Sunday, December 1, 2019

Baby Yoda

So I went to someones house with this Disney + thing.  To see the Mandalorian.  And the Babe Yoda thing everyone is talking about.

I didn't think I'd get a chance to see it so soon.

Best Star Wars show since 1986.  People were telling me this would save the franchise.  I couldn't believe that, it is too far gone.  But... maybe...

This show all happened after the second Death Star was blown up.  Plus five years or so?  Luke is starting a Jedi school, Han and Leia are decorating a nursery for little Ben.  But we don't see that part.  We see Apollo Creed and Werner Herzog.

And I saw the Mandalorian's blaster.  I've seen this model before.  In Star Wars and in the real world, because they usually make an unusual firearm as the base of the special effect blaster.  It looks like a Bergman.  Yup.

Shoulda remembered that from the last time I saw a Bergman as a blaster.  If your goal is to make future laser guns look exotic to make your sci fi fiction guns, you go obscure or exotic or you kluge on a buncha doohickeys.  Or do all 3.  And Star Wars practically invented that convention.  You can't use something everyone knows, it takes them out of the story.  "Hey, that's a Colt!" or "Those are obviously AKs and not even Space-AKs."  But a Bergman fits the bill, easy.

Dunno about his rifle.  I have the feeling MG42, but only because they always use MG42 for the long guns.  Could be a Remington shotgun receiver base?

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