Monday, September 15, 2014

Gun Rights Arguments

The gun rights arguments being made 50 years ago in the face of gun ban efforts? 

They are exactly the same arguments as today.

There was a big push for gun control 50 years ago.  And a response from our side.  Something about an assassination bringing the issue to the forefront with a new sense of urgency.

We set forth a factual, well reasoned argument for our position, and it bounces right off of undecided people. 

Well, not entirely.  The needle has moved in our favor, but you have to repeat and repear the arguments over and over again.  Convince and cajole constantly.

We are lucky in that the other side grows less likable, and the promises gun bans put forward didn't bear the efficacious fruit.  And loosening anti-gun regulations DID correspond with greater safety!  Shazam!

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