Monday, March 24, 2008

Corky's Missus

Corky has a missus. She is not much more than 5 foot nothing, and he is confused as to why she isn't as good as he is with a gargantuan full sized .45 ACP Springfield XD. Double stack and all. She can't get a good grip and he asks:

"But my wife is having some major issues that need work and I have no clue how to help. If anyone has female shooter friends, please throw me a bone.

~ First off, I have no clue what to do when her small hands can not cover the entire grip. What does she do with her off hand, grip the remains of the grip or does she cup the bottom?

~ Seems she is having issues also racking the slide. Do not know if it a strength thing or if she not holding the grip safety correctly when trying to pull it. Might be a combination of the both."

But, at least she is game enough to try it out! That's a good missus you found there, Corky.

Good enough to get a shootin iron that may work better with little hands. He's already hit on that idea and is procuring a SIG SAUER Mosquito. Which might be a sporty little .22 automatic. He'll see how she takes to that.

I'd recommend to him, if the .22 works well with her, that he might have 9mm tryouts in his and her future. If she is serious about it.


Corky said...

yeah, thinking maybe a sig 229 in 9mm or if she continues to have a slide issue looking at a revolver in the .38 range.

On another note. The range called and said they found my shoulder.

Mike W. said...

Maybe the Mosquito's have gotten better recently, but when I was looking for a .22 I heard nothing but bad things about them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a Kahr?