Thursday, July 1, 2021

Oh dear...

Because I can take a pile of metal parts that don't fit together, apply file and stone and even dremel to said parts, end up with part that DO then fit together and make a darn reliable military grade firearm...  All in the comfort of my living room.

And there a plenty of you that can get a pile of parts mailed to you, acquire a single other part elsewhere, then with a video or $14 picture book instruction put those parts together because they are supposed to all fit together as they come from the warehouse... And then end up with a perfectly functioning AR.

Are you a potential terrist?  If you just read the picture book and internalized the lessons are you a terrist?

If you can detail strip a firearm and put it back together, is that enough gunsmith skill to make you a terrist?

So many questions.  

Since 1934, was the ATF ever more than a dangerous joke?

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Mike V said...

Since the 90s especially, ATF has been ever too eager to please Democrat office holders. They've never met a firearm regulation they didn't like, it seems.