Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hey, Tbolt!

"Why do you keep showing these industrial films we saw back when there was a substitute teacher?"

I can't help it, I genuinely love watching these.  I know few others do.  I'll pump the brakes a bit.  Besides, I am AFK, and these are all on auto-pilot, member?  I set these up months ago, in the beginning of a disease pandemic.  For all I know I am dead right now. 

And you.  YOU had an unkind word about it.  I was just trying keep content up.  As I type this Kim Jong Un is sposedly dead.  And months later, NOW, I am dead too.  I bet you feel like a heel.

Or, I am fine.  Probably a better chance of that, actually, than lying on a slab.  I hope there is meat and toilet paper back in the stores.  This is like time travel.  Wait!  Tell me a winning May lottery ticket so I can take it back to April.  If it hits I will buy you a Browning Automatic Rifle.  Or, sell you one for $1 to keep all this on the up and up.  No, TWO!  Two rifles, not two dollars.


At one time I know that the symbol for copper was the same as the alchemical symbol for woman or Venus, but I had forgotten until I saw this video

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

I'm no explosive expert, but...

I've seen a few explosions in person, not on TV.

"That sounded like fireworks, T-Bolt.  Maybe it was a fireworks factory!"

Maybe.  It sounded like fireworks to me, too.  But I don't know.  Remember what I said before?  I am no explosives expert.

"There was a mushroom cloud!  That means it was a nuke!"

I am no explosives expert, BUT...  nah.

"This has to be one of the biggest non nuke man made explosions, ever, though!"

Again, nah.  When the Yamato blew, that was pretty big.  Texas City was pretty big, too.  Not to mention Halifax 30 years before that.  The unique thing about Beirut is all the cellphone footage.

"You know too much.  I thought you weren't an explosives expert, huh?"


Our friend, Zinc

Monday, August 3, 2020

Sunday, August 2, 2020




We See Silver Alerts all the Time

Round here.

Like this one.

Now, is this really someone with dementia driving off God knows where?  Or did he just need some 'me' time?  They are so frequent I suspect at least some of the later. But yes, find the confused old man if he has gotten confused and is wandering off to the office he went to in the 1980s to start up work. Please. I just hope they aren't abusing the system, is all, for unrelated situations..

Posing in front a cruiser means this individual is 'known to the police' though.

"At approximately 11:00 p.m. last night, a neighbor of Mr. Oliver called police reporting that Mr. Oliver had knocked on his/her door stating that he was lost. Mr. Oliver left the area in his vehicle prior to police arrival." Oh, dear.  More real, this.

Our good friend STEEL

Everyone has a tobacco product in their face at the steel mill.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Gon' Fishin'

Gonna be out of pocket for a bit.  Set up some simple-azz blogpost that I find interesting, per usual.  More later.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Well that settles it.

If Mitt Romey is for it, there must be something HORRIBLE about voting by mail, and I'm agin it.

Jeff Cooper Hearesy!

Naw, this guy pretty much has his number.  

Yes, Cooper contributed immensely to the knowledge base.  Yes, his study of the issue was constant.  Yes he did adapt when a new method proved more effective.

But he was also a curmudgeonly old codger set in his ways, and this was all obvious after only a brief exposure to his writings.

I didn't get into reading his stuff until this blog started in 2007, just after he died, but I knew all the negatives from the jump.  It was obvious.  He did become the default though.  I took his advice, and acted on it, until I learned better.  All knowing that I might very well learn better in the far, or near, future.

"Eschew .223 ARs and plastic 9mm's?  Gravitate toward steel 1911s and .308 rifles?  Can do, until I am more seasoned."

It's not like it is wrong-wrong to take Cooper's advice to heart.  It's not even wrong, singular.  It is a good starting point, especially when there were no other giants with a huge body of comparable published work to take guidance from.  Plus he is entertaining.

"So you are all about the plastic 9mm now, and 1911s are yesterdays news, T-Bolt?"

No.  I still like 1911s.  But I use, and have trained with to much higher proficiency than 10 years ago, both.  And enjoy both.  In a zombocalypse, when I wake up from a coma in an abandoned hospital, and someone hands me a 1911, I say "Cool!"  If instead they hand me a Glock 17, what do I say?  "Cool!"     

July 30


Doll's eyes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Miami Shootout

I didn't know there were clips on YouTube for In the Line of Duty, 1988.  Not to be confused with In the Line of Fire  1993.

I feel like I would have seen this, back then.  I would have been in military school, and the TV lounge was a handy diversion from the day to day.  But I have no memory of this show on NBC.  Prolly watching Star Trek; The Next Generation, instead. 

Alex Keaton's Dad playing a gun enthusiast two years before Tremors.  Heh.  Glad you went from crook to survivalist Burt, Gummer.

It's a 1988 dramatization, made for TV.  And they seems to try adhere to actual events as much as one can be hope for from a movie of that vintage.  You know.  Post Miami Vice.  Some glaring factual exaggerationa, yes.  And some eye-rollingly so.  But the arc seems to at least be trying to adhere to actual facts.

The shootout seems crowded.  But there were two perpetrators and 10 FBI guys.  That's a lotta players to keep track of during the action scene.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Heinlein Tried to Tell Me

That may yet be true.  But I predict there is gonna be a lotta goat ropes while everyone learns their manners and etiquettes the hard way.  Until we get there.

Don't be rambunctious while you OC.  Even if you think you are doing the Lord's work and your part to usher in the Marxist Utopia by blocking trafffic willy nilly.  Perhaps take that as a safety tip.  Heck it says that on the tin. "An armed society is a polite society."

Monday, July 27, 2020

Now this just bugs me

Don't drink this version of Everclear, the denature will inhume you:


That price difference bugs me.  55 buck for a gallon, and for 1/11th of that more, $60, you can get 4 liters.

But a gallon is 128 ounces,  so four liters in opunces, based on the price difference, should be...  139.6?  Nope.  135.25ish.

You are being cheated out of a gill.  Buy Imperial.  ANSI.  Whatever.

And this is a lab supply place.  People buying this stuff are often lab type people.  Smart chemistry and math types that can do the conversions in their head.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Hand Saniboozer?

A commenter mentions a possible substitute for the lack of hand sanitizer:

"Everclear is available, and smells better than most other alcohols. Kind of hard to beat 75% (150 proof) alcohol."

Everclear is available in some places.  But like 11 round magazines you can't buy it in Maryland.  And the prohibition of both was done at about the same time.  And before you go on about how my state suck (tho it does):

"The sale of the substance is also banned in the District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, meaning the next closest place Needham can purchase Everclear is in Delaware."

And here you thought Prohibition ended in 1933...

I have to check on the veracity of this, but, Maryland banned 190 proof booze.  What if 189 proof booze was made?  Maybe I spoke too soon. 

Saturday, July 25, 2020

That's a MIGHTY list

Of companies hostile to our rights

Lotta work in that

I dunno if I can avoid them all, but I do what I can.

Some companies I do business with because I am more of a drain on them than a positive.  Bank of America.  They move my money around, but I don't pay them fees or interest on loads or nuffin.  They get a tiny bit from whatever slice of interest they keep on the balance in my account.  But it's just checking.   A bill paying device.  I ditched their credit cards and home loans in the W administration. 

A whole lot of this list is stuff I wasn't patronizing anyway.  I'm not getting a Pepsi at the KFC these days.  So, I adhere to most of this without even trying.  Burger King is straight trash.  Gateway Computers is STILL AROUND?

But it's harder for me to avoid Comcast, Microsoft, and Paypal.

Friday, July 24, 2020

I wonder how China

Exports a Three Gorges disaster like they did the China-Rona?

Oh and what if Three Gorges goes

And it floods the whole lower Yangtze Valley?

Well, what is made in that Valley that is exported here?  What will all those surviving distressed and displaced Chinese need and will no longer be able to supply for themselves?

Well, Wuhan is there.  I guess we'll have to make our Pandemic virus next time if that dam bursts,  But there is also a lot of pharmaceutical companies there.  Nanking and Shanghai, further down river.  More pharmaceuticals, electronics, steel, chemicals, machine manufacture, and a lot of trade facilities linking China to the world.

So buy food and medicine.  More, I mean.  OTC stuff you might need and still not be around in stores, still, in 18 months. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Grocery Report

STILL no real hand sanitizer.  I bought the last one in February, I think.

Every now and then they sell methylated, but, no, not touching that.


In the dream I was chatting with a buddy and the big bossman CEO type at work.  My buddy is one of them Marines that became a hippy.  He said, in the dream, referring to the CEO in front of me "Of course he is a Democrat.  He's as liberal as a plane full of Sumo wrestlers."


Explain that.

"I thought you knew?  Sumo wrestlers are a bit superstitious before a match and only sit on the left hand side of the aisle in an airplane.  So the plane leans left.  I thought you knew that?"

How did my subconscious brain come up with that aphorism and then briefly forget what it meant?

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


1986, Miami.  "Hey maybe we need to go beyond this whole .38 Special revolver thing."  "Hmmm, maybe your right..."  Setting aside the conclusion they came to for this janky feloy stop.  In 1985 they knew a lot better about felony stops / felony interactions then they did in 1963, and 'they' would think harder about it after 1986.

We, in the gun enthusiast world, tend to concentrate on the hardware solutions, but procedural reforms were also analyzed at the time.  Including some misconceptions.

1997 came along, Hollywood.  Suggestions that maybe the cops should upgrade from revolvers certainly got more urgent after that, didn't it?  And a rifle in the car became more common.  Was 1997 the catalyst for more of a universally militarized police force?   I am ready to entertain that theory.  And if successfully argued it makes that militarization less ominous in it's motivations, rather than sinister plottings of the Clinton's and their cat's paws....

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Bog Roll

Ok, tell me if you have a similar experience.

I wasn't caught that short when the Terlet Paper was out.  When paper disappeared I had two dozen rolls squirreled away.  Plus I was going to the office every workday and tried to, uh, do my bidness during business ours.

Two dozen was plenty as long as the shit tickets come back.  And come back they did.  Multiple varieties for the discerning wiper in various sizes.

Now I've bought more.  I don't go nuts, but two dozen is no longer my floor.  Just in case.  Might be 5 dozen all told, now, and it is growing.  And.  I now buy a 4 pack or a 2 pack of paper towels EVERY time I go to the grocery store.  No I don't need 4 more rolls.  But I am getting 4 more rolls.  If this thing happens again I am going to feel a bit more secure about the whole thing.  When does it become a nuisance?  At 10 dozen?  We shall see, I guess.

Is this you, too?

Monday, July 20, 2020

Halfway decent zombie bunker, for sale.

What an opportunity!

You'd need to barrier off the ramps up from the mud flats, and, of course, put a drawbridge on the causeway itself, but, you get water access for your ownself and the resupply that provides.  Hope you like seafood. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

I don't know why I thought of these

Rubber over boots or galoshes or what have you.  Specifically, with that particular buckle type.

Younger, I remember them being ubiquitous.

Maybe they were the same type the army used, and used for many decades.  So discharged draftees and folks that shopped for bargains at the Army Navy Surplus store would have had them, and they'd be used infrequently enough on snowy day in Maryland that they'd last forever and mostly be ready to go in everyone's coat closet.

My dad volunteered for the military to avoid getting drafted.  So did his older brother.  Most of their contemporaries did.  But they were older, or old enough that neither the Korean nor Vietnam wars entered into it.  We had not fathers about that were war veterans in my neighborhood.  Homebuyers in  my new development were in that sweet spot age group between the conflicts.  Though grandfathers were sometimes WWII vets.

Anyway, that style of galoshes that used to be the only thing available, now is kinda hard to find, but there is a plethora of other options.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

A fine tradition in NYC

100+ years ago, before prohibition, the busy body progs were also trying to regulate away saloons.  (effing Teddy Roosevelt...)

You had to serve food if you wanted to serve booze.

So they brought you a sandwich with your drinks.  Then they took the sandwich away.  Then they brought that same sandwich to the next table with their drinks, and on and on.  After a week that one sandwich looked pretty...  leggy.  Especially if it was egg salad.  So, a rubber sandwich was made up to be the served 'food' to comply with the law.  What do you want for nuthin'  A rubber biscuit?

Well, the progs are at it again, and New York saloon keepers are just as resourceful.

My Flaws in 2 Groups

Sometimes I hit A.  Often with the first round of the magazine.  Before my hand feels a recoil it does the trigger right.  Then it remembers  I wish they all could be like A.

D used to be my default flinch.  Low and right.  Took me forever to get that fixed.  Sometimes it happens tho.  Shoot now! catching the trigger will get D's again.

This set obliged by grouping the two other flaws into groups.

C, I am trying to fix with more finger on the trigger face.  The theory being I am pushing the line right.  Solve that and I'd have more A, right?  Well, sometimes it is better, sometimes not.  But if B and C were on the vertical centerline I could almost live with the elevation problem of some Bs.

B.  Now is B simple?  Is B the 'need more finger' along with 'the bottom of your hand is heeling it just a bit.'  Or is B up there with a whole new type of flinch I do not quite grok?  Dunno.

Lemme concentrate on that finger and other push left items.  Seems a simpler thing to concentrate on.

Friday, July 17, 2020

How Dare They!

How dare they not select my preferred 9mm!

Ah well.  Let's be adult about this, shall we?

I like the P320, but I half expect the Army to capriciously throw it over the side and pick something else in a year or two.  No reason, just a premonition.

NONE of those featured are bad.  By my lights.  If one fell out of the sky and landed at my feet I wouldn't sell it and get something else.  Wave of the future?  Hell, they are already here. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Range 13 July

Hey!  That's my grandpa's birthday!

Captain Thuderbolt, dub dub too.  His age and crap vision kept him off a Naval vessel.


Ok, started crap.  Relaxed and got better.  Put more finger on the trigger in hopes of shift right to POA, got a bit better.  Very last was range increase from 25 to 50 feet.  Went to sh!t again.

This one represents my current fault.  High and right, or just right.  That's all seven in those two. 

49 rounds, no malfs, total of 1245 through the gun since built.  Need to clean.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Future Shock

The pace of technological improvement is dizzying.  And sometimes a body wants to push pause to better grow accustomed.  I would have been fine with one or two more decades of putting a quarter in a payphone, for instance.  Sure, this device that takes decent pictures, summons cabs, plays recorded music or radio programs, gives me driving direction, and communicates with ANYONE in the world for like $70 a month?

But I still type letters to people on an actual typewriter.

I don't have to stuff checks into envelopes for bills anymore.  But I will be damned if I don't make them MAIL me the bills, still.  If I set up auto pay they will auto drain my account.  Or that has been my irrational fear.

One thing that does appeal to Luddite side, by using the high tech side?  I banged my door switch on my refrigerator.  Now it doesn't light up when I open the door without fiddling.  25 years ago I'd have to call someone.  I have no idea how to fix that.  But the internet does.  A bit of searching with the model number written down on the back of an envelope (from my bills) and I find this guy.

More importantly?  There is a how-to video with it.

Not hard, right?  One minute fix... tool required: putty knife.  I am tentative because of I don't know what to force or pry to get the part out, and that fear would paralyze my action.  But once you see it once... 

So can we go back to 1970 partly, and partly 1985, but with all the good stuff of 2020. Well, 2019, nothing good has happened this year.

I'm being irrational again, aren't I?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Reddit Survival Tips

Yeah, yeah, I know... 'reddit.'

But these are good atypical survival tips that you might not know some of.

Ones I liked and need to make more at the front of my survival mind:

  • The STAR symbol on the elevator panel indicates the floor that is the most direct route to outside.  I usually know this, but could be helpful in strange building that have weird mezzanies and shit.
  • If you are ever involved in gunfire or a shooting of any sort, a sharp cracking sound means the gunfire is aimed at you, a deep thumping noise means the gunfire is aimed away from you.  Why did none of you ever mention this?  I know some of you have been down range and heard it personally. 
  • Anything standing it’s ground and being loud just wants you to leave. If you don’t they will attack. When they are relatively quiet they have already decided to attack.  This applies to people, too.
  • Pack a whistle.
  • Barrel cactus insides aren't what they are cracked up to be as a water source, despite what Race Bannon told you about surviving in the desert.
  • Very rarely are people mentally prepared to fight a naked man. I need to remember to wear more tear-away clothes for quick strip downs.
  • Garage door springs are not your friend..

Monday, July 13, 2020

Daily Deaths, US

Ooops!  Death rate clicked up from the WuFlu.

Now you show symptoms after exposure in 5 or 6 days, but you die of it 4-6 weeks later, ifn you are gonna die from it.  So, coincidentally, 4-6 weeks ago was when mass riots got going. 

"But what about all the re-openings, T-Bolt?"

Didn't a bunch of those re-openings start happening long before the riots?  I guess people are more careful at the barber than they are yanking down a statue of James Madison or Frederick Douglas.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Small L, Big L

As it has always been.

A Libertarian Party candidate, telling folks what they must do and please give her political power and accept opportunist Marxist organization's prescriptions:

Saturday, July 11, 2020

NRA Election Results

Well, results are in.  Of my (and many others) two faves

Graham Hill got in

Frank Tait did not.

I just wish Wayne would decide to go home and spend more time with his family. 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Grocery Report

You know, grocery stores around here are much much better.  But not back to pre-Rona normal, no.  Still big holes in some aisles.

Yes, there is terlet paper, and pork and chicken and beef all at the same time.  But not lots, and not the old levels, and not the old familiar brands and packaging.

You want a box of Zataran's Dirty Rice?  Sorry, only Jambalaya.  If you want Dirty Rice they only got Tony Chachere's.  Which is fine.  But last winter you could get both.

My store's in house cookie baker is different.  Different sizes, and no oatmeal raisin with walnuts. 

It's still gonna be a while.

Thursday, July 9, 2020


Been reading some Dan Mitchell.  When I am to home.  Work's proxy servers don't like some web platforms and wordpress is one of them.  I should be working, not reading blogs, anyway.

Anyway, reasonable libertarian.  Which, from my experience, are different from the Big 'L' Libertarians.  Big Ls often strike me as nuttier than a rodeo turd.

Enjoying Mitchell's stuff.  Both on how racist gun control is.  And the great universal utility of increasing economic freedom.  Cursory checks suggest he is not stark-raving mad.  And may not be mad at all.  He'd never get a job at Reason, tho.  If he smokes weed he sure don't qvetch about it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

I think it would be bigger news

If there was two Tik Tok users the app WASN'T surveilling. 

Yeah, ammo is low out there.

But what they hey, they can't be OUT.

Naw.  Remember way back in April when there was literally zero?

Now it is only almost zero.

No plinking ammo in my preferred flavor.  Or most any flavor.  But I got lots of range time before I get itchy.  I have my hats.

I also have plenty of Federal HST, but what the heck, the website has some, I might as well get more.  Just a few boxes.  I mean, why not?  Then, in a few months, after the madness, maybe 500 rounds of plinkers. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Two things

I need to make devilled eggs.  Too hot to bake bread.

I am suffering from the 'good enoughs'.  I need more, different, training and to fight that attitude.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Force 10 From Navarone

So Harrison Ford, with Robert Shaw, dispatch two Partisans.

Ford is handy with a pistol and has a P38.

In the next scene, Shaw has one of the Partisan's rifle, but Ford hasn't availed himself of the other rifle and bandolier.

Poor show.

Sunday, July 5, 2020


Time for Timer

You know Timer, I don't like eating onions.  Oh the flavor is fine.  I like the flavor.  It's the squeaky texture.  But I ain't eating that onion dish because I KNOW.   Jeez.  Get off my back already.  You been riding me for 35 years.

But he's in California

I got Rep Nunes robots calling my house before 9:30 on a SUNDAY? 

Maybe it's a Soros op.  Gotta be.  He can't be that stupid.

This is Soros spening money to make me like the GOP less.  Yeah, has to be that.

Friday, July 3, 2020

THREE quart

So, I've been a fan of copper bottom ReverWare for forever and thought it was still made.  RX informed me otherwise.

Well, crap.


So I filled in a hole.  I had a one quart, and a two quart.  Had to fine a Tres.  For pasta and whatnot.  Phew.  Found one. 

Now that I have it, I am wondering why they even MADE a two quart.  The three quart is the same diameter and can do everything the two quart can do as well as a two quart, PLUS extra.  I see the utility of a one quart for small jobs, but two is neither fish now fowl.

I've waster 20 years with the wrong pot.

24 hours

Thursday, July 2, 2020


The trigger is different.

After months and months of striker fired trigger work, I went back to a 1911 trigger.

And stank up the joint.

My first round was great, then old habits, and it took to the end of a boxof ammo before I got my mojo back a little bit.  The point I usually and opening up groups with fatigue.

First two magazines at the head.  Low and right.

Thirst at center, was just right.  Didn't shift to the centerline until I got a hold of myself.  But pretty lousy, all told.

No malfs.  1196 rounds since I built the gun.  Did a detail strip around round 450 to adjust the disconnector fit.  I guess it sorta was cleaned then.  I lube as needed, and it needed it after the long break.  The gun is filthy.  I need to clean it.

Never malfunctioned, though, in almost 1200 rounds.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Inconvenient for Gun Grabbers

More evidence against their policies. Reported by their allies.  At DC's NPR station.  88.5 WAMU

That's gotta hurt when even biased media have to grudgingly admit their gun control policies stink, are useless, might as well be scrapped.

Maybe they think at this point they will always be able to exert their will on gun policy.  Ever the optimist, and despite Justice Roberts and a feckless GOP, I think they are wrong. 

When your favorite bipartisan pol touts their backing of background checks you should get a quizzical look on your face and ask why, as they do nothing but get in the way of civil rights.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Well, that's good news at least

From a writer of The Federalist.

"The Riots and Protests Will Make Gun Ownership More Popular"

Sorta commonsensical.

First we said Bill Clinton was the world's best gun salesman.  Then Obama.  Then Hillary before she lost the election.  But I think George Soros and his inexorable push for more international socialism drives this whole thing.  Sounds like ancient anti-Semitic tropes, or a puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes, and that would be icky.  But Soros is a former Nazi type, and not so much a puppet master as a stubborn but focused donation machine that has the wrong idea about what is best for the world.

But there is no real face of gun sales now.  Antifa?  BLM?  Biden?  The Rona?  Naw.  No face.  Just events.  And schizo democrats.

Monday, June 29, 2020

More on Jeff, and Pistols

Obviously, he was biased on 1911s.  To knock the 1911 off it's perch as the best pistol platform in existence, the replacement would have to much superior to crack through his bias.  I believe he'd come around it one had, but that's an exceedingly high bar to clear, that never was cleared.

Putting aside the .45ACP part of the argument.

After caliber, he stressed the 'better trigger' on the 1911.  And sure, if you have trained on the 1911 and know the trigger, those can be really good triggers.  A thing of beauty for well done ones.  Nothing like a crisp SA.  Setting aside the change that a DA/SA trigger does when going from first to second...  Were triggers really so hugely bad in the 80s and 90s?

Because now?  They seem fine.  Not gritty or heavy.

Ok, ok, I remember the initial M&P triggers when those first came out.  2.0 are better.  1.0 wasn't HORRID.

"You need the extensive training in those crappy triggers to be any good with em.  Not like with the 1911, T-Bolt."

Wait a minute.  I don't think Jeff Cooper would recommend I throttle back training in any event.  He'd want my to train long with a good-trigger 1911.  With that much training on a striker fired 'bad-trigger' Glock I'd be pretty good with it, too.  And saved $2000 in start-up equipment.

And it's not like Cooper eschewed revolvers as long as he thought you had a stout enough cartridge in your cylinder.  He trained folks on those at Gunsite (cops often had no choice of pistol).  And a Model 19 might have a glorious single action trigger, but you train it with the DA.  A revolver trigger might not crunch, but would be on the heavy side in DA, unless you get ridiculous with the springs.  Cooper dealt with that trigger.  Why box the shooting world into a 1911, until something 'better' came along?

That said, I think I want to take the 1911 to the range next trip.  Plastic 9's are fine.  But so is my 1911.


[I've never fired a Bren Ten but would not be surprised in the least if someone reported it's trigger was AWEFUL.]

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Night

This day, 45 years ago

You know, he's right

AR's ARE much better right now.  

No wonder Jeff Cooper didn't like them.  He died only just the AWB went away.  And it was only the beginning of the Forever War, GWOT.  He hated the round and the platform was forced to be stagnant.

Of course there is going to be advancements in the platform.  Both making the cheap stuff better and cheaper, and making the nice stuff REALLY nice.  Depending on what kind of a discerning rifle customer you are.  Hooray!  Capitalism.

And don't get me started on cheap and reliable magazines...

Sorry, Colonel, the poodle shooter round is gonna stick around a while.  And any replacement that you'd approve of is probably not going to be what comes next.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

It's been weeks of this

My lack of interest in... well..  anything... the last several weeks is getting a bit alarming.  Scan social media, a youtube video or two, read before bed, commute to work and get 45 minutes of podcast that way, work, and...  that's it.

I don't feel bored, but any outside observer would fell crushing boredom bearing down.  Like a 50,000 ton press. 

I don't know how to snap it.  Virus precautions make mingling about difficult, so taking up something new is difficult.  Taking up and old hobby?  Can't be arsed. 

I force myself to amble about the neighborhood.  Work the walking muscles.  Don't wanna seize up.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Serious Rut

Forgot to go to the range yesterday.  That hurts my blog fodder.

Seriously in a rut.   Trying to avoid the sauce because the liver could use a break, and when I am in a rut I over indulge.  Like one does.

Historical tidbit I learned?  President Taft had an ambassador to Mexico named Wilson that was a serious mutton-head that added greatly to the misery of our neighbor to the south during their hard second decade of the 20th C. 

President Madero had ended the long period of stability, progressive development, but political tyranny, of the Porfirato, but treated his political enemies too nicely and his friends too shabbily.  That doomed his presidency.  But it too Wilson to get him killed by his usurper.  And his martyrdom kept the revolutionary ball rolling for a long time after. 

Way to go, Mr. Wilson.  One of the worst things to ever crawl out of Indiana.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

There is no full size Shield

I guess that makes sense.  Aiming for the carry market.

Well, I guess the S&W M&P EZ versions are about full size.  Almost 4" barrel.  Aiming for the sock drawer market.  And the older hands market.

All the 9mm Shields have a thumb or grip safety too.

I'd have to get a double stack to have a pistol with none of the extras on there.  Hmph.  Gonna have to think on this.

None of this thinking matters as this is not the time to be gun shopping if you wanna see a lotta models.

Good thing I am not in a hurry because all gun sales in my state are on hold.  Interesting way to bad guns if they keep it up.  And since SCOTUS signalled they won't do anything about it in court cases, lessee is the State takes that reticence as an invitation and a trigger for the background checking machine 'failure'.

Whatcha gon' do, SUE EM to get your right back?  Ha!  What you have is all you are going to have.  Well, legally.    

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Ok, we know Roberts specifically, and the Supreme Court in general, dislike a split circuit.

Except, where Roberts sits, when it comes to guns rights cases that have a decent chance of passing a majority, resolving the split in the good guys' favor and not as Roberts prefers. 

Let's assume that Roberts absolutely loaths gun rights.  Because that is probably a fact.

And he was instrumental in denying cert to 10 gun rights cases, where more than half of those resolved a split circuit problem one way or another. 

He wants to wait out Trump.  Maybe he'll be alright in less than a year, if Trump loses.  THe Chief Justice gets some breathing room and can continue he anti-gun shenanigans when the exhausted Ginsburg can retire and replaced with a Biden pick. 

But there is a chance Trump wins.  And Cocaine Mitch holds the Senate.  What does Roberts do then?  I don't think Ginsberg can hold out for five more, is Roberts hoping she can?  If Trump can name one or more FURTHER replacement, what does Roberts do?  Trump has already been disappointed by Gorsuch, so Roberts has much less of a chance of yet another stealth Liberal getting the nom.   Does Roberts break and just acquiesce do the little people retaining their rights despite his personal preference?

But yeah, SCOTUS can ignore a split circuit if it wants to.  Sure. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

This is my favorite painting

I have a trinity of American artists that I admire above all others. Though, John Singer Sargent is a close runner up.

Hopper, Homer, and Rockwell.

And is Norman Rockwell painting is my favorite of all.

Shuffleton's Barbershop

Note, there IS gun content...

Monday, June 22, 2020

Pulpy Men's Magazine Illustrations

Like it says on the tin.

Guns and cheesecake, but with disappointing sized images.  Just another method of serving me web ads.

I can't keep up, in my dotage, with all the various social media.  And I haven't put the effort in.  Because I don't need more.  But there are other sources of better pics.

But I don't have any sex fears, ma'am.  Or even anxieties.  Got over those long long ago.  Like many things it amounts to relaxing and going with it.  If you lack confidence fake it til you gain some.  But always be learning

Or are things different in Australia.  I figure the Sheila is from down under based on her adversary.  They looks like native Australians and are armed with boomerangs.  I hope you and your Brownings get out of the scrape you are in.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Angry Cat, seen on FB

Usually the orange cats are the friendlier ones.  I guess this one got pushed too far.

Old skool.  Not the M14/M1A.

I got bad news for ya.  The dudes that bought into the superiority of the Springfield M1A battle rifle over the poodle shooters (like me) are now too old to be crawling around in the woods.  Cooper's been dead 14 years.  A whole generation of soldiers have come up fighting wars that had only really just begun back then.  A few of them have their own .308.  With much better magazines.

That tomahawk isn't much good for anything besides hitting folks with.  Bound to be more utilitarian choices that would do that as well, and other things.

But I appreciate the kitty's spirit and earnestness.  Prolly hats commies as much as me.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Oh my...

I've always liked Hopper, and this is his teacher and those are his etchings.  If he had invited me up to his apartment to look at them he could have done anything he wanted with me.  They are quite wonderful

Martin Lewis.


It's been a bad year for Corporate Logos

First Land O' Lakes

Now Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat, and Uncle Bens.

That British MP is angry and lots of the Kellogg's cereal mascots for some reason.

You notice fast food joints, their mascots have red hair?  Ronald McDonald, Wendy, the Burger King.  I bet Harland Sanders had red hair before it went white.   What's you bet the Starbucks mermaid is as carrot-topped as Ariel.  Whatcha bet... 

Update:  And Eskimo pie this very morning.

Friday, June 19, 2020

It sold

The old 1980s Commander I had I on consignment that wasn't suitable to custom work?  KaChing.  Finally.  I put it in... Thanksgiving?

Now I have money.  Gun money.  What to get?

Well, been looking at black plastic striker fired service 9mm pistols.  Or maybe the slim version of same.  At least I can get magazines mailed to me in Maryland for the thin ones.   I have a double stack 9mm.  Meh, it's just money.

"But you sold a 1911, T-Bolt!  The nigh perfect piece of gun engineering!"

Yeah, I don't need factory 1911s now.  I have a salvaged frame (the .45 slide is awful) that I use with the Ciener conversion kit.  Expensive .22, that.  I have two I rebuilt or built myself, and I have another bare frame for 'someday.'  In my dotage, that is plenty of nigh perfects.

"What would you do with that one frame leftover?"

Dunno.  Maybe a Commander.  Maybe a 9mm 1911.   Maybe a .45 with a threaded barrel.


This another data for gun stores.  Inventory is sparse in Maryland.  Ones I've witnessed are at 1/3 merchandise capacity and would love to be able to get more but no more to be got.  So who is the gun salesman this time?  Dr. Fauci?  Corrupt cops?  Tattooed street Commies?  Blue state Democrats?

Thursday, June 18, 2020


With all the awful current events

This year, and the last few weeks in particular, my favorite escapist reading has been the hard boiled detective stories by the chronicler Howard of Warwick, writing in England in 1066 AD. 

I appreciate that it's far removed from plagues and wars and unrest and incompetent corrupt government officials...

Well, the plagues and wars and unrest and corruption of the 21st C.  Ugh, I need a break, and it is hard to avoid the stuff I need a break from. 

Anyhoo, picking up where I left off.  Our protaganist, Brother Hermitage, just bid adieu to the King of England, who has to rush south and take care of some bidness.  He'll be back in a trice with more instructions for his newly promoted Royal Investigator, I am sure!


Yeah, I am liking this series much better than the disjointed and poorly paced Tuesday Next, which I think is suffering from being a first novel.  It didn't start very strong, #1 in this series.  Maybe Fforde gets better, but I am digging the Death series much more.  Thanks all, just the same for recommending one or the other.


And I am amazed how much detective fiction I run into lately without really trying.  It's not even my jam.  Well, not purposely.  I have had a kindle for years and years and from the beginning have sorted it into genres that fit on the 'home' page of my paperwhite.  They are, with titles stored inside:

  1. Adventure & Crime (84 items... only?  Huh.)
  2. Africa & Hunting (24 items)
  3. Asia (23)
  4. Fantasy & Future (224 items, because I have everything Heinlein wrote, and have read like 5% of those.  Honor Harrington would be here.  So would The Hobbit)
  5. History & Politics (29)
  6. Sea Tales & Techincal  (55)
  7. Western (26)
  8. World Wars & Spies (53)
  9. Reference (22)
And 11 pages unsorted after that.  Where do I put Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?  Western, maybe.  Recession Proof your Pantry?  Reference

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Drawing Room Detectives

And others.

You know the names of Sherlock Holmes and Sam Spade and Phillip Marlow.  Perry Mason.  Hercule Poirot, and Nero Wolfe.  Charlie Chan
I've been expanding to lesser known detectives.  And not necessarily the two-fisted kind.  (Though rough and tumble detective stories are its own thing.) 

Have you head of Lord Peter Wimsey?  Loads of fun for Anglophile.  Nick CarterBulldog Drummond?  The Thinking Machine?  Mike Hammer.

I am trying to get a sampling of them all.  Writing styles and qualities vary, of course.  But there is something to enjoy in all of them, too.  So I am enjoying myself.

The latest I am interest in is Philo Vance.  Definitely the drawing room kind of detective.  Too smart by half.  Just TELL the DA what you are thinking, man.  Stop drawing it out.  Anyway, he is a Swell, a bit of a Toff, and maybe a Poof.  To use the old vernacular.  And the first book takes place in the summer of 1929.  Careful, idle-rich Philo.   Bad news is coming that fall.  He relies on deduction and psychology to get to the heart of murder mysteries, but phrenology also makes and appearance.

Philo Vance might have been the last straw for Dashiell Hammett and what pushed him to make Sam Spade, growing weary of the Drawing Room detective mystery by people that were never detectives.

Another thing I learned.  A green carnation, in the 1920s, was an outward subtle signal for a man to indicate he preferred the company of other men.

Anyway, gun content in The Benson Murder Case.  Written in 1926, but set in 1929.  Philo solves parts of it with spurious ballistics analysis.  The murder weapon is a 1911.  But a pearl handles topbreak .38 makes an appearance, unfired.  WWI looms large, and it is assumed many veterans can kill pretty effectively without becoming emotionally over-wrought about it, inured by the witnessed battlefield horrors.    

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Clarence Thomas

I wish there were nine of him

I thought this time

That at least ONE of the gun cases wouldn't be ignored.   I am very disillusions.  Even to think that Thomas and Kavanaugh, if justices MORE conservative replaced Sotomoyor and Ginsberg and Roberts, that Thomas and Kavanaugh would step up and be the 'lib justice' that deny cert.  I feel that jaded today.

No relief in the legislature

No relief in the courts

No relief in the executive

I'm beginning to feel the whisper of a hint of concern.

Ironic at a time when 2020 made everyone else besides the legislature, the courts, and executive anti gun-control.

Elmer Fudd losing his hunting irons.  It would be so ironic is THAT was the high water mark of gun control.

This meme is incorrect.

You need guns.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Well, F---

Thanks for Roberts, W.

Went to a gunstore

A small one in Fredericksburg VA. They had a Tippmann Gatling gun that 9mm Glock mags. Neat!

If I were thinking on making one I'd have drifted toward a rimmed cartridge like a .38 Special, but I lack imagination.  Tippmann has apparently figured it out.

While there on a Saturday, this tiny gunshop had a lotta traffic, but no noticeable dent in his stock for sale.  But I had never been there before.  Maybe he normally has bigger displays up.  Or piles of ammo for sale.  And I have no 'before' picture in my head to compare it too.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

You folks that use Revolver Shotguns

Like the Taurus Judge.

Have you ever patterned it by shooting it at a big piece of butcher paper 30 feet away?

I assume you'd never shoot at something further away.  It IS a self defense firearm.  You aren't looking to shoot at sumthin' further.

What did the pattern look like?  A big ring? 

I am curious because I have never done this.

Does the rifling in that pistol length barrel cause the pattern to ring, with few pellet in the center, but plenty in the periphery?

If it does ring like that, is that acceptable?

Saturday, June 13, 2020


When reading, back in the old days, when I came across a word I was unfamiliar with the meaning of I'd look it up in the dictionary.  In school there were dictionaries everywhere.  And there were a couple at home.  I know other people that would underline and mark the page of the hard words and come back later.

And not just hard works.  I vaguely knew what a Davenport, Settee, Divan, and Morris Chair were, but it was nice to nail that down in my head, specifically.

Now?  I don't have to.  Highlight a word in Kindle or iPad or web browser and the onboard or online distionary pops right up.  One of the nicer things about living in the future.

The only problem?  The French and Latin the educated inter-war Swells like to bandy about when they are acting snooty.  Kindle don't do those.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Law Abiding Citizen

This is the most unrealistic scene in the whole movie.

Wait... there are plenty of unrealistic scenes in this movie to rival that.


What motivation does the CIA guy have to talk to these city/state government reps?  Plus Shelton/Butler character is ungodly smart, and the spy knows this better than anyone.  There is a decent chance even with good precautions he'd be caught.  Great, now another person on the hit list.  Him!

A career of positive reinforcement about the personal value of not spilling the beans, why choose now to spill the beans?

Good movie exposition, but it beggars belief. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Range Monday

I noticed I was shooting low after the first magazine. 

I use silhouettes where I CAN'T see the hole to remove the temptation of looking over my sights for my hits.  But I see em when I bring the trolley back.  I adjust and the holes near the yellow spot on the face were my 5 round mag improvement.

The next 3 mags were the center mass shots.

There is always at least ONE flyer where I screw up. 

8 yards, commodity plastic striker fired 9mm rental service pistol.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I've been saying this for a while

A lot of cops can be shitbird bullies unfit to wear the badge, and it doesn't matter what skin color their victim has.

But whenever it comes up I often get dragged by cop-fans.  Not the kinda dragging the rioters do.  Polite comment disagreement.

Solution, for me, all this time has been to hamstring the public sector unions.  They wield too much power.  But that solution is, like most, too simple, direct, plausible  - and wrong.  Well, wrong-ish. Good ol' Mencken.  Can always count on the sage of Baltimore until he got too old and bitter in the 30s.

Anyway.  Yes, the union and big blue wall is a bad thing, and qualified immunity they back to the hilt is easily abused too.  But take them things away you get new problems.  If you kill off the public union then public/politic management has to have the cops' backs.  SOMEBODY has to back stop them, or they'll get eaten alive.  And I'd not trust a politician to do that.  The only thing worse than a crooked cop is any politician that thinks you stand in his way at the ballot box.  And they'll throw bad cops and good cops and victimized constituency over the transom in a trice if they threaten the pols phoney-baloney job. 

So, my distaste for abusive cops is tempered by my greater distaste for the political class above them. What's that... a dirty cop is still acting like a good guy 80% of the time? Maybe. I dunno. But a good pol is only good, what? 50%? Servants indeed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Plus, they are bad for zombies

Shotguns.  No bueno.  In many people's heads the be-all end all of home defense.  Both folks that believe all the myths, and folks that no.  This is the counter argument.

Ok, discounting the people that don't know anything about shooting.  Shotguns are sub-optimal even for people that are intermediate shooters.  And the article goes into that.

But shotguns are what n00b people in Maryland are buying the most of, in the panic, if they can get their hands on one.  Because of myths, because of the laws, it is now the go to home defense iron

10+ years ago?  They were buying revolvers for nightstand guns.  Or something cheap like a Hi-Point.  So amateurs are going to get less than ideal shooting irons no matter what laws are in place.

So what SHOULD they get to protect hearth and home?  Well, training, of course.  But I can wish in one hand and poop in the other and come to think of it I am slacking on more training my ownself

I don't like shotguns, myself, but I have less training and practice with them compared to an AR or, especially now, a pistol.  If I could go back to when I was shotgun-less and advise myself what to get, I'd tell me to learn how chokes work and get a couple doubles.  For simplicity.  Because you aren't gonna shoot em much.

But say I had the training, and manual of arms was second nature with a proper 'tactical' style shotgun.  The comparison of positives (raw power) and negatives (long, bulky, clumsy indoors, low capacity) still makes me eschew the platform.  But that's just my opinion.  Right now.  Jeez, but, I know I can change my opinion over time.  I learned to like how Glocks work for me, after all.

Monday, June 8, 2020

I Loved Larry's Post

And plenty of others have linked it and commented.

They, the 20-something prog wienies, think the cops and Guard are oppressing citizens right now in the response.  They are being every so gentle, actually, comparatively.  What's the body count up to?  Single digits?  Tell me when the stormtroopers have shot 100 rioters, then we'll start bandying about words like "Oppression."  Tell me when some riot ringleaders have committed "suicide" by jumping off of tall buildings.

You know.  Russia/China type stuff.

You want gun owners to come downtown and help you?  How?  By shooting you, or shooting cops?  Gun owners that want to do that, right now?  Eager to join in, killing folks downtown, Blue, Red, Black or whatever?  I don't trust them any further than I can throw them.  Like Larry, I cannot see ANY possible future outcome that is positive if that happens in this particular goat rope.  Maybe it's calming down now.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Mainstream Media Won't Show You This

I don't think about Metrocons much anymore

Urban conservatives that are conservative about everything except.

All the latest events the last few years have shown that they aren't just anti-gun.  They are anti-conservative.  A shame really.  Influential thought leaders that were never really in agreement with me on much of anything.

Oh sure, there are still on or two over at National Review that are in tune with my political sensibilities.  But you gotta turn elsewhere.

It makes one cynical.

That's the thing about Trump.  We all know he isn't REALLY conservative.  But he's been getting stuff done of the relatively correct bent.  Cleaning the Augean Stables a bit.  I mean if W did a quarter of his de-reg jag we'd be a lot better off today.  But W wasn't so much a conservative either, was he?

I just wish Trump was more pro-gun.  Or had more pro-gun action, at least. 

Anyway, there are few metrocons now.  Real one.  But I do worry about James Lileks in Southwest Minneapolis.  He's a little guy, and I bet he has no firearms to home, and HE is good people.

And his town is F-ed, and unlead.

Saturday, June 6, 2020



Dismantle the Po-po!  That will will bring nigh utopia, according to Ellison

He doesn't realize what the police do to protect him.   HIM personally.

Notice the riot cops aren't going all Kent State on the rioters?  If you didn't have the riot cops there wouldn't be anyone protecting the rioters

Yes, cops are protecting the rioters.

But, you know, maybe Jeremiah wants escalating warfare in the streets.  His proposal is knocking a leg out from the rule of law.  Just like if you took the president out of the federal three branch system.  You'd regret that pretty quick.

 So mob rule comes next.  And mob rule goes both ways.  Vigilante mobs will rear their heads along with the run of the mill barabarian mobs we are seeing right now.  But Leftists do have a problem thinking beyond the next stage. I don't want either kind of mob.  I've always wanted reform.


But Marx will tell you that Reform is the enemy of Revolution.  (or was that Pliny the Elder?)  And 'they' want Revolution, not Reform.  But Reform:

There are plenty of police reforms that could be enacted from a libertarian perspective that would improve matters. Qualified immunity reform is libertarian. Holding police accountable for misbehavior is libertarian. Reducing the power of police unions is libertarian. Getting rid of overtime and pension abuse is libertarian. Banning no-knock raids is libertarian. Reducing bloated police department bureaucracies is libertarian.

Leftists oppose and Libertarians flail, so we probably won't be lucky enough to get adequate reforms.

"What about the GOP, T-Bolt?"

They're the 'heavy.'  You knew that. 


Friday, June 5, 2020

Gun store

So, the range is also a gunstore.

And it is in Maryland, so getting something like a heavy barrel hunting-AR or a pistol requires extra hoops, cuz you need a license to purchase.  New gun buyers find that hill ahead of them, slowing down their purchase schedule. 

"So what can I get sooner than a month from now, since I am a first time buyer?"

Well, shotguns and bolt action rifles.

When the WuFlu Lockdown started 2 months ago, our gunstores in the state were open and essential.  And lots of them disconnected their phones because every 10 seconds they said "Sorry, we have no more shotguns for sale at this time."  Land office bidness

Re-supply for the disease panic hadn't really happened before this second Riot and the Cop Ain't Comin to Help Panic started up.  Land office times two?  The counter is going to burst into flames from all the friction.

So, boomstick inventory was noticeably sparser than EVER was what I witnessed at the range.  I mean more than any other panic.  There were some pistols because of the speed bumps, but not as many as usual.  The wall of Fudd long guns was done.   Couple HBARs was it.  Again, speed bump to take one of them home.  

Ok, NOW pass laws restricting guns on these new gun owners further.  That'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

Thursday, June 4, 2020


Throughout my life I've seen plenty of deer.

Probably an equal number alive as dead.  Struck by cars, of course, them dead one.  And most of the live ones I have seen while I was also sitting in a car.  Not all.  Call it 40% road kill, 40% alive but I I spied em through car glass.  The other 20% in parks and hikes and hunting and whatnot.  Out walking around.

That's probably pretty typical.  We moderns cover a lot of ground in our cars.  Hard to spot deer sitting in a cubicle at an office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

With the hundreds of deer I have seen in my life, I rarely see deer with antlers.  I think older bucks are more wily, except when they are horny.  And of the antlers I have spotted, none are truly spectacular racks.  Either big racks are rare, or deer able to grow em are smart and reticent of roads or a combination of both.  I see a lot more does with yearlings

But yesterday morning was the first time I saw a buck with antlers that had velvet on the antlers.  It was standing on the shoulder of an off ramp and though better of crossing the road so ducked back.  He was maybe a two year old?  Three?  The antlers got a few inches past maximum ear length.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


The Southern Poverty Law Center?  They went from noble civil rights group, to hustlers, to pure Lefty Pinkos.  And since these riots are sparked by racial issues and promulgated by commies they, of course, are gonna blame White Supremacists for instigating and provoking all the riots.  All them white folks handing out bricks, they'll say Aryan Nation types.  I am sure.


They didn't?

They aren't blaming them?  The opposite.

Well, no shit.

Just when you think you know something about someone...

(you already knew they weren't them icky racist groups.  none of the various flavors EVER go around in skinny jeans.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Wait for the police

They'll be there any second now.  Any second.

But don't take the law into your OWN HANDS!

(On an totally unrelated note, do you want a wake before your funeral, or something exclusive to just family and solemn and low key?)


Some recoil therapy.  My range opened up.  They are keeping it to half capacity and please wear a mask.  Commodity plastic stiker fired 9mm.  8 yards at first.

  1. Not bad for a first magazine after MONTHS.  
  2. I was rushing on purpose  The lower right is an experiment to GRIP---trigger.  But I gave up when it gave me low and right and went to a more relaxed grip I was training with for years.  I'll give that some more attention and more rounds, just not now.
  3. Getting tired, getting sloppy.  Too many rounds were MakeGunGoNOW trigger pulls instead of good ones, but I was pleased to get ANY good shots at all.  Some bad shots were called, some not.  I need to sharpen that skill with practice, too.
  4. I pushed the target trolley out to 50 feet.  Only that one REALLY bad flyer.  I can't see that far so was pleased about this one too.  Considering.
Just glad to do something.  It had been too long.  Blow the cobwebs from the rafters.

Monday, June 1, 2020

I was told it was White Nationalists?

Follow the Money

I wonder who funds Antifa types?

I wonder if the FBI will redouble their efforts about them, now?  Seems that would be a good use of DOJ resources.  I always assume that if a buncha Klan yahoos get together, all 14 of em, that at least half of them work for the Feds in one capacity or another.  From occasional CI snitch on up.  But the FBI has been working on the Kluxers since the 1920s without much let up.

They took their foot off the gas pedal with the Reds a bit, evidence suggests.  The worry is over-reaction.  Which always happens.  But how much?

After all, The FBI do play dirty though, don't they?  Unleash them and they you have to deal with the overreach later.  And we are still dealing the overreach from 10 years ago now.

The news media tried to convince me all weekend that is was Russia and MAGAs funding and organizing and provoking all the riots.  But they've lied a lot to me lately, and some of them are in Antifa, based on their past actions, so I take stuff they with a grain of salt.  Bout this size:

Sunday, May 31, 2020

This might be controversial

They are calling these the George Floyd riots.  Well, they aren't anymore.  They aren't about Floyd anymore.   That's the controversial bit.  Let me explain my thinking.

Oh, his murder was the spark, and HUGE spark it was, but the conflagration is beyond that now.  The Floyd protests have been co-opted.  It's grown beyond the righteous Floyd protesters.

You can still see glimpses of the Floyd protests.  Floyd protesters guarding stores, guarding cops from a mob that got separated from their platoon, thing like that, but that greater mob outnumbers Floyd protesters.

Factions of the greater mob has exploited the spark for their own ends. Sure.

What got us here?  Gov't overreach.  Tyranny.  Yes, racial injustice is part of it, but tyranny is still at the base.  Floyd was killed by a cop, and instrument of government.  The folks that tell us what to do and when to do it.  That lady, Breonna Taylor, in Louisville that was gunned down in a no-knock that went to the wrong house and she tried to defend herself from home invaders?  Government sent those people.  The Ahmaud Aubrey case in Georgia, where an ex-cop and his buddies were righteous taking the law into their own hands about a suspected burglar?  They were cloaking themselves in the garments of government law enforcement when they confronted a man.  All the localities determining what you can and can't do during WuFlu lockdown?  Government telling folks what to do in the minutest and most annoying detail, disrupting lives and livings and a lifetime of work for millions.  All the Karen scolds ordering strangers about when they don't wear a mask right or are five and a half feet away instead of 6?  And calling the cops about the same, or acting like the rules apply to others and not themselves, or threaten a black man that she'll tell the cops "a black man is threatening me!"?  Another form of tyranny.

Lots of these have HUGE racial elements, yes, but the Telling Others What To Do and wielding government like a clumsy cudgel has been causing the pressure to build, in ALL communities.  And without that pressure, by letting people live their lives as best they can with the best information that can be provided them, well, that pressure doesn't get tamped down til it reaches a burst point.  It did get tamped down.  It did burst.

People, especially Americans, don't like tyranny.  They like the security and safety of order, yes, but go too far and you get this.  Especially when you mix in true injustice and arbitrary enforcement, and rule by man instead of rule of hopefully-impartial but at least plainly-stated law.   

Pallet in Dallas

Was it brickbat from this pallet what they used to beat that man/store-owner, in the street Reginald Denny style?

Well, let's see what's in the news this AM

...from overnight.

Oh dear.

What's Open Here

What's open and how wide in the Free State?

First, what can't be shut down?  The juice to your house.  If you don't pay the power bill, you keep your lights til at least July 1.  No late fees either.  Same with water, gas, phone, and cable.

Brewpubs and wineries and restaurants, outdoor seating only, distance customers, paper one-use or sanitized menus.

Outdoor youth sports can come back some.  As can a few other outdoor activities.  Keep your distance, and no one from Jersey!.  Pools can open at 25% cap.

My County, modified operations WITH guidelines:

  1. Retail: Curbside only.
  2. Restaurants and bars: Outdoor seating (delivery and curbside pick-up continues).
  3. Childcare: Open for dependents of essential employees and Phase 1 reopening employees.
  4. Personal services: Hair salons and barber shops for hair only. By appointment.
  5. Houses of worship: Virtual or drive-in services or outdoor gatherings of 10 or fewer participants.
  6. Manufacturing: Fully reopen but with precautions.
  7. Car washes: Exterior service only.
  8. Outdoor produce pickings: Pick-your-own operations.
  9. Outdoor day camps: Following Maryland Department of Health guidelines.
  10. Outdoor youth sports: Following Maryland Department of Health guidelines.

2400 dead from it in Maryland, half of those are nursing home residents.

Plenty of testing capacity.   The graph that tracks the percent positive versus testing rate is absolutely useless.  It tells us nothing.  It LOOKS like a positive development as the 'trend' is down, but is it only looking like that because they aren't just testing the obviously afflicted because test quantity is short and priotitized?

The 'experts not knowing' was sort of expected with a novel new strain.  But my expectation for timely and useful data sharing was overly optimistic.  The only relatively useful chart is the confirmed death bar graph, but the bars change almost before you eyes with constant behind the scene correction, impacting my faith in the veracity again.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

But yeah, this is madness indeed


Makes you wonder.  Did someone put a pallet of bricks there?  Who, someone?  I can see at least two different and opposing sides seeing the utility of that.  Opposing, but with a common desire to see brickbats thrown.  Huh. 

Or it's staged. 

Or... could be a coincidence.


We are allowed to eat at outdoor seating in restaurants, now, in my state.  The one restaurant with good shady outdoor seating near me closed permanently.   The timing is poor because if it isn't raining in Maryland in the evening it is 90 degrees and humid.  I am hoping the re-open momentum is irresistible now.

Layoffs at work.  While my section is busy making money for the company 24/7, lots of other parts of this very large corporation have been shuttered, and they need to save money, and to do that they need to dip everywhere.  It's the story everywhere right now, I am sure.

Well, except local governments and public universities.  While they COULD have laid off the more sinecure-ish positions, they didn't, and are going on the tried and true business model of begging for a bailout.  I hope they fail.  If they DO fail they still won't can the sinecures.  Regulator rules arbiters and diversity enforcement specialists will keep their jobs, but firemen and school teachers will lose out. Just my guess.

You could fire 50% of the non teach admin types randomly at any university and have no impact on the quality of education and research.  That's been my position for a long time.  And it's win win for everyone.  Even the laid off admin types.  Cuz some of them will change careers to something less... parasitic?