Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pulp Fiction Powder Rooms

Have you noticed there are a lot of bathrooms in that movie?

Marvin's friend bursts out of a bathroom and shoots at Vincent and Jules with a hand cannon to no effect.

Uma powders her nose in the ladies' at Jack Rabbit Slims.

Vincent talks himself out off porking the boss' wife in the Wallaces guest bathroom.

Vincent comes out of the restroom of the coffee shop to find Honey Bunny standing on a table point a gun at Jules.

Butch showers in the motel chatting with Fabienne.

Vincent comes out of the bathroom in Butch's apartment to find him standing there in the Kitchenette.


MSgt B said...

What book was Vincent reading when he was in the bathroom at Butch's place?

I've tried a few times to catch the title, but it goes by so fast in the scene.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

A Modesty Blaise novel

abnormalist said...

The trick for Vincent is everytime he goes to the bathroom in that movie something bad happens

1. Mia Wallace ODs
2. He gets gunned down by butch
3. he comes back to yolanda and (whats his name) robbing the diner.

He needed to stop going to take a dump.