Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sim is back up

Went on Saturday.  Hatfields simulator training.

Relax.  Front sight.  Squeeze the trigger.

Three simple things.

How come I never remember them when I go to a training session?  It's like it's my first rodeo.  EVERY time.  But if I DO get around to remembering them...  things go much better.

Anyway, the sim has been down a while, but I got into the groove pretty quick.  Well, eventually.  Found some new limits because of my radiculopathy.  And my support hand thumbs forward is messing me up.  Unreliable placement because that hand is so numb.

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Will said...

Consider changing the way that hand grips the gun/your dominant hand. See if you can figure out a change that makes it less disruptive to the process when your sensitivity varies. Stop looking for the perfect grip, which only works with a perfect hand.

Also consider if a Weaver or modified Weaver might be more productive with support hand problems. That style works best with a good support hand, but the worst situation tends to be simply shooting with one hand. It's something of a progression from really good to the other extreme of one hand, so you may find it more suitable on an everyday basis, when dealing with a questionable hand.