Friday, September 26, 2014

Not having haunted gunshops

For my entire adult life, I notice trends that are only a 'thing' relatively recently.

Is it just me... or...

There seem to be a lot more .22 pistols around today.  I mean, compared to 2007. Back then, I only remember Ruger Mk III.  Maybe a Buckmark.  A few years later and Mosquitos showed up.  Nowadays the .22s are taking up a lot more display space with a plethora of choices.

Am I imagining things?


Marty said...

There are also a ton of .22s that look like AR15s, MP5s, and AKs.

Tam said...

The Mosquito came out in '05 or so.

Let's pick a random year. How about 10 years ago?

2004: Ruger MkIII and 22/45, S&W 22(A,S, etc.) and Model 41, Browning Buckmark, Beretta Neos, Walther P22, SIG Trailside... and these were just the common ones we stocked. I'm not counting high-end target pistols. (Well, I guess the 41 is one of those.)

We're not counting revolvers, right?