Friday, September 16, 2016


I've met a few people from Missouri.  And, hands down, those disparate individuals were the most racist people I have ever come across.  And I've lived in the deep south.  Any racism I encountered there was not a patch to the attitudes I came across from those people I met from Missouri.

Now that is anecdote, not data.  Maybe I am way off base.  Maybe you, dear reader, are from Missouri and don't have a racist bone in your body.  Good.  Good for you.

But anyone must admit that there is racism in Missouri just like everywhere else.  And there might even be a little extra vitriol because of how Missouri jibes with the history of slavery/abolition struggle prior to the civil war.  (Kansas also had some bloodiness, pre-war as both side butted head.  So much so it was called Bloody Kansas.)

I could be wrong.  I could actually be one of the least racists states in reality.  But there is racism there, of course.

So it is quite amazing that the will of Missouri people would override the governors veto and make the state Constitution Carry.  The 12th such state. 

A state with such existing racial animosity would, overnight, grant/recognize a quarter million black people their natural right (that they already had) of self defense and the means to do it with a concealed firearm?  That is a huge step forward in positive civil rights outcomes, all around, and great news. 

Maybe I should give the Show Me State another chance.

[PS. I just remembered two more acquaintences from Missouri who displayed no racism, so that helps the lifetime average with the state in run-ins with T-Bolt.  Mea culpa]


Eainsdad said...

South Missouri or North Missouri? St. Louis Missourians or country folk?

Windy Wilson said...

People who say Mizzurah or Mizzureye?
Easterners or Westerner?