Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That was nice.

I had something for a Monday, but not a Tuesday.  Bupkis on Blog-fodder.

There has been a funk in the gunblogosphere of late.  Heck, the whole blogosphere, too, but I only care about the stuff near my corner.  Been doing so for a while.  Sadly, we'd be even more of a shadow of our former selves if it weren't for that surge thanks to a passle of gun control laws almost a year ago.  Why does it take a big ol' tragedy and crisis to glue us closer together?  Why can't a happy time be as sticky?

Are we gonna be gone from the scene in a few years when the next assault of civil rights come roaring down from those that would consider themselves out masters?  Bloggers, I mean.  Gunnies are just as big or bigger and not fading.  Heck, if anything there are TOO many gunnies now.  (I can say that, having climbed onto the wagon a whole 6 years ago.  Berate the newcomers...)  Buying up all the ammo, taking up all the lanes at the range...

I did find a new-to-me gunblogger.  One with a navy tie in.  Guns, Aviation, and Blue-Water.  What's not to like? 


Kevin Creighton said...

There's precious little to talk about right now, to be honest. No new guns, (Why make something new when you're selling everything you make now?) and precious little ammo to shoot in the guns we own now.

Comrade Misfit said...

Got you blogrolled as well, too!