Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bupkis Tuesday

Odds and Sods.

Could use some rain.  Get rid of this salt.  But not if it is just gonna snow again and they'll have to put down more road treatment.

I hate my job.  Well, I don't really HATE it, per se.   It's just a bit more stressful lately.  And that's no fun.  And they've been stingy with the raises the last few cycles.  The way to get ahead as a contractor is to switch companies to another contract.  Get 25% raise that way.  Then, 6 months later, switch back.  Another 25%.  Seen that happen.  A lot. 

Found my boolets.  Looking all over that speed strip.  They went through the washing machine, but not the dryer.  Now I don't trust em, tho they are prolly 100% fine.  It's snubbie food, so Speer short barrel stuff.  Like this:

"That's less than optimal T-Bolt.  Maybe use something else?"

Look at all the rest of the data for 2" revolvers?  None cover themselves with glory.  If I want better performance then I should carry a more bigger gat.  Even then... the ones that expand the best don't penetrate so good.  In .38.  You get the penetration and expansion without juicing up the speed with something like Federal HST .45.  For example.  Any gel blocks wearing a Canadian Tuxedo that try to stick you up won't stand a chance unless you miss.  It means a BIGGER bigger gat, no?  Yes.

Hey have you noticed ammo prices coming down?  And guns are on sale a lot lately.  Budget .22 is down to a nickel a round.  Nice.

On the shutdown?  The gov't didn't F--- me, my company F---ed me.  And that kinda makes me sad.  I hope that sadness doesn't chip away at my immune system.  But if it does, luckily, I have 600 hours of sick time accrued.  


Timmeehh said...

Are you familiar with this blog?

He had good results with Remington Express 38 Special +P 158 Grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter HP.


List of tests here :


JayNola said...

You're a contractor? You got f-ed by your office? Looks like it's time to hie unto LinkedIn. Direct message a couple recruiters and you'll be set in weeks if not days.