Monday, August 20, 2018

4+ weeks

I was really pleased with this.

Sure, I aimed high to compensate for the sights.  And that high one was a flyer.  But look at the group!  I was happy to do that with .22 a couple years back.

And this after not training, or practicing, for almost a month.

What was the secret?  Relaxing.  I didn't dwell on the shots.  My attitude was "I know what a sight picture is, I know how to make the trigger go good.  Just do that."

Obviously, I am not perfect.  In a string of targets I have a bad habit of moving to the next target before I taking care of the business at hand with the first target.  And in a hurry I still slap the heck out of the trigger.  I need to concentrate on resets, then fast resets, then 'move beyond the reset...' like more advanced shooters do.  But that's a process.  Get the resets first.  Worry about the next step after.

The minutiae I think about now compared to 5 years ago.  And once mastered the minutiae turns into background noise...  This part of the process fascinates me.

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