Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shoulder Holster

I haven't worn one, often, but I like the comfort of a shoulder holster.

Less than ideal in the summer t-shirt weather, but still...

And I prefer a vertical aligned pistol.  I don't point it at people behind me in a line that way.

Not too many options out there.  The fashion leans toward belt style at this time.  But I guess the gold standard would be Galco VHS.  All leather, and mag holder options are nice.

And you can swap out the just the holster, if desired.  Get it for your 1911 AND you revolver, say.  

I dunno if there are straps that can extend down to your belt on one or both sides to help keep the rig from flopping around.  And, additionally, act as 'suspenders' to keep your pants up, suspenders-and-a-belt style.  Looks like it may have such on the holster side.  And you can sacrifice the mag holder to get a hitch on the other side.

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Anonymous said...

Look on the Galco web site under "holster accessories." What you're looking for is "tie downs" and they're available for both the holster side as well as the magazine side, each purchased individually.

Amazon has them as well, purchased as the set.