Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Trick

The trick isn't for everyone to move to a gun-friendly state (Hi, Texas!).  The trick is to make New Jersey as gun friendly as Texas.  If folks are afraid to vote for gun banning policies in Jersey, then people in Texas can worry not at all.

That should be our goal.  And we are getting there.  How many CCW states are there now?  How many in 1993?  How many in 1973?  See?  Winning.  Keep it up.  Fight the good fight where you stand.

But I do like horizons.  I hear they have those in Texas...  Can't afford a horizon in the East, and many of the neighbors are execrable.  


That Guy said...

Depends on where you end up in TX, if you want horizons. Central part- not many horizons that are not blocked by rolling hills and cedar trees. East TX- pine trees get in the way.

Here in Austin, some busybody has decided that viewing the horizon is bad for your health, and they passed an ordinance against it.

J.T. Oden said...

Well said.
I've decided the problem with this blog is that there isn't a 'like' button.

Hmmn... maybe I'm right. Or, maybe I'm warped by Facebook and the NJT author doesn't have such a thin sense of self that he needs my affirmation every time he writes something.

J.T. Oden said...

How do you know you are shopping in Texas? (Funny)