Wednesday, November 13, 2013


When I was a kid, pre-1986 the neato thing in firearms was the submachine gun.  The Uzi, originally, but then the things BETTER than the Uzi.  (Uzi was the standard to judge the others.)

Did we really know anything?  Of course not, we were kids.

"The Mac-10 is faster [cyclic rate to my young understanding] than the Uzi!  That's the gun you want"

And, with a primary research informational resource of 'television,' these subbies seemed to be able to shoot 100 rounds out of a 20 round magazine.

Toward the very end of the submachine gun pop culture craze, an Arnold Schwarzeneggar movie came out.  I remember it being the most violent movie I had seen up to that time.  Total Recall.  More violent than RoboCop, even.

But the futuristic Total Recall was a great showcase for subbies.  It's The Future!  What kind of subbies would I be shooting in The Future?  Wow, listen to them fire.  Zzzzzzip.  Fast ROF. 

Now that I'm older and thank to the internet I can look up the guns and be properly disappointed.  They were just gussied up 1980s stuff.  But the one I like the best was the cosmetically gussied up Micro Uzi.  It just looked neato to my younger eyes.  And check out their faces!  Grr!

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