Monday, March 10, 2008

Out of State Range Report

MBtGE went the range with his boy, Mohawk. He sent me a report:


I went to the range today with Mohawk. We went to Blue-Ridge in Chantilly, Virginia. He had never been to an indoor range. He likes it.

It's $25 range fee now for non-members. It was crowded, too, when we got there at 10am.

It was a handgun day:

- Ruger Mark III
- S&W 9mm
- Glock 9mm
- Springfield XD 9mm
- RIA .45, Commander size 1911

Mohawk is loving the Mark III. He is Mr. Headshot at 7 yards. He also tried all the 9mm's. He did good with them but is not as spot on as the .22LR. I shot for the first time today the XD and RIA.

The XD was pretty spot on and highly shootable. It was very comfortable and reliable.

The RIA stove piped on me twice in 50 rounds. I also think I have a small hammer bite. The fixed sights hit consistently 6 inches right and 3 inches up at 7 yards.

MBtGE, or YBtGE... whatever"

So EVERYONE is hitting the range lately. Good on all of youse. Or is that 'all ya all'? 'all y'all'? Jeder, auf Deutsch.

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