Thursday, July 21, 2016

Blood Simple

You can tell that this was an early effort for the Coen Brothers. 1984. They are still learning the movie makin biz.  

I like the Coen Brothers, and wanted to see this because I hadn't.

But, there were firearms. Without looking, ima guess there was a pearl handled Iver Johnson breaktop in .38 S&W and a Browning Hi-Power and a flash shot of some S&W modern snubbie. The breaktop was so prominent in the production it deserve an actual credit before the title of the movie. And to be paid scale.

The bad guy used a scoped hunting rifle, but it was dark

Let's go to the big board and see, Johnny!

Darn!   It was a S&W 39, not a Hi-Power.  Ah well.

And they are calling the Iver Johnson a .32.  I'm getting better, but a true gun geek would leave me in the dust. 

The Snubbie was Fitzed up, and may be a continuity error.

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