Sunday, September 25, 2016

This looks made up

A CCW hero shoots a rampage shooter with her "Kimber Ultra Raptor" in Bradford's in Virginia.

Lisa Harris, hero
Matthew Collingsworth, Chief of Police
Randall Pierce, bad guy

The store is 'threatening legal action' against Ms. Harris, because they have no guns sign on their stores.  (Virginia is one of those states that says you are trespassing if carrying and they don't want you to.  I imagine she is no longer on the premises.)

Seems so... made up.   Common names. The Boston Tribune?  Never heard of it.  The ads are all clickbait and pretty pervy.  Reporters don't put down the weapon model like an advertisement for Kimber either.  No town is mentioned.  And is there still a Bradford's?  A legal complaint that will never hold water.  All too good to be true.

If only I had some powerful research tool to verify the veracity.  Wait!  I DO!  To the Internetz!

Yup.  Sketchy fake news.  To start, try searching for the Boston Tribune.


Comrade Misfit said...

Boston papers are the Herald and the Globe. There's no "Tribune".

Slick sterzz said...

At least you caught it. A lot of others swallowed it whole.