Saturday, November 21, 2020

Nation's Fun Show

No big gun show today in Chantilly Virginia.  The leftist AG got it throttled down to 250 attendees, effectively choking it to death.  

Excuse: Covid.  

You don't need guns right now, sez he.  

If the Covid vaccine comes out next week and works great, I wonder what excuse he will try to use next time becuase you don't need guns right now?

My state and county are much more liberal than Virginia was or is, and we used to have a decent gun show at the fair grounds here.  But guns are icky so they got that cancelled 30 years ago.  Just not welcome anymore by the powers that be, so... their will prevailed.  

How long before we have to go to West Virginia to attend a decent gun show?  

1 comment:

riverrider said...

not long. they managed to bring down the only brave soul to bring a new gun show to town. mark herring, the attorney general is pushing for a run at gov. he'll be on the hanging list, right behind the govna.