Wednesday, April 15, 2015

That did it.

I fixed it.  The original grip safety had more meat on the little tab and works safely.

The barrel is no good.  And the slide is munged up by the barrel hood.  And the sear no longer meets my standards.  It's fine.  Shoots ok.  It's not unsafe.  But longterm I expect I might swap out the barrel and slide when I learn how. 

I am trying to convince the boss to have a sear-hammer class.  JUST sear and hammer.

"Why did you dump the original grip safety in the first place, T-Bolt."

I've explained before, I think.  I like the smooth grip safeties.  Not ones with a bump back there.  I never have an issue with my grip not depressing the grip; the extra bump is just uncomfortable for me.

Ooo, another word on grip safeties.  Springfield uses a different radius than other gun makers.  A .220 radius rather than the .250 radius.  Pain.  See, here.  My favored style is on the left.

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Unknown said...

A machined or investment cast grip safety would have enough metal that you could file or grind off the bump that offends you. Some MIM grip safeties are hollowed out in that area.

There is a good reason why Springfield doesn't use a 0.250" radius grip safety. For the longest time, the upper surface of the Springfield's frame tang would not blend cleanly into an Ed Brown, Smith & Alexander, or any other 0.250" grip safety. Shops like EGW even offered a weld-up service to fill in the gap at the top of the tang. Smith & Alexander saw a potential market, and filled it with their 0.220" radius grip safety.