Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NPR and their ilk

Heard a story on NPR on the SEAL sniper Chris Kyle that was murdered back in February.

Have you notice that they, and other liberals, LOVE to wallow in PTSD.  They turn their empathy up to condescending levels.   It's when a miltary person becomes 'good' to them.  When they are back from the wars and probably suffering (leftists always assume universal shell shock and conflate its effects) and there is no chance they would go back to their warrior ways. 

They almost seem gleeful in these stories, "PTSD case goes tragic."

When a conservative statesman dies, the left LOVES that guy.  "Why can't the Republicans we have to deal with now be more like him?"  But the vitriol directed at the passed politician is as bad or worse than the bile they spew at serving politicians.  Same goes for military folks.  The only good warrior is a discharged with PTSD one, to them. 

Am I reading too much into this?


Another observation.

When times are good, they cling onto any bad economic news as the final trip wire to Hoovervilles and soup lines and general strikes.  Like they are looking forward to economic calamity, as long as they can blame it on a Republican.  It's Great Depression porn.  When times are good, the GOP seems to want to keep them good.  When the economy goes sour they don't want it STAY there.  They want to return to the Gilded Age as quickly as possible.  It's like the Left can only root against America.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

The Liberal Scum have always hated the Military. Today's Vet suffering from PTSD is Yesterday's 'Nam Vet, who well all KNOW will go Travis Bickel at the drop of a Hat.

But then, it was Nixon's Fault, and today it is Bush's Fault.

But it's NEVER been the Hippies Fault for saying that they are ALL Baby-Raping Nun-Killing War Criminals who need to be put down like the Mad Dogs that they are.

Screw them. And their Horses.