Monday, May 22, 2017


Trigger Press. Trigger Squeeze. Surprise break.


A good trigger pull is hard to describe in words.  You can convey the concept to a rank beginner.  A person can also understand what it is academically.  But doing one?

Even early on you get a good trigger pull you know you got it.  Even if rare and one in fifty.

I've been doing this awhile now.  Consistent trigger pull success is getting there.  Oh no, not every time!  No, no no no.  But I can pretty much call one up.  Better than half the time?  Gawd I hope.

There are all sorts of tricks to try to summon one.  Then there aren't tricks, there is just do.  (thank you Yoda)

But what to call... that.   The good trigger thingy happening go but don't go take your time.  How to describe what that action is in words.  "Trigger Press. Trigger Squeeze. Surprise break." just don't feel right to me.

And that bugs me.  For some reason.  I'm an idiot. 


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