Sunday, September 12, 2021


This is what I was talking about.  I got nothing.

I've been doing some cleanup around the house.  Had a lotta days off where I had no energy to drive to work, but just enough to, say,  mop the kitchen.  Throwing crap out.  

I might get some help from My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast and his Old Lady on cleaning more and organzing more and More-Trips-To-The-Dump.  Both because fighting entropy makes one feel better and not wanting to leave a mess for those that come after. 

I don't know how realistic my dreams of retiring to Cleveland are at this point.  Those dreams relied on me having the energy to drive a snow blower.

It will be ironic to have a proper lumber rack when I no longer have the ability to work the wood on it into a barrister bookcase. 

But entropy will be sccessfully battled.  A worthy effort in its own right.  But if I could eke out a bookcase or two, that would help with the entropy as well.  AND make me feel good.  Everything in its place....

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