Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Archie Update

My Crotchety Old WWII neighbor that I nicknamed Archie (after his favorite character and doppelganger Archie Bunker)?  What happened to him?

Well in the fall of 2014 it got to the point where he couldn't be left alone with just me checking in on him and counting and reminding him to take his pills.  After a stint in the hospital his daughter took over and he moves to assisted living up near her in West Virginia.

I visited him monthly until the winter on 2015.  Then he told me not to come any more.  Not to call, even. 

Despite his abmonitions, I still called a couple more times, on the advice of his daughter, to see if he changed his mind.  He hasn't.  He hasn't the patience for old neighbors or visitors. 

Thus endeth a chapter. 

He's old and tired and impatient and ready to die, I think.  He won WWII in the Pacific for ALL you fools, what more do you want? 

Ah well.  At least he ain't dead yet.  And so it goes.

Fair winds and following seas, Archie. 

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DoninSacto1 said...

Thanks for the update. Most of us know someone like him. He's a man and can't stand the thought of sympathy.