Thursday, November 30, 2017

I am pleased

That it got this far.  HR 38


50 state CCW reciprocity?  Yes please.

My favorite part is the love to me, personally:

"In particular, it would allow residents of repressive states to get non-resident permits and thereby circumvent local anti-gun officials. "


Now this like step 3 in a process with 22 steps.  My hopes aren't that high for quick success.  Or success with this run at the prize.  But I never thought I'd see something this good get this far.

Look for the Speaker to squash it or it to pass the house then languish in committee in the Senate or it requiring extra votes past 52 to overcome a filibuster there or some squish like an Arizona short timer might show his true colors and vote it down to spite us stinking lowlife common voters. 

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