Monday, December 28, 2015

What if

Let's say I keep building 1911s.  Overbuilding, rather.

Eventually I'll have a pile of very expensive pistols that it is not really super kosher to sell.  I'm not a FFA manufacturer.  Or an FFA store, even.

There is probably some legal landmines I'd have to side step.

And who would buy them?  Because who am I?  Just some dumb amateur with no liability insurance for making firearms.

And if I did find some fool to buy them, I'd never get my money out of it from the parts alone, much less my labor. 

I fully intend to only have perfectly working models.  Safe.  And held to a higher standard than any factory gun, but...  There is still that sticky legal wicket. 

I will die some day, regardless.  Then this will be someone else's problem.

But somebody is gonna get value for their dollar, I suspect, then. 

Gonna have to ask the gunsmith for a thumbnail sketch on the legal wrangling involved.

Not that there is any danger of me selling anything anytime soon.  This is pure conjecture for the distant future. 


Sigman said...

Think on it this way: Once upon a time no one had heard of Jim Clark or Bill Wilson either.

BC said...

I believe the ATF says you need an FFL if you are either:
-Selling firearms as a business for profit (see also IRS regs on Hobby vs Business)
-Gunsmithing more than 50 firearms per year

I'm not a lawyer, and this advice is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Good luck!

Ratus said...

You filled out a 4473 for each frame? You didn't mill them from 80%?

Then they are just regular firearms.

Ratus said...

Also not a lawyer.