Saturday, September 20, 2014

DC Goin May Issue

Yeah yeah, reported elsewhere.

But their rep formulating the regs specifically cited Maryland's CCW regime as his model for DC.  AND cited the fact that to his mind Maryland's regime passed constitutional in court.  Also modelling after New Jersey and New York.

The court case he is referring to, to refresh your memory, is the so called Woolard case, denied cert at the Supreme Court.

Yeah you might not want to let them get away with that "but the court ruled so this is final" message.  Because it's a perception wedge that will spread to YOUR state.  Respond with the truth.  The Circuit is still split and SCOTUS hates a split Circuit.   Notice CCW is shall issue in California?  The dust hasn't settled.  DC is gonna hafta revisit these rules when it does settle.

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Old NFO said...

Hope Gura et al are gearing up...