Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maryland Update in Williams Case

The Maryland case regarding CCW has seen a response on a Petition for Certiorari.  Alan Gura, whom I had drinks with on the day this writ was wrote, it's his semi compatriot, Stephen Halbrook, responding in this case (so tenuous connection... well not really.  I don't think Halbrook is SAF). Williams v. Maryland is the case.

(Gura is working specifically on the Woolard v. Sheridan case.  Also in Maryland.) 

For those unfamiliar, a guy named Williams had left his gun (legally purchased, in Maryland) at his girlfriend's house.  He retrieved it and was taking it home when a cop stopped him and found the gun on him (apparently Williams was acting squirrelly, panicked a bit, thus causing Johnny Law's Spidey-Sense to tingle.)  Williams was sentenced to 3 years for this, 2 suspended.  Out on bond pending appeals.  He didn't apply for a CCW, but the argument is, it is futile to do so in MD.  It sounds like they're angling that onerous permit requirements shouldn't be an obstacle to CCW.  And also to get Maryland to recognize self defense more broadly, and self defense outside the home specifically. All from a 2A angle.  It's gonna switch the state from May to Shall issue, if all goes well.

The assumption all around is that both sides will continue to appeal until it's before SCOTUS.  Which could be what a writ of certiorari actually is.  An express train to the Supreme Court.  I don't know, I'm a slow head.  I hate reading legal documents.  It's a big reason I'm not a lawyer.  Law writing is like the boring history texts.  Though this stuff reads better than others.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Having just received my History Degree, trust me, Boring History books are 10 times more exciting to read than Legal Documents.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Congrats, Les. Now you can fly jets.