separated from your platoon.  That's why Rittenhouse got in the sh!t, and this guy looked solo, too, before the shots.

I'm thinking the dead guy was CCWing, too.  He's geared up to be open carrying.

I bet when they look into his background he isn't a felon like an Antifa would be.

Sunday, August 30, 2020


When you message is, "defund the police," you want people to think:

Huh, yeah, the police just might be more trouble than they are worth.  They could use a little less support.  We'd be better off with fewer of them.

The way you convince the average voter is more of that.  Talk like that.  The way you scare them to the hills is to riot and kill nigh nightly.  Average Americans look at unrest and disorder like that and think, ya know, maybe we need to double police.  And give them raise.

Who am I kidding.  They aren't listening to me, and never will.  And many of those folks rioting don't actually want that kind of police reform.  They want the madness and chaos.

Maybe we shouldn't make any more Joker movies.

Anyway, in a perfect work, I'd love to see some police reforms myself.  Stuff like:

  1. Cutting out no-knock raids on all but the proven violent.  And maybe even them.  
  2. Not using cops as revenue enhancers or enforcers.
  3. Qualified immunity reform.
  4. Cops concentrating on the hard cases, rather than easy stuff.  Busting weed smokers is easy, instead of robbers.  I sympathise with cops not wanting to get hurt going after robbers and murderers, &c., but...  That's sorta the job we, the Public, most want them to do.  
  5. War on Some Drugs is awful at its root, and there should be less of it.
  6. DA reform.  A lot of problem people have with cops is really problems they have the Distict Attorneys pushing the cops.  I have no idea how to fix DA's though.
  7. Not confiscating perps' property without due process.  
  8. Fewer laws.  We have over-criminalized EVERYTHING.  It'd be better if average folks sorta had a handle on what is criminal and what is not.  Better for the police, too.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

I am being convinced

I didn't have much sympathy for that 17 year old kid in Kenosha.  He broke the first rule, at a minimum, I thought.  I thought there was no way he doesn't get hung up by his Buster Browns.  I felt bad for him, but thought dire consequences, for him, were inevitable.

The more details get fleshed out and the more we hear from his official defense the more I am persuaded.

What happens the day he walks out of court a free man?  Or the Minneapolis cops walk out because it is determined George Floyd died of a fentanyl OD?  I shudder to think.

Friday, August 28, 2020

First Rule of Gunfighting

If you are going to a place where you know there is probably going to be a gunfight, don't go there.

What kinds of places are those?  Hard to tell.  The answer varies.  One scenario with high degree of confidence?  Riots.  Don't voluntarily attend riots, strapped or not.  If a riot shows up where you are, surprise, unbidden, first priority is to try to un-ass from that place.  If you can't, then you might be attending a gunfight, but it is involuntary.  Always make it involuntary.

Failure to follow this first rule leads to bad outcomes.  And hot snotty tears of regret.  I follow this rule religiously.

Tell all the holster-sniffing 17 year-olds you know (he is a bit of a cop worshiper, apparently).  They have horrible judgement most of the time, boys that age.  And breaking this one rule could turn an otherwise good shoot into life in slam.  A text book case of self-defense shooting can turn into 1st degree murder because of this rule. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Grocery Report

I talked about how stock is pretty much back to normal at my grocery stores. Even hand sanitizer.

Only one thing missing.  Lysol or Clorox wipes.  Once those are plentiful, I think that is the last thing on the list.

Getting Sporty in Wisconsin

With people getting shot.  Some in self defense.  Some as part of the commie riot mobs.  Maybe murder cuz he started it, maybe justified.  Why drive in from out of town underage with a gun in the first place? I dunno.  Thunderdome.

But, also having fun in DC.  You all had your blood vessels pressure tested by these trust fund white kids harassing super liberal Adams Morgan restaurant-goers with their commie ways.

That's how you make new conservative votes out of life-long Leftists.

It's why I avoid restaurants, still.  Outdoor seating is where the weather is.  And the animals.  I would not have done well with that mob.  I'll go inside when that is good.  Maybe order a beer if seated outside.  Something I can walk away from.

Silence is Violence?  Get out of my face with that.  I joined the military back in the day specifically to fight people like these pinkos.  They are the bad guys.  This whole thing does not sit well with me.

"These aren't commie riots!  These are mostly peaceful protests about racial injustice!"

Yes, the first day or three in June were riots mostly about George Floyd.  And now the stuff in Kenosha is mostly about Jacob Blake, the first day or two.  But after the first week of June in Minneapolis. and this in Adams Morgan, DC, it's commie mobs rioting and destroying.


Adams Morgan, the neighborhood, was the up and coming city section in the 90s, after Dupton Circle and environs had become established and gentrified, so it is on the tail end of trendy now.  As it too is getting spendy, the weeds of greater wealth and aging patrons applies.  Gentrified.  I don't know which is the hot young new-new up and and comer section of the city is now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Ankle Holster for your Stop The Bleed kit


Keeping your one CCW pistol in an ankle holster?  Meh...  you could have some solution closer to hand?  Ok it might be better if you are carrying in Maryland of NYC and you don't have any permit but decided to risk it and carry anyway.

But keeping your first aid kit there?  That's an idea.  You ran out of real estate on your belt with your holster and spare mag, a pants pocket has your carry knife.  Hell you might have a BUG gun in a pocket holster in the other pocket....

But keeping your trauma bandage, touriquet, and kwik-clot on an ankle pouch might be just the thing.  Lighter than most pistols, too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Andrew Pollack, Parkland, FLA

I wanted to save this link for reading later.  Well, watching later.


edited later:  it was shorter than I thought it would be.


I don't know much about motorcycles, but styling is a subjective thing.  I watched a lot of Jesse James motorcycle builds on the TeeVee back in the day.  It was fascinating to watch.  And while I am sure a whole slew of folks loved the way the finished product looked, it wasn't for me.

Nowadays he's dabbled in firearm fabrication.  If he goes in order, this is his 68th gun.

Things I like.  That style of hammer, I like the look of.  I like the rear slide serrations.  The comp on the front is well blended, but the serrations don't line up.  It might be the angle of the photo, tho.  I have chainlink cuts on my mainspring housing like the front grip serrations

Every fabricator loves to square off the trigger guard.

What I don't like.  The grip panel is fine, but not for me.  Same with the trigger style.  And who knows what the internals are like. I'd need an hour and a sharpie to really judge them internals.  My old gunsmith could tell the sear-hammer engagement and which hammer hook was lagging the other just by pulling the trigger.  I'd use the sharpie and a lot of disassemly/assembly.  I can maybe tell if the disconnector is loose that way.  Passing judgement on the extractor tension is easy, and hell, I can teach you that.  Once apart, hammer-slide fitment is also easy to check.

But you know what doesn't bode well?  Out of the gate?  What is up with that sear pin?  C'mon little fella.  Don't be shy.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Trump's Announced Agenda

For his second term.  

Decent stuff, if he can pull it all off.  Achieveable.

Nothing about the 2nd Amendment, though.  Pity.


Twelve more years!
Twelve more years!
Twelve more years!

4th Circuit Changed its Mind

I missed this a couple weeks back.  Court Case.

A local-to-me gun store DOES have standing.  The case can proceed.

The case had been dismissed last year, but now it is revived.

You see, Atlantic Guns and all other Maryland gun stores lost sales since 2013.   A law was passed that said you had to have a Handgun Qualification License to buy a handgun.  You applied with the police, you got the training, you got the fingerprint, you got the passport phote, you paid the fee, you waited a couple months, and THEN you were allowed to shop for a handgun.

All the old restriction are still in place.  Even with the HQL you still needed ANOTHER background check (and NICS as well to keep the feds happy) at time of purchase, and a 7 day wait, and a chamber lock purchased.

Well, that's a lotta hoops.  And people didn't want to jump through all them hoops.  So they didn't bother buying a gun.  So gunstores lost sales.  And these gunstores maintain these onerous regulations are so bad that they violate the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.  I agree and wish them luck and hope Judge Roberts stops pretending... whatever the hell that guy is pretending... when this gets appealed higher.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

So I got the neuropathy

My spine is kinda jacked.  Dunno how.  A few car accidents in my lifetime.  Lots of PT in the military.  Working in a brewery for most of a decade toting full kegs and beer cases and 50 pound grain sacks all over a wet cement floor.  Fell out of the attic once.  Could just be lucky, genetically. 

Anyhow, the neck one impact my right hand.  My thumb and forefinger are numb.  Which sucks because that is the thump I use to test and edge for sharpness.  None of the other digits could so that. 

My lumbar problems are on the left side, mostly.  Sciatica.  And now numbness and burning sensation in my feet, mostly the left.

Well, there is an anti-seizure medicine that helps with that.  Gabapentin.  Only been on it for a few days, but it appears to work.  If baseline is 10, it improved to a solid 8 in only a day or so.  Might be a 7 now.  I'd be pleased as punch if it gets down to 1 or 2, but with my luck I should only be hoping to hit 5.  0 is how everything felt at age 25.

But, gun content, my trigger finger is the unaffected left forefinger.  So, lucky me, no neuropathy there yet.  Got physical therapy scheduled. 


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Should be the most important issue

What's today?

Hoof.  The 22nd?  Crap, I got no blog post.

It's humid.  Them hurricanes are down in the gulf but it feels like they are passing Norfolk heading nor'west.

But I am not complaining.  We have knocked out the string of 90+ degree days in July and some mornings this August have been downright pleasant.  I love it when we turn the corner on summer.  I much prefer the colder seasons. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Trump Re-Election Could Hurt Sales

Now I want Trump to win

Hurt gun sales after November?  Well what else do you want, gun sellers?  Egg with your beer?  Wasn't June gun sales as high as all of 2016 or sumthin?

I want ammo availability to bounce back after his victory.  I am sorta wanting to buy a gun, too.  So, good reason to help swing Maryland's electoral votes to Trump's column.

Thursday, August 20, 2020


They refurbed the cafeteria in our office, but that started right at the beginning of the Current Inconvenience.    Re-opening is delayed.

But when it does re-open they are thinking prepackaged meals.  Self-checkout kiosk for paying.  Take-out only, of course.

And that got me thinking...

Maybe the Automat needs to make a comeback..   Talk about Old Skool.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Oh, my head

Splitting headache.

Fodder is sparse.

I did go to the grocery today.  Almost normal.  Name brand Purell available first time since February.  Paper products at 90%.  You want a 2-pack of Brawny full size sheets?  Out of luck, you can only get it in 6 packs.  Yeast and flour and pork chops and HT brand chicken thighs from North Carolina.  EVERYONE has a mask, too. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Why am I this way?

Yes, I like and have old designs like 1911s and revolvers.

But there is a working rotary phone in my house.

I own more than one manual typewriter and occasional mail off a chatty missive.

My woodworking shop in the basement has few things that plug into the wall.  It's only recently I bought a drill that takes batteries in case I need to screw something in the driveway, away from an power outlet.  And my plug-in drill is a beast.  Too much drill for, say, driving a 1 inch screw.  Like hunting squirrels with a .44.

My watch is EMP proof. 

If I had a spot of and I wanted to put a steel building on, there are PLENTY of places that will put up a sheetmetal barn for you lickety split.  But I'd jones for a quonset hut, and all it's innefficiency. 

I shave with a straight razor when I have the time.   An old skool safety razor when I'm in a hurry.

I prefer wrough iron to mild steel.  Do you know why you can't buy wrought iron at the store?  There is SO MUCH labor to it. 

Why am I stuck in the past like this? 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Escape from Tarkov

A vidja game.

Combining First Person Shooter with aspects of Massive Multiplayer Online stuff.  And done by a Russian company, who really like their military sims.

Kitting yourself out with realisticly modelled weapons and also various ammo and accessories.  That will only get more realistic as the developers progress.  Because of this detail, this game is catnip for a certain flavor of Gunnie, for sure.  They use real names for everything.  So you will see PMAGs called PMAGs, for example. So if that is your interest, you can get hip deep in all the gun geek technical details when playing.

Not totally realistic.  You still get 'heals' but they sorta simulate the first aid process, if not the long recovery time.  You can still be shot, heal, shot again a little later, heal...  Eight or nine times?  More?  But what fun is a game where you get shot in the hand and then... done?

You have to loot for in-game money.  You use that pixel money to buy gear or better gear especially if you die before you escape.  A basic usable setup still cost north of 150k rubles, and you just have a Mosin in that loadout.

More for beginners.

Sunday, August 16, 2020


I saw this movie on my week off.  I was kinda disappointed.  I was hoping for Saving Private Ryan, but as The Good Shepherd, the book it is based on.  But when I come to think about it, that would be incredibly hard to translate to the big screen.  As a big part of C. S. Forester's book is silent inside narrative in the Captain's head, and the movie only has the 2 hours or so to tell this story.  If faithfully executed, matching the book, well, that might not make the best action cinema anyway.

I am hampered by my preconceptions, as I have read the book.  More than once.  Having been a naval officer, one often gravitates to C. S. Forester stuff, at least eventually.  Someone going in cold might enjoy it without the quibbles I bring.

So, these limitations aside?  It is still pretty good as a movie.  Worth seeing, in my book, but no tour de force.

The Enemy Below and Das Boot are better U-Boat vs. Destroyer movies.  Balance of Terror, too.

The CGI quality is mixed, sometimes very good, but not always.  I wonder if they used a Fletcher class for part of the sets.

I did like how he elevated the mess mate that must have been in the book into a more major character.  That was actually a good touch. 

The trailer is more exciting than the movie.

If you have Apple Plus tv channel, or whatever, see it.  Don't get Apply plus just for this.