Monday, December 9, 2019

Gonna be THAT guy

You saw that cop shoot out of the UPS truck, right?  The police manage to turn it into a goat rope when things on the road got crowded with traffic.  A sub optimal situation, to say the least.  Two innocent folks lost their lives.  Just a bad scene all around.

I'm not a big fan when cops go a bit nutso.  Other people are even less of a fan of law enforcement, and some of them made memes. 

And here is where I do the internet 'Akshully...' stuff:

Everybody in this picture is a civilian.  The bewildered commuters in their cars, the hostage, the bad guys, the cops.  I guess their is a chance one of the commuters is like an army sergeant? 

Cops aren't soldiers or sailors or airmen.  Cops are civilians, just like you and me. In war, it is as much a war crime to shoot the police officer in uniform as it is to shoot a guy like me in civilian clothes on his merry way to his office job.  Because it is a war crime to shoot civilians.   

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