Friday, May 2, 2014

gun vault

I saw this new gun vault at the GunVault booth at the NRAcon.  Well, new to me.  First I'd seen it.  They call it the AR Safe.  It can hold 2 longish guns and a pistol on the shelf.

It's only 9 inches across the front.  A good size for what I want.

You see, my current safe is a bit over full.  It's also in the armory section of my backyard fallout-shelter/bunker.  If I get the AR Safe, I could put it somewhere obvious, let the burglar take that, and he won't nose around looking for the secret tunnel to the Bolt-Bunker.  Que?   I'd put easily replaceable stuff in there, clearly.  Prices start at $500.


joethefatman said...

Starting at $500? Gander Mountain has a 3 gun safe for $300 if all you want is a semi-secure decoy.

Ratus said...

$500+? $300? For a decoy "safe"?

Spend $100 on a stack-on, call it good.

Remember, its not a safe if it doesn't have a TL-number of minutes or Class rating its a RSC.

Also look on youtube on how easy it is to bypass those electronic "locks"