Wednesday, November 9, 2016

From Slate

I do think it is clear what we are about to lose. It starts with the erasure of the Obama era, which gave America its first true steps toward a more progressive, compassionate government after some three decades of conservative policy dominance—all while helping the country gradually recover from the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression.

You know, maybe most folks don't want the prog stuff.  And the recovery from an economic catastrophe didn't really happen very good, did it?  Had it, we'd be more Madam President right not. 

A little late to worry that maybe the office of the Presidency was a bit too overbearing the past 8 years, since 3 months of the same thing the other way will roll back that nonsense.  Maybe stick to my preference after that and use the Rule of Law?  But not til the pendulum gets back to the middle again.

(The headlines at give me much Schadenfreude today.)

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Old NFO said...

Yep, it's STRONG with Slate right now... LOL