Thursday, July 7, 2016

Never understood that

The sentiment that "If you do handgun competitions, that is too much game and will get you killed in real life so don't ever do that!"


I never understood that worry.

Yeah, the whole when to reload and how, &c. and what have you might cement habits not ideal in every 'tactical' situation.  I can see that part of the argument.

But so what?

What will competing get me, even, hypothetically, I was using the most impractical gamer racegun and caliber and holster on the planet that was nothing like my CCW gun?  I will get, if I am successful:

  • a good trigger press. 
  • drawing quickly and smoothly
  • hit that target, it's a bad guy, but don't hit that similar target, it's the good guy!
If I improved those three things, even with all the rules lawyer gamer bs tacked on, I am WAY ahead of where I am right now.  And I can work on those three things for 30 years and still not be satisfied with how well I do, even if I was world class.  But it is a worthy goal to strive for.

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