Thursday, May 25, 2017

Did I sling 6 shots

"Or only 5?  Well, seeing how this is a Scipio & Virgil .44 slingshot and can blow your head clean off, you got ask yourself...  Do I feel felix?..."

Ancient Slingshot Was as Deadly as a .44 Magnum.

It's the 'stopping power', you see.

Seriously, a sling wound is pretty nasty.  Those lead bullets from a sling will go right into soft tissue just like a modern bullet.  Not as fast, but so what?  50 gram sling projectile is like getting hit by a 750 grain bullet.  A Minie ball from the civil war was 500 grains.  Hit your pate with one they'll be digging the lead out of your brains.   Go through your collar bone and come to rest against the inside of your shoulder blade.  Ick.


B said...

A sling is nothing like a slingshot.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

But a sling slings shot.

jon spencer said...

Several years ago I watched a video of a historian testing a sling and he was putting the projectiles through a 1/2" sheet of plywood at roughly 100 yards.

I cannot find that video, but there ought to be another out there, somewhere.