Thursday, November 3, 2016

Old Skool 9mm, S&W

Man, the model number nomenclature is mind boggling.  Do you think their sales might have been better if that was done better?  Or did collectors drive sales that had to own one of each?

My half-assed research into 9mm pistols lately had me running across this lucky gunner post that explains how complicated it all is.

There is some logic to it, at least.

I'd steal the picture but that picture is the puropse of their whole post.  So click on the linky to find a flow chart of what legacy Smith 9mm you want.

"The first two digits is the caliber code, the third is the action type and size, the fourth is the material."

A double stack compact DAO 9mm in stainless steel should be 59, 5, 6.  5956.  Wait, no!  69 is the compact double stack 9mm.  So 6956.  But they don't have that.  The 6946 is the same thing.  Sheesh.


Anthony Welsch said...

Glad it was at least somewhat helpful! Good luck with the rest of your research.

Tam said...

Knowing Glock and S&W model numbers (and, I suppose, Taurus ones, too) is just something one does. Remchester long guns, too.

I can't imagine not knowing this stuff. It's just part of the language of my life.