Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dispelling the Myth

One shooter at a time.

So, I was at the range with a buddy and his mom.  I mentioned that previously.   Serendipitously, we were able to hit the pistol range.  Also serendipitously, I had my snubbie.

Buddy's Mom and known conventional wisdom in my group were under the impression that the J-Frame was the perfect pistol for ladies.  I opined it would be the last on my list of recommendations from a brand new shooter of either sex.  But proof was in the pudding.  Buddy and Buddy's Mom shot it and sorta understood, then...  And the fact they liked the heavier 1911 and shot it better also helped convince that maybe the J-Frame lil revolver might not be a first choice.

Yay!  T-bolt did good.

I recommended, if they LIKED the revolver, to maybe think about something like more 'regular size'.  Since this was to be a home defense weapon at any rate. 


Bob said...

Ruger seemed to get a clue about lightweight snub revolvers, and started offering their LCR is a .22LR version. Maybe sometime in the future Smith & Wesson will do the same. Myself, I don't see why they can't chamber the Airweights in .32 Long or even .32 Short for their Ladysmith revolvers. Then the typical gun store advice would be more rational, and would give a couple of fine old cartridges new life.

Old NFO said...

Well done Sir! You probably saved them a bunch of money and frustration!

Geodkyt said...

Yeah, good job. I don't believe I've ever met anyone who (after trying a decent selection) thought a J-frame snubbie was better than all other mid size revolvers or pistols. (Now, I like me some J-frame .38's, don't get me wrong. But since I also like shooting .44 Mags and "monster mags" like .460 S&W, so "recoil sensitive" isn't a good self-description. ;) )

If I recommend a revolver for someone to check out, my starting point is a K-frame with a 3"-4" barrel, not a bloody J-frame 2". Or a Ruger mid size gun (even better for the recoil sensitive who isn't planning on carrying it a lot -- all that Ruger steel overengineering soaks up recoil nicely!)