Monday, August 31, 2015

Single Issue Voter

Are they?  Are there many?  Single issue voters that only vote for gun banners that want to take our guns away from us? 

Doubt there are more than handful. I'll bet it's not even the most important issue for Shannon Watts, head of 'Mom says guns are bad'. She'd vote for Bernie Sanders, I'd wager, over a much more recently anti-gun candidate like Ben Carson. Sanders is arguably more pro-gun than the good doctor. Why? Well, Sander is Liberal and Carson is conservative. And 'Liberal', I've found, is a more important criteria to people that support gun bans. For other reasons. But Shannon, the former Monsanto lobbyist, has never been known for her self awareness. I guess I could be wrong.

Now there are THOUSANDS of single issue voters on our side, the side of freedom. Maybe millions.

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Angus McThag said...

Because my wife works higher education, we talk to more than our share of the other side.

Something that becomes apparent in the voting behavior over and over again of women who are pro-gun and relatively conservative: Abortion is their single issue vote. It's such an overriding issue they're perfectly willing to accept a whole raft of things they don't like to prevent an anti-abortion candidate from being elected.

Every four years the mantra...

John McCain will ban abortions.
Mitt Romney will ban abortions.
Unnamed Republican will ban abortions.

And you don't have to go too far on most pro-gun blogs to find that anti-abortion post that seems to prove them right either, do you?