Saturday, November 26, 2016

"I thought he said the election was being rigged!"

"Huh?!  Explain that!"

Well, the election was rigged.  Trump was just able to overcome the margin of electoral and voter fraud by a large enough margin.  I am sure the president elect can feel fine assuming he won the popular vote if you discount how the Dems are better at cheating.

Not that the popular vote matters,  If it was a popular vote contest instead of an electoral college contest everyone would run their show different.  If it was baseball instead of football you'd leave your shoulder pads in the dugout.

But that's no big thing now, the popular vote and rigging.  Water under the bridge.  If they had confirmed in 2013 that Obama really was foreign born no one was actually going to DO any of the very few possible things that even could be done.  No one was gonna put Biden in the big chair, or call up Mittens and tell him "get in the game, kid, and kick a homerun through the uprights"

Going forward, I hope Trump doesn't scroo over the economy or gun rights.  Or get us all killed.  Cautiously optimistic.  Very cautiously.

Trump is AWFUL, I am glad he won.

[More importantly, I am running out of steam on post election political posts.  Good.  There were other posts I composed then deleted.  You don't need those, to see that.  What would that accomplish? Just trying to relax a bit.  Return to normal blogging.  Fewer political post but even LESS election jobbers.  Hope for the best, expect the worst, in the meantime no more personal pity parties, tantrums, riots, gloating, or victory laps.  Just trying to abide.  The Bolt abides.  Let's go bowling.]

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