Friday, February 16, 2018

Range day

50 feet.  56 rounds of AE 230gr .45.

I had homework from the last training day.

"Slow work with the .45, with a distant large target I can't see the holes from.  Just work on the feel, not note the performance until done.  The feel part will work on the flinch.  Plus added bonus, less chance of prairie doggin' between rounds."

That's why the black target:

On the first target, not shown, I was still flinchy.  Low and right.  First two mags.  Then settled for two mags, then I wanted to use fresh paper and got the above.

I called that flier.  Couldn't see it, but knew when it happened.

The others were just good trigger work and relaxed.  Concentrate on making the trigger go good while looking at that front sight and... lots of good surprises.

Here is something new I did.  You know how you have front sight wobble?  It's gonna move some.  Bulls eye shooters have a saying "embrace the wobble".  Let it happen.  Well, I noticed the wobble was almost ideal.  Just hovering randomly over the yellow dot.  So I wondered what would happen if I tride to MAKE it wobble?  In a tight little 4 inch circle on the target.  The better shots are from my last two magazine when I was doing this trick on myself.

I don't think the wobble helps, but I think trying to make it wobble makes my mind forget about messing up the trigger pull and it gets better.

Homework accomplished, though.  Got my mojo back a bit.

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Comrade Misfit said...

The classic NYPD Thug target is another one that you can shoot at without being able to see the holes.