Thursday, January 21, 2016

Giddy Fun

I really REALLY love this 1911 build class.  Even when I screw up.  Even when it's an expensive screw up.  Even with the not inconsiderable cost in money.  Even with the stress of tring NOT to screw up and cause something very expensive.  In 5 years I am not going to remember the stess and mistakes and money spent.  At the end I am going to have, at minimum, a better than average custom pistol.  With luck, MUCH better than average.   

The time spent is very fun.  I could do this every year, if Sam will let me.  I am really quite thrilled.  Giddy even.  Giddy to learn.

I am still an ignorant knucklehead when it comes to this 'build a pistol' process.  How to file that one little section of the thumb safety so it will work?  Yeah, I don't know when to do that.  I vaguely am aware of the theory and how it works in the scheme of things.  That is just one example. 

But I know I CAN figure it out, in time, and with practice. 
I could probably never get to anything close to competence without the safety net of a real gunsmith on my shoulder.    

And if I do 100 of these I might be good enough to strike out on my own.  So....  100 years?  Maybe Sam will up his classes and do 2 a year, in which case I might be able to do this in my retirement when I am 95.

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