Thursday, December 24, 2015

Citation Needed

Another Liberal agonizes, has lost faith in gov't, and then taken the responsible course and bought himself a handgun.  (Responsible so far.  I recommend follow up.  Training, practice, familiarity with self defense laws, and going over scenarions.)

But part of the article has this:

"I’ve never fired a handgun. And I hope to God I never fire mine in anger. The men and women we pay to carry guns and protect us rarely do it, and those that do often miss, or accidentally shoot their colleagues or innocent bystanders during the confusion of a gunbattle."

Now I criticize the police often enough.  And one of those critcism is of the poor marksmanship of a subset of officers.  Which I do from the safety of my living room while they are conducting themselves in an adrenaline flooded gun fight...  But "often shoot colleagues and bystanders"?  How true is that, really?

There is a lot of projection about this from the left.  How CCW people will shoot up more innocent folks than bad guys.  Oh?  When has that happened?  Lots of people get aired out by CCW holders.  It'd make the news if it was innocent folks even a small number of times.

And then there is this:  "If there was some CCW holder in that Aurora Colorado theater than shot back at the murderous madman it would have only have made things WORSE!"  How?  He murdered 12 people.  How could shooting back at him have made it worse?

[Update:  well sonofa... here is a rare example that just happened]


B said...

not a legal CCW though.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

True. Sound like more of a business conflict resolution. My guess is everyone was in the same trade. Pharmacologically oriented.