Friday, May 10, 2013

Krep onna Crackah!

Price per round of 9mm versus 7.62x51 is approaching parity.  Holeee...  They both seem to be about a buck a round.

"You should get an M&P 9, T-Bolt.  All the cool kids are, and the ammo is so much cheaper to practice with."

Dodged a proverbial bullet, there.

Now I am regretting buying .22 firearms in the past.


Bubblehead Les. said...

It's High up here on the NorthCoast also. My Circle of Friends are now trying to Scrounge Reloading Supplies, which are also Rare and Expensive. But our Rule of Thumb is now "If you see it and can afford it, Buy It NOW!"

dehakal said...

Friend at work insisted his local range and death dealer had good prices on .22 Went over at lunch, picked up a can of 250 .44M reloads for $135. They Fiochi .22LR at $79 a brick, not what I would call decent price.
9mm was going around $300 for a case of 1000 115 FMJ factory reloads.