Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Got nuthin

Nada.  I was lucky to have that WWI thing yesterday. 

That 1899 of Tam's is pretty dang cool.  I'd like to field strip that pistol, looks like 2 pins and you are off the races, but there is more I wanna see on the innards and how they work.  Not many more models of .32s to add to Tam's prewar .32 autos collection. 

Still sick.  Managed to leave the house.  Needed to buy more soup and OJ.  Needed other things, too, but just not feelin it. Sunday was the worst.  Improvement Monday.  My diaphragm feels like it's been kicked by angry Youth clad in Doc Marten boots shouting 'Oy' a lot.

Safety tip.  When you see a giant explosion miles away, GET AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS.

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